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Anyone here living in MO??

EvelynEEvelyn Posts: 356
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Water Cooler
I just moved to Rolla, MO and i was wondering if there are any spineys living here! I had my spine surgery 13 months ago!! :H
Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.


  • I'm about an hour south of you outside a tiny town. There are a couple of others here too that I know of, none from Rolla though.

  • Hi Thumper and griff

    Thanks for answering, i was starting to wonder!! Thumper, i'm real sorry to hear you are depressed, i wish there is something i could do to help! Before my surgeries i was depressed as well because of the pain! Thank God the surgeries helped! Because of my age "62" and lack of exercise i have some pain but i can live with it!! I'm ready to go back to working out like i used to!! If talking helps please contact me!! Hope to hear from you soon! :)))

    Hi griff

    At least its a start to know someone is an hour away! Thank you for answering! I used to live in MO two other times, first as a child and second as a young adult, now i'm back as a senior and i hope to stay! I have family in a small town called Salem! I'm in a Senior Housing Complex and i so love it here!! =D> If i can answer any questions about back or tumor surgery please ask away!!

    Take care and God bless you both and i hope you both have a great holiday even tho you are in pain! I have long ago learned to do things to help block the pain instead of accepting it!!

    Evelyn :)))
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • Hi Evelyn and Griff,

    I was thinking (dangerous thing to do) that maybe my depression would get better if I talked about it. I have been pretty much silent about my condition for over a year. I have made myself a hermit for quite a few years now. I am still working and do have a friend at work that I talk to a little, but she is the only one. I don't even tell my sons.

    I have not had surgery yet. I am still in the diagnosis and treatment stage. I do know that I have a herniated disk in my neck and the one in the lumbar is gone. The space there is filled with air. Due to insurance ppl who don't know anything I have just seen my 3rd neuro surgeon. At least I have more than 1 opinion now. One said immediate surgeries (x2), one said physical therapy and the 3rd wants more testing first. I have already had the myleogram from hell (pardon the spelling) but he wants a nerve conduction test first since I have so many other things wrong with me.

    I also take pain meds. I could not continue to work without them. Which bring me to the reason I came online today. I am headed to the medication forum to see if anyone has had severe leg pain with Vicodin. I was thinking about that last night and trying to remember my worst pain of the day schedule. I am wondering if it it causing some of it. It gets so bad I can't even move my legs which turn into concrete sticks. I will be interested to see if anyone else has this problem.

    Catch up with you later!!

  • :))) :H

    Hello again Thumper

    Thanks for returning! I find that talking to someone "even via forums" helps alot and as you can see it's working!! I choose surgery over waiting because of the pain and i lost whatever social and employment life i had because of it. I am not good at waiting so i had it done A.S.A.P.!! I was lucky enought to have the best surgeons and nursing care there was! When i quit working i lived on a loan from a family member which saw me thru two surgeries! I am now living on Soc. Sec. and some day i will return to work!!

    I do understand about those stinking insurance people, wait till they need surgery and their insurance refuses to pay!! Do i understand you when you said Vicodin causes leg pain?? Please correct me if i'm wrong! As you can see i'm a talker and a subject jumper, heehee!! I have read so many things in this forum that has helped so much anywhere from large to small advise about my problems with my health!

    So many peoples have gone thru the same or almost the same health issues i have therefore we understand each others pain!! I sure hope you talk to you family about how much you are suffering, i'm sure they will do whatever they can to help!! Until later! :)))
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • Back atcha Evelyn :H

    I just posted my question in the medication forum. Strange huh? Why does increased leg pain and weight of concrete happen after I take it? I'm beginning to think it's a mental thing... I've gone off the deep end :))(

  • Hi Evelyn,

    I am in Osage Beach on the Lake of the Ozarks. I check in every once in a while and browse. My depression has gotten so bad I don't even turn this thing on much anymore. One day it will get better.

