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Opinions (picture, hopefully)

LoLLo Posts: 694
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Not sure if that will show up as a picture. Anyway.... At my surgical consultation my NS told me that she was going to try to put the screws in just through small holes over where they go, and that she was going to use this water proof glue stuff. So after surgery they told me it went well, the discectomy was able to be performed from the front, and she saw my nerve and said there may be some irritation still because of scar tissue around it. Tested my strength, everything was fine, so on and so forth. When I was being discharged the P.A. told me I could take my bandages off and shower... And I asked about the waterproof glue stuff on my back, and he just said I could take all the bandages off and shower. So when I get home, I take them off and find staples... I showered with my staples uncovered and my stomach has steri strips covering it still. Does that sound right? I wasn't told there was going to be staples... My boyfriend said if they told me I can shower, then I can.. But I just wanted to know if anyone else had the same instructions regarding their incisions with staples.

If that picture doesn't show up, there is a link




  • I forgot to add... That's a picture with me laying on my left side.
  • sorry I didn't have staples so cannot offer any advice..just glad you are home!
  • Hiya LO >:D<
    I had a disctectomy but my scar is on my back :O . I had staples, i was told i could shower but not to get it wet :SS . I had the dressing changed 3 times a day, this was because the medication i was on caused me to sweat #:S , and the staples had to be kept clean and dry. What they did say, was where the staples clip on to your skin, if the area starts to go red there could be an infection :| . The picture of your scars look clean :) . Your scars must be irratating you, i mean where you have them ~X( .Just keep the area dry and clean, and you will be ok . Get Well Soon! If you want to PM me to vent you can :H

    Angie x
  • My discectomy was 8 years ago and I can't remember. I already suffer from CRS at this age some times! #o

    I did have staples though, and I showered often. Just keep it as dry as you can when you are not in the shower.

    They took my staples out with what looked like a regular old staple remover. It was odd.

    Glad you are home!!!! Hope that you recover quickly! :D
  • Yeah they never really told me anything about the staples aside from telling me 3 days after surgery, I could shower. I waited almost 4.

    Medicine that makes you sweat? Boooo :( That must have been absolutely no fun at all.

    Thanks for the advice. I will def try to keep it clean and dry!

    That is a picture of my back. I know it may look like a weird tummy, haha, but I had just woken up from laying on my back all night, and there is still some swelling around the staples, so it looks like another life form, really.

  • Thanks :D

    Sooo.... Hey.... You wanna come over with a staple remover and just take mine out for me? Haha.

  • I had staples with PLIF and had to keep mine covered and no shower til staples removed. Changed bandange everyday and checked for redness, swelling, or oozing. If they told you you can shower, yeah just watch for the signs of infection like everyone else. I wish I could have showered, that was hell in June.
  • LO YOUR HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEE GIRL!!!!

    Ok Like the others said just keep it dry and clean.
    I'm just going by my C sections which is alot of darn staples thank god I do not wear a bikini /:) =))

    I used anitboitic cream on mine. The 1st op was fine.
    The 2nd op I was not so luck and got an infection.
    Watch for increased redness,burning feeling and oozing of any color. Infections are no fun.

    I had glue. Since you mentioned your hospy was a bit dingy in care ;) Mabye they forgot to tell you about your back and just told you about your belly. Did they check it before you left???

    Anyways all our advice is good BUT BUT give your dr a call. I would just be ticked they did not tell you. Gheesh louise!!!

    The cream helps with itching to since you will have that darn old brace on darlin.

    OK EDIT BUTTON LOL about the picture. The did this laproscopic????????? OK I know dumb question as that's what the scars look like. So hopefully you will have less post op pain involved with those areas. Pic looks good so far. (personal opinion only) don't want papa bear coming to get me or nohting =))

    Sounds like your in good spirits must be the drugs or your age =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

    >:D< :* >:D< :* >:D< :* >:D< :*
  • I had 9 or 10 staples after my MicroD and they came out after a week. I am a really quick healer which is good in most circumstances but it meant that the staples had become a bit embedded in my skin. They took them out by snipping them in half and then pulling out the two ends. Only 2 of them came out cleanly, the other 7 or 8 were really stuck in there and it was pretty bad having taken them out. From what I have heard I think that was a pretty uncommon experience and the nurse who was doing it was very apologetic and wished they could have come out a few days earlier.

    Sorry if that is a bit negative, but I wasn't prepared for any pain and it set me back a bit mentally as I had a really rough time in labour with my son and it made me flashback to it even though it was a totally different situation.

    It sounds like you are doing great, I know how awful it feels having hairy legs, I somehow managed to do mine when I was stodd in the shower but with my leg up on a chair.

    How's the tummy ?

  • See, that's the stuff that makes me wonder... How things are so variable by each doctor. Crazy.

    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!
  • You are HERE! Hehehe :)

    Wow, I'm sure your csections did send you home with a bunch of staples. My mom had staples, too. When I had my son I had dissolvable stitches. They were awesome. Except the knot at the end didn't dissolve, my skin grew over it and my mom's friend who is a nurse had to pull it out for me. Lol.

