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Just a tiny wheeny whine k

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,731
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I don't do this much for sure.
As I am very hopeful and strong and no one will talk that part of me away image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" />

But yesterday morning I awoke with my neck stiff, it got worse through out the day and of course I was all medicated and it did not help much but a bit.
I'v been using my rice sock like all the time.

Now here is the kicker I take a percocet and soma at 11pm. And WHO IS AWAKE IN PAIN??? MUAH! :''( Gheesh louise its only 1:30am!! :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:
Here my back did ok today except for the morning and I have to take the dang meds all day anyway }:) }:) }:)

Its my neck /chest/shoulders/inbetween my shoulder blades, so its 1 either a fibro flare 2. the dang dog slept with us last night and I ended up twisting all over the bed UGHH I don't know. After I heat/medicate I am semi comfy so I won't attribute to my other issue going on now.

But for you of those that have had neck issues like myself you surely know, and man I feel your pain if you have it now.

Ok enough rambling. Going to read for a bit. Im sooooo tirreeddd, thats the worst when you can crash but can't because of something else #o #o

Thanks for my whine. Plus leave some crackers and cheese if you respond =)) =)) =)) =))

Love ya all!!!
>:D< >:D< >:D< :X :X O:) O:) :* :*


  • I love w(h)ine and cheese lol =)) It's good to vent. I hope you have a good sleep. Have you tried some warm milk? Hope you have a better sleep tonight. Take care. Charry (|: >:D<
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • thanks charry, got a picnic basket to. not guarenteeing i can sit on the ground but hey =))

    i hope i sleep to. i did sleep all night last night so i won't complain to much. im sitting here with a blanky, rice sock and a percocet. oh plus a ice pack on my back. lol
    im achy all over. mabye its that dang girl thing coming to get me. ghheshh darn thing.
    i will re heat the rice sock if need be going over the 20min rule on heat but hey its not going to kill me :D

    feel like i did a upper body marathon without doing anything :? :? [( image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> O:) i can start to feel the pill a little bit so i will give it a few more minutes. i know i will awake in pain again but oh well i will deal with that when it come. whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • i hear ya terri here it is 0100 and i cant sleep cause of the pain and overall discomfort....guess ill head on over to pogo and mess around a while!
  • ethan if i was awake enough to play pogo we would go play golf or shoot pool but i can't keep my dang eyes straigt, but of course the body is not playing nice.

    sorry your up to!!!!!!!!!! man oh man must be because of halloween and its not even friday the 13th image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" />

    hope you get some rest soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh Terri, why o why is it always something? :( I awoke with a pain in the neck too this am, of course then it gave me a roaring headache. And it was raining here in Cali finally and the increased barometric pressure = worse headache. So I went to PT and exercised with a headache, yuck :T . I want to take some excedrin! But no, I am not allowed to take NSAIDS. And Norco does nada for a headache.

    My kids went to work at the church harvest festival and they won't be home til the wee hours cause they are helping to disassemble the whole thing. So even if I could sleep, I can't sleep with my kids out, just not possible. I guess I 'll get over this when they move out, or not 8}

    So I am watching TLC with my heating pad and laptop. Ooops I need to go grow my bone (BGS)! Hope tomorrow is a better day for all. >:D< :* >:D< :* >:D< :* Darla
  • You know those dang 4 legged furry things that crawl into OUR beds (not theirs) and sprawl out like they own the place. Force us to twist and contort and who winds up hurting?! Not them!!!

    It just ain't fair. Why can't we sleep all night and wake up and wag our tails?

    Gotta love em though!!!

  • i sorry hunny your hurting to >:D< did you pass it to me???? if you did im coming after you.

    umm cali i read the bottle of excedrine. thats the only thing that helps my headaches. there is no motrin in them. just tylenol caffine etc. no NSAIDs

    we have crazy weather here. it was gorgous today go figure for halloween, but now its damp and chillllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    figures i have to go get blood work done for next friday and we are going to a rental place where i always go for new furniture. thats our xmas present and i need to be comfy when i come home. no stairs after the test, and who knows they may stent me there.

    i just want part of me back so that i can get my body back into some sort of shape. that does not help anyone at all being "out of shape" ugghh.

    ok im rambling =)) =)) percs and soma will do that =)) @) @)

    my meds are kicking innnnnn whoooo hooooooooo but the middle of my back still hurts.
    im being nice and letting the my grand puppy use the heating blanket. she has a UTI and is so swollen. she started her meds this afternoon.
    im such a nice grammy, don't like to see her hurt, cause they can't tell ya. but i can see it in her body movements and eyes 8> 8> 8> we need two blankies for emergencies =))

    love ya hunny TLC is da bomb.
  • she must of heard you or you sent special powers.
    she just came running down the stairs =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) <:P <:P
  • :) if you and your puppy are still up, drop by the "sleep problems" forum tonight. you can bring your rice bag with you! sorry to hear you aren't feeling very well this evening! ~X( take care! Jenny :)
  • Ok Ms Terri, you are three hours ahead of me, so I think you must of had the neck ache first! =)) So I am coming to get YOU! }:) Just kiddding :D Now I am a cat person, so no dog is gonna take over my bed, but my kitty likes to sleep by my feet :)

    Oh, and the Excedrin, if it is regular or migraine it has aspirin in it as well as tylenol and caffeine. Aspirin is an NSAID unfortunately. Now if you have Excedrin Tension it is only tylenol and caffeine. I did try that but no luck this am. I am a little better now. I have one kid home, the other still out. 18 doesn't mean there are no rules :T ! (at least not if ya wanna live in my house and drive my car :O ). So I am still up! I) I) I) I)

  • The 30 pound dog sleeps on one side and the 15 pound cat on the other. Add to the mix a 185 pound husband and only a queen size bed, it gets crowded. Of course I have my three pillows ...

