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Pain is brutal =(

manaleriemmanalerie Posts: 547
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Lower Back Pain
:''( Had epidural yesterday. Yesterday was bad. This morning I felt amazing. Now I'm in serious pain. I haven't done anything strenuous, or any lifting. How do I go from so good to so bad so dang fast?!

I called my PM, can't do anything till they talk to my neuro. He was supposed to call them yesterday.

I have to go do PT today. I can't imagine walking, let alone PT!! :''(


  • This is officially torture ~X(
  • still hasn't called my PM. seriously. This is not cool.
  • What the EDITED? Are you their receptionist?? The patient shouldnt be reminding the doctor to do what they promised!!! Ugh...I'm so sorry you are going through this.
    I was just about to type - "I cant imagine the injection pain"....wait- back up. YES I CAN and it is terrible.
    I remember the first one I had, I nearly fell off the table to jumped to high when they hit the nerve. Holy hell.

    Hope you get some relief soon. Have you taken anything for the pain?

    I am having a terrible pain day today. I am wondering if its from my period - its due sometime this week.

    I posted about it in the 'chronic pain' section because I am noticing more and more that the week of my period is flare up on top of flare up.

    I put the kids down for a nap and made myseld a HUGE bowl if ice cream. I sit here on the couch with my legs extended...its brutal. My right leg doesnt even feel like its my own and its feeling like its in a full on leg cramp - except that its not in a cramp. Its just the signal that my nerve is giving off. My last 3 toes are completely numb, which is kind of ok because its the one part of my leg that isnt hurting...cause i cant feel it!!!!

    Sorry this turned into a tangent about myself.

    Hope you get some relief soon!!
  • Because I don't have any pain meds. The Neuro gave me 15 percocet to last through yesterday. The PM gave me nothing, and the neuro said the PM should take over, he will have to call him. That was yesterday.

    I called PM, and told them I am not on meds, and what the neuro said. They told me I have to wait till they hear from the neuro.

    I hate being passed around. Meanwhile, I'm left here to suffer while they figure this crap out. GRRRRRR

    (Alina, I did post a response already for you on your other post :D)
  • Amanda

    I'm so sorry you've been just tossed to the side and left to suffer like this! It makes me so angry when people like us get tangled up in the phone tag games. If anyone should understand that when one is in pain, moments often feel like hours, it should be those that specialize in treating pain. And if your PM is as busy as mine is then you know that likely nobody even tries to call other doctors such as your NS until the end of the day because they're over booked and don't have time to do those things during the day. They just tell ya that to try to get you off their backs-at least that's my opinion anyway.

    I hope that something gets done soon so that you're able to get some relief. Was it today you were supposed to go to PT or did I misunderstand that? If so, how did it go? And if it's not today, then I hope you'll feel up to it when the time comes.

    Try to keep your chin up and stay on them until they do what they said they would for you, OK?

    Hang in there, and try to take care of you....
  • Tanya, I had PT today, and did leave feeling a lot better. I stiffened up by the end of the evening, but it wasn't too bad. The stretches helped a lot. They refused to do the "rigorous exercise" my PM prescribed, they actually laughed when they saw that. They looked at me and said "uh, no way, not today!"

    Paul, I asked if they do sedation, and was told no. They said they need me to be alert and answering questions while they do the procedure, so they could not sedate me. I tell ya, the whole procedure is torture!! But it only lasted a few seconds, and hopefully it will be worth it. I am feeling better in my low back now, but of course my upper back has flared up like no ones business. I have got some super massive knots!!! If it isn't one thing its another right?

    Thanks guys, for all of your support. You are all wonderful. If anything, you at least help me to take my mind of things for a minute :D >:D<
  • Any woman that can handle ESI's without sedation is a heck of a lot bigger woman than I am!!! :SS

    I had an IM injection of something that was supposed to help me once and it didn't...that SUCKED! Then another time, my IV line had blown, so when they administered the fentanyl/versed cocktail, it didn't hit me until an hour later when I was on my way home. And I had 3 levels done bilaterally that day! Now I make them flush the IV to make sure it's a clean stick before they give me the good stuff. I've been doing these injections for nearly 3 years and I still get nervous everytime they wheel me into that procedure room until the nurse does the duty. NEVER will I have procedures done on my back w/o it! It really is quite the painful brutality to have these things done, even tho for some of us there is at least some relief from them.

    You're just one of the many women that are much stronger than I am....you go girl! =D> I don't buy the whole alertness thing...unles they're doing a discogram they don't necessarily need you to be responsive-but even still, you are still able to moan or yelp when they hit the "right" spot, you just don't remember it! (provided the same drug, versed, is given, either alone or with fentanyl like in my PM clinic) Personally, I would mention it again and stress how miserable you were, panicked, whatever...when I first started with this PM they tried to tell me they didn't need to do sedation either, but I got them to agree to the IM sedation which they saw didn't work so they then started doing the IV sedation. Now, whenever I'm in there it's pretty rare to hear people answer "no" when asked if they're to receive sedation. Speaking of which, I dunno if it's like this anywhere else, but here-it's always the elderly that refuse the sedation and they never seem phased by it at all! Talk about the tough generation! God bless 'em! :D

    Hang in there hun....you should feel better very soon! Just keep takin' care of you, OK? ;)
  • My Dr told me the same thing...couldn't sedate,so I passed out instead! If you can ,show up at your Dr's office,maybe that will force them to help you out. You should be getting their attention....how wonderful you are a cancer survivor.....you must be one tough cookie!
    Hope you have a good day.....and feel better

