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Positive Light, Spiritual Healing!

YovonneYYovonne Posts: 4
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:48 AM in Maintenance
I would really like to start a new topic on something I don't see much of in here....

POSITIVITY!!! :D I strongly believe most of all our pain can really be cut down, if not eliminated by strong, persistent, relentless, unwavering POSITIVE thinking. Not just "oh, sure I'll pretend that everything is just dandy" I mean SERIOUS- "I love my happy, healthy, HEALED body" regardless of what is going on- kind of positive thinking. This is so helpful when trying to heal from physical pain. Keep yourself laughing! Keep yourself smiling, make yourself feel beautiful, put on some lipstick! Or a nice shirt for you men out there ^_^ Watch "The Secret" or anything uplifting, look at old pictures of yourself and instead of being sad, be happy and think to yourself "Damn, I still got it!" :D This is important!!! All this talk about our pain- pain this, pain that, suffering, miserable, hurting, crying--it just keeps us in that condition!!! The mind is very strong and the body is strong too. The body regenerates it's entire system within 7-10 years- THE BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF! If my brain is telling me to type all this out, my brain can also tell my body that I am in horrible pain. The mind is an amazing thing that has this ability to send out such a force of energy with each and every thought. Yes, there might be pain, but we have to release our chains from it! You can't hand yourself over to it! You don't surrender to some idiot off the street that says "Hey yeah, can I spray paint your face blue?" would you?!!?! OF COURSE NOT! You'd probably give them a really dirty look and say "Get out of my face you weirdo!!!" Same goes for the PAIN! You have the power to self heal and you know it!! Don't worry about how long it takes, how it works, when it's working, JUST FOCUS!!! Focus all your precious, powerful energy on healing! Let the doctor worry and stress, let the medicine help in conjunction to your healing, stay focused on being AWESOME!!!!! If you can, the moment you feel some sort of relief -go a little while longer without the medicine! Feel SUPERIOR to the pain and the medication!
I'm sure there will be times when you will have weak moments, you are human and I have weak moments too, moments of hopelessness, debilitating pain and frustration. Extreme anger or exhaustion, a moment where I just want to GIVE UP and I might even post about it. But that's ok. It's OK to acknowledge it or vent about it, but to constantly keep talking about it? Keeps us in that prison! NO! We can't keep putting that out there if we don't want it anymore! Even the thought of NOT WANTING this pain ATTRACTS this pain because we are putting so much energy into THIS PAIN! NO THANKS! I WANT TO BREAK FREE!!!! :D I AM FIGHTING BACK! AND EDITED, I'M GOING TO KICK IT'S EDITED!!! LOL!! The only way to STOP this pain and stop ATTRACTING more of this pain is to REPLACE this pain with LOVE. Love your body, LOVE your "HEALED, HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL body" and forget the pain. As much as you possibly can, FORGET the pain (obviously if there is something serious, then indeed seek medical help) but you know what I'm talking about! Forget the pain you always feel all the time, who cares! Yes you know it's there, why keep talking about it?! Why nurture and feed into this stupid pain that we don't even want anymore?! It's like a weed, if you don't want it to keep growing, why would you keep watering it?!!?! Your thoughts are like the water! Forget about the weeds, go and water the beautiful roses that are wilting over there- THEY need attention, NOT THE WEEDS!!! ^_^
I REFUSE to let this push ME down! It only makes me stronger. It makes me feel MORE ALIVE and motivates me to kick harder. I have been through some tough times in my life, I have felt excruciating pain more than enough times and now it's TIME for me to look pain in the eye and say EDITED!!!!! :D

Please don't let it weight you down, don't let it beat you down, don't let pain win, YOU ARE MUCH MORE STRONGER THAN THIS and you better start believing in it!!!!! Write to me if you need some support, some motivation or inspiration, I will do my best to help!!
Seek the positive in everything!

"If there were no darkness, the stars would not shine as bright." <3<br />
Love & light to you! XXO!