    Hope you are doing well and having a safe holiday weekend. I am holed up in the bunker until the tourists leave on Monday.
  • You made it to the forum so there's hope for you yet, 8} It may take awhile for you to get an answer to your question, i hope it helps! After my back surgery my legs and feet hurt something awful :''( , also my ankles and feet were like ice!! My sister and best friend would come over and each would put a foot under their shirt and rub my feet! That helped but they couldn't do it for very long! :<

    After the tumor surgery the same thing happened, i think it was a nerve problem! Some of the problems i had with the back didn't go away until after i had the tumor surgery which caused me to believe that the back was not causing the problem after all! Oh well, it isn't like the can undo the first surgery but my back does feel alot better now!! :)
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • Thumper, I have leg pain caused by damage to the spinal cord in my cervical spine. I take Vicodin and have never had the leg pain happen because of it- do you think it could just be coincidence? In any case I would definately bring it up to your doc or surgeon.

    I've suffered from depression too and know what you're going through. Depression can actually make your pain worse too and needs to be addressed. I finally got talked into taking an antidepressant and do feel better mentally. It does help to be here talking to folks that are in the same place too.

    Evelyn, I'll be going through Rolla tomorrow on my way to St Louis to my follow up with the surgeon. All I ever do is take 65 to the Freeway LOL. I've never really stopped there! I live off 65 between Houston and Cabool in the woods. We love it here and have only been here a little over 2 years. I'd love it moe if I could still do all the things we moved here for but, hey, no use crying over spilled milk now is there?

    Hey, we have our own thread now...our very own LOL!

    You ladies both take care,


  • Hi Griff

    Gee, i so sorry i didn't read you post sooner, i guess i missed my chance to meet!! :''( Maybe another time, i sure hope so!! I have heard of the town called Houston! I hear it's about an hours drive from Rolla. I will PM you if that's ok!!

    I am sure that your pain will stop and you will be feeling much better and then you and your husband will be able to do all the things you planned!! :) Take good care of yourself and God bless!! Talk to you soon!!

    Evelyn :)
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • PM away Evelyn!

    It took me over an hour and a half extra time to get to St Louis because of the rain and accidents on the road. It's the longest I've driven since my surgery and I was NOT a happy camper so meeting wouldn't have happened anyway. We'll have to pick a time when I don't have anything else to do!

    I didn't get great news from the surgeon unfortunately. I posted it under the Depression and Coping forum if you're interested.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that, i will still keep you in my prayers and i'm sure your life will get better as soon as your body is ready! Since everyone's body heals differently i'm sure your turn will come soon!!

    I'm going to the site you mentioned right now so take care and good luck!!

    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • Hi Griff

    Just checking in to see how you are feeling today! I hope today is much better then yesterday. :H

    Evelyn :)))
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • I'm doing okay. I started PT this week and am sore as all get out! I go back today so I'm going to have to tell him to lay off a bit, especially with all the stormy weather.

    How are things up north? I'm sure you get sore with the rain too. I hope you have a good weekend, take it easy and don't have too much pain.

    Talk to you soon!

  • We had one heck of a storm, the remnants if Ike, blow through here and I wanted to make sure that the MO gals were okay. We were without power until 4:30 am today and have a mess of debris to clean up- luckily no fallen trees hit any buildings or vehicles this time!

    We have pretty bad flooding at the rivers- houses halfway under water. It's sad to see. Most of the damage came from the downed trees and there are a LOT of them.

    Let me know ya'll are okay.

  • So far i'm ok. We also had it bad here in Rolla but not as bad as you guys it seems. #:S My heart goes out to the people who are suffering because of the storm! I started working out in the gym here where i live and overdid it last Friday and now i'm paying the price with dizzy spells. I'm laying for awhile till it blows over. My electric went out but only for a very short time, so did my unt in Salem. Her's last about an hour. My aunt says she has no trouble sleeping thru storms but i'm still new here and it scares the heck out of me!

    I'm looking for a "storm cellar" and the ain't now! :''(

    P.S. Did you notice that i'm a "subject jumper"?? =))

    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • I'm glad you're okay Evelyn. We had no power for 24 hours- easy for us since it wasn't the dead of winter in an ice storm LOL!

    Now we need to hear from Thumper and I'll feel better....where are you girl?

  • Good morning Griff

    You know i haven't heard from thumper in a long time either! :?

    I hope she is ok as well, maybe if we PM her?

