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So fed up been crying

Hello sorry to offload don't want to upset my boyfriend but I am getting to the end of my tether. I don't see the neurosurgeon till August and my leg pain, pins + needles soles of my feet, balance problems and heavy legs are no better having physio again on Monday and doing exercises. I am really getting down and am so worried I've had my 2nd MRI and im trying my best can't drive now or work sorry for whinging but im just dispirited and want to feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Take care everyone Janet B UK



  • Hi Janet,

    Its fine to unload here.  I do it sometimes myself.  If feels good to let it out to the world.  I can understand not wanting to burden your boyfriend too.  My wife is burdened enough with her work and being a mother so I try not to add to that even if i feel like screaming or crying.  

    Remember there is always hope.  If you are pre op there are options your neurosurgeon can try.  I've been in unrelenting pain for half a year now and get my operation in a couple of weeks.  There have been times when its looked like it would never happen but it has.  It will for you too. Perhaps you should talk to your GP about your feelings. He/she might be able to get you onto counselling or some anti depressants for a while. I seem to recall that you are a nurse so maybe you might be able to access these services at work.

    Also remember that you are not your pain.  The same you is still there deep inside and when you come out the other side of this journey she will still be there only stronger.

    Take care 

    Phil (Aussie but pommie born :))

  • Thanks Phil really kind of u im not pre-op yet not sure when or if that will happen. I'm seeing the neurosurgeon 21st August at first so I have no idea what he will advise. My MRI stated I had a posterior disc bulge L5 S1 with impingment on both exiting L5 nerve roots im assuming this counts for my problems. My back pain has now gone but it's now more my legs feet with tingling/pins and needles in the soles and my balance is very wonky. I'm just so worried and fed up thank u for listening and i hope ur surgery will make things much better for u 

    Take care Janet B UK

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  • Hi Janet,

    No problem.  I have the same. L5S1 with impingement on both nerve roots only now my latest MRI showed mass impingement on the spinal column.  Have been in pain for 6 months now and I'm so ready for surgery. Hopefully I'm in the 92% of people who get total or significant improvement. 

    Take care of yourself and feel free to unload anytime.


  • Cheers Phil really kind of u to reply my MRI also said neuroforminal compromise worse on left side with impingment both exiting L5 nerve roots. 

    Thanks for listening very kind of Janet B UK

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