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Nerve Conduction Study

I had a nerve conduction study done last week on my arms for my cervical disc herniations, to test for nerve damage I guess. I was wondering if anyone else has had this test done and what they felt.

I just had the one with the pads, they didn't use any needles. They put these pads on the palm of my hand and placed this electrode thing on my wrist, my elbow, and my bicep and then said to just relax and let the test run. I felt absolutely nothing in my left arm (my bad one)...nothing at all. When they did the exact same thing on my right arm I felt zings from the electrode on my wrist, elbow,and my bicep. I youtubed the test and it showed people feeling stuff and twitching during the test, I didn't get any of that with either arm. I only felt the inital zing from the electrode thing.

Has anyone else had this done and what did you feel? What were your results. I hear that the tests aren't always a good way of knowing anything because sometimes they don't agree with your mri.

I have a followup with my pm doctor today and she is going to go over the results with me I just worry that it is going to be bad news because of the difference between my arms.

The waiting is driving my insane...er if that is possible.
Thanks for your help!


  • I agree. I had one with pads and another with needle. The needle was more revealing. Both are a "pain." Just because the test does not agree with your MRI does not mean the process should not move to the next level. I think what you're experiencing is normal. Your main argument is your MRI and what that looks ilke.
    Surgery c4-5, many epidurals, many different drugs.
  • I got my results and it came back pretty normal, Doc said I had carpal tunnel in both my wrists and only minor nerve problem in my neck. I explained to her that I have never had any problems with my fingers tingling or pain in my arm until I had my neck problem and finally convinced her that the pain I am having wasn't from carpal tunnel. Then she looked at my mri again and realized I was being truthful. Then she doubled the strength of my meds and give me them 6 times a day instead of just 4. I went in for a facet block yesterday...Now I feel like I got hit by a truck lol
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  • I have one of these Friday, emg, it's for muscles and nerves right? This test better determine the cause of my suffering or I'm going to go crazy
  • I read everywhere that they come back with carpal tunnel in a lot of people. I read that it shows no signs of any nerve problems on people who suffer every day from nerve problems. I do have a herniated disc in my neck, I have a couple of them, but only one that is worse than the others. Mine come back as mostly carpal tunnel, which I would have never even suspected I had because I have never had any symptoms of it...ever!
  • It's been 6 months so I hope they find out, I have internal tremors and burning legs at night it's kind of freaking me out
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