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legs paralyzed after oxycontin withdrawal

mattacondammattaconda Posts: 14
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:02 AM in Pain Management
ive been on oxycontin 60mg 3 times a day and 180mg of oxycodone a day. i had massive complications and couldnt get my rx filled. went to primary dr and she wrote them for me until i could get new pain management dr. the rx's wont arrive for another 7-10 days.meanwhile im ln day 7 of cold turkey.side effects were pretty minimal (just massive pain from my injuries. no puking or seeing demons etc). ive cried from the pain wearing me down many times and even wishing i could die right now...not suicide i just wish id have a heart attack and die. im an ex pro wrassler/ex stuntman/ex jujutsu slash mma fighter at 6'7" 300lbs so pain usually isnt the issue thanks to the meds.....until today. my 7th day without meds when i woke up my legs didnt work right then i couldnt move them. im in agony and i cant take much more of this. im not an abuser but the hospitals here are very unkind in these matters when you take medications. my primary for some reason wouldnt do anything to help and the pain is killing me that i dont know what day it is ive been in bed so long in and out of it. im worried i have pain thats unreal in my legs but they wont move. like my mind is disconnected from my legs. when they do move they only do it in a shaky manner which eases the pain to a degree then they stop and i cant move them again.

is this normal...is there anything i can do. my wife is dying inside seeing me this way and realizing how bad it is that no one will help me....and she is a nurse at a large hospital!! id say i got 3 days at most left before i do something stupid....what can i do? anyway of getting help?????? im desperate because in this instance my life truly hangs in the battle. the pain in legs from multiple bulged discs snd onr ruptured is unreal. yet the pain in my neck from 2 fractures on 2 occasions and 2 bulged discs there hurts very little. im scared at this point and could really use some advice. im flat broke and wife been supporting me while going to school and work for last few months due to some yet unknown immune disorder making me sick. she is dying and im losing her....she has taken more than anyone i know can and is fading from me. i just need some helpful advice on what to do. i look at a belt and imagine leaning forward and stopping all the pain for everyone. so im as desperate as anyone can be!!!!! thanks...matt!


