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just a rant...I can't afford to let it fly at pain mgmt

scinmyheartsscinmyheart Posts: 203
edited 05/02/2017 - 3:51 PM in Pain Management
I've been in pain management almost 17 years with a variety of opiates...never late for one appointment....never called to reschedule an appointment...never been off even one pill in any monthly pill count...never had a suspect drug screen...not one early refill...have done shots/RFA, etc. without question

The past 8 years taking 30mg of MS Contin 3/day until I went with my current clinic....they immediately cut my MS Contin down to 15mg X 3 on my first visit while keeping my breakthrough the same...fine as I dealt with it UNTIL today...the current owners took over the clinic last October immediately requiring 2 week appointments (while taking 2.5-3 hours to get out because they're too greedy to hire a couple of nurse practitioners)....drug screens monthly although my file says every 3 months

so today I spend 36 seconds with the PA and then went back out to the waiting room to wait for my Rx...an assistant hands it to me and as I am walking out, I check it over as I always do...MS Contin was written for 2/day instead of 3.  I have a front desk lady take it back saying it was printed out incorrectly and needed to be 3/day...she comes back saying that the PA stated they're no longer allowed to write er Rx for 3 times per day...had to be twice per day

I asked her what changed in the past 2 weeks...she just said I'd need to talk with him at my next appointment....that weasel didn't have the guts to talk with me about it during his 36 seconds...had to have one of his minions be the messenger

...and I mentioned to him that I had a PCP appointment last week and my cholesterol checked out okay...he said "we're not your primary care?"  I said no, why should you be...he said that they normally require to be the PCP if we are in pain management.  I told him I've discussed my PCP with the doctor and he said nothing

...oh hell no 

I do believe this is the straw that broke the camel's back

I'm going to schedule a consultation with the one other clinic under my insurance that prescribes to see if the grass is a little greener elsewhere...who knows, I may be out of luck

if anyone has read this...thanks for letting me complain...and they wonder why my blood pressure is high every time they check but it's normal when my PCP checks it



  • I've had similar experiences with pain management.  They haven't reduced the meds yet, but they say that I can't be on them long term and they don't really give any good reason.  Those drug test every month are really annoying too. 
  • I am so sorry this happened to you SC!!  That was not handled correctly, not one part of it. Since when does going to PM make them our PCP?  Weird. Why would we have a PCP then?  You deserve more and I hope your new PM office and doctor/provider is much more kind and understanding, you don't need that kind of treatment. 

    Vent away, we are here to listen and give you support when you most need it. Please keep us updated. 

    Gentle Hugs.....
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  •      10:05 am January 31st 1984 my life and my families life changed forever when the car I was working on on an overhead lift went from 7 foot off the ground to 37 inches off the ground in 7/10ths of a second (osha's time)> I was standing under the vehicle, legs locked and kinda leaning backward. A 3 inch bolt caught me in the forehead and held me there as the car fell, I bent was backwards as I folded up. Pretty much everything in my back was effected. It was 6 months before they could operate because of the swelling. I was operated on 3 times in 6 months. 2 years later more surgery to remove the hardware that was installed because I rejected it. I was layed up for 5 years, duting that time my daughter 8 years old had to have open heart surgery. My wife, a brittle diabetic can not work outside the house but she did a great job taking care of my daughter and me. I survived on ibuprophen, tylenol and asprin.