    I was told I couldn't put anything on my incisions :( Booooo. Neosporin would feel so nice I'm sure! Lol. Redness is the big one I am totally watching for. Just had my boyfriend check my staples for redness and there isn't any. Phew. So far, so good.

    Well, it was supposed to be done through 4 tiny incisions... But it wasn't. That's why I was told there would be just the waterproof glue. She said if she couldn't just get through the tiny hole with the screw, she was going to have to do it open. And my bottom incisions are a few inches long each, and look like they had been cut, and then cut again since the lines are not totally straight. I was never told about stitches, and my research on the procedure was supposed to be 4 small like, half inch incisions. Apparently that didn't work for me :(

    Good spirits.. Yes. Gotta be my age. Lol Since I've been home I've only taken Dilaudid twice. Last time being 2am. So 11 hours ago. I took a regular 5 mg perc when I woke up, and then another 5mg perc like 3 hours ago. I didn't want to use my Dilaudid up right away. I'm going to take it now and lay down & watch a movie with the BF, since I think I already did too much today.

    My brace is AMAZING. When I wear it, the only pain I feel is the incision in the front, and SOMETIMES depending on how I'm walking (I don't walk normal yet) I only feel hardware pain I think from the left side. Once I take my brace off, it feels like my guts are falling out and my back is being squished. It's a great brace, and I can't imagine what it must be like for those who weren't ordered any. I'm sure it varies by brace, but mine is amazing... I am in love with it already. When I'm in bed, I don't wear the brace, but I lay it out, open, and lie on top of it. Feels better than lying on a bed. Weird.

    My main pain is my like, hips, thighs, groin type area... Like where your thighs and pelvis meet. Ugh! Yucky! I bought a heating pad for that. But other than that I feel pretty good!
  • They had to use that many staples for a MicroD? The incision should have only been 1.5 to 2 inches.... Jeez. Maybe they ended up having to do a regular Discectomy? Hmm.

    No need to apologize... I want real feedback! I appreciate it a lot. Good or bad, I want to hear it.

    My back where the staples are doesn't hurt at all. My stomach is another story. My insides feel so crappy Lol. They're still swollen, as is my incision in the front. But it's okay. When I wear my brace it makes EVERYTHING feel better.
  • Lo, maybe he forgot you had staples. I know my surgeon asked me on day of discharge if I had staples. They don't remember what they put in us 8} . I had internnal stitches and steri-strips and was told to shower with incision uncovered. At work our c-section moms with staples shower with incision uncovered. All these docs are so different with what they want. My question is when do you go back for a check-up? You don't want those in there longer than about 7 days, cause they will grown over and be harder to remove. Glad you are home and doing well. >:D< Sue
  • Hi!

    I had staples with my TLIF on August 5. My doctor allowed me to shower when I was released from the hospital after a three day stay. I was told to watch for the normal things like redness, drainage and a fever, as they could be signs of an infection. And, I was not allowed to use any soap, creams, or ointments. Mine were removed ten days later at the neurosurgeon's office. Some of them came out easily, other pulled a little, but it was not anything extreme. I, too, had and still have to some extent, pain in the hips and groin area. However, I am now 8 weeks post-surgery, and it is already much better. I use a moist heating pad, and it is a godsend.

    I hope that my experiences can help you in your recuperative journey!

  • I had 40 staples-they said I could shower but they did not want me to "soak" them. I wear my brace still (even in the shower) but I loosened it so I could get water in it-my incision came out fine. Is that your back? I thought you said they went in through the front.
  • You know what? Maybe he did. I'm not sure if he was there during surgery, so maybe he didn't check the notes.

    I have the steri strips over the front, so those are doing well. My back actually the incisions don't hurt so much at all. The front incision killsssss.

    Thanksss :)
  • Yeah, that sounds about what my instructions were. Can get them wet but no soaking, no creams or ointments, and I go back in 10 days.

    Sweet. Thanks for your info.
  • Yeah I'm not supposed to wear my brace in the shower or when sleeping. But other than that, even if I'm sitting in bed propped up, then I'm supposed to wear it. Thankfully it's comfortable.

    Yes, it is my back. They went in through BOTH the front AND the back. I only have staples in the back, though, and stitches in the front.
  • You were told to wear your brace in the shower? wow, never heard of that before. Is it one of those hard plastic braces?

    God Bless,
    Christina :)
  • Looking Good

    All advice as above - sounds right to me

    Good recovery!
  • My brace is hard plastic too-and yes, I have to wear it in the shower-and ANYtime that I am not laying COMPLTELY flat! :''(
  • After some of my other surgeries, I was told to use the blow dryer on low heat or cool air, to insure it was dry. Rose
  • Hey Lo,

    Glad you are doing well and ready to show off your battle scars. Quite impressive! Does this mean that this surgery solved all your problems, or are you still scheduled to have a fusion later this month? Let us know how is you recovery going. I saw your posts on another thread but somebody here is worried about you as she has not seen any new posts from you. So please, don't keep us all in suspense!

    Take good care of yourself,



  • Thank you :) I appreciate it.

    Yes, this surgery is my one and only fusion. My anterior/posterior in one. My sciatica is gone! My right foot is already stronger.... I am already walking lots, wearing my brace, of course... Feeling really good.
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