  • What do you mean by won't arrive for 7-10 days? Were the complications regarding filling it because of stock issues or something else? Just wondering. Can you have your doctor call the hospital to get you some help? I'm worried for you both right now. Don't give up, keep asking or help!
  • been going to this place for a year ok so 2 months ago i go to my clinic an hour away because they werent a mill. theni think it was 3 months ago i get seen by a nurse practitioner i never met and she filled without a checkup and i felt angry because of her heavy nodding like she was a junky or drunk. then the next month i go in and theres no dr or nurse available but they gave me my rx's and i left after expressing my disgust. they say a doc will be in tomorrow so i say no ill be back next month. when i get to my car i noticed my meds were dropped my oxycodone 30mgs went from 180 to 90 so i got mad and went back up the next day. i barged in there calmly and talked to a dr i never met before she was kind and in a similar situation herself with having an upcoming neck surgery. she said she couldnt change the rx but wrote me some morphine sulfate 30mg to equal the count. i told her normal morphine makes me puke and luckily they didnt in time release form but i wasnt really alive that month because the pain clouded my brain. then this past month i had an appt and when i get there theres 40 ppl in there as patients had standing room only! (ive been to enough pill mills to know where that leads. and after an hour i get a call from my wife that the appt was on fire. i drove home 45 miles in 30 minutes and when i got there the fire dept was done but it got to my medical paperwork filing cabinet and burnt every document i had sadly. so i make an appt to go back the next week and they were understanding but when i got there it was twice as busy. they didnt take my drug test urine sample hich was required and after 5 hours i got to see the nurse that was nodding on me previously. she was really out there that day and was wrecked. she took 20 mnutes to go over paperwork and asked a few questions and i answered them truthfully. she then proceeded to write me for 90 15mg codones. and my normal oxycontin supply. then when i got out there i asked them if i could see the new dr on staff that i had never met before. the nurse practicioner went into his office for 10 minutes came back out and looked up at me while she tore up my rxs in front of me like as an act of hatred. i then got new rx's for just 90 60 mg morphine sulfates and i got pissed. i went into the dr's office and he asked what was wrong so i explained to him everything and he asked me how long ive been a doctor....i was like wtf? then i answered im not but ive researched enough to know more than most of the doctors ive met before and that i know my 6'7" 300lb body (was 380 8 months prior but lost 100lbs of muscle mass and gained 20 or so lbs of fat fromb being bed ridden with mrsa which led to septic shock and an emergency surgery in my armpit to remove a 2lb abcess that had beenleaking for a while into me making me sick and eventually septic) than he could by being through ropes of the pain management system here in florida for the previous 12 years. i told him if i dont have medication i will die dropping so quickly and that he was doing this because the nurse was mad the in the months prior i went to see the dr the next day and made the nurse look like an idiot for doing her job poorly and was now taking it out on me and she is too wasted to do her job. then he started trying to play head games with me. (i may be missing a quarter of my frontal lobe from concussions which leads to "hulk syndrom at times when i feel threatened. and even though i have a few issues with my brain intelligence is far from it thanks to the miracle drug neurotin(even though it makes nerve pain worse) and i proceeded to calmly reply back to him that he shouldnt be a doctor and its sad that this place turned into a pill mill that didnt care where the doctor previous to this office i had for 4 years and did so much for me i loved her like a sister and my wife even fell in love with her(idolized her to the point of changing carers to get in the medical indusrty) and we became great friends but a clerical error and a few patients she had were dr shopping and she got arrested and my life went to hell that day, but she was a million times better than this guy ever would be. i then once again called him a pill pushing junky creator and blah blah blah he then called me a liar and i then called him very unproffesional and he said to leave now or he would call the cops(the patient always loses that battle here in florida i assure you) so i left. went to my primary dr who was ravaged by the condition i was in and sent me for more mri's where i found a new injury to my neck and left arm of bulging disc and ruptured bursa sack (which i have no idea how it happened) but i can never get a good reading on my back because i cant lay flat that long no matter how much meds and i end up having to put 7 to 10 pillows under my legs so i dont pass out from the pain which i did the previous mri i got (on which day i took 2 60 mg contins, 3 30mg roxys and 5 10mg valium just to try to make it through the mri but i couldnt do it and i have a strange tolerance to opiates. i never got a buzz in my life from them....even once i passed a kidney stone(annually for me because im a raw cows milk addict i will admit...which is now illegal too btw) and the hospital remembered me fromprevious year and when they gave me iv pain meds she started freaking out because it was way too much and she thought i was gonna overdose and they were setting me up just in case and while i ended up passing the stone i never got a buzz nor did i get ill or show any overdose symptoms...they were amazed and said im an opiate machine.(which is also why withdrawal symptoms are so minimal i suppose.)

    anyways the pain is making me ramble like a sissy. so ill get to the point and your question. when that doctor at the mill and i had a fight i went to my primary dr who has been amazing and treats me and my wife very very well. she seen what was wrong and said to not get his rx's and shed write out what i needed. i use purdue patient assistance for my oxy contins because they give them to you for free and have been a great help financially over the years so i mail them the rx and mailed out my ccodones to cvs caremark because you cant find them in stock anywhere around here. the post office lost the mail to cvs and the tracking number showed up as invalid and yet i had documentation it was mailed. and sent my contins off to purdue. a week went by and i was downt to 3 days of time release contins left and called purdue and they said they couldnt fill it because it wasnt from a mngmt dr that would oversee my care for next 6 montha. which they shouldve told me in the first place so i had them mail it back to me. ii then went into my primary doc in massive pain asking her what to do ssince im out of everything and she just sadly looked at me like a beaten dog and said i cant do anything for you. she kept repeating it when ever i asked a question. i asked her to admit me to hospital and got same response then my wife started balling her eyes out because she knows the pain i get in when im not on my medications and how i block her out and sleep standing up strapped into a closet.. shes been trying to bust her ass to help me out and all the while working part time at hospital on fri sat sun and going to school 12 hrs a day m-f. i just found out that the rx for my contins i just sent out last week priority with confirmation has now been lost but recovered and im spending the las $100 i have on my rx. but i wont get it for another 7-10days due to delay oof 2 day shipping turning into 8 days because they had lost my mail....again! usps sucks! so now i dont know what to do. my legs wnt move for me but i still feel the massive nerve pain but sensory is at %50 for hot cols and poke tests. my legs are dead and yet killing me. i knew this day may come and ik had been putting off sugery in my goal until i hit 40 years old. which is why i kept my contins at 60 instead of 80 because for post op i may need the 80's! these meds were wonderdrugs. as much as i hate big pharma they kept me from killing myself countless times from the pain. ive wanted off them for 2 years because of the toxicity they put into me and how many hoops you gotta jump through to get them. i went through my old safe and found 3 fentanyl 75mcg patches which may help ..i quit using the years aago because of the fear of actually developing an addiction. i do 10 hrs a week on new pain mgmt procedures and have tried them all but they never worked. so now im screwed and im afraid i need to get surg right away but im beyond broke financially and i have no words to describe my mental status. and now im going through hell trying to get my old records for past 4 years for new pain management dr to treat me. so its getting worse every day and i feel like kevorkian may be in my future. this isnt living for me. id rather die. and now im stuck in bed....hoping heavily expired patches work for me!!!! btw thank you for concern.... i just dont think ill make it. ive has torture in my life but not like this. if i go to er here they just thin, youre a junkie and send you on your way without help. can i go to er and see if they will inject me with nerve blocks???? i cant get epidurals anymore because last year i had a spinal tAp done that was the worst night of my life from the agony afterwards because they withdrew too much fluid and brain stem was resting in pointy bone spurs,,,,that was traumatic. i never believed in PTSD till after that night. i hurt so bad after that i was puking up my own fecal matter. sound gross i know and you may think thats not possibly but the septic shock and lack of spinal fluid threw my body into something i couldnt describe. ive met mant people in my life with pain but none of them ever threw up feces from it. now i wont let a needle near my spine unless im unconscious! this was hell to type so i really hope you have some great news or advice for me. because the rest of the medical world has seemed to turn its back on me.

