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3 weeks post ACDF C5/C6 C6/C7 .Worried sick life of pain ahead.



  • nz1025nnz1025 Posts: 194
    edited 03/02/2017 - 7:15 PM
    Hi Marie. I think my neck was a bit painful moving backwards for quite awhile, but is ok now. and Yeah - hopefully your surgeon can give you a better guide as everyone is different...   I wasn't totally sure about what I should be doing either sometimes... Good luck! Let us know how you get on. 
  • `Hello, I was having problems with neck and shoulder pain which was progressing to difficulty grasping objects, ( I would pick something up then just slip out of my hand! ) also increased difficulty swallowing and constant indigestion. Dr. did an MRI and CAT Scan. Cat scan showed severe narrowing of spinal cord canal at C5, C6, C7. The spinal cord was actually touching the walls around it. So, I was told they would perform a procedure to open up the canal and relieve the pressure. When I arrived at the hosp. No one really explained much to me, just shoved a bunch of papers to sign and preped me for surg. When I woke up I was in the WORST pain I have ever endured, and I have had a previous Double knee replacement! This pain made knee replacement feel like a stubbed toe.I found out that while they were in there without telling me, they had replaced 2 discs with bone grafts. They kept me in hospital less than 24 hrs. Even though I did not want to leave. I told them I was still in to much pain, also had not had BM in 3 days. Didnt matter, they convinced me to leave with a bag of pain meds and I had to stay the night in a hotel because I was not in condition to get home ( a 4 hour drive). Following day my husband drove me home over bumpy pothole filled roads, with traffic jams and construction zones it took 6 hours. From the very start they prescribed one (1) 2mg dilaudid every 4 hrs and two (2) 5/325 Percocet every 4 hrs. This did NOTHING for my pain. Also told me NO NSAIDS for 3 MONTHS.  I have to take 8 mgs (4 pills instead of one) dilaudid and 2-3 of the percocet just to get relief to get up and get dressed in morning. I can never sleep past 6 hours because the pain wakes me up.I am 10 days out from surgery and need to convince my doctor that the amount of pain med prescribed is NOT working for me. Any advice? Oh and also, My Surgeon was not available when I was being checked out of the hospital so his fill in came to see me. This doctor saw me itching around the neck brace/coller and told me " You know you don't really have to wear that, it is really just for your comfort" (?) So a week after surgery I thought it would be okay to take it off for a few hours. WRONG. The pain increased that night ten fold. I am in misery and dont understand what happened. Why did they do this?
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  • I spent 30 minutes writing a comment/question. I hit button "POST COMMENT" Everything dissappeared and NO POST! Where did it GO! It hurts just to write this!! 
  • WHY are my Comments NOT being POSTED???!!!
  • Well, Now I see the moderators rule. Wish it had been more noticable.
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  • Hi GleeDucar,sorry to hear you are in such pain.It really is a very difficult recovery .I am in Ireland and neck braces are not worn here post surgery .My initial meds post surgery were Oxynorm 10 mgs 3 x a day /targin 5/10mgs 2 x day /gabapentin 200 mgs 3 x a day .I found taking all of that I was still in pain .When the surgeon tweaked the meds to introduce Valium 2 mgs 3 x a day and reduce the gabapentin to 100 mgs 3 x a day keeping the oxynorm and targin the same I finally got pain relief .Such a difference it made .i am now week 9 post op and have reduced the oxynorm by half and stopped the targin .I am still experiencing pain but feel I am making progress Driving is painful with neck moves but I am driving now just more carefully than normal .I do light household chores now but still no lifting /ironing /hoovering etc .Hope this is of help to you .I wish you well with your recovery .
  • NorskigirlNNorskigirl Colorado Posts: 4
    edited 03/07/2017 - 4:54 PM
    HI! I'm so sorry you're in such pain! It's a tough surgery. I can tell you what helped me. I had a lumbar fusion at L4-5 in 3-2010 with laminectomy, fracture, plates, screws. 11 months later I had my cervical fusion. I had two levels done C2-3 and C3-4. I had myelopathy and neeeded surgery quickly. I have plates, screws, and a cage. I had to stay in the hospital an extra day because they couldn't control my pain. I was in  a neck brace for 3 months 24 hrs. a day. Towards the end I could take it off for short periods of time. I used a reacher that grabs things which helped so much since bending with 2 fusions was so difficult. I didn't do any housework while recuperating. My hubby did It all plus cooking. I did folllow my neurosurgeon's advice to walk to the driveway the first day and slowly increase. He said not to lift anything over 5 lbs. I alternated heat and ice. I had to be extra careful due to the cervical myelopathy. I still have foot drop and will always test positive for myelopathy. The pain got better for me slowly. If you over due something your body will let you know. Mine did. The best thing is to follow you doctor's instructions.  I wish you the best with your recovery. 
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