~ah yes, in case you're wondering "Oh yeah well what does she suffer from if she's so damn cheery ¬_¬ Alright well, I have severe pain in my thoracic spine for 5 years now, probably nerve damage and doctors are still trying to figure it out. I have an L5/S1 bulging torn disc. Neck pain/stiffness, along with picks of tingling numbing pain down both legs and feet, I have extreme tenderness in thighs, buttocks and tailbone and weakness when I walk. PFFFTH. Fughetaboutit! I FEEL GREAT! XD And no, it's not the drugs, LOL! It's my ability to KICK EDITED. The ability to do some healing of my own! And so far, so good! ;) You know, I used to be a dancer. A pretty damn good one too. I was also a model and just starting to live my life and do all of these amazing, wonderful things like playing in a band and performing on stage, being a part of a music video or a documentary. Believe me, I've had my moments of feeling utterly devastated, losing 6 years of my life now -the best years of my 20's- to this EDITED, and crying about how "I can never dance like this again."
Well, I'm over it. That doesn't help me. In fact it defeats the purpose of healing. I've had 2 car accidents and kidney stones 4 times in my life. A little minor surgery but no major ones -THANK GOD!- and lots of good injuries. No broken bones, well I don't really count my nose LOL.. I've been abused and homeless, raped several times, in and out of foster homes but still, I remain strong. Every time I come back from it, I am so much wiser and stronger than before. I am also much more compassionate and understanding with others who have had or is still having serious pain. Even though I might have the exact same condition as someone else, I will never FULLY know their pain because our feelings of pain and how we react to pain will never be exactly the same, but I'll tell you what, I can understand it. I CAN put myself in their place and say, "I know how you feel." and I truly can relate to it. We must remember though, we DO have the ability to heal. To be amazingly positive and to overcome what was once thought of as impossible or unthinkable. For some, it might take longer, for others it might be easier. It all depends on your energy and how strongly you believe.

We are all made up of energy and every thought you have is an intense, ball of energy. Your emission of energy doesn't stop at the skull, it's sent out to the Universe! Just like the vibe you feel when you walk into a room, your energy can be felt by others. Be careful not to doubt yourself so much, don't feel hopeless or give up. Be happy to be ALIVE! Be grateful for what you have and how wonderful life really is for you. Be grateful we have medicine! (when we can actually get it from doctors who are not EDITED to do their jobs of course ;p) But most of all believe you ARE that powerful. You deserve to be happy and healthy so don't let ANYTHING get in your way! Especially your own negative thoughts! Squash them like you would the pain that you feel! Break it with your Positive Hammer! Or nun-chuck that pain in the EDITED like Bruce EDITED Lee! HIEEEE-YAH!!!! LMAO! I am SUCH a dork! I hope I made you laugh.. or at least smile ^_^ :::GentleHugs::: XXO!


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  • You know, I tip my hat to you. While I may not completely agree with you, there are certainly elements of your thoughts that make sense.

    Part of the problem with being in control, of this, as you say - or taking back control, is that the locus of control, in a typical Dr-patient situation, is that of the patient deferring all decisions to the Dr. It is the expectation. So with that as the expectation, and a history of us - allowing those to be made for us, instead of a more consultative process, where we have some idea of what we know, are willing to express it and then keep going with treatments, based on how we feel about things.

    In the present situation - some just sit - waiting to be diagnosed, and then wait to be fixed. What happens - if there is no fix for the issue. There are some, that are just not really going to be fixed. The issue is degenerative, as in my case. While I can have a great positive attitude, I also need to be real.

    As I have said for many years, the pain will be awful and something I cannot take - the day after I pass on. Until then - I am fine!

    Have a great day..
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,434
    After reading various posts here for a while, you will find 'positive approach and attitude' is included in so many different posts to different threads and contained in many different categories.
    That seemed to get the most coverage since it is widespread.
    Hopefully, you will get a lot of posts to this thread.
    So folks will agree totally, some will think its a waste of time and there will be so many will be like
    Centurion45. We believe much of what you say in theory, but will also know where there are some limitations.
    The body can heal itself, it does take time and it generally doesnt completely heal. Plus you need to take into account those chronic pain patients that have multiple onsets of problems. So even when the body is trying to heal from one problem, another problem crops up. Then it becomes a vicious cycle.