    sadly since the us is importing herroine from afganistan into florida in the last year oxycontin and codone rx has dropped %40 but herroine overdoses and useage went up over %300!!!!! id kill to be off the pills and isnt a problem. but i cant live in this pain.
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  • I also am a bit confused on what complications could keep you from filling the medication?

    If it was a Pharmacy issue...then you would have the actual prescriptions in hand and just need to find another Pharmacy that had this in stock..

    But you are now saying that your Primary is mailing you the prescriptions? How is this Dr. not in the same state as you and why couldn't you have driven to go pick them up?

    So...we are a bit lost...

    Also...if your Primary is willing to help....all they have to do is call your local ER and talk with the Dr. there and tell them the situation so they can give you medication there..

    Some things are just not adding up unless these "complications" were something that you did wrong on your end (like bad drug test or trying to fill scripts too early ) and the Dr. prescribing the medicines cut you off.

    I'm not saying you did this...we are just trying to figure out why it's taking so long to get help?
  • ive been in the system of PM long enough to know the ropes. so ill try to explain it a bit better while i can focus.

    my PM dr's nurse practitioner tore up my rx's for my pain medicine after i had gotten curious in my previous visit as to why i wasnt being checked out and my rx's were either just written out to me, or just handed to me after paying them the $150 fee. i had expressed my concerns to one of the standard secretaries and explained to her that she needs to be careful for thats illegal in the state of florida. so i asked when a doctor would be in so i could come in and ask why my quantity was lowered by so much without even being seen. i did nothing illegal and follow the laws to perfection because in a police state we have now they will do anything they can to get more arrests and people in jail (as im sure we have all seen in this country but thats another story) and i dont want to get pulled over and have documentation of all kinds with me to prove the medicine is mine. (in florida you cant just have a pill bottle with your name and address on it and be ok. you need to carry all documentation or you will be arrested, booked, then released upon them contacting your physician who wrote the rx. i know this because its happened to me twice. once while getting pulled over for not having a seatbelt and the officer asked if i had any drugs in the car, (at which time i didnt know my rights as an american but learned the hard way) and i said yes just my medications for pain and then he asked me to step out of the car and i went through he process of getting arrested because the bottle label had faded a little bit for many reasons and wasnt perfectly legible. but you could clearly see if you actually looked hard enough everything was there. but i didnt have my paperwork from pharmacist to go with the bottle. the second time i was arrested was coming out of a louder than they should have been with the comment of "than you sir and do you have any questions on the oxycodone?" and i gave the lady the eye (like shut the hell up!!!!!!) and left. upon leaving about 15 feet from the front electronic doors 2 guys approached me from behind and tried to grab my bag and run. but the door didnt quite open fast enough and i caught them and a fight instigated. mind you im 6'7" 320lbs at the time and had trained in jujutsu for 11 years and had a share of mma bouts where i went 5wins 7 losses (each loss was from bad cuts even though i dominated the matches. also i was a pro-wrassler for years as well (which caused most of my spine and brain damage.)so needless to say i pummled them quickly and broke the ankle and arm on one of the culprits. (awesome video btw from walgeens on that one!!!) and the police were called. i had witnesses and was treated on the scene for a small cut. in the meantime i had 13 pills left over from previous months rx in my pocket so they arrested me for having more than i should have in narcotics. i got booked again and released two days later on monday. (one of my assailants gots bailed out 4 hrs before me btw....god bless america) and that led to another trial and court cases defending my self since this was before the stand your ground law. so needless to say ive set everything in my life according to not getting a phony arrest because im on pills and trying to wait till im 40 to get operated on. which im 35 now and i will say i will hit my goal earlier than i wanted this upcoming year. pray it helps please btw.

