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smoker, fusion coming up

hi-   I am a smoker ( maybe a 1/2- pack a day)-   waiting on a fusion in July.  My doctor has not mentioned anything about smoking, I jst happened to see the info on this site.  Am going to try to stop before and for sure after the surgery.  I had no idea...........


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,443

    You are about to get a lot of info about that from other members.
    As a matter of fact, we all pitched in and have been helping another member to quit. And this is a great place to help you stop, you will get a lot of support.

    When I quit years ago I did it by timing myself, lots of mints and hard candy. If a smoked at 11:00, I could not have another one for an hour or more. A couple of days later I made it 2-3 hrs. Until I just put them down. To this day I keep a bowl of mints out to remind myself Not to go there again.

    And no vaping, that is worse. You can do this, we'll help you.
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  • I too am due for fusion is July and stopped smoking 3-4 weeks ago.  Good luck!!!

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  • I had a fusion and decompression in Dec.  Got the ok for surgery in Oct.  They called an scheduled me on Nov 22nd.  I stopped smoking completely on Nov 11th.  I Was scheduled for surgery Nov 30th.  I used the gum started on Oct 14th.  Cut by really fast because I was scared to death about the complications that could occur with the fusion.  

    My surgery ended up being Dec 7th.  I have had great success and it's been 7 months since I've used nicotine.

    You can do it.  Just take a deep breath.
    Ankylosing spondylitis, moderate lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolthesis L5- S1, 5mm disc protrusions T6- 9 with minimal cord compression, cerebral palsy of the right side

    PLIF fusion L5- S1 with decompression and hardware Dec 7th 2016
  • The worst thing I found out was that all forms of nicotine are bad including patches and gum.  Like you I didn't know until I researched it here.  What I did was chewed nicotine gum for a week until my mind switched to craving gum.  Then I switched to just plain chewing gum.  For some reason it even tasted like the nicotine gum and fooled my brain, suppose it was the built up nicotine coming out in my mouth.  The worst part is days two and three nicotine free.  Time it to be away from people as you will be grumpy as all hell. (not a time to be at work) . It gets better from there.  If you weekend visualise your spine with the hardware and no fusion.  Worked for me. I'm now six weeks nicotine free.

    Good luck.
  • RDavidGRRDavidG Jacksonville FlPosts: 0
    edited 08/24/2017 - 8:09 AM

    Just a FYI, some surgeons will not even do a fusion if your not smoke free 30 days prior to your surgery. Nicotine as well as the hundreds of other chemicals in a cigarette, hamper the chance of fusion. Due to constriction of veins needed to get well oxygenated blood to the fusion site. So for your own good, quit! I know it's easier said then done but it's for your benefit

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  • You might know that how smoking harms your body parts, and it reduces your energy, increase the stress level, breathing problem, etc.. It is nice that you have taken the decision to stop smoking, which is good for your health, as the doctor had not mentioned anything about it but you can ask him about this. It is not necessary that you will stop smoking when the doctor will warn you about it. To stop smoking nowadays there are most alternate options are available in the market, you can for this else it is better to take the advice of a doctor who will guide you properly to stop smoking.

  • That's a bold comment cc79. I truly hope you can do it.

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