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Bad Burning pain !! So tired of dealing with this all! Please read sorry so long!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,731
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Chronic Pain
Hey all,
Some may already know me from my old screen name.."Chrissy1311

I was in a car accident in July 2007, and then in Jan of 2008 had a posterior cervical foraminotomy at C 3-4 and C 4-5...What an awful surgery. I had a neuro who did this first neck surgery.
He told me right form the start that later I would probably need to be fused but he did not like to fuse people my ag...
To make a really long story short I later found out that he was thinking I was in my late 20's and I at that time was38.
As I continued under his care and after the foraminotomy he just started to be rude and not understanding.

One of the symptoms I had ever since the car accident besides all the neck pain issues, was a terrible down right debilitationg burning in the upper mid back area someplaec in and around T4-7 and close to sort of the bottom to middle of the scapular area.

I changed to an Ortho Spinal surgeon who is more caring and understanding and we ruled out any rotator cuff injuries..

We wnet forwar and on September 3, 2008 ( almost 4 months ago) I had a 2 level ACDF C 4-6. While I feel the fusion has helped some of my neck pain and I am happy that I made the choice to do so even though it was a 50-50 percent chance it would help me because I did NOT have and spinal cord contact from my moderate to sever bulging, torn annulus discs with fissuers from C3-7...
I took the risk anyway because of the quality of life.

While my quality of life has improved some...I am tomented by this burning in the upper-mid spine and scapular area.

I recently started PT ordered by my spinal surgeon and some of the thing that are done ther aggrivate this burning really really bad!!!

Interestingly I saw one of my check up x-rays in the ortho's office and noticed an area where the vertebraes looked as though they are touching! I did not mention it becasue I was not sure that was what I was really seeing.
I never said anything to anyone about it...although the Surgeon is aware I have had this pain there since before surgery.

I went to the PT and the gal was doing an examination on the way my spine moves and actually said out loud.."thats weird...it feels like your spinous processes are touching right here" She at that time was touching in the general area of the buring pain and we talked a bit about it.

The next time at therapy a gal there did some massage work on me and it really aggrivated that burning area so much I canceled the next appointment as I had to travel to my parents for Christmas...This pain has been elevated even more then usual now since before christmas..

My parents live 130 miles away and I am allowed to drive, but opted to have my mom come and pick me up because I can not yet drive that distance comfortably,,,

I am so sorry this is so long, but I am so concerned about this area of burning...

I do have scoliosis but it has never really been termed as severe!

I need some advice! Some input please....Has anyone or does anyone have this kind of pain???

When my accident occured I had a split second to react and ni the split second I pressed my back into the drivers seat and locked my elbows as a natural scared reaction which is the worst thing to do because I just made my body so rigid upon impact...I was not at fault! Thank God, but I have already had two surgeries and my case has been settled already...I am fine it has been settled because the other's persons insurance was so miniscule my personal car insurance took up the deal...

Please you all I am so sick of this pain...I really feel I could go downon the medications if it were not for this tormenting burning pain...

I did not know where to post all this becasue I have tried several other areas with little or no response...I am at my witts end and will for starters tell my surgeon in Jan when I see him of the burning aggrivating and down right excruciating pain that is still plaugeing me...

Since I had a workers comp case before this car accident I have not worked in a long time. I started to go to school to be a nurse and applying to the nursng program has been put off util I am physically better....

To be honest I just wasnt to get better enough to work again...and right now with that burning----well how could I when it is so easily aggrivated...

Okay...I think I have gone on enough and hope that someone will respond to my very long post...

Formerly Chrissy1311



  • sweetie , I think you should really make sure that your doc understands just how bad this is affecting your life.....time to pull of the gloves and tell it like it is. The doc can only go on what you tell him. This is affecting your quality of life so now is the time to take action hon. I understand your pain because I have that type of pain as well....my right shoulder blade area and right arm , hand , fingers , etc...always bother me and the pain does wear you out.

