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Foot Pain on the Sides of foot?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,607
edited 05/13/2014 - 5:04 AM in Fibromyalgia

Does anyone get any pain on the sides of your foot--the outside part? I have some horrendous pain, especially on the right side of my right foot, on the outside. It went away for a few days which is why I was thinking it was maybe the muscle pain from my fibro.

I do have back problems too, but mostly the sciatica is gone, so I am not sure if the pain is from the fibro or if it's related to my back or from something else with my foot. It does feel muscular though.



  • yes i have had the same kind of pain that you are talking about and i also have back pain as well. i have both upper and lower back pain but the pain that was like yours was shooting from my lower back across my right buttock cheek and down the outside of my right leg all teh way down to the outside of my right foot and sometimes even into my right heel. hurts like heck too! have you been seen by a dr about it yet?
  • I mean I have been seeing a doc about the spinal issues. I already have had a case of sciatica stemming from L4-5 issues and some issues b/c T6-7-8 have mild herniations. I see my rheumatologist on Sept. 9, so I am going to have him look and see what he thinks. I told the PT I was up a lot last night b/c I could not get comfortable b/c it was insane. He made me do some stretches of my sciatic nerve, so maybe that's what's going on. Truthfully, I had gotten lax about doing those stretches, but I am going to try and do them every day, including the hip ones and see if it improves my pain.
  • Along with my long list of diagnosises,I also deal with this off/on.(before I got custom orthodic shoe inserts,I could barely walk)
    I also struggle with achille's tendonitis in my right foot,the inserts are to help with that too...I guess.The thing is, I also have fibromyalgia all over, arthritis all over(feet included) and sciatica(from DDD in L4/L5).
  • When I stretch I have to start slow because it will hurt all the way into the ankle and outside of the right foot until I get it stretched good.

    When I was having a lot of surgery on L4,L5,S1 I started building up scar tissue and it trapped the nerve where I couldn't flex my foot completely due to the pain on the ankle and outside of the foot. The NS was able to clean out the scar tissue and release the nerve. From that surgery forward I learned to if nothing else, flex my feet while laying in bed to keep more scar tissue from grabbing the nerve.

  • I have the same issue with the foot pain when stretching. It feels like it grabs the nerve and shocks the crud out of me. I can sometimes rub the pain out, but sometimes I just have to wait it out. I try to be very careful about stretching to try to avoid it. YOWSER it smarts! ">image
  • I saw the rheumy and he ordered me an x-ray to see if I have a stress fracture. I don't and it's hurting more and more now. It's starting on my other foot too. He knows I have a history of bunions and tailor's bunions (those are on the outside by the little toe). The symptoms don't feel like that though. I've been doing the nerve stretches and I am not getting a whole lot of relief. The dr. gave me a script for Daypro, but that doesn't do anything except make me feel like a zombie!

    Even the Vicodin isn't making it feel better, which kind of makes me think for THAT reason it is nerve pain. I don't think it's plantar fascitis b/c my heel really doesn't hurt and I don't seem to have symptoms of it!

    Basically he told me to see a foot dr. and see what they say. I do already know that I have some sort of condition with my balls of my feet, where they hurt BADLY if I don't wear these inserts. Metatarsal pads.
  • She said I have tendinitis in all three of my tendons in my right foot. She said that I do have a small tailor's bunion but the pain really isn't coming from that. She touched ALL over my foot, esp. over the tendons.

    So: Achilles tendon, plantar fascia one and the one on the outside that makes your foot turn in and out are all super inflamed and sore as heck. She had the nurse tape them, put some sort of soft casting on the right foot and some other stuff. Basically it looks like i have a really bundled up fat foot!

    I also need to wear orthotics so I have to call the insurance co and find out if they are covered. She said I have a structural abnormality where my feet turn inward too much and the tendon on the outside of my foot is so busy trying to correct it that that's what is part of the issue.

    Then I learned something I wasn't totally sure about but she did say that this is also part of the fibro pain even though the rheumy said my pain wasn't. The foot dr. said she has a lot of patients that have fibromyalgia and they have issues with tendinitis. Now that I think of it, my elbow has it, and I've had hamstring tendinitis too before I got diagnosed with fibro!