         After that no one would hire me because of my injuries and disabilities so I started a business operating heavy equipment. On top of that we could not afford health insurance which was quoted at $3,800 a month for my wife amd me with a $15,000 annual deductible.  I did quite well for the first 20 years then I bought a couple exercise machines to build myself up a little more at the same time I was showing my daughter and her fiance how to build theiur geodesic dome home (and helping). All of it was too much and my back rebelled. After having a bought with my stomach from 20 ibuprophen and handfills of asprin a day I had to see a doctor. The doctor I saw was absolutely great for a GP. His wife has fibromyalgia so he knew about pain. He put me on oxycodone and soma and I did OK but the pain was getting worse. He sent me for an MRI and then to a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon was as good as my GP. He looked at the MRI and said I have some good news and some bad news. the good news is you don't have the worse back in the world. The bad news is you have one of them. You have everything wrong in your back that a human being can have and more. My recommendation is you go back to your home town and find a good doctor that will work with you with medications and stick with him or her. Don't go looking around for a miracle cause there aren't any for you. A surgeon operating on you could only make you worse.  My GP retired and I was sent to another GP who put me on methadone. It was OK but all I wanted to do was sleep. I went to bed in pain and got to sleep a couple hours later then slept to 10 or 11am. It's hard to work when you are tired all the time and I have to work. That doctor accepted a teaching position and I was placed in the care of the daughter of one of my friends I had in high school. She was not much of a doctor. After a few months she decided I had to be taken off from methadone with no other medication to take its place over the objections of the pain management doctor I was seeing.  I left her for a doctor that was not part of the local hospitals fleet of doctors and I am so glad I did. The doctor I got was a former military doctor like the neurosurgeon I saw a few years earlier. He dealt with some horrendous injuries and knew pain. He put me on 180 mg of morphine  a day and I did quite well again for a couple years then I started to get worse and worse pain. My pain management doc recommended another MRI. I finally got insurance thru the Affordable Care Act (thank you President Obama) and I had the MRI. I showed I am inded getting worse. 7  diffuse bulging disks (that was all the MRI covered) one disk with a tear in it. Stenosis at all levels along with severe arthritis, multi level moderate to severe facet enlargement, and moderately
    severe restriction of the nerve root at the foramen with ligament thickening, bone spurs. the spine tips foward and backwards in several points. The worse thing is moderately severe roto scoliosis. My spine is tipping to the left and my torso is rotating to the left so that then I try to walk straight foward my legs are actually taking me right.

         I cannot allow myself to be operated on because of the amount of time it takes to recover. I have to work or we lose everything we own. I cannot survive on the social security that I am eligible for next year. In fact, I cannot see where I can ever retire.

         To make things worse our state decided to outlaw anyone who drives a vehicle registered for over 10,000 pounds from taking methadone which I could go back to AND they just passed a law that says you cannot take more than 100 mg of morphine or its equilivant a day. I had to go from 180 mg of morphine a day, which was barely touching the pain, to 100 mg of morphine a day. I cannot stand or walk for more than 10 minutes before I have severe pain in my mid back down and in the sides of my thighs down to my feet. It is so bad that I have to sit down or take the chance of falling down. I wake up several times a night with tears in my eyes, that is when I can sleep. 

    When I started to make that up with ibuphrofen I ended up with blood from one end and coffee grounds from the other. Also, in the past I have tried every other medication there is. My pain doc said Soma is addictive and took me off from that. The other muscle relaxers I have tried (about 10 of them)  have not done much. I take Nortriptyline, which does help for the burning in my legs and feet, morphine er and morphine fast acting for break thru. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and take meds for those. I have a finicy prostate which I take meds for. Last visit to the doctor he discovered I have type 2 diabetes and then he broke the news "well it looks like you survived your first one !" I said my first what?, He said "your first heart attack !". If the pain doesn'yt get me a heart attack will - maybe caused by the pain. I understand that there is a severe opiod problem in this country but no one should have to live like this when all they are trying to do is live. One thing I can tell you is that I have never, ever felt any kind of high from the medications I take. In fact, the only time I have ever had pain close to a "3" in 32 years is when my pain doc tried me on Fentalyn patches and I I still had morphine in my system. I almost cried the pain was that low.
  • People who do not have chronic pain have no clue what's it's like to live with it.  Then, politician's try to play doctor to limit medication.  Then they complain there are too many people on disability.  It's enough to make a person spit in anger.  I just wish one of these politicians would walk in my shoes for one day...or try sleeping at night.  Heck, that's when the "fun" really gets started.  Makes me mad!
    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
  • I hear what you are saying. Have you looked at the methadone equivalent for 100 milligram of opiod? It's nearly no methadone. A person can't be in pain to get a pm dr. I look here in the near future to be forced to go to a methadone clinic and have to say I am an addict just to get help. Thank you government. 
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  • Sorry to hear, i have somewhat similar experience with pain management. Diabetics is in all my family, and i can tell the kind of sum it involves to get proper consultation. love for all
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