    I totally believe in maintaining a very positive outlook and a win-win attitude while we deal with our spinal problems. That combined with our other treatments can go a very long way.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
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  • Ron - I have to agree - The theory part is what got me too. I had a Dr, Chronic pain person, with his own injury story. A decade ago, he was in a fatal accident. Another Dr never made it. He has been adamant about pushing this type of positivity and while I can agree that it makes sense, the actual slogging through life and trying to put this into place, is in part some of the most frustrating occasions of my life.

    I may be positive - but I am also a realist as well. I have multiple problems. Some have modified, some has stayed the same and some - have gotten worse, to the point where I am back in for some tests, just to see what is up.

    I will say - that in my journey - compared to 5 years ago, I feel as though I am in a better physical and mental state, having kept a positive attitude, throughout.

    Do I lose that? Yes - I certainly do. I lost it for a bit, when I was sent to a surgeon for an evaluation and his notes back were to wait until I cannot walk. The surgeon was concerned about the fact that I can still move, even in this pain and would rather that I just kept going, until I drop. Then he would consider it, because he would rather not start on the slippery slope of surgery. Based on what I have and age - his experience is that I would be in for rotating - multiple surgeries, running up and down, from the primary issue right now.

    Do I have Rose glasses - NO - I know exactly what is going on, but I know that worrying will not help me. I can be concerned about the future, without getting too caught up in it.
  • being positive, both on the inside and the outside is so important and not always so easy to do when you hurt all the time.. no matter what though, i do shower every morning, do my hair and make up and put on clean clothes.. this starts my day in a positive light and then i meditate. meditation can be a big boost to positive thinking.. this in turn helps our pain levels... having a daily routine that starts you off in a positive light is a great way to get your day going and keep it that way.. your day may include meditation, it may not, but try to do something that will get you going in a positive direction(exercise,study, listening to music, ect..) blessings to all! Jenny :)
  • Hello,
    Staying constantly positive is more of an expectation that reality and it would be hard for anyone with any experience to keep up that continuity all the time. With the knowledge and understanding that at times we may need more help and support these are the periods when our emphasis may diminish as we seek help for those best placed to provide it.

    Being positive is a skill that we can develop and as Ron said, equating problems is par for the course with chronic pain, we have to determine the reality of what might happen and try not to live down to those perceived limitations, rather up to what we are realistically capable.

    Thinking the worse accentuates thoughts and feelings of despondency and impact on a behaviour that changes what we may have done if we see the same problem from an alternative viewpoint. Taking those big steps from what is happening not to thinking how bad it may be, even if I try an alternative, we are all allowed time to learn and develop new tools and techniques and progress where possible. The biggest failure in achieving new objectives is not in the trying but the unrealistic goal setting in the first place, we need to learn to take smaller steps and improve our confidence before progressing to the bigger more problematic achievements, we do have to be brutally honest and realistic in what we can achieve as we move from waypoint to waypoint.

    We were encouraged to rationalise our thoughts prior to accepting them as our reality, at our PM sessions, failure is not in the trying, to be constantly thwarted and keep getting back up is the measure of our success, in this marathon rather than sprint. Not seeing disaster in every possibility is more an issue of our thinking and on reflection we all have some issues that need to be on our radar rather than restricting our progression, catastophizing, seeing problems in every event is something we can have some control and it requires that metal agility and development to make the distinction between what may happen and reality, even ours.

    In constantly needing to adapt and evaluate our positive attitude is tested and it does take strong and determined individuals to keep this momentum going. Many here are very positive and time does tarnish that effort as one might expect, elimination is a strong word and we all strive to improve in difficult and challenging circumstance.

    Take care.


    Ron, where did your excellent comments go ?

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  • Hello Yovonne:

    I read through your post. Thank you for posting it. Like the others have commented I do not know if it is a universal approach, But I admire you resilience.

    I have been trying to get some positive light spun on my situation: Problem has been: Chronic pain without successful treatment is a real downer, Being undiagnosed for 2 years doesnt help much on the piece of mind part either : You think you might be dying as nothing else makes any sense... If they missed a broken neck from my accident and a blocked artery in the heart ..." What else did they miss??.. I do not write this to try to drag down the post, I offer it as an explanation That what you propose is excellent but might be hard for some to implement... On my good days I am right there....Full of hope and ready to begin a new ( even if limited life) But when the pain returns It is next to impossible and unrelenting.

