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My Chronic Pain

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,607
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:22 AM in Chronic Pain
Well i have chronic pain everyday of my life maybe you guys can help. I am 20 years old got rear ended at 55mph when we were at a dead stop i was the passenger in a dodge ram 1500 truck. It totalled both vehicles my head went through the back windshield.
I have Dejenerate Joint Disease,Spinal Stenosis, Osteolcondrosis, and shurmanns disease i also have 3 bulged disc 1 small herniation at L4 and compressed nerve. I go to the doc on the 20th how do i go above talking to him and getting him to understand and help improve my quality of life. As of now its EDITED. 10hrs of sleep a week, cant eat no appetite due to pain. I also have lost bowel and bladder controls.


  • If you have lost bowel and bladder control, that's something that screams go to the Emergency Room!
  • Also the pain i am in is AGONY i have had hydrocodone, oxycodone, and fentanyl. Oxycodone worked pretty good knocked my pain in half, fentanyl took it all away. But i dont want them i want something i can take once in the am once in the pm and something for the break through pain. My doc no longer will perscribe my narcotics because of my age, he knows my pain but cant help me. I do pysical theropy 3-4 times a week and can no longer do it without pain meds way to painful. I am not a seeker i am a person is chronic pain who cant do 90% of what he used to do. I have a new appt i cant clean up due to the pain, lost my college year due to this and my work ability. Please HELP.
  • My doc sais its prolly from the medicine my bladder lose, to embarressed to tell him about that but i will talk about it on the 20th with my new doc.
  • How long has it been since you lost control of your bowels?
  • Happened on the 12th of august i have been really mistreated by doctors since june of 08 my problem started october 2007!
  • Have you told ANY doctors that you have lost control of your bowels and bladder. This could become permanent if left unattended for very long!!!


    Here's some info on cauda equina that might help you understand why I am so concerned.
  • I havent seen a doc since the bowel but im in so much pain i wanna go to the er but the money i gotta pay isnt worth it. They know about loss of bladder my family doc sais its prolly from the meds. Bowel loss havent told anyone yet on the 20th i will talk to my doc its a new one, this place take 21 and under kids in chronic pain. I am in agony I have ordered 90 somas and 600 count of the 500mg DLPA for my pain for now untill i hear on the 20th if i can get something to help with this god aweful pain.
  • Chronic,

    A trip to the ER now is far less expensive than a life with permanent paralysis and damage. Do you want to wind up going around with a catheter and a poop bag your entire life?

    Waiting until the 20th may work or may not work. It's like playing Russian Roulette with your lower body.
  • Listen, i have been so mistreaded and shut down by so many doctors saying i am way to young for narcotics no matter what the pain. My one doc tells me its all in my head so he doesnt have to write me anything. I have chronic pain and discomfort all day long, i havent had thte chance to tell anyone i just feel so beatdown and giving up. I just cant take another rejection. Telling the people at the er is what gonna give me a script of 20 p5/325 my insurance runs out tomarrow.
  • I TOTALLY agree with haglandc about having that checked out immediately! You don't want to mess around with something that could effect you for the re of your life (not that your pain doesn't effect you). You may be able to get some relief from your pain, but you don't want to leave the other problems and just hope that they don't last a lifetime. You are way too young to have to deal with this! I think that the embarrassment you may have for telling your symptoms to the doctor would probably be much less than the hell you might endure if you don't. Have it checked please! Take charge of your care.
    also, if the insurance is up tomorrow, today is a great day to be checked out! Your insurance may extend if you have something that needs to be addressed right now (I'm not sure about this). Good luck!
  • Thanks for your concern. The bowel loss is from the spinal stenosis i have so much pain and so many problems. I am completely honest with my doc. But he just wont help me, i need something for this **EDITED**pain when i had meds i never had any problems. I will go to my appt on the 20th and tell him about whats up it has to be from my compressed nerve or from the spinal stenosis. I have had this pain for 8 months and im hurting so bad i just wanna die.
  • Just like Terrie says, if your insurance runs out tomorrow, then GO NOW ! ! !

    Besides, you aren't going because of the pain, you are going because of the lack of bowel and bladder control.

    Come on ... take care of yourself and to heck with the worrying about being embarrased!

