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Just Signed Up,looking for answers to all this crazy pain

Hello all. I just turned 43, 2 months ago.  I had my first back surgery 4-5-06. A double hemi laminectomy.  It was an emergency surgery because of loss of bowel and bladder, foot drop, leaking spinal fluid down the legs internally, and partial paralysis.  The surgery helped for about 8 months.  Second surgery was 12-3-10. A caged fusion with cadaver bone from L3-S1. I now have 2-6" titanium rods, 6- titanium screws,  and 4 titanium cages.  I have severe herniations from T3-T9, the biggest at T6,(they won't operate to fix that one, because of the risk of cutting nerves controlling the heart and lungs).  I had a C6-C7 anterior fusion 3-15-12. I'm still herniated at C5-C6. They also never removed the disc at C6-C7. They only put a plate and 4 screws over it to stabilize it. 

I started S I joint injections in Sept 2013. I did 2 shots of some steroid, but had an allergic reaction.  Pain,  inflamation, redness swelling and vomiting.  Also in order to do these injections, I need put under in a twilight sleep, and they use guided x-ray and a HUGE NEEDLE  to go under my fusion.  After that issue was resolved, I tried the injections again with a different medication, and was able to complete all 3 scheduled injections with no complications.  This gave me about 50 percent pain improvement for about 6 months. 

My pain Doc and I decided to give it another try, so March 7,2016 I had my first of the 3 injections.  Several hours later, I was more miserable than before.  I wasn't able to stand,  I could barely walk,  and if I lifted my head up, the whole room started spinning and I felt like I was going to fall.  Within 48 hours, I was taken by squad, because the excruciating pain just from the hot water of my morning shower, was more than I could bare. I spent a month being bedridden,  unable to walk unassisted.  Unable to stand,  unable to hold my new grandbaby. 

Fast-forward  3 months.  Unexplained pain Coming from my low back, wrapping around my hip,  and it felt like my left ovary was going to explode. I had every test done imaginable.  Blood and urine to check for infections. Ultra sound to check for ovarian cysts or torsion, cat scans with dye...  Then I was finally told by the pain doctor it was a residual effect of the injections. 

I told my chiropractor, who ordered an mri.  The disc ABOVE my fusion, is now herniated. I'm also experiencing sciatica in both legs.  Horrible muscle spasms in my back.  And now sciatica.  

This new pain I'm having, is becoming unbearable.  I can't lay on my back or left side due to my fusion.  When I lay on my right side, it causes some hip pain.  Then mix in the sciatica coming from the low back, wrapping around my hip, down into my groin, down my right leg.  My whole right leg is ice cold to the touch.  Here's the fun and scary part.  I can only describe it as a charlie horse in the muscle next to my shin bone.  It makes it feel like my leg is now bow-legged.  The backs of both  legs spasm, and my whole foot will either point down(like a ballerina doing points)  or it does this weird thing where it will curve in a spasm from the ankle to my big toe, in both legs at the same time so I can't move!  I can barely roll over in bed! 

I can't fully explain how painful this is. Not to mention depressing. Especially when I get the paralytic episodes. I feel like a major burden on my family.  I just want some answers and some midicom of relief.  



  • Hi, I guess I don't have much in way of answers for you but I do sympathize. I do know about the muscle cramps and spasms in weird places. I read somewhere that its actually your body's way of trying to correct your spine. I know this stuff is very painful. Hang in there. My thoughts are with you.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,270
    hello cowboyswoman!
    you mention working with chiropractor, but have you been seen by an md?...your primary doctor?....or other spine specialist? ...esp. with your paralytic episodes?

    have you thought about getting another opinion?

    please click on link for helpful information!
    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

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  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 745
    Heard to many bad endings about seeing a chiropractor. I won't see one myself. 
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