    so i know my laws in florida and never break them. im an upstanding citizen and done 1000's of hours of volunteer work in my life. i keep my life straight and fair.

    but to answer your questions in the tampa bay area the medications werent at any pharmacy this past year from october until last month. i would spend days and days driving to try to find them and no one would(or could) help me. so i decided to use express scripts to get my meds mailed to me by sending the the rx and they would return mail me the actual prescription. it was great. every 28 days i would have my rx unless some minor delay of a few days in processing etc would hold it up. then my health insurance changed and i am now with cvs caremark who provides the same plan and its been great as well.

    but with my primary writting the scripts rather than my pm doctor. the fire that burned my medical records at home. getting a massive sinus infection i got delayed a few weeks sending them out. i got my codones but purdue pharma patient assistance said they couldnt fill my time release oxycontins because they need acknowledgement that the writting physician would be treating me for the next 6 mos as pain management in order to fill the rx. but they never called me to tell me nd everyday i called it said it was in processing. until finally i was down to 2 days left and i called and finaaly got a human on the phone then the pharmacist and they made me aware of the matter. but they didnt bother telling me till i called them and then they maailed the rx back to me by this time i was out of medicine and no one could fill it in a size 60mg in the area because they only had 40mgs and 80mgs. so i went back to my primary and she said there was nothing she could do ( because doctors arent allowed to be doctors here in florida because of fear of losing their liscense sadly) and walked out of the room like a beaten dog that truly wanted to help me but some higher authority told her not to. so then i mailed my rx to cvs caremark and the usps priority mail just got there yesterday after taking 8 days instead of 2 to get to them. so i will have my time release soon i hope because im popping the 30mg codones way to much and ended up actually spilling most of them into a bucket of piss next to my bd since my legs were paralyzed and i couldnt move from lack of maintenance contins. (i eventually found some old fent patches and applied one and realized why i had them from ten years ago and hadnt used them. i proceeded to dry heave and become very nauseous all the time and couldnt keep anything down. even my pills or water. my wife thank god got me setup on an iv for fluids since she is a nurse and the hospital she works for knows me well and approved it. illegal but im alive and grateful. so ive now off the patch which was hell but my legs are once again paralyzed but in the worst agony imaginable. kidney stone kind of pain. yet i cant feel them or move them at the same time. which leads me to my original question....

    how concerned should i be that because im without meds (but with very little detox symptoms other than the pain coming back full force and some possibly related sweating and fatigue.) and my legs are numb and immobile since im not on medication. its really scary because when i got on the meds years and years ago i wasnt this bad. could my condition have worsened? and why are my legs not responding except for the nerve pain?

    what else sucks is now im out of money. i have no primary doctor because she hasnt been returning my calls. and no pain management doctor because im having to jump through hoops to get the previous 3 years of medical PM treatment records mri reports, and one of the doctors i had was arrested for actually caring and doing what was right for her patients and not what the laws said she shouldve done? its sad here in florida, if your on these meds youre labeled and thats why i want off but dammit i at least need to be out of this bed so im at a conundrum indeed! i truly loved america even though im fully awake to the fact that we are a dictatorship and police state, but this is really starting to break me down to go through so much hell just to be able to not want to kill myself from the pain. i was dying from septic shock last year from a 2 lb abcess in my armpit and went to 7 hospitals before the one my wife worked for operated and saved my life. the reason the previous 7 hospitals didnt treat me was because they thought i was a junkie and needed a fix. i even had one doctor at an ER tell me i need to get off the pills and find jesus and id be all better..... what has this state and country become? if your not aware then stop, look around, find out whats going on in the real world by turning off your televisions and looking at the big picture.