    Evelyn :)
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • I live in St Louis, Mo.
  • Hi Ladies!

    Just haven't felt like turning this thing on lately. I still work full time and with all my conditionS it takes every ounce of energy I have to get up and go in the morning. I have so many things wrong and so much has happened in the past 5 years I wonder what my plan really is. I know I wouldn't be here if I had reached it, but he has something in mind for me so I will wait and see what it is.

    I slept right through Ike. My rain gauge over ran and it holds almost 5 inches. Wind was not bad. I had nothing blown down except lots of pine needles.

    My bed time is 8:00 so I have to get. Hope you are doing better this week!!!!! Gentle {{HUGS}}


  • for checking in sweetie, night night!! I)

    Evelyn :)
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • Hey just came across this thread. I live in St. louis. Have a lot of contacts your way though in Rolla and salem as well. Ike wasn't to bad to me but several family members really got a mess on hands as the rivers and creeks still waiting on crest this week. Anyway nice to meet you all.

    Griff i also just read your post and all i can say is dang. The last time we chatted was before your last surgery and my last surgery. Something wrong cause we have similar outcomes i think. Maybe we should try good luck charms or something. Anyway catch you all latter.
  • I forgot you were up there! My surgeon is in St Louis so I'm up there often.
    I'm sorry to hear about your family. There are so many who had it bad. I simply can't complain about this storm- we didn't lose any property and I thank God that I live on a hill.

    PM me and let me know what's going on with your surgery. I guess I'm going for a record for the most cervical surgeries in a year LOL!

  • Good to see ya. Here's hoping you feel better today. I overdid the exercising last week so i stopped and i started back today. Sure it hurts, but i just have to keep going so i don't end up in a wheelchair.

    Take care and will chat later! :)

    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • Hey tamtam and griff

    How you guys doing? I hope today is a good one and you are not in alot of pain. I understand you are busy and will post later, take care and have a really great day!! :H

    Evelyn :)
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • Hey evelyn how are you doing keeping up the workout. Griff what the story on the ER and the hardware any news yet.
  • The workouts are going great! If i keep this up and upgrade as i go along i should be back in shape by Christmas! <:P

    I guess griff is still busy or maybe not feeling so good! :H

    Evelyn :)
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • She posted she had been in the ER recently so i would assume not feeling very well. That would be a great christmas gift.
  • Hi Gals,

    I'm still waiting on the surgeon to call back. He had the CT report sent to him wherever he is at his confrence and they're supposed to contact me and let me know what he wants me to do but still no answer. Isn't that the way it always goes? The doc at the hospital admitted me after 8 doses of morphine didn't work and they put me on a drip. It took 2 days to get the pain back under control. They sent me home with Fentanyl patches and they, along with Lortabs for "breakthrough" pain, are doing a good job at keeping things from getting out of hand but I'm still not where I was before but at least I can function now.

    The day nurse on the hospital floor was a hoot. She was talking to the attending doc, who is one serious dude, about me and my CT scan and she told him "That poor lady, her screws are loose!". She said that the normally stoic doctor lost it and almost fell on the floor laughing. Hey, at least someone is having a good time, even if it's at my expense :)))

    I'll try to let you know when I hear anything. My friend has been in town this week and I'm trying hard to keep her entertained. The most I can do is walk around the mall LOL

    I hope you're all feeling well. Tamtam, let me know what's been happening since your surgery.

  • :jawdrop: I didn't know, i'm so sorry to hear this. I will keep you in my prayers and thanks for letting me know. After reading about your pain i have nothing to complain about, you are such a great lady!!

    Take care and God bless!

    Evelyn :)
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • Hey Girls,
    What's been cookin. Thought i would check and see how you are all doing? I been back and forth to the doc's and they will test the fusion on the 29th to see if it can with stand another surgery yet. Only problem I haven't agreed to another surgery yet. Want to explore all my options cause this is really getting old. Evelyn how is the workout going? Griff any news on what they are going to do? It may be written some where here but to lazy to look all over. Ok that's it from me time for the Mizzou game have chili and wings and decked out in my favorite missouri attire. Sure hope i get to use my air horn tonight. I'm a giver share with the neighborhood when missouri scores. hehehe
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