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How depressing!!! Is this what life has become???



  • Yes I have been thinking I need to get a pain management doctor lately. My regular doctor has been managing my pain medicine for a couple of years. The problem is I have talked with him about that before and he is totally against pain management doctors. He said his dad went to one and all they did was heavily medicate him where he could not even function. He has some kind of problem with them. So I will have to refer myself . We have discussed the pain patch a little but he seems like he does not know a lot about managing chronic long term pain. I told him last time I was there that I could not take living my life just waiting to take the next pain pill. I have to take them every 4 to 6 hours. If I stretch it to 5 or 6 I already am in a lot of pain, but believe it or not it happens and I forget to take them. Then it is harder to get my pain back under control. You are right it is just a constant reminder that I am living with this pain. Thanks for the post I am going in search of a pain management doctor...lol
  • Splendagrrl post is how most of us feel, And i dont agree we always have to run to a dr when we are already receiving pain treatment with meds and when we will still have pain knowing pain meds will never totaly get rid of all the pain. Thats part of our strugle that when they cant totaly stop the pain its always going to be hard finding the motivation to get going and feeling good about anything when you hurt.

    This is the strugle of a pain patient dailey and we know it, the dr"s know it. We know whats causing our lack of ambition geting up in the morning going through the same emotions starting the day with pain. Its not always depression when a person dont feel good. We simply hurt every single day and not much to feel good about. But we do what we can and when we can. From what i read splendagrrl doing what she can when she can and she just said its hard. I would not be sending her off to a dr when she already seeing 1 and surely not a shrink just to learn what she already knows.

    Many people post about the strugle they have that a lot of us have and we jump to the conclusion that they are suffering depression. Soon as a person has pain then they must be suffering depression. So i just want to point out that dr"s cant fix everything in our life. I feel bad for every single person dealing with this kind of pain and bs each and every single day as myself. I kmow pain sometimes goes hand in hand with depression, but we have to realise there is a fine line of who is considered suffering from depression and who is simply not satisfied of what our life has become after surgery and having to live in pain.

    With that being said from what i read you sound mentaly strong to me Splendagrrl and just dealing with same strugle as most of us here. So you might need a litle boost in spirits as we all do here sometimes and hope you find it here with rest of the people who are in similar situation.

    I have seen a few friends in the past get cought up in there pain situation and confused by dr"s of having depression when they simply just had hard time dealing with pain we did not expect in our life. And in some cases always runing to a dr like a shrink is not the best answer either. Medicating a person in to a coma is not the way to make a person beter and not any way more productive in my view.

    I am in no way saying shrinks are a bad thing. Thats as long as that person is truly dealing with medical depression not pain that we know we dont like and who would and a litle pill aint going to fix it. So lets not tell everyone when they say they dont feel good and hard to get motivated cause of pain and they are already being treated for pain to rush to another dr as if thats a cure to the problem. Dr cant fix everything, if they could most of us would not be here!
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  • Alex,
    I am nto suggesting that a pill will fix everything, if it would I say sign me up, but that is not reality. My concern is when someone says they have no interest in doing anything that depression is setting in. Sometimes just doing some counseling and can bring you out of the fog. You may already know the answers but counseling kind of brings you to the answer you already new.

    Splendagirl, as far as the pm doctor, look for a physiatrist. They do more than just prescribe meds, but work for a whole body perspective. They will work on a combination approach of getting you back to a point where the pain is more bearable. That may encompass meds, physical therapy, massage therapy and injections. Not to mention sense it is their primary practice dealing with meds, they will be more up to date on what meds are available and showing more promise for your individual situation. I think all of us can relate to how you feel and are just trying to give you ideas that might help you live a more productive life. NO your not going to go run a marathon, well not likely, but give you the tools that the pain is not the primary force in your life. I like to think of living in chronic pain as the same process one goes through when they loose someone. Everyone grieves the loss of your body differently but you have to go through the stages. Everyone here is in a different place and time on that scale. Those of us who except it didn't get here over night it was a process. But give you as many tools as possible in your tool box is crucial in your long term success.
  • Now we need a tool box for our meds? If we need a tool box for our meds we in big trouble. They might as well start a business of meds on wheels. Just like car repair service on wheels. If i go somewhere and my body breaks down in pain a van will pull up and they inject me in the ass and i am ready to go. Same as an auto club membership it will be a medic on wheels membership. Man my brain is working overtime, Somebody stop me,,,,,,,,!
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  • Alex,

