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swelling and painful hands and fingers

MKBMKB Posts: 30
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:24 PM in Chronic Pain
2 days ago, I woke from a nap with both my hands swollen feeling and tight.My fingers ached and nothing seemed to help. I woke up yesterday with the same symptoms, after waking up every 1-2 hours. Today, no pain, but still swollen and tight. Can anybody relate?


  • :B MKB -

    Oh, I can SO totaly relate to this. My hands swell (you know how it feels when you are wearing big bulky gloves and you try to make a fist? That's how my hands feel upon waking) and they hurt when I wake up in the mornings (or on the rare occasion I get to nap). I also have pain in my wrists, ankles and feet. But, as I move around, this swelling and discomfort usually go away within about an hour.

    I think that is indicative of some sort of arthritis. Nothing major (in MY circumstances; may not be the same for you and your circumstance). It's best to ask a health care professional.

    I have heard that when we are lying down, the blood in our bodies tends to kind of "pool" at the areas the farthest away from our heart. Almost like the flow has slowed a bit and the blood (or red blood cells) have kind of "settled" down - at least that is my take on it. I'll probably check back here in a day or so and learn I am way off base! And, "in my case" that is probably the reason for the swelling I experience. May be even the pain, too!

    Good luck, my cyber friend. Hope your doctor tells you it's nothing to worrry about!

  • Thanx for your kind answer. I'll be asking my doc about this new pain I'm having on top of everything else! One thing I can say is that it's certainly taken the focus off my other pain problems!
  • Yes. I have this happen all of the time. My hands are swollen, painful and numb when I wake up. I tend to swell in my ankles and feet also and have done so since I was very young (child). I have mentioned it to docs on many of occasions and really do not get a good answer. I do have a diuretic in with my BP meds and it used to help. I find that if I try not to sleep on my hands or bend them it helps a little. I wrap my arms around a pillow while laying on my side and that helps me to not end ip sleeping on them. If you get an answer from your doc, please let us know.
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