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Have developed incisional hernia at 1 of fusion incisions

I had an almost 10 hour spine fusion in 2009 anterior & posterior, left rib removed, discs removed, really complex surgery
a year ago I went to a GI surgeon because I was having trouble with my esophagus, during my initial appointment with the GI Dr.
he remarked  I had a hernia, I was surprised, I told him I just thought of that thing as " my little lump". He told me at the time that
it should be removed, because of my weak abdominal wall due to the very, very deep incisions & I had also had a Cesarean
section in 1977, it could not be done! He stated that he had performed a similar surgery with similar circumstances once, it
was a disaster & he would never attempt that again, he went on to say that if anyone ever said they can do it- remove the
hernia, to refuse because it could not be done!

well, I listened & absorbed that but this lump - actually the Incisional hernia was  small & did not seem to be of importance at the time

I was there because they thought I had cancer of my esophagus ( I did not, but it was very intense & scary) for my Initial appointment
with the GI surgeon & he set up tests & discussed what might happen, etc, my appointment was not because I had a hernia

i am sure I mentioned it to my back Surgeon at my yearly appointment, my back is getting worse, my X-rays at that checkup 
had changed so I was not thinking this little lump was anything, I was very worried about my back

so now, 1 year exactly from the time I 1st saw the GI surgeon & he remarked about the hernia, oh my, it has grown!
around Christmas, I went to a Christmas party  & noticed my waist didn't look right...& gradually noticed between December
& now that I had this bigger than my hand thing on me, I thought it was a muscle but a few weeks ago I noticed it looked
as if I had bruised it & wondered how on earth I could have done that, it is below my left missing rib area,  I had a Dr
appointment scheduled March 2 with my regular Dr so I thought I would show her then

so I did & she had a fit, said it was huge & it was still able to go back in after being. " out" that is when I can see it
but the fact it was sometimes a color, pale green or blue but not always means it must be removed because it
could cause tissue to die & I could get sicker than I ever knew & with no notice, I told her what the GI Dr. Said & 
she made an appt with him & said he would know this could not be left as it had grown so & the turning color
factor, she said maybe it would be re,over in another city...another surgeon...

That was a terribly long story but has anyone else had an incisional hernia. & what was your hernia situation
i am still just trying to let this sink in, my appt is 2 weeks away unless there is a cancellation, the Dr told
me to take it easy at home...

what on earth, what does anyone know about a similar hernia situation maybe???

i do not do well with hospital stays, I have truly almost died twice when it the hospital, so It is scary
i am in good health except for my back which is disabling, I do not have a normal day, mine is shorter,
i cannot be up & around for 12 hours, gracious!

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