    Please keep us posted as to what you do and what you find out. If you ever need to talk then just shoot me a PM , I will always reply....take care , Miki
  • I understand and wish I could do or say something to give you hope. I agree that you do need to discuss this with your doctor. Maybe it would help if you wrote down your symptoms and gave them to him to read. Sometimes i wonder if the doctors really listen, but if they have a piece of paper in their hands and we give them time to read it, they sort of have to "listen".

    There has to be something that can help you. Maybe a change in medications would decrease the burning a bit. Keep trying and never give up. Good luck with your appointment in January, but in the meantime, I hope you can find some relief to help you get through. Heat and Ice and TENS units are my best friends, but nothing really takes the burning away. Listen to your body and try to figure out what triggers the bad flares. Good luck, and remember that we understand and if you need to vent, someone will be around to offer support.

    Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!
  • I am sorry you are experiencing this. I agree with Priestess. You should let your doc know. I've seen other's mention a pain diary and always think of doing one myself and maybe that is something that will help you. I too have had burning in my spine in between my shoulder blades or lower at times. I've noticed it more lately and started after my fusion of L5/S1. I often wonder if it's because of the fusion and putting added pressure on my other discs. It's so hard to know. Keep pushing the docs until you get the results you are comfortable with. If you aren't satisfied go for a 2nd and even 3rd opinion. I'm in the process of getting a second opinion as I am getting frustrated with my docs.
  • HI HUN
    it sounds like you are suffering from thoracic out let syndrome.this is where the nerves and blood vessels and crushed from the car crash that you had ..i have TOS but mine is congenital
    its worth you having is checked out
    good luck
    you can email me for more info on TOS if you want to
  • Hey everyone!!

    Well thank you all for the replies..
    I stopped using my wedge pillow a few days ago. I had purchased it for after the 2 level ACDF. It worked well then to keep me on my back and helped me to not move around, but now I seem to move and want to sleep on my side so I took it off the bed.

    I so appreciate everyone's advice.

    I don'thave my calendar in front of me, but I think my next surgeon appt is in mid to end of Jan.

    I will also start college again in the end of Jan. I am again only taking one class ( Phlebotomy ) and hoping to try and return to work by May.

    When I go to the surgeons office I will request for them to take an X ray of my T-spine...Maybe my entire spine for that matter! I have scoliosis and I think it is just time to have it all looked at...Hope fully the docs office can give me the X-rayto take and have a radiologist read it... we will have to see..they may have one in the practice because it is a large practice with at the least 6-8 Ortho's all with certain specialties...Mine is a Spinal Specialist.

    Oh boy....I just got to keep the fears from creaping in on me...Try to focus on my daily tasks rather then let the little fears play out in my head.

    The good thing is that my neck feels overall better and the arm weakness has gone away since the 2 levels got fused...or i should say are in the process of being fused.

    Straker...I will do some research on TOS and someone else another time mentioned to me RSD so I will do some searching around today hopefuly.

    Do you all think I should call my surgeon tomorrow morning and let them know what the PT people are having me do in therapy???

    My Therapy appt tomorrw is at 11:30 am so there could be a chance I might hace a call back before then

    I will keep everyone posted on how things go...at least this morning I did not have such a hard time getting out of the bed although I had woken up two times during the night and gotup so that might have been why.
    Thanks again...
  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,728
    The Doc. is so used to reading med files and reports that, writing maybe best. Keep it short sweet and to the point.
    MedicineNet.com. Check list to ask your Doctor. Has a excellent checklist to copy if you have a printer.
    Good luck, Jim
    ps. Definitely call you Doc. and tell them of the pain p.t is causing.
    Click my name to see my Medical history
    You get what you get, not what you deserve......I stole that from Susan (rip)
    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
  • Hey all,
    I went to see the PA at my surgeons office whom I do not think to highly of but at least I got to have some x-rays done of my T-spine and she set up and MRI for the T-spine since the old one I had was over a year old.

    I will have the MRI tomorrow and then I will pick up the radiologist report either on Sat. or Monday.

    My PM and I have discussed doing an ESI in that area so I will have the x-rays, and the current MRI for him when I see himon the 8th, and then I will see the surgeon again on the 15th.

    As far as my Neck Fusion is is slowly coming along.

    My PT has been set up again and now we will be doing some pool therapy instead to see if that will help.