    What's more embarrassing ... going to the ER now or having to have your poop and pee bags changed out and emptied every day!!!
  • I absolutely agree but when i went before they just gave my pain meds and sent me out the door after a cat scan showin all my problems even when i told them i only had bladder loss then. The only thing they can do at the er is tell me whats wrong which i already know and that they cant do anything unless i go to a specialist which is on the 20th. Im just trying to tell you guys i have had this for so long i have tried everything in my will power im scared but they just cant help idk what to do im about to give up.
  • I can hear your pain and frustration but you must get this checked out..it is something that they always have asked my husband if he has lost that feeling so I know how important it is...it is not worth waiting until the 20th...hugs, brownc61
  • Chronic,

    You keep focusing on just the bladder control. You also earlier said you've lost bowel control. The two together constitue an urgent/emergency situation, whereas just the loss of bladder control does not.

    I don't know what else to say. If you give up, you have no one to blame but yourself. It's not like Terrie and I can just show up at your place and drag your butt to the ER right now. I live 7,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean.

    All we can do is offer support, experience and information. What you do with it is your choice.

    I really believe you need to go get help NOW.

  • Thanks for being concerned i agree i need to go to the e.r but what can they do to me. My last bladder loss was about 3 weeks ago my bowel loss was 4 days ago. I am not sure what to think but my mom sais not to go to the er she is very supportive and runs the e.r at the hospital i go to. I will go. I want to go but i am scared i cant afford it and will look like a drug seeker i am not one i can handle the pain barely but im not cryin like i usally do due to the pain.
  • PLEASE GO NOW! We have several members that have permanent cauda equine and have to poop and pee in bag for the rest of their life! The bowel control loss is very serious. Forget about getting treatment for pain until the 20 th but for the other problem that could be way to late.
  • I too went to the ER when I had lost control of my bowels also. And on another occasion I lost control of my bladder. Bladder was first. But I realize now that I should have fought to the teeth to get more help when I needed it. Here was my experience. I couldn't make to the bathroom without losing my bowels first. This had gone on for about 3 weeks when I called my Gen. Prac., I was told to go straight to ER. While at ER they took blood and gave antibiotics & anti-diahrea meds and sent me home. When neither worked, I went back to ER again about 10 days later. The doctor got mad at me for wasting his time and said I just had the flu. Gave me the same meds and sent me home. It still continued and I made appt. to see my G.P. doc, but everytime I began to leave the house I would mess myself. I would clean myself up and go to the doc. She refused to see me everytime because I was 10 minutes late. I repeated this about 6 more times with the same results. After 4 months I never saw a doctor, never got a diagnosis, and it finally went away. I spent 4 months at home without ever getting out. With my bladder, it just stopped working after 2nd surgery. I told my surgeon, it was ignored, I told my G.P., it was ignored, and I just learned to live with it. I pee about every 36 hours and not very much when I do. When I went to ER for it after the first 30 days after surgery, I was huge with water retention, and they looked for blood clot in lungs,had a lot of tests. They gave me a shot of Lasik and I finally peed for the first time in 30 days. I could finally breath again. I had not been able able to breath. They said I wouldn't have made it until morning, I would have died from drowning. I still rarely pee and have severe edema. But I am ready to fight back!

    Yes, I agree with everyone else. Yes, I was treated poorly but I should have demanded more in the way of help. I should never have allowed things to go on as they did. I am still having many problems but I WILL find a doctor who will take it as seriously as I do. As I said, I'm ready to fight for what is MY RIGHT! GO to the ER! So what about the bill, let them make arrangements to pay it in installments. The ER has to take you even if you don't have insurance. By allowing my doctors to bulldoze me or completely ignore me, there is no telling what everything has done to my health. I haven't even told you the rest of it and I do have more serious problems. That is why I came here asking for help to find a better doctor. I am ready to make a stand and say "I am worth it!". So stop making excuses and go. This is coming from someone who has been there. I am angry at myself for not taking my own advice sooner. Please, you are so young, don't waste your life like this. We ALL deserve better! Go now, run fast, and don't stop until you get answers! Sincerely, Jewels
  • Went to the e.r last night i havent had bowel loss since the 12th but still it happened. I told them what was up they know my problems, they were very nice and said they cant do much for me but they can reffer me. i told them about my appt on the 20th they said thats great go to it. BUT if i have any problems at all in the meantime to go see them immediately. They think its from the stenosis but they cant just cut me open and fix it.my P.M doc told me not to get surgery cause then i will be going in asking her for meds she said to me. i just hate being shit on and shutdown.
    Man can only take so much. But i wont give up.
  • I am so proud of you for going the ER. You just took a stand for yourself and took your life under your control! That's a good first step. Write down all of your symptoms, meds, treatments up to this date as well as any questions that you may have to take to the doctor with you on the 20th. I always forget what I wanted to ask when I get there. Don't leave until you have all your questions and concerns addressed. Giving this doctor all of the information will give you the best chance at being treated correctly and hopefully get you some relief.
    I'm really glad that you went to the ER!!
  • My PM doc told me and i quote " Dont be going and getting the surgery done then youll be crawlin back here asking her if she can help my pain". I am no longer gonna see her and im gonna start fresh on the 20th with this new doc and see if he cant help my pain.
  • Thanks for going to the ER!!!

