Possible surgery in my future

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Possible surgery in my future

It takes me a long time between posts on here because I don't get on my desktop computer very often, just read but do little posting from my Kindle. My xray report should appear in my signature if I did it right. I am about to turn 70.

Anyway I have been waiting for the results ofthe MRI I got on March 15 and finally heard from them on Friday. It took the cd a full week to get from my local hospital to the spine center 60 miles away. Snail mail.

One addition to the xray is that they found a cyst on L4L5.
He said that I am a candidate for surgery likely on multiple levels and said it might include a fusion. I never thought I would ever look forward to the idea of back surgery but I am tired of the whole pain thing. Until last fall I did well on annual epidurals, although I had plenty of pain just nothing like I have now.

I go back to the spine center at the University of Iowa on April 16.

I have been up and down in the amount of pain that I have lately. My PT is helping me a lot and at his suggestion I got a wedge to put my legs up on while I sleep. It helps a lot but I still seldom can sleep past 4 or 5 AM. I keep active and walk a lot but I am literally afraid to go to bed at night because I know the pain will start sometime while I am lying down. I do spend a lot of time at night reclining in a chair.

Most of the pain is in my buttocks and tail bone although I do have a substantial amount of leg pain too.

I am mostly taking Neurontin (1800 mg/day) and tylenol. But Friday I was in such awful pain all day I took a Vicodin. Have taken a couple every day since then. It seems like I am doing really well for a while and then I move the the wrong way and bam there I am in pain again.

So as I approach this whole thing I hope to be on here more often and can use a little positive support from those who have been there done that and lived to tell about it.