Fatigue 2 mos. after fusion surgery

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Fatigue 2 mos. after fusion surgery

11/21/08 I had s spinal discectomy at T11-T12 and fusion with screws at T11-L1.

The bone/spine is healing wonderfully, and the neuro-surgeon said I could go without the brace after only 7 weeks. I'm still weaning off of it though, and wearing the smaller part to work, at the recommendation of the doctor.

But I returned to work a couple weeks ago, working 33 hours, but now I'm having to cut back to 20. I was finding that it was too much; I don't have the stamina yet to work 8 hours and the muscle pain was increasing instead of decreasing. Also, I was having more of the old nerve compression symptoms in my legs again.

Is this normal for this point after the surgery? Also, I should add that I also have fibromyalgia, so I'm also trying to avoid a fibro flare, which so far I've been able to do.

I'm in aqua and land therapy now and also my job allows for a lot of moving around just by the nature of the work/situation.

I use a lot of supplements to help with the fibromyalgia; is there anything that you'd recommend to help with the recovery in that regard? And when I see my primary care physician Tues. is there any blood test she could do, for example, to figure out if there's anything else going on regarding the fatigue?

My vitamin Bs and D have been low in the past, so I take supplements for those. My last tests in the hospital showed my iron level as normal, and same with white blood cell counts.

I just had a day off, and I had a really good night sleep last night, and I'm wiped out first thing in the morning already. Before the surgery I wasn't like this.

Thanks for any advice...

Miss M.

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MissM. good luck!

hi and welcome to the forum! Wave we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. perhaps you started back with to much activity to soon. everyone heals in a different time frame. check out the "Fibromyalgia" forum for some support in that area. =D> i cannot help you more with your problem but i am sure others will be by with some answers to your questions. good luck as you deal with these pain issues. =D> Jenny Smile