Future surgeries

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Future surgeries

Does anyone think that in the future there would be the possibility of removing us are fusion and putting us a real disc done from our own disc... like something with mother cells? Or will this be just for the ones without fusion?

Do you think it could be possible that it would be very minimally invasive... miniature utensils a little tube that will enter through our neck and could suck the plate, and then the fusion and then putting us the cushion-able disc. Just dreaming here!

Well have a nice night!


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So many of us

are waiting for the surgery that could come that would fix our spines. I am very positive that in the future they will be able to fix many, many of our current problems. The question is, will it be soon enough for us? We can only wait and see.


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I dont see it hapening in

I dont see it hapening in our life time, it realy should not be so complicated coming up with something soft that has cushion,

Or hell just put a spring in there and just use clips to screw in the bone, Autozone part store sells auto springs all sizes. A spring with the right tenssion would work beter then any artificial disc they come out with that costs an arm and a leg,

They could even just fuse with rods that bend and flex back in to place. If they realy wanted to come out with something smart they could,

If they had 1 i want the top of the line mercedes spring in my spine, german parts last longer ,

Maybe we should contact harley davidson to make an artificial disc,

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Being on my forth spinal surgery, I would *love* to have one of these that would "fix me", but like was said, most likely not in our lifetimes, but like was said, we don't see it. A girl can dream though!!! Smile


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Yes I know!

Well you know what is happening to meeeeee... I read so much about this stuff and memorize every term very easily, all the different discs, all about sntidepressive... I loved neuroscience and now I don't want to read about this at all, nothing stays... nothing is clear...

I am one who still thinks that surgeries can wait so much when is a herniated disc... you have to be heated very hard for it to move, at least for me.

This is because I had my herniated disc... I hit myself hard and there was my disc not bigger but smaller.

It is what it issssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

I wonder if there are other people like me, that get so stress out, that start investigating so much, that call every friend because you are freak out of what could happen.


Cheers for the future springs!!!


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Lazers, fibre optics,

Lazers, fibre optics, microchips, organ transplants, keyhole/minimally invasive surgey, mri scanners, stem cell treatments, the list goes on and on. None of these existed when I was born.

OK I'm old, but even so it is quite remarkable the breakthroughs that have happened in my lifetime.

So maybe someday soon we will look back and reflect on spine surgery as we know it today in the same way as we remember 78rpm gramophone records, steam trains and horse drawn carts (I told you I was old!)


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Ja ja No way!

Steam trains, horse drawn carts how cool!!!! I so much wish I could turn back timeeeeeeeeeee! I tryyyyyy to accept, accept, acceptttttt, but well I feel so weird and ackward and in pain and 35 and just understanding now that I could have waited.

But what Can anybody tell but accept and understand! I have met a lot of people that continue life with surgery and they don't even notice the change in their neck and they can move it without noticing the change and pain. Also people that accept it and continue. Christmas are coming and here in PR people love to party and dance. I LOVE to dance! I stop hugging for fear, but I could do it and now is more painful but I will continue doing it.

Does anybody feel sensations different and feel weird in places you go, and going to the movies... is so strange for me but well I guess I am weird. Sorry I know I always end up telling the story.

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The impossible dream

When I started down this long road of back & neck problems, surgery etc. I asked my doc for one thing.

I titanium spine like the terminator has. Devil

Bolt it together, put something in to absorb the shock similar to a disc (like marshmallows) and get on with life Grin

I can just imaging trying to go through the TSA check points with it.


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