    I continually try to work towards positive thoughts and I might need some more practice. ( Im sure I can use practice) We used to have an old saying: You can go : kicking and screaming Or you can go peacefully"

    I do not want to have my anger, or fear as anger , effect my loved ones, It is hard enough they struggle with issues related to my pain I do not want to compound them.

    I am going to try to focus on the positive: I am alive, I have love all around me, My docs are doing the best they can and will find an answer, I have found a group of others who understand what it is like to go through this nightmare and their combined wisdom and caring comments bring comfort, I want to be all I can be regardless whether I can walk, Lift or do the things I am accustomed to doing, I want to break free of this pain and Live Again, No matter the limitations I want it to be a full life.

    But Lastly I will post: I want to do this change in thinking and outlook. I need to understand and respect others...
    Yelling; at a chronic depressive; to cheer up, will not bring them up out of the "mire", but will make them resentful towards me. may not be the best example But; its all I had.

    Love and peace to you
    Dont lose your positivity
  • I understand the "rose colored glasses" idiom because I get this a lot when I speak about this energy and making that shift of awareness. People always confuse or just mesh the two because of how people overuse the line "think positive" making it monotonous and degrading the actual value and the true meaning of the word Positive.
    Some seem to think it's actually foolish to just "think positive" -despite something so traumatic or so horribly painful, whether it be physical, mentally or emotional. Some view it as a waste of time when "the 'REALITY' is, I'm dealing with [enter excuse here] etc. etc."
    It might seem "cute" or childish to some to have such an optimistic outlook "BECAUSE THE REALITY IS, 'NEGATIVE -NEGATIVE- NEGATIVE.' "
    Of course it's easier to see it this way because you FEEL that way. People, we have been brainwashed to follow what we feel when it should be the other way around. It is only human to instinctually follow what you feel. Truth is, your feelings tell you what you're thinking about. It's a way of letting you know if you're on the right track or not. Thinking positive or emitting positive energy for your own benefit does not have the same immediate, overwhelming affect like pain does. It is not an instant sensation. This is why we are so quick to follow the footsteps of pain and suffering, leading us to believe that we always have to come back to that "reality."

    It is so much more than just thinking positive, as most people seem so reluctantly obliged to do these days... well, I'll tell you what, it's not going to work if it feels like a chore. It cannot be done with a smidgen of hopelessness. No doubts whatsoever. The moment you give in, or say you have a good day and the next day is a bad day, you cannot let that bad day continue! You actually have to stop it and say "NOPE! I'm going to keep on going, just as I did yesterday. I didn't work so hard for nothing!" You have to have faith in yourself on this one. Above all, you really need to BE positive, despite what you FEEL, especially if what you feel is on a constant basis. Even if it feels like satan's claws are wrapped around your spine like a vice full of needles, you STAY FOCUSED. I'm not talking about things that are out of your control, I'm talking about inner control. How you respond to things. What IS in your control is your ability to change what is thought of to be a "fact" or "reality" and changing that reality into a reality of your own. It's ok to fall down, as long as you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. The thing is, so many people give up when they don't see what they want manifesting into reality. The think it's bull and just a hyped up optimistic perspective on a bad situation. It's not. It's actual energy you have within you that you are working with, every second of every day of your entire existence. It does not have a pause, stop or eject button. It is always on and always working. It is science. You can't have any expectations of anything else other than the expectation of the outcome that you become fixated with. The end result.

    A lot of people seem to misunderstand the vast difference between "rose colored glasses" and actually believing in the ability to manifest something from within. Funny thing is, people say they don't believe it or even feel like it would even work for them and yet they don't even realize they use it all the time. We intensify our pain through the manifestations of our thoughts. This is the way the Law actually works. People say "Oh yeah, wishful thinking huh? So I can be super positive about flying and then one day I will fly like superman?" And as I firmly refrain myself from smacking them upside the head and say, "No. Of course not. There is this thing called 'THE LAW OF GRAVITY' and it kinda sort of interferes with that. So no, you can't fly. Whether you're a good person or not if you jump off a building, you WILL hit the ground. Just like the Law of Attraction, If you BELIEVE you can heal from some devastating injury, even when another human being, a.k.a "doctor" tells you it's impossible, and yet you do? That is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. The Law of gravity is always in effect. It's a fact. Just like the Law of Attraction. Whether you believe it or not, the Law of gravity is always in effect and so is the Law of Attraction."

