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Back and Neck Pain from Auto Accident



  • Kris,

    No worries at all, your post did not come across overly strong at all. It will take a lot more than that to offend me! haha

    My meeting with the Chiro went very good. I talked to him about he nerve pain that I was having and explained to him that I didn't want to continue the adjustments until I had a better understanding of what was going on with my spine. My chiro agreed and I told him I would check back with him in a week to let him know how I was feeling.

    I met with the specialist on Friday. I was very happy with this appt. The specialist said he is pretty sure that I just have some severe muscle strains and that's all. Just to be sure, he ordered a thoracic MRI that I went ahead and did that same day (Friday). I should get the results Monday sometime, so until them I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Also, the specialist prescribed a different muscle relaxer for me that he thought would work better for me. Didn't get a chance to try the new muscle relaxers last night, due to NYE activities, but I plan on taking one tonight.

    I'll follow up with you guy's Monday when I get my results.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi John,

    I was in an auto accident a year & 1/2 ago-I also got rear-ended. My shoulder had seperated so I didn't get my back/neck pain taken care of until recently(I had to have surgery due to a torn rotator cuff, etc. which didn't take place until April of this year, so they thought a lot of the pain I was having was due to that). After my pain didn't go away, they did another MRI of my cervical spine & found 2 herniations at c5/c6 & c6/c7. The first one is mild, but the 2nd one is severe & compressing my spinal cord, causing tingling/pain in my arm/hand, between my shoulder blades & down my back. I saw a neurosurgeon (actually 2) who have recommended surgery & I initially didn't want it, but the pain is getting worse, so I'm reconsidering. I tried ART as well, decompression at the chiro office, accupuncture (which actually really helps with the pain-I was on Vicodin & muscle relaxers as well for awhile but didn't want to take them, so this helped some), and recently have been doing massage therapy, which helps as well. Do not let the chiro adjust your neck until you're sure it's not a disc problem though! Good luck with finding out your causes!
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  • Hey guys,

    Sorry I haven't written in awhile, things have been very crazy lately...

    Here's where I'm at... I got the results of the MRI from the specialist, not the best case scenario but not the worst either. It turns out I have two mild bulging discs. One at the C6-C7 level, and another at the T8-T9 level. My specialist also thinks I have a severe muscle strain in my back, which is causing the shoulder blade pain.

    The specialist is recommending I take a break from the weights for a couple weeks, and take the muscle relaxers and do some mild cardio (eleptical bike). I'm pretty much following that regime, except the relaxer, with make me two drowsy to function in the morning. The specialist seems to think the discs have a good chance of healing on their own.

    I also followed up with my chiro with the MRI results, he is recommending spinal decompression, he is a little more pessimistic on the discs healing on their own. Have any of you tried decompression? I'm thinking it would have a chance to help my cervical disc, don't think it will help the thoracic bulge much though.

    All this being said, I think I'm going to try the specialist's advice for now, and see if things get better on their own with a little rest, ice, and heat. For the most part the burning is gone in my arms and upper shoulders, unless I lift anything moderately heavy, so I'm only dealing with a very aggravated back right now.

    I'm pretty bummed about the whole thing, in that I'm only 33 and was very active before all this, in the gym and such.

    I'm hoping that resting will start showing some good progress soon.

    As always, any insight or advice about things that have worked for you guy's would be greatly appreciated.

    Looking forward to the responses!

  • I'm glad you got your MRI results and are following the doctors orders. The key word in your MRI is mild. That's the word that we like to see, as that generally means the disc can be treated with conservative measures and can indeed heal on its own. Not always, but being mild there's a much better chance.

    When I first started taking muscle relaxants, they also made me very sleepy so I talked to my doctor and she changed them to something that worked, but didn't have the drowsy side effect. So you might want to experiment with different muscle relaxants if your doc will work with you. There are a lot of different ones out there and one might work for you during the day without the bad side effect.

    Good luck and I'm hoping to hear that things improve with your conservative measures. And thanks for keeping us posted. Please continue to let us know how you're doing.

  • I know saying Yeah may seem odd but as Cathie said your bulge is mild which is great news.

    I tried traction which I think is what you mean by decompression. It is highly regarded but the results are hard to impossible to report. The concept is that by gently pulling at your head they extend the spine allowing the disc to move back into place. I know I felt pretty good right after the treatment. It didn't help with my issue and I don't know if it helped with the other bulges that I had. My personal feeling is that you can do as well by laying on a firm flat surface to allow your spine to relax. But give it a try if you have insurance coverage.

    As for the muscle relaxants I agree with Cathie again (I like that girl!!). It takes some time for your body to adjust to them. I used to take the full dose at bed and started with a smaller dose during the day until I adjusted. Even then I would wait until I got to work in the morning and then when I got home in the afternoon. That way I avoided driving when I had just taken it. But you can adjust. I was taking the max dose and still working.

    My only other advise is to keep a log of your pain. It may seem obsessive but if you do this for 2-3 days you will probably see a pattern of what is causng you the most problems. THen you can try to adjust your life a little. The key is to let you body rest right now.

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  • Hi John-
    That is good that it's mild! I have been doing decompression for a few months now & it definately helped me with the tingling in my hand and foot. I have a severe herniation at c6-c7 tho, so it hasn't helped with that. I have been getting a "crushing" feeling in my hand for the last month, so I think things have changed. I actually go for another MRI next Tuesday to see what's going on. I am changing my mind on getting the surgery now bc I have been in pain for a little over a year n 1/2 and it's gettting worse & I can't take not living a normal life anymore! But I am glad there's hope for you! Accupuncture really helps with the pain if you can go often enough, so you may want to try that (I'm sorry if u mentioned that u did-I can't remember!). Good luck & keep us posted!
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