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royalpainintheneckrroyalpainintheneck Wilkes-BarrePosts: 1
edited 10/07/2016 - 10:31 AM in Pain Medications
Hi, Iam new to this site, and this will be my first discussion, I need advice or information on what anyone knows how my first visit to "pain management " will go. I never ever saw pain management before, I have been with my "regular primary care" doc for 21 years, since I was 21 and I am now 44, I hardly ever took "pain pills" once when I was 22 and had all 4 wisdom teeth out, and it was the worst pain imaginable. But never a pain pill again, then had a "tubal" at 35 and the doctor prescribed me post surgey Percocet and I took not a one, did not take any, I wasn't in any pain, it only hurt to bend when sitting up to get off the couch, but no pain. Then at the age of 40 maybe almost 41 I started to take pain meds, thru my primary, I was afraid to ask, but just said that I took a few from the neighbor that offered them to me, and said well I have good health insurance and they definitely helped my ongoing neck ache, they were vicodin 7.5 from the neighbor, and then began to get them prescribed. started with 10 of them a month per that's what I asked for because that's what helped at the time, then as I saw that they helped, I asked to have the QTY upped in about a years time to 120. which is the norm, for where I live, I took vicodin for about 2 years then wanted to be switched to Percocet 5mg/325mg, 120 qty. and they helped a lot. So now we are 4 years into taking low on the rung pain meds, and my neck ache is and has gotten increasing worse, I have 2 MRI'S that I got done in like 2014 and then in june 2015, and it said I have slight to moderate disc degeneration in c4 and c5, and osteo arthritis in the neck as well and in the shoulders, well it may not seem like much, but before I ever took a "pain med" I did everything I could think of to ease the bad ache, from a hot as I could stand it heating pad, to advil, and now I think I have an ulcer from taking and it also dosent work and it never did, so once I though let me try the vicodin, I was amazed how I stopped whinning at work and at home and every where I went. so since May of 2016, Iam prescribed Percocet 5mg/325mg 180 qty, I usualy average 6 a day, like not all at once through out the day. I also have a protruding disk in my lower back, that comes and goes. It dosent always act up. but if I stain the deck or paint in the house anything like that it acts up. I work in a VETERANS HOSPITAL, and work in a very very high volume doctors office. So Iam always around people. I sit pretty much all day, and sitting actually makes my neck ache worse for some reason. Well as of last week 09-19, I received a letter in the mail certified, that my doctor can no longer be available as my physician, because I have consistently failed to follow her recommendations and advice. and on 09-12 when I picked up my Percocet script they had me to a urine drug screen, which I had no problem doing and did, and they gave me my script, It came back with no Percocet in my urine but some vicodin, which I had some from previous prescription, because it would make me itch and have hives, so that's another reson why I switched and vicodin made me nauseous, so my doctor knows that I would take the vicodin I have left, and she said to go ahead and take them if your out of the Percocet, till the next refill, becauise I wasn't going to ask for more Percocet, and I don't need more than 180, I saw her 3 times in the last 3 months complaining how bad my neck aches, I walk around stores in tears, and at work, and my supervisor and others are getting fed up with it, so the nurse never wrote down vicodin on the urine test, and my doctor never ever made recommendations, I had to make appts to go in to show her just how much pain I am in , and I aske dher what can I do about ostoe arthritis in the neck, and the disc, and bursitis in my shoulder confirmed on MRI'S......she said not too much nothing really except take the pain pills. I said what about cortisone shots in my neck, so she told me like refered me to 2 doctors to choose from that "do necks", well I cant even get the <|EDIT|> of a nurse of is very arrogant when you call for anything or ask about anything, so I can explain to my doctor that there was a 3 month wait till December for the doctor of choice, so in the 4 years alomost 4 years Iam on low dose pain meds, and not a huge qty, they finally pull a urine, and then without the doctor saying ask her to come in for an appt so I can at least get some closure, like I would still like her to be my regular doctor for other misc things, and I did get an appt in with the refered pain managemt dr she suggested to me, per me asking not her telling me I must go because opf the new crack down smack down dea stuff, so now I was told by the secretary of the pain management said since your a new first time patient he will not prescribe anything that day or give shots its just a consultation, and my appt is tomorrow Friday 10-07 , and my next Percocet script would be due on 10-12......so, does anyone know that does my primary still have to fill me one more time, because otherwise that's like cutting me right off, and I was never without and Iam worried sick, that now when come next week I

....... From part 2....

this is the rest of the last discussion, it some how got sent and I wasn't finished yet, so, in the certified letter my doc sent me, it said I will remain available to you until you find another doctor, up to 30 days from the letter date, which was 09-19 , so does anyone know will she or does she "have" to give me one last script of the Percocet, becaue I am worried sick, that I am going to get sick, and I have no sick time left to be able to call off, and to anyone out there who takes pain meds on a daily basis for a few months or longer,. everyone knows that if you abruptly stop pain meds you are going to be sick for a few days, and its almost impossible to sit in a chair for 8 hours and wait on patients while going thru withdrawls, does anyone know, with what the letter said does she have to fill one last time, and also the sad part about the nurse who is also the secretary for my doctor is nasty and no compassion and looks at you like its a bad thing Iam on Percocet that's the vibe I get anyway, so anyadvice on how to approach this situation, because I do have a good relationship with my doctor but the nurse wont even tel her to call me back or anything...



