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Is this "bending"??....

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
The standing hamstring stretch when my left heel is on the floor, my right foot behind and then I lean forward to get my hamstring to stretch. I do this while wearing my back brace. Is this considered "bending" or is this a stretch others have done? I find it easier than the lying down one. Doc is a great surgeon but not real specific on rehab. He ok'd stretches but I'm not sure if this one is o.k. He's also the head of trauma and spine at a large Detroit hospital and ohhh soooo difficult to reach-that's why I'm checking here first. Thanks


  • I went through PT for my microD and did a lot of stretching....however all of it was while laying on my back. I can't recall any exercise or stretch where they had me bending over at the waist.

    There are a couple ways to do the hamstring stretch (doorway or dog leash) that are fairly easy while laying on your back.

    Even though he is tough to reach, I would try to check with him or a physical therapist on what is okay for your situation. Perhaps that doc has a physician's assistant that can answer your questions and that is easier to get a hold of. You don't want to undo any healing.

  • I would think that that is bending... Are you bending from your hips? No arch in your back? As long as you are keeping your back in a neutral position, not arching in any direction and keeping your brace on and making sure it doesn't hurt... (enough "and"'s yet, LOL!) Just be very concious of your positioning.

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  • I wouldnt risk it, it isnt worth it. Are you already in PT and if so, I would just follow their exercises they give you to do. If youre just doing these stretches on your own without being given the green light your taking a big chance.

    Christina :)
  • As long as your brace is on you can not actually bend. that's the purpose of having the brace on, to keep you from bending. wear my brace 24/7. Today my PT made me take if off to practice bending forward a little, I had to take the brace off because I can't actually bend with on.
  • oh wow, that helps. I was getting panicy over here. So at some point they want you to bend again??
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  • Hi Carol:

    When I used to wear my brace I could bend a lot (this was after I was completely fused). When did you have surgery? It is my understanding NO BLT until you are completely fused. I would check with your doctor before you do any of the exercises you mentioned. You don't want to jeopardize your recovery!

  • Hi Carol,
    I had L3 -S1 nearly 12 weeks ago now. No brace and started physio on day 1. Have been going to physio, hydro and gym 4 times a week for the last 10 weeks.
    Now what is interesting is that I have been bending from a sitting position for 6 weeks now. Sitting on the edge of the chair and reaching the ground (OK trying to anyway) to do shoes, sox etc. That is one of my exercises.
    But I have been told that under no conditions am I to do the lying on the bed with straight leg raises to stretch the hamstrings. :jawdrop:
    I do the hamstring stretch as you described it from a standing position or in the pool.

    Just proves again that every Dr is different with his/her own methods.

  • Thank you for replying Angel back. If you've been bending since six weeks and you do that same hamstring stretch than I feel releived that I didn't do any major damage then. My muscles must just be wreaking havoc. I am ready for some stretching and strengthening and then hopefully these muscles will 'remember' what to do and behave a little more. Right now they just want to tighten up anytime I tick them off. I was really fearful I had been 'bending' doing that stretch but it only felt like I was leaning into it at the time....Ugh, I can't wait to be past all this!
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