    wanna little bit of research to look into? go online...not google for god sake but try to find out what afganistans biggest export is right now....opium. aand where its being delivered to. macdill airforce base and another base in south carolina. im not sure about south carolina but in the last year doctors rx's for opiates have dropped by a massive number and heroine use and overdoses have gone up 10 fold. its makes you wonder. but thats what happens when a dictatorship is disguised as a democracy and freedom is just a word. sorry to ramble on but ive learned too many things in my life as a hobby journalist. theyd rather have me doing smack on the street than getting meds. (believe me if it was legal id grow my own poppy and make my own natural medications. or at least grow or get cannabis to make butter and cook foods with....but both are illegal because they would put the govt and big pharma out of business here.

    i hope this made sense. im in a lot of pain and would kill for a weed brownie but id fail my test and not get what im told to get because they say so. im really just upset. once im back on my meds this country will feel my furious rage and become what it was meant to be. and maybe ...just maybe get natural medicines legalized again. (for instance there is a coral that grows and gives off a substance that is ten times more effective than opiates for pain and has had no known side effects or overdoses but almost all americans have never heard of it because it isnt addicting and doesnt make big pharma and the government pigs fill their pockets. im sorry once again to ramble and get off point but trying to focus with this pain.....well im sure you know what i mean when i say it isnt easy!

    hope didnt offend anyone and maybe awakened some of you to the real world not the one we see on the television. and im truly grateful for your compassion and caring. theyre endangered emotions nowdays. im a man of god but not one you pray too. the concept of god and believe god is energy both good and bad....but if you will try to send me some positive energy it would be great. or pray if it is your choice...either way the same effect happens and i could use a lot of positive energy right now!!!!

    by the way you know what sucks being 6'7" 300lbs.... you cant fit into a bathtub....and sweet mother of all things great and small i wish i could get to a pool or tub right now to help with the pain!!!!!!

    thank you once again!

    .......be sound.
  • but with my luck lately there may be another 10 days with them getting lost in the mail or something lol. ive become accustomed to disappointment this month and if i didnt have the greatest wife in the world you wouldve never got a response from me and i would be in the next dimension right now either by my own hand or from dehydration.

    good news ive lost 12lbs of fat and what looks like 40 lbs of muscle this month lol.

    just please let my meds get here monday. im afaid what taking more oxycodone than i should be along with 4800mgs of ibuprofin a day are doing to my internal organs.

    and can anyone answer as to why my medicines separately at higher doses dont work as well as lower doses of multiple meds do? i assume my natural tolerance for opes or my size. or that im a baffling mystery to mainstream doctors the get frustrated by the way im so totally different than any other human being out there in almost every way. probably my hebrew bloodline and "mk ultra" experiments as a child or something lol.

    thank you again. it gives me pain yet relief to keep typing and i wish my thoughts could go into the words i type right now so id be easier to understand! for im a man with a sharp tongue, a sharper wit, but a very dull memory.
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  • Maybe its time to have the surgery if a dr offered it, I dont understand what you mean you want to wait to turn 40 to have surgery, There is no reason to put off surgery if
    life iis as bad as you say,

    The idea is to not have to medicate ourself to the point where life is spining out of control, You mention everything surounding medication but nothing to correct the cause of the pain as buldge in the disc can be fixed if thats realy causing the pain,

    We never pick when we want surgery, We have surgery when we have to have it,

    If pain is that bad where life has become so bad as you mention then usualy we have nothing to lose by geting the surgery, No dr can be expected to keep giving meds if a patient is not looking to have there issue fixed by surgery when it can be done,

    If there is a serious spine issue you cant mask it forever with pain medications to the point the medication along with the side affects will kill a person,

    After a while medication actualy can make the body more sensative to the pain,

    Best dr,s detox a patient just to evaluate there real pain generaror even if it has to be done in a hospital seting, It hellps reset our body clock so lower dose of medications will help after surgery if needed,

    If you have even the slightest thought of suicide call the dr and and have them admit you if needed so they can help with pain control and lead you in the right direction to get back on track,

    There is also a suicide hot line so you dont do anything stupid, Dont be afraid to seek proffesional help if things are so out of control. There are social workers who can help within the hospital who can help,

    Chronic pain can put us in situation where often its hard to deal with and medications dont help with judgement to do sometimes whats best for us,

    Good luck, Best to see dr who can find the problem and fix it then mask it ,
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • your post , I got thru first one but without skipping a

    line was just to hard.
    I think you need to find a good pain mang. doc and map out a plain.