  • maehaleymaehaley PennsylvaniaPosts: 322

    You are in a tough boat! I have herniations in my neck at C5/C6 which cause all sorts of pain and symptoms.

    My doctor referred me to pain management recently. I saw them for a consult in September and they recommended an epidural steroid injection for my neck pain and scheduled it for about 3 weeks after my consult. I had the injection and then they scheduled a 6 week follow up so I wont see them again until early next month. They would not discuss medication with me and told me to speak to my primary care doctor. I don't know if they will take over any prescriptions in the future but they wanted to try injections first and physical therapy. Luckily my PCP continues to prescribe Percocet for me as I am also going through physical therapy, which has been very painful.

    From my experience, pain management is not a quick process. It may be different for you though. I would hope your PCP would fill your prescription one last time but it sounds like they discharged you? I'm not sure how that works. You definitely don't want to have to go through withdrawals! Have you been able to find another doctor?

    I recently communicated with my Dr via their online patient portal because I feel like the staff is always too busy to be bothered with me. Do you have that option to communicate directly with the Dr?

    I wish you luck! hang in there!

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,299
    royalpainintheneck said:

    Well as of last week 09-19, I received a letter in the mail certified, that my doctor can no longer be available as my physician, because I have consistently failed to follow her recommendations and advice.
    Honestly, I would be more worried about the above statement then if they are going to fill your last prescription.  
    Those words will become part of your medical records.  Therefor any future doctor and potential  pharmacists will see that and view it as a red flag.    If I were you, I would want to know the details behind the doctors statement so that you can properly defend yourself.  If you have no defense, then I might be worried sick
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
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  • Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that your primary is going to give you further prescriptions.The 30 day notice was for you to find another primary to take over your care.
    If I were you, since you have Percocet left from the current prescription, I would drastically be cutting back, and then reducing more every couple days, and tapering off.

    As far as the new pain management goes, typically they do not prescribe at the first visit, and may suggest injections and other treatment options be tried first, especially since it does not sound that you have tried much of anything recently as far your neck or bursitis goes, other than pain meds.

    A word of caution, most Drs will not allow any patient to take old meds, or switch meds without their prior approval. Just because the DR. may have known you had them , or prescribed them previously, does not ever give you permission to use them in place of the ones currently prescribed. That's why you most likely received a dismissal letter.

  • I agree with Sandi in that you should cut down/taper on the Percocet.  Physicians, whether primary care or pain management are not required at all to give you a prescription.  The primary doctor did gave you ample notice and the new pain management office most likely will not prescribe to you until after other options are implemented although I do hope that they help you.  I had a similar experience:

    I have been in pain management for three years and recently had no choice but to cancel an appointment due to an emergency; the office could not get me in for over a week which meant that I would be out of my medication.  I should mention that I have an excellent history with this office, never missed an appointment (never have even been late for an appointment), perfect pill counts each and every month, urine tests show exactly what they should each and every time, I follow-through on each and every treatment, recommendation and test.  This did not change the fact that they could not get me in.  When I expressed my serious concern over being out of my medication, they advised to start tapering down on the pills that I have left and if withdrawals get very bad to go to the ER and explain that I am on pain management experiencing withdrawals etc.  I had a very uncomfortable week, serious pain and the beginnings of withdrawal but I got through and did not need to go to ER.

    After this happened, I decided to start taking less of the Percocet so that I will always have if this ever happens again.  My prescription is for no more than 4 10mg Percocet daily and 2 10mg Oxycontin daily. I need it and take as directed every day but I have dropped down to three daily on some days of Percocet and one daily of Oxycontin.  I did inform my physician of this "plan" and he agreed that this was the best thing to do to ensure that I won't be without my medication if needed in the future.  I am in pain on the days that I take less than my prescribed dose however. 

    When you do have your pain management appointment, you will find that if they accept you as a new patient, you will need to sign a contract which includes many, many conditions of your treatment there; you must follow these. 

    You had mentioned that the nurse at your doctor's office is not kind and is rude to you.  Luckily, I have not had this experience with my physicians, however in general, I find that if you reach out to the office manager and the doctor as well to voice your concern, they will take steps to remedy the issue.

    Best of luck to you!

  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,385
    Hello royalpainintheneck !
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    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
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  • Royal, if i were you i would count out your pcp helping you at all, they are not bound by any laws to do so..I have a feeling you don't have any pills to taper down at this point..I hope i am wrong, but don't think so..Do you have any meds left to help you get through this until you see the pm dr. again ? if not you need a plan B fast..withdraw is no joking matter..Pawley
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