You have probably spent over 25% of your life sleeping. With that much of your life spent in bed, it makes sense that proper sleep and a good mattress can go a long way toward mitigating back pain and improving your health. Knowledge about better sleep techniques, proper mattress guidelines, or the role of insomnia in regards to chronic pain can help make your nights (and your days) far more enjoyable.

This article discusses a class of medications known as non-benzodiazepine, benzodiazepine receptor agonists, which includes medications such as Ambien, Sonata, and Lunesta...

Rest and sleep is when the spine can heal itself from the postural, physical, and nervous insults of the previous day. And the right pillow(s) are key to supporting the neck and back and getting a comfortable night's rest.

With several different types of neck pillows available, finding one that works best can take some trial and error.
Depending on sleep position, there are pillows designed specifically to support the neck and align the spine.

There are a variety of techniques and sleep aids that promote a normal, high quality night's sleep leading to full alertness and energy during the day.

Among the most common psychological techniques used to help with sleep problems are relaxation training, meditation, hypnosis, and cognitive restructuring.

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