    Here's the key. NOW they know you aren't looking for drugs! NOW it is in the records that you had loss of bowel control. NOW it is understood by you and by them that if it happens again that it is considered an EMERGENCY and that you are to go there. NOW when you see the new doc on the 20th it gives him more info and a better look into your condition. And NOW you have more on your side if there's any foolish question as to why you sought out a new PM doc.

    So you were able to do this before your insurance ran out. This is all a good thing.

  • Why dont they ever EDITED test me i will admit just today i was so sleeped deprived i took 2 hits off a old friends joint. I was knocked out and slept for 8 hours but im not gonna do it again it wasnt worth it. Ill just deal with 2 hrs of sleep till my appt.
  • this whole thing does not make any sense to me. you always seem to have a reason for not doing something suggested to you. i don't understand about not having surgery because they are afraid of you getting pain meds and i don't understand about not giving you meds due to your age. i may be a cynic but what gives? when i add up all of what you have said it comes out 2+2=5.
    You go to a dr get tests, mri, cat etc then have dr read it then if there is a problem he will do surgery. what iis so complicated about that? if insurance is an issue, medicare will do. also did you say mom works in the er? she should be able to help. also stating that all dr's have mistreated you is a red flag also. what do you want? be clear and concise please
    sorry but this is too weird for me. i guess i am too cynical
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • Oh no terror i completely understand where your comming from, its much harder to understand by typing you dont get the emotion that you would in person. The troubles i have had is surgery is not an option due to my age and conditions if they did it now i would need it 10-20 year later and the scar tissue would be a huge factor they said. I dont care about insurance if i gotta pay for it i will pay for it whatever i have to do. I AM JUST SCARED TO GO TO THE E.R TO DR. APPT because i cant take a NO it just hurts me inside deeply. My parents are 5 HRS AWAY ON VACATION how can i use my moms job to the fullest when shes out of town. Im 20 in chronic pain what do you expect me to do. Im sorry i was just trying to get some imput. Thank you for your time and knowledge, you wont have to hear bout me anymore.
  • Like everyone else here, I am glad you took a stand and went to the E/R. "C", Paul and Terri have all made good points. Especially about the bowel/bladder issues now being part of your record.

    Jewels: My GOSH! I can't BELIEVE you had to endure so much from the Medical Community! The way you were treated is horrendous! But, don't get me started on what I think about medical professionals who treat people that way.... I'd be on that soap box all day! X(

    Chronic: Pain is very subjective in that everyone goes through it differently. I worked for an attorney who had severe back problems. BUT, he worked out and rode his bike with his family. He LOOKED very fit. He told me he'd gone to the doctor, and the doctor didn't really believe he was in the amount of pain he was in. I told him it was probably because he "appeared" healthy. He thought about it and figured I was probably right. (of course! i usually am right! - kidding).

    What I am trying to say is just because someone appears to be healthy, or seems too young to be in so much pain, does not make it so. If that were true, I'd have ben cured a long time ago.

    Chronic - keep your life in your hands. Don't let the doctors tell you how much pain you are in. Make them listen to you. I have told my children that a doctor is the one person they definitely need to be totally honest with. Otherwise, the doctor could miss something very important in regard to treatment. I understand you don't want to discuss some things.... But, just be sure you discuss everything when you see the doc on the 20th. Also, writing things down (treatment, any questions) is another superb idea. The joint... well that was a bad choice, but you realized that, so I have faith in you that you will make better choices in the future.

    Good luck. I hope this new doc is a good one and takes you seriously. Please keep us posted and let us know how it all works out for you.

