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cla_guaccla_gua Posts: 186
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Alternative Treatments
Has anyone tried accupuncture? If so, how where your results?



  • I think that acupuncture is fantastic! I was one of those folks that always poo poo'd acupuncture when someone offered it up as possible treatment. Now I'm someone that will try and convince another to at least "give it a shot".

    My first experience was 3 times a week for detox for a month and then it dropped to once a week and then I would get long term needles that would stay in and last me about 7 days. I'd get those about once every 3 weeks.

    I also received Chinese Scalp Acupuncture for my headaches as well as acupuncture with electrical stim for overall health and shoulders.

    It's good stuff,

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,720
    Mine have been varied. The actual experience was always positive. The problem I had was that the 'good' pain free
    feeling I had never lasted that long.
    I was having acupuncture treatments for about 3 months. Going once a week. In the beginning, I had so-so results, but as time went on, the results were better and better.
    But once I missed a week or so, the pain and problems came right back to where they were before.
    My treatments were not covered by my Insurance coverage, so $95 out of pocket expense started to add up.
    I was also going for Deep Tissue Massage treatments which were $85 per session and also not covered.
    I had to financially make a decision which of the two treatments gave ME better results. I went with Deep Tissue
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Thanks for your experiences. Acupuncture is the only thing I can think of that I haven't tried. I am going to give it a chance.
  • Called indwelling needles, are actually used in the ears (auricular acupunture) in different acupuncture protocols.

    Care has to be taken against infection, but in the countless times I've had them in place, I never had a problem with infection.

    Mine will last generally between 4 to 7 days before falling out.

    Most people will think that you are real "hip" and have some new fangled piercing in your ears.

    There's also little bandaid like covers that can go over them.

    There's also little bandaids with small balls in them for acupressure throughout the day. I don't like these as much.

  • I had my first acupuncture treatment today and when it was over and I got up the pain wasn't there but about an hour later it came back as strong as ever. I have another appointment Friday. I heard from someone that it takes a couple of days before you feel the effects of it. Is this true? I should have asked the dr. but I was happy that the pain was gone I didn't even think about it.
  • I don't think I can afford to go that often and my insurance won't cover it. I don't no if workmans comp. would pay for it since it is an on the job injury. My doctor did not authorize me see a acupuncturist.
  • I have been to the acupuncturist twice already. I go every Wednesday. My constent headaches that rainbow the top of my head to both sides of my ears is almost gone. Some of my neck muscle spasms are gone also. I am having great results. My Acupuncturist said four more visits. I just hope the pain doesn't come back when I stop. $60 a week adds up.

    I hurt pretty bad during the therapy. Yesterday he put needles in my palms. Oh my goodness!!! I don't feel any relief there or later that night. It is when I wake up in the morning with no headaches.
  • I went 6 times. It was about $100 visit. It didn't help long enough to keep on paying $100/week. I'm not sure it is the answer for nerve pain. Muscle pain I think I can see it helping a lot.
  • I have had 13 sessions, with two more scheduled and paid for. I have gone once a week on average (there were a few I had to cancel because of sickness). My appointments are 1 hour in length.

    I think acupuncture can work for some people and it is always worth trying. But in general you need to give it time to work, and one session is usually not enough to do this.

    That said, so far it really hasn't been working for me. I may have had a tiny bit of relief when I first started, but that may just have been coincidental. After 13 weeks, at $65 each, I won't be going back after the next two, unless I see phenomenal results in those treatments.
  • I had my third visit yesterday. I am truely feeling good. I won't say great because I am still maybe 15% away from 100% of being where I was before my injuries but I'll take it. I just wish I would have tried this earlier. I am just really hoping that when I stop it all doesn't come back. I had not one single headache today. Not one. I am going through my Labor and Delivery rotation at a hospital. I work hard and I can do it. Which I am so happy for right now. I am feeling optomistic and hope everything continues in the right direction.

    Thanks to everyone for the information and support.

    large bulge c5-6, minimal bulge at c6-7 and c7-t1
  • I had my fourth visit yesterday. My headaches seem to be controlled which I love. My neck aches are almost gone also. I don't have as much cracking sounds in my neck like I use to. But I still have all my shoulder and mid backaches that are not going away at all. I have two more visits to go per suggestion of accupuncturist. I am glad I tried it and am feeling better. Of course I don't think this is a cure but it does controll my pain which is something.

  • 2 days ago.
    The treatment is only partial provided by my insurance.

    First 2 sessions lasted 15 minutes than each session is 20 minutes.
    Dr. said the treatment speeds recovery by making more endorphines around the aching area. All left leg from that body part on which one sits down, on both sides of the leg to toes.
    I would say pain went from 10+ to 8. I am NOT satisfied.
    Still on painkillers & sleep helpers (the oxycodone I save for the weekend :D ) I have asked my spine ortho to send me, this time to a proper hospital, to get an epidural.
    This will be covered by the insurance.

    Will this help more? for how long?
    Y.S IL
  • Yona-
    This is what my experiences have been. My problems are muscular. I don't have any bulge really pressing hard enough on my spine to cause me any significant nerve damage or really bad pain. I do have horrible muscle spasms all day everyday. I had two epidurals last December. They did nothing for me, not one thing other than having a really sore back for a couple of days. Now I have heard that when you have nerve problems epidurals work great for some. But like me that my problems are muscles it didn't work. I hope that they work for you.