    I also despite my pain levels have walked 1/2 to 1 mile every day or every other day...

    It does not seem to aggrivate that area unless I swing my arms to hard while doing it...
    SO I put them in my pockets and just try to walk at a medium pace...

    The last thing I want to have happen is my weight creep up any higher then is has already...
    When the accident happened I weighed 148 ... I was so proud becaue I was 218 and I am 5'6'...It took me a few years to get to that weight and when the accident happened I could no longer go to the gym and no more walking and hiking 15-20 miles either...Now the weight is back up to 177. It was 180 but I got it down now a few pounds by continuing to walk.

    I just can't stop moving ...not yet.. I need that movement to help with my fusion!

    I should get a paper copy of my MRI films tomorrow so Hopefully in the next few days I will have something to update you all on!

    Thanks for all your suggestions and help!
  • I hope your MRI gives your doctor some clear direction on what might be wrong. Meanwhile, take it easy and no more physical therapy until you find something out!

  • Hey everyoone!!!

    Cheri i have been okay'ey for pool therapy. I will have my first appt today!
    It has been really cold here and a bit windy this morning so I woke at 4 am not feeling very good in that area...

    I cant really see anything on the MRI, but I would not know what to look for other then I do know what cord impingment looks like and I don't see any of that. There is only one place where the something looks as though it could be real close to the cord and then another something that I have no idea what it is...interestinly I looked at the one from a bit over a year ago and this big blak area is not there so we shall see. Hopefully the report will be available to me today.

    If so I will post the results...

    What I am wondering is if there is a Probable hemangioma how do they go about finding out if it is or is not a hemangioma and is some other thing???
    HJust some of those thoughts that roll around in your head you know..

    In the mean time I am actually looking forward to being in the pool today. I hope the water is nice and warm and it will not make me hurt likt the other therapy did. We shall see.

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and experience!!
  • I have had a miicrodiscectomy and have had the same burning pain almost to the point it drives you crazy, my doctor said I am having nerve pain and put me on lyrica which I have not even taken because of the side effects, I know what you are going through and it hurts so bad I cry alot.I hope you feel better and I will pray for you..
  • Hi I thought I would bring in my experience, as I have found there are so many who experience this upper back pain, when I originally was getting evaluated, I had shoulder/arm pain, and upper back pain so I was sent for an MRI, I did not know what area they were doing, I suspected the upper back because that is where the worst pain was. I went in and they did it on my neck, I was like, whoooa! my neck did not hurt at the time why are you getting this on my neck, the woman said it is what is ordered, so when I took my MRI to the specialist, I said most of my pain was in my upper back, and he said it was related to my neck, so then I set out to learn why it hurt my back and how can I make it better, the surgeon said ACDF surgery does not help back pain, so then I went to my PT, as he evaluated my back he pinpointed the problem areas right off and found my muscles were so bound up from the reaction to my pinched nerves that it pulled my ribs out of place, so he begain to work at putting them back in, it was the most painful process, and it took months of pain and recovery from the work he did on my back and I am finally getting some relief in that area (YAY!) He said I needed to work on my posture because if I learn to keep my shoulders back by the time I have surgery it will eventually fully recover, I found out there is a brace you can use called a S3 I think, that you can use if that area does not get better, but my PT said using that keeps you from doing the work to get the shoulders back naturally, the brace looks like a thin sleeveless jacket so it is not bulky and I will be requesting it down the road if I continue to have problems, I am rather large chested and that does not help, having scoliosis though I think that alone would be reason to look into the brace, and asking PT about your posture. My PT has me doing stretching like putting a rolled towel behind my upper back laying on the floor with arms out, that stretches the upper chest muscles to let your arms go back instead of a turtle shell form forward. Hope this helps! Good luck! CindySue
  • scoliosis - age 11, posterior spinal fusion with harrington rods T1 to L1. i had a BAD car wreck in july '05, hit by a dump truck and fractured my L2 and L3. well, it was 4 years that i was treated for my car wreck. i get a copy of my med records a few weeks ago and read them out of boredom, and notice that the hospital said they noticed a hook from the surgery was "protruding into the spinal canal, causing slight encroachment and decompression of the posterolateral cord." went to see my PCP, who wrote me for meds, ordered a CT scan and referred me to a neurosurgeon march 6th. i may need to have that hook taken out, because everyone i talk to so far seems to believe that this is where the constant burning pain i feel is coming from. I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL!!! i hate it, so much, there is basically no way i can get relief unless i rely on narcotics, literally. i have to take unisom to sleep every night, otherwise i'd go days without sleep because i can never be comfortable enough to sleep more than 30 minutes or so. its horrible. and the messed up thing is that my ortho surgeon told me i had whiplash after my car wreck, wrote me for PT which bothered me so bad i just stopped. but yeah, basically, with my situation the problem was noticed 4 years ago and i had to be the one to say "hey, WTF does THIS mean?!?!" and bring it to someone else's attention. there is something causing your pain, its probably from the car wreck. get as many tests done as possible, CT scans, x rays, MRIs, and just keep trying until you find a doctor with enough knowledge to help you. don't give up, know that there are people out there who totally understand that you aren't making this up, and you are not a wimp. you are in severe pain because of something you cannot control, you don't deserve to hurt and there is a doctor out there that can help. do whatever you need to do to cope, and just keep trying. god, it seriously makes me cry, i just got told i was whining by my sister because i couldn't stop from letting a few tears slip out earlier because it hurts so bad now. i'm anxous to get to the doctor and see what he says. but anyways, i pray for your health to get better. god bless
  • Maybe,the burning pain is caused by scar tissue, i guess because i had so much burning in my legs and Doctors said it was from scar tissue look into that one..by any chance are u still riding your horse my doctor said i can eventally ride a motorcycle but no horse back riding where is the logic in that?