    This is how the Law of attraction works. If you constantly think about your pain, you will constantly be in pain. Just like the interference of the Law of gravity, there might be other reasons why you are still suffering, i.e. the Will of others, a lousy surgeon, evil insurance companies denying you proper care or anything else for that matter. I cannot speak for God and I cannot speak on your behalf and I don't know how hard you have tried to block out all negativity and harness all that energy towards something good like healing. I have no idea. So many other factors can come into play but the end result is what YOU make it to be. If indeed you gave it your absolute all and have done so for so many years, and I mean UNWAVERINGLY shunned the "reality of your pain and illness" then by all means, feel free to give up. If you feel you have fought the battle long enough, then give up. That is your Free Will, your choice to do that. It makes me sad, I don't have to know you personally to say that, but it makes me sad to know people feel this way when the truth is much different than that. I have known very close people who have had to give up with cancer. They gave it their all. But what I noticed most is that it is MUCH more rare for a person to die from cancer when they have blocked it out and replaced painful thoughts with thoughts of a healed and strong body. I have seen first hand how my best friend's mother was surrounded by negativity and she quickly became ill. She died miserably. I have seen firsthand a friend and client/patient of mine that looked at cancer like he was a piece of sh*t LOSER and laughed at the thought of this LOSER taking over HER body and killing her. Her stance was so strong she defeated breast cancer in less than a year and has been living her life to the fullest.

    The very definition of rose colored glasses speaks for itself, "seeing things as being much more pleasurable than it really is" when the fact is, nobody can make this kind of pain remotely pleasurable, it would be asinine. The goal however, is not to make something so awful TURN INTO something wonderful. That requires too much energy and seems impossible. The goal is to shift one's conscious and subconscious fixations OFF of the PAIN PAIN PAIN and onto the HEALED HEALED HEALED. I'm not talking about nostalgia here. I'm talking about the working with the actual scientific definition of ENERGY, real energy and using it in our favor. People are not aware of this ENERGY! Admitting that we ARE indeed fixated on the negativity even when we believe we are being "positive" it the hardest pill to swallow. People don't want to believe that we have the ability to make an illness worse or to attract a disease or illness. We want to believe that "things just happen to us." It is only when we are focusing, thinking, obsessing, fixating, talking, writing, acting, loving, rejoicing and appreciating the POSITIVE and ONLY the positive in the situation that we actually see miracles and change manifesting into reality. Not trying to "change" the pain from bad to healed, just replacing it. Replacing the thought. Just as quick as you feel that lightening bolt of pain, your replacing thoughts must be even quicker. You have to immediately think of something else, look at something else, do something else. Distract yourself. Constantly distract yourself like a relentless warrior. There is no need to constantly acknowledge it every damn time you feel it! You know it's been there, nothing new, so don't give in! Do the opposite! If you don't, it becomes a vicious cyle!!
    You might feel overwhelmed at the task of having to replace all these thoughts, or having to ignore what has been there all a long and start obsessing about the new healthy version of you, but if you have gotten this far, then this simple way of thinking becomes clear and much more tangible. You have been through MUCH more overwhelming things than this simple shift of awareness. It only seems daunting because people find it hard to believe that simply thinking could eradicate physical pain and illness.
    The truth is, it is not just "simple thinking" it is actually using ENERGY that we cannot see (as proof) but just because we cannot see it does not mean it does not exist. Every thought produces actual, measurable energy. It's science. Just like magnets. You can't see the force that binds them but we all know magnets attract. We are INUNDATED by this pain but now we have to turn it around and be inundated with HEALTH, STRENGTH and a little bit of KICK ASS! Why keep giving pain all this attention? YES WE KNOW IT'S THERE, yes we know the health issues at hand, yes, there might be a multitude of issues at hand, BUT WHY do we keep acknowledging it? Why feed into the very existence of this problem when we are so desperately trying to run from it? As if giving the problem all the attention is going to somehow help? I am not speaking for those who do not know how to deal with their situations and sit there waiting for the Doctor to "fix" it for them, I am speaking for the people who have been down the hard road, had a surgery or two, that feel like nothing else is working. Those people who have had it hard and keep making it harder on themselves by believing that self healing is a hopeless endeavor and it's just wishful thinking. It is NOT wishful thinking. IT IS NOT hard, just because you had failed surgeries, IT IS NOT hard if your Doctor is an idiot and doesn't help you, IT IS NOT hard if you feel like you have one illness on top of another. But IT IS HARD when you BELIEVE that it is hard.