    Just wanted to say thank you! Reading your post made me feel very good, and not just like I was a basket case or something! Lol To be honest being on this forum for the last few weeks does help knowing others are out there going through the same thing and that I am not alone with this. In fact me posting this topic did help me get it off my chest and all the replies did boost my spirit that day. I actually went outside and washed my car and went to a couple of stores. Made my day a whole lot better. You are right I am just learning to cope with all of this and I have my bad days, very bad days and good days. I do not feel right now that I need to talk to someone about this, that is why I came looking for a forum for support!! Maybe sometime in the future if I just cannot cope I will find a psychiatrist and go for counseling. But I think what I am feeling is what everyone goes through. Now there might be some who already are past that stage and learned how to handle all of this, but I am just learning. Anyway have a good Memorial weekend!!
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  • Tam-tam,

    I will look into a physiatrist as well. I will read and find out more information between regular pain management and a physiatrist. Even though I have been that route for 4 years. I have been through excercise, Physical therapy twice, NSAIDs, epidurals, tens unit etc.. I am not at the point where surgery is my only option and as long as I decide to go through with it, it will be in the next few months. I mainly need pain medication management. Thank you so much for your replies and help!!!
  • Actually that does not sound half bad!!! LOL. =))
  • I think you missed my point Tam. Its hard enough to find a good dr to do surgery on a person. Sometimes relying on finding now another dr to start the guessing game of what meds to try on a person like a lab rat to some just sometimes starts another wave of problems.

    I was just sugesting if a person understands there situation and can deal with what now is normal with pain situation because nothing can be done about it. Then they have a prety good understanding this is it. There is nothing in the world that will make me feel beter about my situation shrink or no shrink. Besides the only shrink i seen was the one before i had the scs trial which was a must to have the trial. And i think after the few minutes i seen him he needed a shrink by the time i was done with him.

    And by the way i dont think a person will ever realy accept the fact that they have become dissabled and cant work and miss out on life. You are forced to accept it because nothing you can do about it. I understand its very easy to fall in to deep depression for sure and then a person does need help. But untill that hapens then its just the dailey strugle most of us have of finding the ability to over come the pain to find some fun and hapiness in our messed up life.

    Now lets all get naked and run or hop up and down the main street and scream,! I am in pain and i am not going to take it. Lol. Git-er-done
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  • alexhurting said:
    I think you missed my point Tam. Its hard enough to find a good dr to do surgery on a person. Sometimes relying on finding now another dr to start the guessing game of what meds to try on a person like a lab rat to some just sometimes starts another wave of problems.
    Anyone with any chronic condition, not just pain, goes through trial and error. There are no easy answers. The docs hand out RXs for the most common meds that tend to have the least side effects on most. That only works in part. The rest is a big experiment and the doc is not the lab rat... ;-)

    You need several good docs depending on the sum total of your medical issues. Not to exclude therapy.

    Discounting therapy by saying I know what is wrong with me. Well that doesn't mean you cope with it very well. Just read plenty of threads on here. This one is just another example.

    There are many ways of coping and dealing with medical issues. Sometimes a combined approach of both physical and mental is best.

    Splendagrl. You've got to get a handle on this from both the physical and mental aspect. "Is this what life has become?". Only if you let it. That's on you to do something about it. You are correct in that talking to your family about pain every day will and does get old. If you're sick of it don't you think they are? The question is what are you going to do about it? You've only quit when you've quit...

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