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Nurse nightmare

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Okay, I don't want to rant and rave about the poor quality of nursing care that I received during my 4-day hospital stay, but there was this one nurse who I just really didn't like. She was young, very rude and kind of weird acting. Anyway, she really rubbed me and my husband the wrong way and we both didn't think she was professional at all. We'd already had a few issues with her, but now after four weeks I really have one.

The day before my release she came in and removed the drain from my back. When she initially pulled on it, I yelped and she replied "oh, that doesn't hurt", then continued to pull the darn thing out. Believe me, it hurt. :''( :''( Anyway, that area has continued to bother me so I've kept a bandaid over the site so it could heal. When I visited my doctor on Monday (4 weeks post op) he asked what the bandaid was for and I mentioned that it was bothering me so he took a look. Well, miss Nurse from h-ll didn't bother to remove the staples when she was pulling the darn thing out. Needless to say, the doc was pretty mad and was going to report her.

I guess the moral or this story is to be sure to ask the nurse to check for staples, etc. before doing any yanking!!


  • Oh my goodness!! That must have been horrible! I truly hope your doctor does report her.

    I was in the hospital recently and had a drain with my gallbladder removal, and NO ONE, not even another doctor, would remove it for me, even after 10 days. They required me to go back to the surgeon. Which I was going to do, if I could get out of the hospital from multiple problems. lol Long story.

    Take care,

  • I hope that nurse will remember next time. It is so sad that nurses get a bad name from just a few. I guess it is like that in any occupation. Most of them are caring and concerned about any patient they come in contact with and their families too.
    Hope you heal quickly now that your doctor found the problem.
  • I am so sorry to hear that you had such as horrendous expereince with that nurse. I was very fortunate to have wonderful. caring skilled nusring after my surgery. It is too bad that a few incompetents give the profession a bad ep. I hope and pray you NEVER have to go through an experience like that again. :(
  • When one is treated that way it can completely take away from any positives that might have been attributed to the whole experience. I'm sorry that happened to you.

    About 3 years ago my husband had to have emergency surgery when his intestine ruptured. He was in the hospital for almost 4 weeks. I had to keep track of all meds administered, change his sheets up to 7 times a day, bathe him and fight off rude and neglectful nurses. He was not able to care for himself in any capacity. My surgery will be at the same hospital and my husband almost cried that I might have to endure such abuse. We have been told that my surgeon is very demanding of excellent care and all we can do at this point is pray that's the truth.

    My best to you during your recovery.

  • I certainly didn't mean that all nurses are bad. I did have a couple that were pretty good, and I also had a couple of male CNA that were good too, I just know (and the comment was made) that they were understaffed and that the neuro floor was at capacity during my stay. Unfortunately, that is probably the case at many hospitals these days as they are not immune to poor economic conditions either.

    From experience, if you are scheduled to have back surgery, please arrange for someone (i.e. spouse, friend, sibling, etc.) to be at the hospital with you at all times. I had to call my husband back to help me go to the bathroom, since they were not answering my calls very quickly. I take a diruetic on a daily basis but wasn't able to the day of surgery. They immediately put me back on after surgery which caused me to go often (like every 10-15 minutes). My favorite nurse didn't think it would be a problem to remove the catheter before PT came to show me how to get up and around. So when the need finally hit me I couldn't stop. My husband counted that he help me 14 times over a 5 hour period. He was, and still continues to be, so helpful.
  • I had 2 drains. One fell out 2 days post op as I thrashed around in my drug induced stupor. The second drain was removed 3 days post op. I continued to drain for weeks into the dressings.

    My staples were removed in the doctors office 2 weeks post op.

    Here I am at home with the staples and no drains.


