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Disk issues or pelvic alignment?

I'm new here and looking for some advice.  
Since giving birth 2 years ago I have been struggling with lower back pain and radiating nerve pain down my legs. I had this for about 10 months post baby, and visited the Dr several times who assured me it would calm down. It did for about 8 months.
In the last 3 months I have had a 'flare up'. The lower back pain is the constant issue where it feels like someone has spent several hours kicking me in the back. A constant dull soreness. Coupled with nerves pain down both legs at times. Generally I can pinpoint each nerve pain episode after doing something unusual which leaves me laid in bed for a few days. 1. Went down some slides with my daughter at soft play. 2. Went on a train and sat at a different desk for a day 3. Wore high heels on a night out. 
The pain doesn't occur during the activities only 12 -24 hours after. And as these are pretty normal activities I'm struggling to know what to avoid and how to manage this which is very frustrating.
On my last trip to the Dr they said it was likely to be some wear and tear to disk pressing on nerves. So prescribed more coedine and nortitryptiline. They also sent me to physio.
After seeing the physio she believes it's all down to pelvis alignment as one side is out. The evening after I couldn't get comfortable on the sofa and had to lie in bed.
I feel like I am getting mixed messages. I am going to ask my dr for a mri to get to the bottom of it and hopefully they will say yes.
Has anyone else had something similar and what is the best course of action?


  • bubba88bbubba88 S YorkshirePosts: 4
    So just an update here. Spoke to my gp who said it's the physio who would need to refer for a mri. So hopefully she will agree when I see her on Fri. The pain has been manageable for the last week but for some reason today it's terrible.
    Constant dull aching pain I can't get comfortable or sleep. Its making me feel sick like im hungry but eating doesnt clear it. Mostly painkillers help but today I have had 2 500mg doses of naproxyn. 60mg of coedine paracetamol at 4 hr intervals and also my nortitryptiline which I have been on a while. 
    Has anyone had any experience of this type of pain from the lpwer back and possible causes? Any self help? 

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