  • YIKES, I have a whammy on my foot issue. The dr. casted my right foot b/c the soft cast wasn't working for me. I've had it on 2 weeks and came back from a checkup a few hours ago. I still can't walk without pain, and from them messing with my foot, it hurts. So 2 more weeks of limited to no walking!! That also means no work. That's going to be hard, but they don't have sitting jobs for me for now, so I sit now and make MORE Christmas cards! :)
  • Hi Fuzzy,

    Well it's great that the doc figured out what the problem is and really great that it isn't related to your spine! It does stink that you have to wear a cast, but I like the idea of being able to do more Christmas cards!

    Hang in there and thanks for the update.

  • I have pain on the sides and top of my feet. I've asked if it could be fibro, and was told no. I was also told it was tendinitis. That was when it was only in my left foot. Now it is in both feet. I can walk without a lot of pain. Just try to rest and the pain starts. I use Lidoderm Pain Patches and Lortab. I truly believe this is Fibro related. I have sore spots on the top of my feet that causes the nerves to shoot to my toes when pressed.
    I have also had a spinal fusion on L4-L5 last year.
    I hurt all the time no matter what pain medicines I take or what I do. I don't use as many Lortabs as I used to since I started using Lidoderm Pain Patches.

    A friend died with an overdose of Pain medicine because of the pain of Fibro. I don't need an addiction to drugs to add to my problems.
  • that this pain isn't so bad to need pain meds all the time. All 3 dr. I have seen at this practice about my feet HAVE said that the tendinitis is related to the fibro. They all have told me that they see a lot of patients who have fibromyalgia have issues with their tendons. I would think on the top of the foot it would indicate back problems and I think it does, b/c I have some nerve pain on my left foot. Not much though.

    UPDATE: I now have BOTH feet casted, as it's not getting any better. I also had an MRI on both ankles and I am being treated for a possibly torn tendon but we don't have the report from the MRI yet, but he believes from looking at the films I do have torn tendons. There is fluid in the tendon as well as on the outside of it, so that indicates a tear. We'll see what happens when I see him in 2 weeks!

    They are still very sore and painful to walk on but not horrible with the cast on.
  • isn't coming from your back but sorry to hear you have 2 casts.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • I am STILL not better. This is getting nuts! They took the casts off, have given me removable casts and I am starting PT now. If THAT doesn't work, then it looks like they are going to do surgery! We'll find out more when I go to the dr. on Friday! Blech...I am sick of this pain!

    I am sure it doesn't help that when I was sleeping last night, something pulled in my right foot and it really, really hurt to walk on it this morning. After I put the casts on it felt better but I am still freaking sore as heck! :(
  • yep me too right side of right foot .i think its from the last surgery .S1 bilateral discectomy and L4/L5 laminectomy DDD and stenosis and a partridge in a pear tree!!
  • Have they tried tens or ultrasound on your feet? Soak your feet in warm water. Then massage some vaseline or lotion. Even using a heat pad on your feet may help. I have foot pain also and Lyrica helps a bit.I have arthritis in my feet. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Yep, my usual PT was on vacation and he wasn't there when I first started, so now he's back. He has been doing Electrical Stimulation, and Ultrasound, and he's given me a couple of pain patches. He's also doing much more hands-on stuff too, and it's finally starting to feel better. It's not quite torture anymore to walk and I am starting to limp less, and getting stronger.

    Thanks for helping/asking! :)

    I have exercises I have to do at home too, and I was already doing some of it before I was even told to do it! LOL
  • You know, I can't begin to imagine what it would feel like to have a tens unit hooked up to your feet... I would think it probably feels pretty good, like your own personal message. Of course, if your feet hurt, it could be quite painful too! Maybe one of those "so good it hurts" treatments!
  • feel really good until I take it off. It makes my brain think about the pulsating feeling of the machine rather than the pain of my foot. But unfortunately, when I turn it off the pain comes right back as strong as ever.

  • Doesn't hurt at all for me. I like the ultrasound too.

    Update: I am still struggling with this tendinitis. I see the dr. tomorrow and I doubt highly that I'll be going back to work yet! I still can't stand more than maybe an hour tops, so working retail is just about impossible!
  • Hi everyone:

    I've had chronic pretty severe right side of foot right foot pain for some time now. I'd say probably this has gone on a good year. I am currently using an orthotic boot to alleviate the pain.