  • I am sorry this happened to you. I have never heard of staples being in a drain site. Odd. Usually it is one suture that encircles the tube and is stitched to your skin to help keep the drain from falling out. They do need to cut the suture to remove the drain. The NS PA removed mine, it didn't hurt at all. I have a feeling the pain might have been from her yanking on the staples if they were somehow used to anchor the tube. Did the doc have a hard time getting them out? Seems thay would be pretty embedded by now. Hope it feels better for you. >:D< Cali-Sue
  • The hospital where I had my surgery was, as most are, very understaffed. There were a couple of great nurses and some VERY good CNAs. I ended up having two surgeries within the span of four days because they couldn't get my damaged discs out through the back because of too much scar tissue. When I awoke from that second surgery, I had Nurse Ratchet. I was delirious, screaming in pain. I asked for more pain meds and she claimed I couldn't have any more for at least ten minutes. I ended up screaming alot (not like me, so you know the pain was BAD). She ended up shuttin my light off and leaving me alone in the dark. When my friend arrived to take care of me, she could tell I was going into shock. I was all alone, cold, no blankets, crying and begging for someone to help me. It's been six weeks now and I've just sent for the forms to report this nurse. Some people just don't fit the profession they have chosen.


    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • My spine specialist/ortho is very popular here in Citrus county Florida.

    100% of his spine patients are put in ICU. Each nurse has only one patient. There was also additional staff in the central area where they watch the monitors. Plus additional staff of floormoppers and to change my sheets often due to the bleeding.

    My doctor came by a couple times a day and there was a "consulting physian" on the ICU ward seems like all the time.

    When I got home I waited for the hospital survey to arrive so I could give them good grades and it never arrived.

    My RF cardio cath ablation for Afib at Bayonet Point, Florida was also a very positive experience.

    By contrast I was in the hospital at least 4 times over the years in Dade county Florida. Each time was a nightmare.


    PS: Old Polish proverb: Sometimes you eat the bear....sometimes the bear eats you.
  • 99.9% of the nurses that treated me for my back surgeries were exceptional and for that I am thankful. However, I did have one incident that I would care to forget. After my anterior portion of my fusion, I came back to my room from recovery with a tube in my nose down into my stomach. It was late evening and I hadn't taken any of my blood pressure meds so my nurse came in with them and a cup of water. When I tried to swallow the pills, they got stuck in my throat. It was a horrible feeling let me tell you. What I found out later by another nurse was she was suppose to crush up the pills and flush it through the tube directly into my stomach. Because these pills were lodged in my throat and because I was laying on my back, I developed aspiration pneumonia which delayed my recovery.

    Emergency surgery in March of 2006 for spinal infection of L 2 and L 3. During surgery, discovered I had Cauda Equina Syndrome. Spine became unstable after surgery and had 360 fusion with 10 pedicle screws, plates and rods in April of 2007.
  • that had to be traumatic...the day after my fusion, they removed my drain tube by snipping the two stitches and pulling it out. I will say that the numbing shot given there beforehand stung like h###, though...to put it nicely
  • I had my surgery in a smaller hospital in Pipestone Mn. My Dr does surgery there because of the wonderful care the paitients get. I found it to be true. They put back paitients right next to nurses desk so they can watch you and be ther quick, and they were, always. They were always very compassionate, even when I would ask to be turned every half hour . They had snacks on the evening shift and would always come and ask me if I would like some peppermint ice cream, etc,. They were the best. I wish everyone could have positive experiences as it makes reocvery alot more bearable.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,862
    Those that know me understand that I am a strong supporter of Nurses and those who work in the Allied Health fields.
    In many hospitals they are seriously understaffed which can led to many different types of problems.
    But Nurses like any other professional or even non-professional field you have the Good and you will see the Bad. Sometimes prior to surgery its hard to know which one you will be getting. It is important to know the hospital that you will be having your surgery at and the nursing staff that handles the floor you will be staying at. I have heard of some people before surgery actually request a meeting with the nursing staff that will be taking care of them.
    If you run into a situation where you feel that the treatment you are receiving is not appropriate or at least not up to the levels you would expect, you owe it to yourself to speak up. If necessary speak with the nurse in charge on that shift to express your concern.