    If you have been suffering with something long enough, why continue to conform to it, nurture it, justify it's existence, make excuses for it? We live in a generation and a society of PAIN and ILLNESS as being an acceptable part of the every day norm. Even worse, it has become a ridiculously profitable business for the corrupt. People always want to talk about the negative. The media has done a great job of putting trash on t.v and never ending reality t.v shows and junk that speaks only about the negative! Every where you look, it is about negativity and critisism. Here's a fun little project to assess, turn on your t.v. and go through the channels and see how many shows are sad, violent, depressing, negative, criticizing, judging, labeling, degrading or morally appalling. Other than the caked on make up of children dramatically acting on the disney channel like adults in a acid induced candy land, you wont find many channels that focus on REAL REALITY. The life we are meant to live, full of love, laughter and good ethics. Shows that support how we should be living. Real journalism, real news. Shows that nurture education and good entertainment. The pharmaceutical business has never been better. When have you ever seen SO MANY commercials about drugs for an endless list of disease and illnesses? Drugs that take care of "everything" yet cause side effects that would of course require the needs of more medications. Medications that actually cause cancer? When have you ever seen so many CHILDREN obese and stricken with diabetes? When have you ever seen so many children with cancer? It's all connected. Our food, our pollution, our health care, our government, all connected in a way that keeps us sick and them ridiculously rich . It's no wonder our doctors are baffled with all these new illnesses like fibromyalgia or severe thoracic pain. Too many illnesses and not enough information about how to treat it or how what causes it. Mostly because the doctor's job is mainly writing on the prescription pad. I bet I could come up with some really catchy illness that people could easily believe they would need drugs for. Corporate America. It is the epitome of pity for a degrading hopeless outlook on our society's health and wellness -or at least that's the way they would like to have it. Dumb down our education system too, so we don't have individuals thinking for themselves and seeking the alternative. The more sick you are, the more money insurance business makes. These companies make money off of pity and suffering. And with the help of the media, we want people to feel hopeless! YAY! We need people to feel negative so they STAY SICK! Of course it's harder to deal with when multi billion dollar companies have the patent to drugs that could cure us or help heal us but don't give it to us because they make much more money off of us suffering but do you think that's going to stop me from keeping positive and healing from within? I don't think so. If I'm mad, frustrated and hurt, that's exactly what I'm going to get in return. More of THAT. If I emit a positive, calm energy, I will get more of THAT. If I believe in my "already being healed" despite whatever obstacles stand in my way, no matter how big or small, the Universe will find a way to bring me what I need to heal. Just like the magnet that instantly binds itself.

    Changing something that has happened, especially for a long time or through serious undertakings is a hard one, it takes too much energy and takes too long. It is the act of replacing the thoughts of being focused, talking, writing, complaining, crying, hurting, being angry, frustrated, fixating, obsessing, Even if you are aware of the fact that worrying doesn't help, the thought of "reality" being that you are suffering and that's the "TRUTH" is actually MAKING you stay in that situation. Granted there is a high variable of different circumstances and timing that can make it harder, if not impossible to change a person's outlook. Our reality is what we make of it, with the exception of the basic laws of course. It is much easier to give in to the "well the reality is, I am suffering and my life is miserable" because that is what is actually going on. It is something you see, hear and feel, verses something you are trying to manifest with only your mind. It feels like it is much harder to go through what you're going through and then say to yourself, "this is only my current reality" and then try to change that reality. This is what I mean about the mundane "let's be positive" attitude, because in these days, that line has been tainted with the stigma that it's somehow unattainable because it's just a person looking for "hope" and it's just wishful thinking. That it's an obligation and it's much more harder to do.

    Not true.