    i had a pony as a child growing up in Arizona, oh well gotta heal for now no riding of anything tghis year i will be boohoo when i see all the bikes this summer, good luck to you, take good care of yourself.
  • Hi,

    I'm really on this forum because my husband had cervical surgery, but I can't help but reply about the burning pain. I have diabetic peripheral neurapathy in my hands and feet primarily. I began taking neurontin years ago and although there were some major side effects at first, they eventually went away. It was prescribed for nerve pain. Mostly I had burning like you describe in my feet and hands. Not too long ago a new drug called Lyrica came out. It is supposed to be kinda an updated neurontin. You're able to take smaller doses and the side effects aren't nearly as bad. I switched to that and I love it because it takes care of the burning without making me sleepy or spacey. I realize that anyone just starting Lyrica would probably have problems with side effects initially, but they will probably taper off and go away entirely with time.

    Of course, you need to find out what exactly is causing your problem, but in the meantime, you might ask your doctor about trying the Lyrica as it may give you some relief from your symptoms until a cure can be effected.

    Good Luck.

  • Was reading about your problems and I know how you feel. I also have a burning spot on my right thigh that drives me nuts!!
    Mine is caused by a pinched nerve but the stimulator I just had implanted helps with that pain. Thank goodness!!
    The burning stabbing pain I have with the pinched nerve is made worse when I lay down so i found if I elevate my legs in bed the burning stops. Yippeeeee
    I do hope you find out what is causing your pain. It sounds very much like my pinched nerve. Has a pinched nerve been ruled out??
    It's just a thought.
    Best of luck. Will be reading your posts so please keep us updated.
    Sending along a hug.... >:D<
    Patsy W
  • My wife had some shelvews fall on her, she has sice developed severe muscle issues that have led to lose sleep (among other things...)
    What we're looking for is any info on how to treat it, as well as how to deal with the pain caused by it.
  • Has your wife been to the doc to be evaluated as to what might be causing her pain and problems? Scapula pain can have so many different sources or generators, that without a hands on evaluation, finding out what is wrong and what to do to treat it properly will be very difficult.

    Has your wife tried using moist heat or ice at all? Has she tried massage or acupuncture?

    Without more specific information, it's hard to offer up any suggestions.

    I suffer from chronic muscle spasms and scapular pain, so I understand how debilitating it can be. Seeing the doc and getting the right treatment is the single best thing to do for anyone.

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