    People can't even start to improve unless they know that they are a problem
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Very well put Ron :)

    I was so fortunate to have had good nursing when I had my fusion. I was in ICU and I think it made a big difference. I did develop a spinal headache and it was my surgeon that took my drainage tube out and performed a blood patch. Although some of my stay was a blur, the nurses were professional, courteous, and attentive. They made sure my pain was under control as best they could get it to be. Even though this was intense, my experience with staff was good.
    I think the type of hospital makes a difference. I would not be caught dead in my local county hospital. The ER is ground zero, I've been there a few times and saw many crazy things. Once I was there for asthma and I got home with the IV still in my arm. I knew to take it out, but that is pretty bad to leave that in. I saw a drunk lying in the hallway stretcher just cascading pee all over the floor and everyone just walked around him. One time I had status asthmaticus and I was asked what was I doing here :O Nope, I'll never go there again. Thank you insurance <:P
  • Please, I encourage you to make an appointment the hospital's risk management department or patient concern department or whatever they have.

    If you have no satisfaction, please contact your state's nurse licensing department. My state calls it dept of professional regulation. It is important because this nurse may have other complaints at other facilities that her hospital does not even know about.

    There are good and there are bad folks. If you can catch an error immediately, please contact the hospital's house officer, house supervisor, or administrator on call. This is your body. If she's too stupid to realize there were staples, she is not competent to practice on other patients either.

    On the same note, please send a card or contact administration about the good nurses. Sometimes the good ones never get any good feedback.

  • I think that might be true. Sorry for your unnecessary pain and stress. I was so fortunate to have great nursing care. I know I only was there overnight but that was enough for me.
  • I'm sorry you had a horrible experience. I also had a jerk of a nurse. However, I don't ever feel like because one nurse treated me like crap, that another will. I don't think of nurses in general any less because of what one has done. I view nurses the same as any other occupation... One does not define them all. I think a lot of people see it that way. Really, only closed minded, judgmental people would hold what one did against the entire group.

    I'm just saying that in response to what someone else said... Not saying you are viewing it that way.

    Anyway, I'm glad your doctor showed some concern and I hope he does handle the situation properly. People should not be allowed to be that irresponsible. You could have gotten an infection and that could have been something life threatening.... All because some moody little jerk of a human being had too much of an attitude and not enough concern to do things the right way. People like that should not be allowed to work in a field where they have to work with human beings. Or animals, for that matter.
  • Wow. If that nurse is young and acting like that then maybe she's not in the right profession. I can't rave enough about the nurses I had. They were wonderful. Like it's not bad enough that you are going through what your going through to begin with, but to then deal with an insensitive jerk like that just bugs me. In my case the NS PA removed the drain about an hour before I left the hospital. I wouldn't say it hurt, but it sure wasn't comfortable. She told me to take a deep breath in and she pulled it out fast.
  • I did get my survey today -- had a couple of disturbing things during my lvl 2 acdf on Mon 1-5.

    First -- in the OR they gave me the meds to paralize my eyes and breathing before they intubated me or knocked me out. I honestly thought I'd had a stroke. Totally freaked out, couldn't breathe. Only lasted a second or two but that's how I went out.

    Second -- I waited more than 6 hours for the correct cervical pillow. I could just tell that being at that 45 degree angle with a regular pillow just killed my neck.

    Third -- in the am they killed my morphine pump and brought me no pain meds for 5 hours. When I asked for a patient advocate they brought in what my son called "the apology guy." I said I didn't hear apologies... I heard him arguing. He said, "5 hours without pain meds isn't so bad." I asked him what pain management philosophy he subscribed to.....

