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Failed cervical spine fusion now what?


i am new here and I a happy to be part of your community. I Have a lot on my plate ( as do you I know) and looking for Feedback and support. I nave multiple systemic health issues but I was managing every ok. Here is my long story of what I went through in the past few years. As you will see below my entire neck is fused. last week my MRI reveled that there is concern hardware related for susceptibility artifact through C7 level as well as severe stenosis at C-2-3 as well as C5-6 and also lack of fusion at this level,. Also the last level this fusion is connected to T1 is starting to bulge. I meet with a new ns tomorrow but wondering of anyone else has had a failed Fusion and if so can it be fixed? As mentioned I am concerned because of my lack of ability to absorb nutrition as well as the trauma I have been through that no one can fix me I am only 41years old.

In September 2010, I was rear ended in a collision on freeway. My Neurosurgeon consultation of my MRI showed ruptured disks and serve spinal stenosis at C3-4, C5-6and C6-7 multi level spinal cord compression. I had no choice but to have have a multilevel cervical discectomy with allograft fusion.

In February I started losing bladder and bowel functions, after being referred to an urologist, tests revealed spinal cord damage causing me to have a neurogenic bladder.

In March 2011, I had the first surgery that involved having my cervical disks removed at levels C3-4, C5-6and C6-7 they used cadaver bones / plates instead of my own bones because of other health issues C4 –C5 disk was questionable at the time of surgery but they made the decision to leave it to allow for some movement in my neck

In May of 2011, I was having chronic constipation from digestive paralysis ( I also have gastroparesis) Referred to gastroenterologist- gastroenterologist referred me to Colon surgeon due to extreme/chronic constipation. Sitz marker study showed at the end of 8 days all 24 markers were still in my ascending colon. Results revealing a grossly abnormal colon, that was not functioning at all.

September 2011, I had surgery to have a complete colectomy- bowel resection

October 2011, I was hospitalized for bowel obstruction

In December 2011, I was hospitalized with another bowel obstruction. This time I had to have a midline open abdominal surgery to remove adhesions that were causing the bowel obstructions. They also installed a mesh implant, in order to slow done the growth of future adhesions. Although I celebrated my Birthday and Christmas in the hospital, my amazing husband, and family were there to make it special.

In Feburary 2012, My Neurosurgeon requested another MRI to check the current status of decompression of cervical spine and nerve roots. I was still suffering from chronic pain.

In March 2013, my MRI showed failure of the C4-C5 disk. Immediate surgery was recommended (discectomy and spine fusion).

In March 2013 another Hospital/Surgery – Discectomy Spine fusion C-4-C5 disk. This surgery was a huge concern for both my doctors and my family. My poor body had already gone through so much.

April 2013, another surgery called a bilateral occipital neurectomy due to nerve damage-occipital neuralgia pain and headaches. I ended up having a reaction to anesthesia and was hospitalized.

Deep breath.... As my end result from surgery marathon is daily pain from severe cervical myelopathy and bunch of problems having my colon removed. Currently my entire left side is numb / painful and I have a hard time walking and standing. I am concerned of my ability to absorb nutrition that they won't be able to fix my failed fusion. Sorry for the long post and thank you for your time.


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