back injury settlement with workers comp.

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back injury settlement with workers comp.

Can anyone tell me what kind of settle ment in $$$$ I can expect from my workers comp. settlement?

30% 40% 50%
what do these mean?

I am 48 years old and will most likely not be going back to my old job.

20K? 50k? 100k?

Does anyone have a case that they would like to share?

type of injury and what they recieved?


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Amount of award


Not sure what state you live in as each state is different. Percentage means the percentage of the body you are injured. The back, neck and head are related to the body as a whole. If you go to your states website you can figure how many weeks of disability you are looking at. For example For example 10% maybe 20 weeks referable to the body as a whole. Each state has their own set amounts. So whatever you doctors finally rating is when you have reached MMI and the amounts allowed under your state will give you the amount of your award. A big part of those settlements is wether you will need future medical care, which has to be determined by the doctors and the extent of that medical care. What would be more beneficial would to look at your states website. In almost every states website I have looked you can also find old cases that have settled. The charts you need often are not very easy to find. Typically searching inside the state website will lead you to the case law when looking for these charts. I suggest that you use google to find the charts often times they will be on some attorneys website as well. Hope this helps and good luck.