    Oh wait a minute this is Terri's thread. Oh and based on the few posts above, Terri we are going to have to put a 1 percocet limit on your computer time. =))

    Hang in there and I hope you are feeling somewhat better today.

  • You've all just reminded me why I sleep in my recliner. No room for anything else. :D
    Sorry all of you were up so late Friday. For the first time since my surgery my pain meds made me sleepy last night and I went to sleep at 7:30 pm and woke up at 7:00 am. Must have been having sympathy sleep for ALL of you.
  • whooo hooo tonya you slept =D> :O) <:P <:P

    loulou i must of signed off when you wrote your post. sorry ;)

    cali oh DUHHHHHHH i was medicated ok!!! forgot asprin was a NSAID that rips my stomach apart. the excedrine doesn't seem to bother me, and of course its not needed on a daily basis. so once in awhile is OK missy! =))

    i did make it up at 9:30 sat morning. got my blood work done for the angiogram, got new furniture and well got some groceries. i had to hang on to the cart but all worth it, my body was not happy though #o #o #o #o but hey my body doesn't talk back out loud to me so it all was OK :$ :$ =))

    i took naps today sunday from my plavix that made me so nausea's and well ya know the girl thingy UGGH the devil }:) }:) }:) }:) so it might be a night again uggh. i promise not to type to over medicated "C" 8} 8} 8} 8} 8} 8} 8} 8} 8} 8}
  • Terri,

    My cat Klyde just jumped up here to say "hey" and then I showed him the floor. He is wanting some attention. Maybe we should slip him some of your meds. =))

    In 2007 I had an emergency angiogram and I "slept" right through it all. =)) A few days later the pain doc asked me if I had any discomfort from the angiogram and I said "what angiogram?" Thank goodness for Ketamine IV's. It was wild, they went in through my groin and all the way into my head. They found empty space when they got there! :D

    Okay I've used my month's worth of smilies now.

    Anyway, I hope that the time is going by easily enough for you. Stay busy and the next thing you know, it will be over and you will be home telling us all about it.

  • Hi Klyde, now go and play! :D

    Oh yeah they are going through the groin, Im a huge baby I will feel it when the meds wear off LOL Hey my brain is probably empty to =))
    THEY BEST be GOOD meds. Forwarning them on my very HIGH pain tolerence to meds.
    So all should be good.
    They will keep me for about 5 hrs afterwards and then home to sleep off the good meds on my new couch as no stairs are allowed BUMMER..

    Later gator ;)
  • So this just reminded me my cat has decided that when I sit in the recliner with my laptop, he has to join me. He squeezes down half way in the seat and half on the arm and purrs while he paws his claws into my leg, ouch! He usually ends up asleep with his head on the corner of the laptop. Funny, cause he never used to give me the time of day. I think he just likes my new recliner as much as I do :))( Funny thing his name is Sue. It was suppose to be Rascal but my ex kept calling him a Boy named Sue, cause he says the cat is gay!! =)) =)) It stuck, so Sue it is. I never even thought of him when I chose my screen name, as Sue is my middle name and it went better with Cali than my first name. So blah, blah, blah, I rambled on. Now Terri, the angiogram is gonna be a piece of cake compared to all you have already endured. Glad you got to get out and choose your new couch. Rest up sweetie, >:D< Darla
  • Thanks for the smile today. I really appreciated it. (She says as her back spasms. :S ) My cat used to try to kick me out of my chair by Sitting next to me and trying to edge me out moving a little bit at a time. If I got up I lost my seat. It was like playing musical chairs with a cat. She doesn't know or like my new recliner thank goodness! I get it ALL to myself.
    Terri, Don't you be afraid or anxious about this test. You are really going to find it to be one of the easiest things you've gone through. You too will be like "angiogram what angiogram." I promise. If they are going to do anything else I just hope they do it all while they are in there. I want a pain free Terri. >:D< You deserve it. Here's hoping you all sleep tonight. I'm glad you got out and about. I actually went shopping at the WalMart superstore. I never realized just how big they are until today. New furniture is the greatest while you're recovering so I'm glad you got to do that. =D> =D>
  • I also took a trip to walmart ...I realized as soon as I walked in what a mistake I had made. The place was crammed full of people. I was praying the whole time that no one would bump into me. My 16 year old niece was with me and she said that people tended to give me a little bit of room when they seen the collar. Damn thing is good for something at least :P
  • Dang. I should have put on my collar. Everybody just treated me like I was some old lady moving slow in the fast lane and would try to just run me over. My scar on my neck is looking good and almost gone so I can't even use that to get sympathy anymore. Next time I'm wearing the collar! :)))
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