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Guide me through Fixated SI pain and healing

I was a healthy trim, middleaged active person who excersized regularly, that was 3 years ago. Now I am overweight, sad and in pain all the time. I am unable to enjoy my life or my family and I am frustrated to be jumping through hoops with the little energy that I do have, trying to navigate the health care "options" for pain relief and healing.

That being said, I am determined to reclaim my life and hope that you folks will help me navigate.

I have tried over the counter pain relief and that was able to help me manage for the first 2 years, my mistake for not seeking medical attention sooner. I was referred to a rheumatologist( by my primary physician) who diagnosed psoraitic arthritis and started me on Humira...not effective...but a 6day Cortisone treatment was extremely helpful, if only temporarily.

6 months go by, and I am back to using Advil, 8-10 per day. A MRI (see below)does not support the psoriatic arthritis diagnosis and I am sent to a neck and back clinic for lumbar strengthening. Initial evaluation at this clinic finds that I am quite strong( I have been excersing all along, just not cardio- effective) and that I have a terrific range of motion....no surprise. After 7 weeks, my pain has gotten worse and the doctor determines that the excersizes may be doing more harm than good. That's strike two!

I go back to my primary who perscribes a cortisone shot in my SI joint...it was given very carefully, guided by xray but it just did not help-at all...strike 3. My primary refers me to a collegue specializing in sports medicine who sends me on to physical therapy.

So, currently I am working with a physiotherapist at a highly regarded ortho clinic to manipulate my pelvis and begin the chain of movements needed to aleviate my pain and hopefully end it at the source.

Am I unreasonable to be less than optimistic? I have been patient I think. I am faithful to the excersizes and sleeping /standing/sitting with the appropriate posture. I have replaced my mattress with a firm new one. I am a believer in no pain / no gain and will willingly participate in a plan that may make things worse before better, but I am tired. I hurt. I do not feel like I have a good advocate for my best interest. Can any of you help guide me...what kind of doctor do I need...what steps have I missed?

Routine MRI without contrast: done 11/28/2013 indicates degenerative changes at L4-L5 and L5-S1. Advanced facet athropathy at L4-L5 with anterior subluxationof L4-L5

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and interest in my sad story.
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