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Does anyone else live with sciatica and have young children

Hi there I have recently been diagnosed with sciatica. I was wondering if there was anybody else out there suffering with the same thing. And also has young children. I have A 2 year old wild baby. Of course I chose the tallest man in America to have a child with so therefore my baby isn't so little. Any advice on what to do when this not so little baby wants me to hold him and the pain is very unbearable. Or just any tips on living with sciatica as a mother of a toddler....


  • Mikey66MMikey66 Marysville, caPosts: 5
    Yes I do, but I started having back problems about 10 years ago. It was hard on me especially being the man of house and coming home to my little girl. I fought it but then got harder. They want you to carry them  everywhere so I had to talk to her about that. You have to be open to her and your man.  There were days I didn't wanted to be touched because of the pain. So it's going to be hard I just advice you tone open to your family. They can't see a broken bone or blood to say your hurt it's all inside your body and only you know what you feel inside. Good luck. 
  • Wow that's a good answer. Thank you. I'm very open with my older son about the pain and he's good.but the other one is only 2 and can't talk yet so it's hard to explain it. But o guess I can try to just talk to him and maybe eventually he will understand thank you alot
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  • Yes yes sadly cuz man do I love my baby so so much. He's my lil love! And I feel that things will get easier I've been asking others their opinions and now I found this site I'm so thankful for this also because I've got some really good pointers and feel so much support from people who feel the same as me or at some point have felt the same. 
    Any how my 11 year old is a huge help he helps and guides his baby brother the  best he can , when he sees I'm busy or not feeling well. Usually with out even me having to ask. I love that quality. He takes out the trash and I always hope the baby watches him and turns out just like older brother. 
  • Hi,

    Oh I feel your pain! I developed sciatica when pregnant with my son and it has never really gone away, he's five in a week! I also have an older daughter who is great, I have had to be really strict with myself about lifting him which is still difficult to stop myself. He was out of his cot as soon as he could as I couldn't cope with lifting him all the time as a baby. Things got much easier when he started to walk, I always drop down to his level to cuddle him if he needs comforting, he knows Mummy can't pick him up or carry him. The positive side is that my children are very independent and have a lot of empathy for others. They have both been quite adaptable at finding ways to play with me on the bed when necessary. I sometimes feel guilty that my son has only had some times with an active Mum but I try to remember that I'm a good role model and have shown lots of resilience in getting back to my full time teaching job. My husband stays at home so that makes life more bearable.

    My kids are good at helping out sometimes with jobs that involve bending or picking things off the floor. I have always been really open about the problems I have and explained things without frightening them. Obviously I have really bad days too but I try to give them lots of reassurance that things will improve (remember when we did.......) and lots of love and hugs. I really hope that  your sciatica is short lived, good luck and hope you feel better soon.


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