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Lidoderm patches and Mobic (meloxicam, generic)

Cath111CCath111 Posts: 3,553
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:49 AM in Pain Medications
Hi there.

I just saw my surgeon for my increasing cervical pain - it's due to bad arthritic facet joints, left side worst at C2/3 and right side worst at C3/4. He wants to do injections (they never helped my lumbar facets, fyi) but since my insurance makes getting them very expensive, he's agreed to try conservative measures such as some PT and meds until I either simply can't take it another minute or I get a job with good insurance.

So, on top of my pain and muscle relaxant meds, he's added Mobic 15mg (generic, meloxicam) 1 daily for inflamation and Lidoderm patches 5% 30s.

Can some of you please tell me about these new medications, problems you may have had, side effects, useful tips, etc? I've been on anti-inflams before, but not this particular one and I know absolutely nothing about the patches.

Thanks for any help you guys can share with me.


PS I thought there was a thread on here about the lidoderm patches, but I can't find it and I might have been thinking of Mary's thread about duragesic patches which are different.


  • Cath I've been using the Lidoderm for a few months now. No side effects and they work instantly. I usually cut them into 2, 3 or 4 pieces and put them in different spots.

    Originally my doctor wanted me to put them on my forearm to help with the nerve tingling I was getting there. It helped but was awkward since I was wearing short sleeves and had this big white patch on my arm. So I experimented and found that putting one on the top of my shoulder stopped most of the pains in my whole arm. I also use them at the top of my back right over my spine to help with the upper back pain I get from my wrecked facets. Occasionally I will put one above my knee when that gets really bad.

    I told my doctor about my experimenting and he was 100% behind it. He is willing to up me to 2 or 3 per day if I need them. So far I haven't taken him up on it. Not sure why but I haven't used them as consistently since starting the Lyrica. The great thing about them is they are instant relief and at least for me no residual effect.

    Can't wait to hear what you think.
  • Thanks for all that great info.

    I read that you can't use more than 15mg per day and only for 12 hours. So, one patch you can cut up and put in different places and that stays within the prescribed dosage? Do you find you need less pain meds when you use them? Can you cut one in half and use the other half the next day or is it a done deal once it's cut?

    Geez, I have so many questions. I'll definitely let you know how they work for me. I should be able to pick up my script tomorrow. I think with what you said, putting them on my lumbar where I usually have a radiating pain would be awesome if it helped that.

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  • Cath,

    I used Mobic, for almost a year. According to my physiatrist the Mobic is supposed to have the least side effects with it. I am not sure if the directions say this or not but he said to be sure to use a complete glass of water with it. I had them in 7.5mg x2 a day, sense we were using long term. Until I went off of them for the fusion I didn't think they helped much but I know now they did do wonders. I never had any ill of effects of them when taking them. The patch I used for a foot problem and due the heat my foot was putting off they would tend to melt on me and cause a skin issue, but the relief was good with them as well.
  • Thanks for the info. I'm glad to hear the good reviews. I don't know why I always get freaked out when I'm going to try a new med, even the seemingly innocuous ones, but I really appreciate the feedback.

    I don't have the directions yet, so thanks for letting me know about the water with it. I know that you can take them with or without food, but didn't know about the water. Makes perfect sense.

    My doc might just make me feel better yet and stave off the dreaded less conservative measures for quite a while.
  • I was told by my doctor that I could use up to 3 whole patches a day. Didn't matter how much I cut it up. I've never tried keeping them but I would imagine that if you put the unused half in a ziplock bag it would be fine the next day. It might dry out a bit on the edge but the meds are in the adhesive so it's not like it's going to do anything crazy.

    If you haven't seen them yet each patch is in a sealed envelope. It is about 3" x 5" and has a clear plastic backing against the adhesive. If you cut it up do that before removing the backing so you don't mess up your scissors. I like to cut them long ways because I found that the long strip stayed on better. You may also have to play with the exact placement because they sometimes rub off at the edges.
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  • I am allowed 2 patches a day, and like was said, it is safe to cut them up to cover areas better. For me they help a little, not as much as I thought they would. Pain medication levels wise; no real change there for me. I might not have found the sweet spot yet. Side affects, none so far.

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Thanks for the great info Kris and Brenda. I know I can always count on you guys to make me feel better and more comfortable with new meds, etc.

    I'll let you know how they work for me. And Brenda, it's good to hear that it's not necessarily a miracle cure, but every little bit helps.

    Thanks again my friends.
  • The only problem I had with Lidoderm patches was that the patches would not stay in place on my back. Perspiration will cause the adhesive to break down. The doctor told me to use first aid tape to hold them in place, but trying to do that behind my back was a bit difficult!

    Mobic is a COX 2 inhibitor. There are some risks with this drug if you have other medical conditions. Make sure your doctor is aware if you have any heart disease or history of ulcers.
    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
  • My insurance is contesting the Lidoderm patches and needs my pharmacy to call my doctor, then have my doctor call the insurance company and confirm that I really need the lidoderm patches.

    Well, the way I see it, he wouldn't have prescribed them in the first place if he didn't feel I needed them, right?

    Without insurance, they're $250 for 30 patches - not gonna happen. So unless they get it all worked out, then I'm not going to be trying them. However, the pharmacist acted like this happens all the time and should be worked out in about five working days, so it might be ok after all is said and done.

  • If the insurance wont cover the Lidoderm patches you may want to ask about Voltaren gel. It is a NSAID which is topical in nature. Works pretty well for most users.
    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
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