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L4-L5 Percutaneous Discectomy/Decompression Story

niikcolenniikcole Posts: 2
edited 01/23/2015 - 9:21 PM in Depression and Coping
Hello, my name is Nicole and I am 23 years old. I have been reading this page for a few months now and decided to make an account finally so I can share my story. Perhaps anyone else has had this problem as well?

I have arthritis with scaring, a partially bulging disc, and spinal stenosis in my L4 -L5. My doctor recommended the decompression because my sciatica was getting worse than ever. He says he is pretty sure I will need a fusion one day.

Little about me I am a soldier, been in for over 3 years now.

Well after my "minimally invasive surgery" I was great for 3 days! In and out on Wed 12th, Thursday did some walking to get my favorite food in the world, Friday morning was a little tight but later that night I was in paralyzing pain. Pain I have NEVER felt before, I was terrified so my friends drove me to the ER. Drugged me up and sent me home. Next day I couldn't get up or even move my arms or legs without have a debilitating feeling of 4 wrenches squeezing my spine. I couldn't calm my body down so I called the ambulance because I was completely immobilized. Once again the doctors drugged me up but it took an hour and a half for the doctor to see me. I screamed cried and begged for help. I was so scared. So I begged the not to send me home again because I am alone in the barracks. That was Saturday. I was supposed to be back to work on Thursday the 22nd but I called the ambulance that Wednesday because I still couldn't move from that saturday. I tried to hold all my urine in, I couldn't move parts of my body, I had peed on myself for 3 days layed there crying and writhing In pain. So now I'm back home again on a steroid and I can lay in bed and get out of bed. Walk a little. But I go back to see him thursday and am supposed to go back to work Monday. I guess I am very nervous.

I guess the reason I posted in here is because I am supposed to be a us soldier and he asked me why I even signed on the dotted line.. He also diagnosed me with depression and said he is going to send me to an out patient program for it.. He also said it was just a small surgery. Called me dramatic and made me feel horrible. I mean all I begged for was help walking again. He called me selfish because I wanted to stay an extra day so I could make sure I could walk again and I was scared. He also said it is not his fault my unit won't keep someone with me.

I guess I am so happy I am ambulatory again and am just having a tight managed pain but I hate to think that I have such a short time limit to be expected to recover.

I don't anyone believed how much pain I was in and that hurt me most. I am just trying to take it one day at a time because I would like to think I could be up and getting ready for work on Monday morning.

Sorry that was so long, just am so tired and scared. Those 3 days I really wanted to die but now I see the light. Thank you.
"When people try to bring you down, you want to try harder to get back up."


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