for those who have scoliosis and kyphosis

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for those who have scoliosis and kyphosis

Hi all here is some kyphosis ans scoliosis excercises
Kindly share it, comment,vote for me please

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I am 47 with severe scoliosis diagnosed at age 12. I wore a full Mill brace for about 2.5 years. I don't know what my curves measured then, but now I have a 72 degree curve in my thoracic spine and a 60 something degree curve in my cervical spine. My spine also twists. I now have stenosis in my lower spine as a result of the scoliosis. This has caused me severe leg pain and I have had numerous epidural injections and they help for a while. I have spoken with a surgeon, but he says that the stenosis surgery would be greatly complicated by the scoliosis. I would have to have my spine straightened, rods put in and all. Does this sound like something anyone else has heard?
I just finally registered with this site after several years of reading other people's posts and finding myself in the same situation as many of the people whose posts I have read.

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Hi Virginia,

Let me start off by saying that I'm in a similar situation. Both in condition and in being a lurker on the site :-).

Here's a little on my situation so you can compare. I had a fusion @ 12 as well from T5-L4 (in 2000).

I fell and broke my rods in 2009, had the lower part removed in 2010 (a minor fiasco I won't go into now).

Now (2012), I'm told the lower part of my fusion did not hold so I will need to break parts that did fuse, reattach onto the existing hardware and go down into the pelvis. They will also be 'shimming' up sections of my spine with osteotomies (which I think is what you are also describing as straightening out your spine).

All this because the unfused section has become a 70 plus degree kyphotic nightmare on top of the scoliosis which is somewhere around 55 degrees as well.

While I don't have stenosis specifically, I do also experience the rather random numbing/tingling of limbs as well as rather terrible pain during/after movement.

I've been to several doctors both osteo and neuro in specialties about this problem, so if you have a specific question please feel free to message me.


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Laura, Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for the response. I know that I will have questions and will message you.
I sometimes wish that at 12 my parents would have opted for the surgery route. Although at that time ( about 1977) I don't think the results were terribly reliable. I know of several people my age that had that surgery then and they have had the rods removed.
Again, thank you so much!!!

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No problem

Your welcome.

I've experienced rod removal as well, and since I'm gearing up for more instrumentation due to the removal you can guess how well that went.

I agree though, that in 77 the technology & instrumentation used during that period would have lent itself to something out of a horror story for a patient. (not quite sure it still isn't considered a horror story)

Yes, please ask questions! Nothing is worse than going into this with more anxiety than you need to.

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Virginia, This is what happened to me

I am 52, I had to wear that brace also.
I was about the age that you are now, when my back just totally "went out"
I knew it was getting worse.
This sounds kind of ridiculous but I was putting of surgery until our house
Was paid off, I was so close & thought in less than a year I would go to
A surgeon & have the long, oh so overdo surgery.

The summer of 2007, I noticed that my left ankle & left leg had started
Hurting & kept hurting. I thought, surely, this had nothing to do with
My back, well, it did.

Finally I went to my regular Dr. & she told me, this putting it off time
Is over. I had 2 curves, both had started to progress quickly. When I
Looked in the mirror, I noticed that I looked twisted, as if I were
About to turn around, that was also something new. I also had to
Buy some clothes that were too big because my regular sized clothing
Was showing my " lump" on my left side.

My Dr. Sent me to a surgeon as an emergency. My curves were in the
High 60's. I had the S situation in my back. After tests, long MRI's
Catscan, all kinds of tests, I was told that I had to have sugary at
Once. My rib was going to eventually puncture a lung, I had been
Short of breath because my crooked back had pushed my diaphragm
Out of place, eventually, my spine was going to push my heart out of

I had a 10 hour surgery in Feb. Of 2009. It took 3 surgeons. Yes, I have
Some nerve damage & still have pain but not only do I look like
A different person, I will not end up in a wheelchair, bent over, unable
To sit up. that is what would have eventually happened to me.

I went directly from the hospital to a rehab hospital, where I had the
Most gentle nursing care & they helped me get stronger. I had lots of
Physical therapy.

Just an example of how that scoliosis had done things to my body, I had
A tipped uterus, my Dr. Mentioned every year during my exam, how
Tipped it was. -

After surgery, several months later, I had my yearly exam & my uterus
Was not tipped anymore.

I had developed high blood pressure about 3 years before surgery. After
Surgery, my blood pressure was normal.

It's 3 years later & I have to try not to let that experience be the center of
My life.

I had 50 staples, the titanium rods & I have 24 screws.
I still have some issues but if I had ignored this, at the
Very least I would have been in a wheelchair when I was in
My mid 60's, this is what my surgeon estimated.

I have to say, I have not yet tired of looking at how beautifully clothes
Lay on my back. I have a trench coat that fits closely & sometimes
I put it on, just to look at how it fits my back & I look in the mirror
& remember how I avoided 3 way mirrors in dressing rooms.

Virginia, this is what happened to me, I do not mean to imply that
Your back is like mine. My Dr. Had to remove 1 rib also. He is
a neurosurgeon & an orthopedic surgeon. I have had so many
Health care professionals comment on what a huge, complicated
Surgery it was.

I made it through. I don't even try to imagine what would or could
Have happened to me.

Again, I want to stress that this was what happened to me.
Also, I was in that much trouble & my surgeon was able to
Do repairs but also keep me from the very grim future that I
Personally faced. I had 2 curves to correct though.

I am on s.s. Disability, I have some limited mobility issues,
Some nerve damage but for what I lost, I gained so much!

Good luck to you Virginia, I will be thinking good thoughts for you. Susie