    Just always need a friend or family member watching over you if you're unable to do so yourself.
  • Wow :( That's terrible! I'm really sorry you had to deal with that. It's so easy for people who haven't had the pain we've had to tell us it isn't so bad. I get that all the time, even from family. It's annoying. But especially right after surgery, you NEED pain meds... At the VERY least for the first 24 hours, something strong. It's cruel to do that to someone!
  • I was only supposed to be in the hospitl for 2 days and ended up there for four. My nurses on the neuro/trauma floor were excellent and Im a pretty harsh judge .

    Thank Goodness I never had to go through what some of you have gone through
  • I am so sorry some of you have had really bad experiences, that is really very unfortunate. I agree that if someone has inadequate care, that it should be reported. In all professions there are people who shouldn't be doing the job.

    I am very glad that my surgeon told me that if I have surgery he would do it at the Specialty Hospital (which is where I've had my ESI's done), and not at the nearby county hospital (they are within a block of each other). I definitely had some reservations about the county hospital, not that I had ever been there, it was just a feeling. But he said that he has even argued with insurance companies about it, saying that he didn't feel his patients were safe going to the county hospital. I was glad to hear that he was concerned enough to make sure his patients got proper care.

    And after reading stories here, I informed my boyfriend that he would have to be with me nearly all the time that I am there, to make sure someone was there to look after me, just in case.
  • Sorry for anyone that had a horrible time in the hospital seriously its just wrong. Tired or not do not take it out on the patient what so ever.
    I know how totally worn out you can get from working a 12 hr shift plus its very very hard. But you put that to the side and tend the pts needs.
    Like Enurse said there are things that can be done besides just reporting to the hospital. There is a toll free number you can call to its different for each state to report them.
    If you have a issue always makes sure you have their name writen down. As this is unacceptable in any circumstance.

    So sorry about the drain. I did not have staples for any spinal surgery. I did not even feel them pull it out.
    To me like Cali Sue said there should of not been staples on the drain??? But again all Drs, hospitals have different procedures so I won't tell you that was wrong or right.

    You do not know how many times in the hospital for other issues I unplugged my pain pump or unscrewed the IV to go to the bathroom. SHHHH please don't try this at home.
    I just knew how to do it and hook it back up.
    Because your right being short staffed in some places it takes forever for a light to be answered.
    BUT THEN AGAIN I have also taken walks at night down the hall and they are all sitting at the nurses station doing their paperwork and chatting.
    So its a catch 22..

    Ok Terri has spoken (|: :$ :D
    Everyone hang in there and keep up on your game while in the hospy the best you can!!
    I'v also requested the D.O.N (director of nursing) during the days when I had issues. They are usually in their offices during business hours..

    Have a good night all..
    Have a safe weekend and hopefully a pain free one O:)
  • Most of my nurses were great when I was in the hospital, but I had one terrible one. She was the day nurse on the day after my surgery. My pain level was really high, and what they were giving me was not controlling the pain. I was literally crying out from the pain. The nurse told me that they were giving me all that the surgeon allowed. I asked the nurse to contact my Dr. and ask if I could be put on something more. She said that she wouldn't contact them because I was already on high pain meds. Thankfully my mom was with me and I knew enough that she should have contacted them so I got on my cell phone and called their office my self, crying in pain. It turns out that there was another pain med that they did have on my instructions that she hadn't given me. Of course I got it after I called the Dr. office.

    There were other little things that she did during the day that weren't up to par.

    Then later in the day I was due for my pain meds and my pain level was getting high again. I was once again crying in pain. I knew it was time for my meds and she was late, so my mom went to the nursing station. The nurse came back saying, "sorry but I got my period and I have to go change my pants." We thought she might have someone else come in and give me the meds. After a half an hour when I could hardly stand it my mom went and asked for her supervisor. Of course the nurse came back trying to argue about it. At one point she had the meds in her hands and was just standing there talking while I was crying. I finally said, "please give me the meds!!" After that point my mom told them that she wanted a different nurse asigned to me. A little later a patient advocate came in to talk to us.

    I was just so thankful my mother was there to advocate for me.
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