    I have flat feet as well so that is part of the problem. I'm reasonably sure its plantar fascitis. I'm thinking about going to my primary doctor to have this examined again. I've been seeing a foot doctor tho for awhile.

    I couldn't say if its related to my fibromyalgia, although it could be.

    Ken GreyEagle
  • Yep, it can be. My podiatrist says that it is related to the fibro but not all the pain. I thought so too, which is why I didn't see a dr. for so long. I also thought it had to so with a tailor's bunion but I was soooooooooooo wrong. It's so obvious that I had tendinitis now!

    I am not 100% positive of this, but plantar fasciitis is on the bottom of your feet by the arch and also on the heels. I think you might have some pain on the sides too but there are other tendons there that can cause pain there too. I also had plantar facitis, but it was mild in one foot and borderline on the other. That pain is almost gone. I get it every once in a while now but not much.
  • I totally forgot all about this board. I am still under a dr. care for the tendonitis in both of my feet. I still have horrendous issues with pain in both of my feet, including the sensation that someone is taking my tendons on the inside of my ankles and snapping them. Very annoying sensation.

    The dr. ordered the orthotics and they came in last week. Monday I get them, and they are supposed to cure this stupid thing. I think 10 months is LONG enough to suffer! I had issues getting the insurance to cover them, and my work finally got them to approve them. So hopefully I will be in better shape soon.

    He found another tendon that's inflamed too. So, now I have Achilles tendonitis, peroneal brevis tendonitis (that's the one on the outside of the foot that runs from your little toe to the upper outer side of the calf.), plantar faciitis, but a fairly mild case of it, tibialis posterior tendonitis, which is the tendon on the inside of the ankle that runs from the "bump in your ankle" to the top of your tibia. That's the one that's snapping constantly. I still have some symptoms of sinus tarsi syndrome but with all the PT I had, most of that is gone.

    I can't wait for my life back! I haven't been able to stand for more than 30 minutes without dying in agony, which there goes all housework for the most part, little to no shopping--or very quick trips. I still can't drive too long without hurting either. My right foot is the worst of the 2. I've had a couple of flare-ups too from the fibro and that's not helping the situation either!
  • hi yes i have that foot pain and hand pain lower back hip and chest pain i have suffered for 10 yrs i take a mixture of lyrica 200mg x3 times daily co-codamol 30/500 x 4 daily and anti depressants i was on a pain patch too but took a reaction to the adhesive i'm so fed up living in pain i've been off work now for 10mths after suffering from pneumonia i just want to know are there any pain meds that actually work as mine just about take the edge off if i'm lucky and having a good day!!!
  • that are compressed. I never understood when they operated on my l5/s1 why my foot would have such pain and numbing. In the end here I have had peripheral nerve releases in my lower legs in the last 4 months and after almost 3 years I now have movement and some feeling back. We are waiting to see what will come back as the nerves grow. They said my legs were like a diabetics leg, which I am not, but because of lyrica I am getting closer all the time. Just google peripheral nerve releases if you want to learn more.
  • It is amazing reading everyones post!! I was diagnosed with Fibro 3-4 yrs ago and have managed ok with it....about a yr ago I started having major right foot pain, first it was the heel, then it was the sides....i went thru everything, splints, boot walking cast, therapy, shots. It never got better..I had back surgery Aug 19, and believe it or not, after coming out of surgery, I had no foot pain...I guess where they gave me meds, etc. it just relaxed my whole body and it didnt hurt...of course I was bed ridden for a couple of weeks, and now that I am up moving, just walking around the house thru out the day, my right foot has started hurting major!! Its funny because I walk maybe a total of 3 hrs a day right now, and my foot hurts!!! It hurts in the night!!! I am at loss as to what to do....Still recovering from my back I dont want to deal with the foot dr. again when they never helped in first place!!
  • KristaBurke01KristaBurke01 Posts: 18
    edited 09/01/2014 - 4:58 AM
    One of my friends has pain on both the sides of feet. He gets it at joint of feet just at the ankles and he is thinking of getting Prolotherapy, he and I, we both don't know about Prolotherapy but he thinks it can cure it, he has seen some YouTube videos and some websites. Has anyone of you have experienced Prolotherapy, please help..
  • into the muscles to cause an inflammatory reaction. I have not found it to be beneficial, but others who have muscle related pain have said that it helped them.
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