  • just as everyone said before i completely understand how your feel. they are correct with there advice about it being an emergency with bowel and bladder loss. Look i am a paramedic and got hurt on an emergency call when i was 29. i lost my career , went through the hell of wc and pain and bladder loss. I had an artificial disc replacement at l4-l5 and i am doing much better at age 31. recovery has been hell but very much well worth it because the pain i was in before got me thinking some very scary thoughts. people can only take so much pain. first things first. get on an antidepressant if your doc ( one that listens to you of course ) think it will help. some antidepressants also help with pain. ( its a receptor thing in the brain) then start taking control of your situation. You are young but you are an adult now and sometimes it is scary learning about the world nonetheless having to be in chronic pain. If you don't want to go to your moms work , go somewhere else. if you think they are not listening to you ask for a patient advocate from the hospital BEFORE you let them discharge you from the er. explain your situation and see if you can get them on your side. Look , docs and rns get busy and sometimes burnt out. unfortunately , this sometimes reflects in there bedside manner. not all docs and rns are like that . try not to let the attitudes on some affect your reflections on all . it could cost you your life if it means you will never seek medical help because you are afraid to be told no. as for your pain doc, get someone new. if she/he does not want to rx pain meds then why are they there. for example, i get all my meds from my gp. my pain doc is an interventional doc meaning when i want that spinal cord stimulator i can have it . they fix things with pain pumps burnt nerves etc. then another doc rx meds. please don't get in a huffy and refuse these people who are here to help you. get some help with the depression and it will help with coping with the pain while you are seeking what works for you. there is no one thing that works. its a trial and error thing at times and you must be willing to try. i wish you well.please pm me anytime as i don't work this site very well. P.S i lost my career as a paramedic because i cant lift. i am back in school for another career toward med school.your never too old or young for anything. stuff happens. good luck
    Chelle :)
  • ;)) Try not to let something get to you. I know how hard it is, been there done that! And I also understand everything that you are going through, been there done that, actually still there! Stay here and continue to vent and to ask for help, this is THE BEST place you can turn to. You wouldn't believe the things that have been said to me. When I was first injured I knew that I would need a little medical intervention so I got an attorney. I went through the phone book because everyone I knew didn't know who to refer me to. All I wanted at that time was help with the med. bills. Then I wound up in the hospital and had to have emergency surgery before I was paralyzed. There is only one surgeon in town who will work on spines. Long story short they were both bad and I got screwed big time. My attorney forced me to settle after less than a year, I hadn't even been diagnosed yet, and my surgeon comitted malpractice. I wound up with $600.00 and my attorney and his friend the chiropractor both got $4000. each. This is a long and technical story so I'm not going to get into it but suffice it to say, someone that heard about this put all of the blame on me for everything. This person said that I should have been responsible for not getting hurt in the first place, for not having my surgery that disabled me, and for not getting a new attorney. Getting a new attorney isn't that easy once another has already signed on, believe me, been there, done that! It was crazy! And yes, I did let this get to me but why? Why should I care what someone else thinks as long as I know that I have done everything that I can to the best of my ability? What I have been learning is to not sweat the small stuff. I have been through so much in my life you have no idea. I will pm you and tell you about a few things. Dust yourself off and keep your chin up. We are here for you. Sincerely, Jewels
  • I'm not sure that I understand why she is too young to get the meds. Is it because the doc's are afraid that she will get addicted because of the age and how many years are ahead of her still? Very Curious!
  • There's lots of folks here willing to help you out. We can't pick you up and force you to do anything, you have to drag yourself there on your own.

    One of the hard lessons in life is knowing when it's time to be a 20 year old adult and a 20 year old young adult.

    In my opinion, someone suffering chronic pain is not a young person by any means. Chronic pain ages us so fast it makes your head spin. What you have to decide is whether you are going to become your own advocate and force the system to give you the help you need, or if you are going to allow the system to just keep messing with you until someone somewhere feels you are old enough or injured enough to have a problem.

    No matter what age a person is, if they suffer from any sort of physical malady or chronic pain, they need to learn to advocate for theirself. Until they can learn that ,,, they are nothing but a puppet.

    Please remember that all of us at Spine Health are patients as well. We came here much like you looking for someone that would understand and someone that would relate to our situation and possibly offer some insight.

    Best wishes

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