  • Tanya, how wonderful you have survived cancer....I am still asleep...I think Amanda is a tough woman, but you too must be a strong lady. Sorry about my confusion!
    Anyway...I need more coffee....Feel good guys
  • Why thank you... But I am not a cancer survivor, have you confused me with someone? I thank you for your reply... Seeing hopeful new primary doctor today. Not too sure if its appropriate to discuss these issues on the first visit, but I think I have to.
  • I never read that in Tanya's signature before... Shoot Tanya, YOU GO GIRL!
  • :D It's all good, sage! I find myself getting people and their stories mixed up sometimes too-we all do it, & you know what I do when I'm mixed up/forgetful? I just blame it on the meds! ;) Cuz that's my story, & I'm stickin to it! :P

    Thank you for your kind words. I try to be strong, but to be honest, most of the time I'm not. I'm just a weak little girl inside a 34 yr old broken body. But I'm working on being stronger/more confident & someday I'll get where I need to be-all the while learning to love myself. :)

    Never forget to take care of you..
  • Thank you Amanda! :D

    I'm not kidding when I mention in responses to people that I've had/have a ton of health issues besides my back/leg! Heck, this will be the first year in 10 years that I haven't had any surgery (unless I'm blessed with a miracle in getting my back taken care of-which I'm certainly not counting on!lol). I guess in some ways, having had to deal with so many health problems might have toughened me up some to enable me to endure this very long back injury/chronic pain situation. <):)

    My mantra: "one day at a time...it's all I can do..." :)

    You're pretty tough too ya know! Hey, wanna duke it out-see who's the toughest??? =)) ;)
  • I think you take the cake in that area!! Also remember to take care of YOU. :D

    On second thought... will there be mud involved?
  • Tanya,

    You calling me OLD!?! =))
  • Hehe, so what if I am C? You gonna join in the mud-fight too? /:) ;) :P

    Oh, btw...Amanda...does that answer your question about whether or not there'll be mud? :D

    But no slinging of the mud...there's enough of that going on in the mainstream media already! [( Deal? We'll just push each other down in it or something...

    Oh boy, I better quit :T ...I can just see it now all the people reporting me to the MOD SQUAD for being kinky or something... :SS O:)
  • wrestling in chocolate pudding? =))
  • Hmm... :? That's a good question!

    I'd say that's a possibility...either that or caramel... 8> :P
  • Caramel and chocolate...Yumm!

    Oh wait, you want to waste that? :T
  • Having had two epidurals the reaction was different every time and the level of pain relief, and invasive process is going to have implication and take time to settle down, it was an alternative sensation to the constant sciatic and for me lasted about three to four months, it did not stop the pain but did nullify it to some extent and was a short term strategy..

    Lance is in the building, I await a call, he is made of strong stuff.

    Take care and keep cycling, I have been known to laugh and cry simultaneously, not a good look.

  • I had an epidural ESI I think its called, but someone called it a Caudal block? Anywho, my pm's clinic has always used sedation with the injections, except for th discogram (that is whole other thing!) I would not opt for the injections without some kind of sedation. Not sure what they give me but they ask if I am ready to "take a little nap" and then I am out. I fall asleep face down on the table, wake up on my back or side back where I started.
    I am going to have my second in this series in a week and a half. The doctor said I could have 3, apparently it is a series of 3.
    I can relate very well to the increase in pain after the injection. I had my first one on a Thursday and by that evening my pain had doubled. I did not start to feel relief until Monday afternoon. I hope this injection helps longer, seems like it didn't help my back pain much at all but did help the leg pain for about ten days.
  • Getting pain back in my spine again! :''( That, or the pain in my hips is getting out of control, causing a flare up in my spine.
  • sorry you had to go through all that crap.
    my PM that i had for mine will NOT DO ANY procedure like a ESI without sedation. and your not knocked out. its just a pain med and a relaxer through a IV w/ fluid makes it much much easier. i was also RX'd meds to take afterwards as for 4 days i could not move..

    darlin not telling you what to do, but i would find another PM if possible and or allowable. no one in their right mind should have one with out some kind of relaxation.

    i totally understand a discogram or mylogram but injections ummmm NAH. i was even offered it for a SI joint injection but i was already there. different dr and said go ahead get er done :D and he does these 5 days a week 30 a day so i knew i was safe. i did my homework first. only had lots of pressure and the whole thing was over in like 2 minutes.

    ok you probably think im like in a RANT MOOD i kinda am as i do not feel well either and im in lots of pain.
    so sorry if it sounds that way. some drs just aggravate me. ARGGHHHH.

    you take care hun, and i hope you can get some relief for the pain that came back.

    lots of hugs and kisses
    terri >:D< :* :* >:D< :*
  • I have had 3 ESI's, and 1 facet joint injection - all of them without sedation, and I was fine. I see no reason, in my situation, for being sedated in any way for these procedures.

    So, I think it is very individual.

    I hope you feel better Amanda.
  • My first pain management doc refused to use sedation.
    My current pain management doc leaves the decision to the patient. They use a light sedation that doesn't last a really long time. I haven't had it with this doc's injections, I have such faith in him I am really quite calm and relaxed. I know it will only hurt alot for a couple of minutes. My first pain management experience was much different. Different docs and practices treat patients totally different.
    If some doctors use sedation, then the ones that can't are just feeding you a line of b s -- Some practitioners are cold and callous, I think they are in it just for the money. Not that money isn't important, but a medical practitioner has to have a certain amount of empathy, otherwise they are worthless.
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