    The accupuncture didn't take away my problems, it just has really helped my muscle spasms. My pain level has decreased. I have gotten some headaches back but still nowhere like before.

    At least you tried it and know it didn't help you. You just have to move on to the next thing. I hate that we are in this situation. I just hope that you can find some pain relief.

  • Spina- 22 visits. Wow! How has your improvement been in healing terms? I missed my visit yesterday. I still fell ok. My muscles have calmed down a lot but I still have muscle pains everyday. I am not complaining at all. I just want to know if it heals or just helps with the pain. I studyed in my OB/maternity class that endorphins are a natural pain reliever. It is such a strong pain reliever that it is compared to Morphin. So I started thinking that maybe it just helps control the pain and doesn't heal the injuryed part of your body. What do think about that? My accupuncture told me about the chi and how the endorphins heal the body. But now learnig it is a natural pain reliever I am kind of starting to think it is just for that.

    I love the accupuncture and what it has done for me. It is going to be a part of my pain management for sure from here on out but I kind of think I was hoping for a cure, a fix to mmy problems. I just don't think that is going to happen. But all in all I am happy
  • Just to let you know, I went to a OT today where they also do Acupuncture. She said it doesn't cure, just helps with the pain. She also actually came out and said it doesn't work for everyone (Now thats honesty!). I told her I would try a few treatments just to see, but I'd try anything right about now.

    Good Luck!

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,720
    do not cure, but they help to reduce some of the pain and discomfort which in turn can be beneficial in your recovery.
    I have so many different conservative treatments over the years and many times they were successful enough to put me in a better state so that I could start a mending process.
    My recent situations (last 10 years) were not post surgery, there were spinal problems that cropped up after so many years with surgery and flareups. So, when I went for acupuncture, I knew it wasnt going to eliminate my pain, but instead it was going to make me more comfortable. It is amazing how much are bodies can respond and improve when the pain and discomfort is reduced.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Ron, it is amazing what our own bodies are capable of once the pain and discomfort is reduced!

    The doc that I get acupuncture from also treats the "whole body" because if "things" aren't flowing easily then your body can't deal with them effectively. She has done whole body treatments and resets in conjunction with treating muscle spasms, neck and head pain. It is utterly amazing what a skilled acupuncturist can do!

  • I went for 3 months and it did not work for me. I had treatment in the cervical area and shoulder. At times,relaxed me but did not cure me.I believe it works for some but not all.

  • that I don't enjoy the acupuncture.
    Sometimes I thing\k that the pain frm the needles replaces other pains. Bt than they return.
    Y.S IL
  • Yona- I kind of feel the same way. When I was getting my first treatment I was thinking the same thing. What am I doing this hurts really bad. Have you seen the movie "Man in the Moon" about Andy Koffman? If you have do you remember that one scene where he went to a healing Dr and the Dr pretented to take something out of his stomach. And then there was a door that was cracked open and he could see people cutting up pieces of chicken. Than he started laughing because he realized that there was nothing that was going to cure him from cancer. I know that sounds drastic but that is what went through my head my first visit at the accupunctures. Was that I need to face reality and except that my neck wasn't going to return to normal and that this was going to be my life.

    That sounds like a real downer but I have had great results with accupuncture. My disc are still bad and aren't going to get better but my muscles have sure calmed down.

  • My son had a great success with Acupuncture (inflamation of a tendom in the arm and he is a musician!) my suster succeeded treating gall blader stones. So I give it a try.
    I get it now only once in 2 weeks because of Jewish holidays. Sounds crazy, I know.

    But I also going to treat the pains with an epidural.
    Almost the same, no?

    I am in such hope that it will succeed.

    I promise to go on with the cupuncture if pains are gone...
    If no - there is oxycodoe...

    BTW, I didn't see the movie but I heard stories about cutting a dove etc. Disgusting.
    BTW yona = dove in Hebrew.
    Y.S IL
  • Yona- An epidural is where a Dr will inject a type of steriod into the dural space of your spinal cord. This med is suppose to coat the area where the disc are irritating the spinal cord. It is also suppose to decrease swelling. I had two last year in Dec and had no relief. Trigger point injections are similar to accupuncture but a pain med is injected and it is suppose to calm the muscle down and relieve pain. I haven't had this yet because my Dr has canceled three time already. I am ready to find a new PM DR.

    I hope the epidural works for you. It works wonders for some.

  • The wasn't as painful as I feared.
    The chronic pains are much worse.
    I am having the pais for about 9 months.
    Then an epidural. No baby. Yet...

    I hope to get a good sleep and wake up, whenever - as a pain free person.
    Y.S IL
  • Yes, i tried accupuncture but unfortunately it was not efficient for me.
  • I have tried it too, a few times. Every time it definitely helped but was not something that ever really lasted. I think it relived the muscles that were working very hard to compensate for my underlying problem, but the acupuncture itself did not address the root cause.

    Most times I had it they attached a battery to the needles to send pulses into the muscles. A bizarre and not entirely pleasant sensation to say the least!

    Would I go back for more? Yes but likely only if I had an acute flare-up.
  • I tried accupuncture three times. At no time did I experience any significant relief. As far as I can tell I wasted $300 on this type of therapy.

    I am not speaking for or against accupuncture. It just didn't work for me for the problems that I had.
    Disability retirement
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