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Home from Hospital - still vomiting 5 days post op

TatiyanaTTatiyana Posts: 194
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I have a couple questions...I got home from L4/5 diskectomy & fusion ( screws & rods) Thursday afternoon and I am still vomiting 5 days post op. Is this normal or has anyone else done this? I even cut back on the pain meds thinking it had to be related, but it isn't.
I called my PCP & he thinks it may be the stomach virus thats going around here..just looking for some of your thoughts.....

Also, my leg pain is 99% gone #:S but my left foot is really red compared to my right. Any thoughts on this??
I will ofcourse ask my surgeon but I appreciate any ideas or similair experiances from you all.



  • ...re the post-op nausea: that's how I ruptured my dural membrane after my "routine" lammy 2 yrs ago...needed 2nd surgery to repair the leak, which caused the instability etc that required my fusion...
    Just saying it's nothing to overlook---could be the flu, could be meds, could be a lot of stuff---but you want to stop doing it..
    Ask about getting a RX for Zofran...it's what they gave me b4, during & after my fusion to prevent post-op & opioid-related nausea....worked great, didn't get sick at all...
    Watch the "red foot" too....did they have compression stocking on you during your fusion? Could it be a reaction to the material? Is it warm to the touch? Does it itch?

    Don't listen to me: call your doc if you have ANY concerns. Just wanted to caution you about the nausea & what can happen when it goes on too long + it HURTS to use those poor sore muscles & you also need to be able to keep food down now so you can start to heal.

    Hope you improve quickly!

    But give your Doc a call anyway. Better safe than sorry.

  • I am sorry to hear you are still vomiting and pray it is nothing serious. I wish I had advise or answers for you. Just hang in there and keep contacting your doc with your concerns if continues. Be sure to stay hydrated and drinks lots of fluids.
  • Maybe you do have the flu? >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<
  • Did your nausea ever stop or go away post-op? Or have you been sick since your surgery, from the OR out to now yet? Were you still nauseous when they discharged you from the hosp? Or did you begin getting sick after you got home?

    The way you are saying it, "still vomiting 5 days post-op" seems to imply you've been sick since surgery & are continuing to be....that's a call to your doc, in my book...

    And Zofran would stop any "flu related" nausea also---truly, you don't want to be throwing up after a fusion & forced to use all the muscles that are trying to heal, etc...not to mention normal complications of constant nausea ie: fluid loss, electrolyte imbalance etc. How are you treating your pain if you can't keep anything down?

    I'm worried about you! Flu or not, call your doc!

  • Im not sure if this is related but I had my epi injection on Nov 19 and started to vomit within 3 hours and continued to vomit for 2 weeks, At first my Dr thought it was from the sedation medicine ( fentelyl) but when it lasted for 2 weeks he thought it may be a bad reaction to the steroids. I also blew up like a balloon and just felt very agitated and not myself. I hope you are feeling better soon,
  • i vomited tuesday in the hospital & was feeling "ok" stomach wise on Thursday am when they released me.
    Yesterday I could barely move from the nasea and then today was bad from the time my feet hit the floor. I vomited several times and then dry heaves (sorry tmi)
    I called my doc & got the anti nausea suppositories & that seems to help.

    I am very sore now when i walk to the bathroom probably from the muscles i used. i just got some broth down & the last dose of pain meds stayed down okay.

    wish me luck.
  • Well, your body has just had a major insult(surgery, anesthesia.) Pain meds, lack of appetite, constipation, lack of activity, flu, and so many other things can cause nausea. Zofran is great-helps nausea without making you foggy headed. Other options-Vistaril or Phenergan. Both are anti-emetics(anti-nausea.) Both potentiate narcotics(make them seem stronger.) Both can make you sleepy. Vistaril can also help with itching. For home use, Phenergan can come in pill form or suppository. Zofran-liquid, pills, or rapid dissolve pills for home use. However, Zofran is much more expensive.

    Whatever you do, make sure you use the anti-nausea meds or eat something at 30min-1 hour before taking pain meds and always keep your doc informed. And don't forget something for your bowels like even generic/walmart brand colace. Pain meds and anti-nausea meds slow down your bowels.

    Hope you feel better soon! Keep us posted.
  • I am feeling a little better now but we will see what tomorrow brings. I got the generic suppository so not sure which one of these anti-emetics it is (being a CphT, you would think I would know that)

    wish me luck or say a prayer that I don't get sick tomorrow!
    Thx :)))
  • ...from ernurse re: taking a bit of food w/ meds and using Colace (or other stool softener) as you sure don't want THAT side-effect in addition to what you are already enduring...

    I had an anti-nausea suppository while I was so nauseated from my dural-leak headache..I think it was Compazine? Made me woozy & sleepy, which, as ernurse said also, Zofran does not. I think there might be an generic Zofran---the drug name is "odansetron HCL" & I was on 8 mg, IV in hospital & tabs @ home....Really really works super-well (it's used for chemo patients) and doesn't make you loopy...not sure how it interacts w/ other meds you may be on, but I also took dilaudid (morphine dirivitive) while on it, but you would need to check w/ your doc.

    Glad to hear the broth & meds stayed down. But now you have additional sore-ness from your muscles...so REST!!

    I'm still worried about you. You said you had some nausea in the hosp, it stopped, they released you & now it's returned...just keep a close eye on it. And please keep us posted when you feel well enough!
  • . . . and sending my prayers for no more vomiting! Hang in there and let us know you're okay.
  • thanks, I'm pretty much obsessed with my bowels for the last 2 years, so I always talk about Colace and Sennakot! I really do think that being full of it puts pressure on the whole back thing and causes more pain in addition to the abdominal pain.