    It's sounds just like a show I was watching on 20/20 about this pill mills.

    I hope you keep searching for ways to help yourself and get into see a doc. asap.

    good luck
    neck,bone spurs pain started 04, back issues and fusion l4,l5 06~hardware removed.
    good few yrs. 09 pain sharp, numbness feet,legs, diagnosed fibro, neurop. legs.lung issues.
    daily goal do good thing for someone.
  • I'm totally confused as well, even more so after reading the successive posts from the OP. I can understand wanting to postpone surgery, when it is not an emergency, but it seems to me , if one is truly paralyzed and can not gain muscle control over their lower limbs, that would definately qualify as an emergency and would dictate being taken via ambulance to the nearest trauma hospital for evaluation and treatment. Not having opiates would NOT cause paralysis, but a change for the worse would and needs to be evaluated several days ago...Laying in bed, is not going to help you to have an easier time of using your lower limbs.
    As to the medications, if you were using a mail order pharmacy, despite the ongoing circumstances, there isn't any reason why it would cause you to delay mailing the prescriptions for several weeks as you said.. As the OP stated, there have been many months of ongoing newspaper and television articles about Florida's closing and monitoring of pill mills, one of the first criteria is having a patient pay cash only- and having tens of patients waiting for prescriptions, so I can't help but wonder if the patient was aware that there were issues with the PM practice before these current issues cropped up.
    As to postponing surgery for another 5 years, you do realize that the likelihood of a positive outcome lessens the longer you wait to address a mechanical problem? Especially when there is some compression of the nerves in the spine. When is the last time that you saw a board certified spinal orthopedic or neurosurgeon for evaluation? That is not to say that you would need to rush into surgery tomorrow but it seems to me that it would be reasonable and prudent, given your new symptoms that it is way past time for a current evaluation of the problems in your neck, and lower back to see what can or should be done to repair it, or if continued pain management is a better option.
    If your wife is going to nursing school, then I am sure that she is aware that there are certain medical symptoms that need to be evaluated promptly and loss of ability to stand or use your legs is definately one of them. Have her take you, or have you transported by ambulance to the nearest emergency room pronto.
  • AidensMommy361AAidensMommy361 Posts: 56
    edited 06/27/2012 - 10:34 PM
    You know, I am 22 years old and also have several lumbar disc herniations and thoracic bulges...also spinal stenosis and DDD...I can understand wanting to wait on the surgery

    But if it is as bad as you say it is and your legs are paralyzed, that sounds like a serious medical emergency! And surgery may be your only answer. Just last Friday my neuro surgeon suggested I have surgery done and I told her, "look, I'm 22, a stay at home mom and I have a 17 month old son. I have nobody to help after the surgery is done but if things get worse by December, I will have the surgery) in my case things will probably get worse.

    Im not sure if I understand about the medical records to see another PM Dr, isn't there some way to get copies from your previous pm doctors?

    I am so sorry you are dealing with this, it sounds like a true shit storm! It would make me so mad to be doing everything the right way then have drs treat me like that.

    Also, with the pharmacies, is that the only one you use in your area? That seems so crazy that all of the pharmacies would be out of the medication for such a long period of time.

    Anyways, I hope you get help soon, and if your legs are really paralyzed...that's an emergency. that may be life threatening! ! I can't believe your Dr hasn't done anything about it yet. Kelp us updated and good luck!
  • If your legs won't work, you should have gone to ER. Your wife should have known that. The loss of your legs could be Permian. This is a true emergency.
    I have Ankolysing Spondylits, Ulcerative Colitis, DDD and a bit of OA to make things fun. Most of my problems are due to inflation of many joints, tendons and ligaments. I see a GP, a Rheumatologest, an orthopedic Dr and a wonderful PM.
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