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cervical problems and leg weakness????

Since April I have had leg, most affected left leg, weakness and numbness, to the point I have fallen 3 times. I have a history of cervical spine arthritis, DDD, etc. I went to an ortho MD who did a lumbar MRI and I have arthritis there but nothing that would explain the weakness. I was referred to a Physical Rehab Specialist who did an EMG on my left leg - it was normal. I was then sent to a neurologist who did an exam and noted I have positive Babinski reflexes (something is going on in my central nervous system) along with the weakness, sensory impairment, etc. He ordered lab test - B12 which is normal and an MRI of the brain and cervical neck. The brain was normal. Cervical neck MRI showed mild DDD in some areas, a bulging disc C3-4 (new from the last MRI) and at C5-6 "bilobed diffuse osteophyte complex without significant central canal narrowing. Moderate bilateral neural foraminal narrowing." Yes, I have UE pain, numbness, etc. But without central canal narrowing these wouldn't explain the leg weakness and numbness would it? Any thoughts? The neurologist didn't set up a follow up with me, but I have to call the office when all the test were done.


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  • I know there is also a difference in reading the tests between professionals. My first MRI the radiologist said I had "minor" arthritic changes. The neurologist I see also has advanced training in reading MRIs and he does his own interpretation and almost hit the roof when he found out they said it was minor. The emg I had done was to rule out a "cyst" on a nerve or peripheral nerve entrapment. I will be curious to see what the neurologist has to say/do
    . I have to wait until Tues to call and see how he wants to proceed.
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  • Just got a call from the neurologist's office. He doesn't see that the cervical spinal problems are causing my leg problems. Now is recommending a spinal tap and a number of tests run on what is drawn - some that can take a couple of weeks to get the results..Yeah - I don't need spinal surgery...boo..I have no idea what is causing the problems
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