    Had to resort to drinking Magnesium Citrate after last surgery(about $1.75 at walmart, comes in a green glass bottle.) Went about 12 days without going, drank the stuff, it kicked in just as the first guy from my husband's poker party for the night walked in the door. That stuff works but we only have one bathroom. Hubby will think twice about scheduling a poker party that soon postop this time, I think.
  • I hope you're feeling better and ginger ale is good to sip and get your fluids replaced. And will say a prayer for you for tomorrow. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I agree w/ you re keeping things moving...after all my surgeries that was paramont, as yes, any obstruction (when you'd need to push...) causes extra discomfort & as you said b4, surgery, opioids etc all slow the system down...at the risk of TMI (but seriously I think we are all interested in this b/c lower back surgery does affect one's regularity) I currently use generic colace + metamucil daily. I have some saddle-area perineal numbness (probably permanent) from him going down to the S1 area (he did a huge exposure for my L4/5 fusion, from L3-S1) so it just gives me some peace of mind (haha) to use a little extra help....

    I also have to watch what/when I eat now b/c ya never know...! As you found out after taking mag cit--& only one bathroom & guys around...wow! You are one STRONG woman!

    And again, Tatiyana, good luck w/ keeping things from coming up---but you DO want things to go down & out! :)

    Lumbar surgery is so exciting, isn't it!

  • Lakeside, did your surgeon have a rationale for opening you up so far? I was opened from L1 to S2 for my L4-5 fusion. My surgeon doesn't seem to have an answer as to why so wide except it is the "way" they do it. Says he doesn't want the tissue to tear, would rather cut it. Hmmmm

    Tatiyana, I hope you feel better soon. Do you have a headache at all with this nausea? Did you have any dural tear or complications with the surgery? Are you on new pain meds or something you were use to already?

    Like the others said, zofran is a great drug and won't make you loopy. We use it more than any other anti-emetic on post-partum. As for suppositories, compazine, phenergan, and tigan are common ones. They do make you sleepy though.

    Perhaps try to remedy the constipation, and see if that helps, as that itself can cause nausea. Good-luck, hope you feel better soon. Nausea is soooo miserable. >:D< Sue
  • Hi Cali-Sue (& Tatiyana) Re the wide exposure: he wanted to check on the integrity of the dural repair (my 2nd surgery) & also look @ the DDD @ L5/S1 to see if that area was strong enough to support the upper levels...b4 I went under, I was made to understand that I could wake up w/ a 2-level (L4-S1) if he felt the need, so the exposure was made larger to accommodate that possibility--actually, I am like yours: L2-S1 for a L4/5 fusion...just a large wound, & a lot of muscle damage (mostly to the deep multifidis, part of which is now gone...) so a lot of my continuing pain is due to wrecked muscles, as all 3 surgeries happened within 12 months...UGH! Luckily, he did fix the spondy & the fusion looks good, so I'm hoping for the best--NS said by next summer (2009) I'll know what I have left to "just live with" &what will resolve as things continue to heal. Had I had a "virgin back" I'm sure things would be a lot different, pain-wise...oh well, at least I can walk & am working F/T again, etc. It could always be so much worse.

    Tatiyana, hope you are better today! I agree w/ Cali---if you develop a horrendous headache, or stiff neck, etc, that could herald a dural-tear (nausea is part of a dural leak, as I well know...) so watch things closely. Hopefully things are staying down...and ZOFRAN is simply the best, as ernurse & Cali & I have said...

    And yes, if "other things" are NOT coming out, well, that can make you nauseated too. I'm just concerned about you, as we all are.

    I'm so glad we all have each other here! We are NOT complainers or whiners -- just ordinary people whose lives have been interrupted by a situation that at times is hard to both accept & endure. May we all have a "pretty good day" today! Or a few hours w/in the day, at least!

    Greetings from snow-bound Wisconsin! Oh to be someplace WARM and DRY! :''(

  • The nausea is being controlled for the most part with the suppositories, But I have so much more low back & saddle pain today. pain meds are bare;y taking the edge off.

    I dont know if this is typical or if I did damage when vomiting..or both. Or is this just the nerves firing back up so to speak??
    When I asked my surgeon the day after I vomited in the hospital if I should be comcerned, he said no - that I couldnt hurt anything unless I fell or something..So.. :??

    What is this dural tear?? I had a headache in the hospital days 2 & 3. No headache now though.

    I was so ready for the "You'll get better evryday" to begin but so far I am worse than initial post op

    Thanks for all the prayers, You all are great! O:)

  • I have had a BM everyday since coming home, so I know its not a plumbing problem. /:)
  • Hooray! You are keeping things down :) And the RIGHT things are coming out! :) Maybe the other pain increase in back/saddle areas is sore muscles from the nausea? Hope so!Or ticked-off nerves...just watch that it doesn't get SUDDENLY worse (as my NS always says). Remember, you are still very very fresh post-op & this is a long long road.

    BTW a dural tear is just that: a rip or tear in the protective sac that surrounds your spine (the dura mater) which contains your spinal fluid. If that rips or opens (as mine did) the fluid leaks out, you get the Mother of All Headaces & if a blood patch fails ( mine did) you usually need a re-do to patch it up. (Mine tore 5 days out from my 1st surgery from the force of all the nausea, which is why I cautioned you initially to get the nausea under control.)

    Sounds like you DON'T have that! Whew!! Will keep you in thought/prayers tonight for a good rest now, so you can eat lots of healthy stuff & start healing!

    Great news! You've been thru a lot--you deserve a break!

  • I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better. I'm sure that was quite traumatic for you
  • I am also happy that you are feeling better today. :))) Nausea is rough, even without surgery,but much worse after. I only puked once after my operation and that was due to the percocet.
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