    You have the power within you. As strong and immense as the Universe itself. Do not let anyone sway you otherwise. Do not follow what anyone says, no doctor, no news reporter, no president, not even your own family or friends. You believe in you. You stay focused and strong in your beliefs that you know you can heal from within. The body is the most complicated organism on the planet, you really think another human, doctor, is going to tell you what is wrong or what can and cannot be done with your own body? You know your body better than anyone in this world. Know, like you know, that you KNOW, that it's already on it's way.
  • Namaste

    You know, there is so much that needs to be articulated, that to do it in a setting like this, is kind of absurd. Not negative, just absurd. I can no more transfer these entire thoughts and techniques, by this method, than I can tell you, how to cut your own hair, with a pair of scissors. OK - so that is the quick neg side.

    I will tell you this, there are people here, who are part of the converted, there are those who still do not know what the problem is and those that truly have something broken and need a surgeon.

    As the Tibetan Monk said - a surgeon was needed to cut out cataracts, from my eyes. I am certainly grateful for the expertise of the surgeon. But I also practice my own healing too.

    The thought also floats by, that most people never get a grip on the difference between a "Human Being" and a "Human Doing". The look of wonder, when someone finally "sees" that they can not be connected to the stream of words, that the conscious mind spews at a rate only allowed, by our own lack of silence. That single baby step allows for .....
  • I have been very busy these days, dealing with extremely negative circumstances.. however, I was delighted to see some responses on here! ^__^

    I noticed that Ron's comments were gone too.. perhaps he left the website?

    Addictionconsult; thank you for the kind words.. I will not say that I am perfect, that I have never had bad days and that I don't break down from time to time because I do. But that word, resilience, is indeed the exact goal I have in mind. I strive to be unwavering. I know this is not the end for me. This is not my end result. I am healing my discs on my own, I imagine that they DO receive enough blood and oxygen to rebuild and heal on it's own. I know it is working, I have been walking so much better these days and my legs are hurting far less than before. I say this over and over again; "I am excited to have my life back and to dance again as I did before! I am so happy to be healthy and strong again." I dance in my mind, perform the Fouetté en tournant flawlessly and revel in the moment that I am dancing carefree again. I LOVE this moment. I am not sad that I "cannot do this again" I am happy and I am in LOVE with this moment because I AM doing this again. This is what I set my mind to as my current reality. Because this is what I want. Not this pain. If this pain is not what I want, why would I fill my mind with it? Why would I think about the pain and bring about more of this pain? Why do I need to be "realistic" when reality is, I am stronger than my pain, not the other way around. "However pain or illness might stricken me, whatever disease or ailment may invade me, it does not control me or rein over me. It is whatever I say or decide it to be, that will be." -Yovonne Taylor

    I believe in you. I believe you will have more than just good days. You can turn everything around when you believe in that. Dismiss the naysayers that say, "hey be realistic" be realistic? you mean your definition of realistic is that I have to constantly acknowledge and endure pain and suffering? Why because you say so? Because I know the pain exists? What for? "Yeah no thanks, I'd rather be in 'la la land' and imagine myself feeling pretty amazing, doing all the things that I can physically do again. In fact, I'M EXCITED just thinking about it!"


    By the way, what made you choose the name addictionconsult?
    Did you really become addicted to pain medicine or did the doctors tell you that? (Even though you're in pain and there should be no question as to you taking pain medicine.) I ask because I see this too often in the medical field. I have experienced myself too many times already about the lectures on the "dangers" and the addiction" of pain medicine, narcotics, regardless if my MRI shows I have a bulging, torn disc. They tend to use the term narcotics to make people subconsciously associate the medicine with street drugs and intensify the potential for "addiction" for everyone. Pain medicine is pain medicine for people with pain. Bottom line. Besides, how can anyone say a person, in which they are OBLIGATED to, that take this medicine so that they may have their LIFE back and do ordinary chores and maybe work so that they are not on the streets, how can anyone define a person HAVING to rely on medicine to be an labeled as an addict? That is by far the most ridiculous, asinine, biased and backwards kind of thinking I've ever seen. It is absolutely unacceptable.
    Addiction is when someone who is NOT in pain, wants drugs and is obsessed about taking drugs that they do not need to self medicate their problems and issues because they cannot deal with it, THOSE people are addicts. Doctors need to differentiate that. They have been harassed by the FDA and bothered by the DEA so much now and are so terrified about losing their license that they are ignoring their own oath, cowering beneath "authorities" (even though they have done nothing wrong) and under-treating patients on epic proportions because they are terrified. It is downright horrible. No one should have to be put through that much pain because other people abuse meds. Kids are always going to steal their moms pills, and people are always going to smuggle pills from other countries and sell them. That doesn't mean doctors should treat everyone the same. Especially people who suffer from pain. What I don't understand is why they have it all backwards. If I have gone through PT and I have improved vastly, and I am STILL taking as much medication as when I first became injured? By all means, lecture me on addiction and the need to "ween" me off. But before I even have a chance to go through therapy and HEAL first, don't talk to me about pain medicine. You do your job. You follow your oath and do your job and make sure I am not suffering while trying to heal because that's what you're supposed to do. Makes me mad! People shouldn't be tortured like that because doctors have no courage to stand up to these people. Doctors are trained, worked their asses off in medical school for years to get a degree in how to care for the sick. They've sworn to an oath, and have a license to prove that they are the only ones fit to prescribe medications. Now they cower by the words of guys who work for the FDA or the DEA, people who have ZERO medical experience, that don't even know any of the patients, and are treating pain medicine as if it were heroin on the street. The same people that have been fighting a losing battle with the drug war and have had NO SUCCESS. Why would they cower when doctors themselves have the authority to stand up and say, "NO. You cannot harass every single doctor because of a few bad doctors or because people abuse meds. Some doctors may not be able to deal with that very well and would be so paranoid as to under-treat his patients, leaving them in a world of physical pain because the doctor doesn't want to lose his licenses. You ought to think of a better way of tackling this mess. You leave the decision making up to us when it comes to prescribing MEDICATIONS, after all, it is what WE do. Because in all reality, I am a DOCTOR and I see these patients, I have the patient's medical history record and have my reasons to prescribe what I know to be right for this patient and is legal and appropriate. Did you go to medical school? No. So don't question or threaten me. Do I give out pain meds like candy to anybody that walks in here? No, then go harass the ones that do."

    GRR! Sorry for the rant. But the medical business is so twisted.. and it never occurred to me that these horrible things were going on until I was injured and had to deal with it myself firsthand. To have excruciating pain but instead of doctors being focused on the CAUSE of the pain or how to locate the reason or problem of the pain, they immediately focus on "well, this medication- A NARCOTIC, is highly addicting and blah blah blah"
    Hm. really. You mean you're not interested in finding out WHY I am in this much pain so that I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THIS MEDICINE ANYMORE AND YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO HAVE THIS CONVERSATION WITH ME? Oh. I see. You're an idiot and you think backwards.
    You know what, if it's such a problem, take it up with the big pharma companies! They are the ones that make pain medicine! And by the way, not everyone has addictive personalities! :O GASP! Is it true? Could it be possible that we are all NOT the same? :W

    I thank GOD I don't have any addition problems, maybe it's my genes, maybe it's my OCD but I could do some crack cocaine and not be addicted. I LOVE my coffee, I have it black and sweet every morning, but if I don't have it? Big effin deal! I don't have withdrawals, I don't get irritated, I don't feel angry. That's what these doctors need to understand, not everyone is the same. It doesn't matter what you put in my face or what I eat, I don't get addicted to ANYTHING!!! Are you kidding me?? I CAN'T WAIT to get better so I don't have to take these stupid pills anymore!! The minute I don't have anymore pain, I'm going to set these pills on fire, drop a bomb on it and then possibly take a sh*t on it too! That's how much I hate these things!!
    LOL!!! There! I got that off my chest! LOL!!!
    (Hope I made SOMEBODY laugh!)

    lulusheart; that is awesome that you do that. not a lot of people bother to do that and believe that it can greatly benefit and expedite the healing process. your body follows whatever you feel. So if you force yourself to get in the shower every morning and put on make up and make yourself feel good and look good, your body is going to start feeling good. Prayers to you and Godspeed your healing!

    I'm praying for us all! Nothing but amazing feelings and positive blessings! <3
  • Beautiful :)

    And I agree. Some things, we let the doctor deal with.. the rest is in our control.

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