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Are most on disability?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
Just wondering how many "back sufferers" are on disability and how many are still trying to work. I'm working, but it gets harder and harder to push through the pain each day.



  • only put me on disability for the first three months and my family doctor put me back on it for the next four months and then a month later i had a different kind of surgery and that surgeon only put me on it for two months but again my family doctor put me back on it for another three months.

    I just hate it when a surgeon say "you can go back to work now" after you're already told him/her that you can not stand for more then five minutes and you can not do stairs, etc etc etc. ~X( ~X( ~X(


    I guess the bottom line is that you need a good family doctor to help you get on disability.
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
  • I honestly have one of the best NS as far as I am concerned.... He has just been so caring and understanding,
    I was out of work for 12 weeks FMLA then I took 8 weeks of personal, Tommorrow is my last day of leave theres not way he would let me go to work, He disabled me permently.. Hopefully my SSD will go through, something has to give and go my way...
  • currently on disability and I am working but I did get medically retired from the military so I guess you can consider that disability.
  • I have been on disability for 4 1/2 years now. I was lucky that the place I worked at had just picked up this type of disability insurance right before my back went on me. I was on short term for 6 months then they put me on long term. I will be on that until I graduate college and get a job. I've been lucky, every time I would ask my dr about it he would tell me no working. If he ever did anything right for me it was that lol. Once I do graduate, though, I will be getting a desk job, hopefully one working from home. In my current state I can't see myself working full time anywhere but at home anymore.
  • The thing about disability for me is that I work for myself because of all my injuries (carpal tunnel, back surgery, etc.). So, if I apply for disability (social security or whatever), I will have to quit my job without pay or FMLA. I am the provider of my son and home, so I would lose my home before even knowing whether or not I was awarded s.s.d. And then if I was awarded it, I wouldn't get enough to get another house. Isn't that the way it goes in our country??


    p.s. As you can see, I am rather bitter about this whole thing. ~X(
  • Cant say that I don't blame ya for being bitter. I lucked out with my disability. It's paying me 60% of what I was earning, which thankfully is just barely enough for us to get by.
  • But its really, really hard. I question disability on a daily basis. I have paid for private long-term disability insurance but I don't think it would be enough money to live on.
  • don't work (and haven't been able to for the last 3+ years) but am just getting around to filing for SSD. I've been in huge denial.

  • If I filed for disability, I would lose my house, and my son and I would have to live with Mommy and Daddy again... how embarrassing. My boyfriend was taken for everything he had in his divorce. So he brings home all of $100/week. With my income the main income (the only income until we're married), it would be impossible to quit. I keep trying to brainstorm in regards to ways I can keep my job. It's hard working around back problems, as we all know. The back truly affects every aspect of a person's life.

  • Perhaps not as many as we think and most are getting through as best they can and working also, grasping the last remnants of functionality. We all need objectives and our condition is imposed on us rather than a collective choice.

    Surviving is about inclusively and the reality of affording to be disabled never an easier route as initially surmised and through imposition equally daunting, you still have to deal with the constant pain and we all miss that bit of who and what we are.
  • I'm unsure how I would feel if I were home all alone with my pain all day. There's a real benefit to be out in the world interacting with others. Its only those really bad days (or worse bad weeks) when I question how ever can I keep this up. Another consideration would be how much you would actually get paid. I think its a percentage (maybe half) of your last year's income. That's why its seems there would be a benefit to literally "quitting when you're ahead". Susan.
  • you should get paperwork in the mail telling you what your disability amount would be if you became disabled. It changes each year as you work and add credits. You must have worked for 5 years and some other rules. My brain is fuzzy right now. lol

    People who have never worked outside the home do not qualify for SSD. You must have worked and paid into the system, but the qualification doesn't last forever. I'm one who probably doesn't have forever to get this filed. My benefit isn't much, but it would definitely help our budget.
  • Why is your brain fuzzy now? I thought it would be A BUZZ with ideas. Susan
  • There are days when I would give almost anything to be able to stay home. With the medical conditions I have, the dr's and PT's have told me I will hurt until I quit my job. I drive 8 hrs a day as a courier. And this winter Christmas Eve snowstorm was 12 hrs. Sitting that long is not good for backs! BUT, without a job, no insurance paid for. Can't afford insurance on my own. Even if you get awarded disability, it takes 2 more years before you get medicare. So it's work in pain, or stay home and lose everything,and still be in pain. This country needs to solve this medical delimma.
  • I had a surgery 3 months ago and have been on disability the whole time. I'm in california, and I understand that rules can be different in each state. The doc said I could stay on as long as I like. After 3 months I just went back to work part-time and the state is still paying me some of the lost wages up to a certain maximum amount.

    He suggested going back to work for my mental health, but said he would "approve" disability as long as I am in pain.
  • I want to work but can't.
    I have been off for a year now and still not able to go back.
    I am not prepared to whizz up the pain scale to insanity again just to do what will be a few hours work. I deserve some sanity along with the daily pain! lol!

    I'll know when I am ready.
    I figure 2 things will happen.
    1. I will stop needing as much pain meds and begin to forget to take it
    2. I'll be bored!

    I struggled for a long time accepting the position I am in but fighting it only make me upset / depressed so giving in (my rule is on a day by day basis) helps me cope with the pain and physical limitations.

    The outside world gives me the most grief...i think. The dirty scowls, the curious looks, the stares.
    I often wonder if I have blood dripping from my face the way some folk look.
    I never talk about any claims or not. Another rule. Denial I guess!
    Did I just contradict myself or what! =))

  • I can't believe people would give dirty looks just because someone else is suffering. How horrible. But I do remember that feeling of being looked at and scowled at when working under restrictions. Customers would come in and whisper, "Why does she get to sit down?" "Why isn't she helping us with a cart?" How humiliating. To lighten things up, I had told a friend who worked with me that a certain elderly lady was really rude to me. Later on that day, he told me he had tripped her. Although she was older, how could I help but not laugh. I never expected this from my friend.

  • I have never heard of having to wait 2 years after being approved for ssdi for medicare coverage to kick in. All my benefits started in the same month thank goodness. I guess each state has their own rules. I don't get much for money but I'm grateful for it and my husband is too. Every dollar counts.
  • I was approved for SSDI and yes I have to wait for 2 yrs until medicare begins. Acually for me it will be 1 1/2 yrs as there was a six month waiting period. I believe that is truly a shame in the policies of the medicare program. I worked at my same job for 29 yrs 11 mos. but was too young to retire so no job no insurance. My husband is also disabled but he is now on medicare. Obviously we are not well and the bulk of the monies we receive is spent on medical care. Something just isn't right to make a disabled person wait two years for benefits. Its true each state is different and some may qualify for medicaid which is a state based program. But if you make a little too much to qualify for that then you are without insurance. My husband and I had to purchase insurance but the costs are high and we have huge out of pocket expenses. Guess we have to figure out other ways to cut down on expenses. I think the current system has issues that need to be addressed. However, I am thankful I was approved. There are so many trying to be approved and there waits are unbelievable. It just doesn't seem right!
  • It isn't right. This country is based on money, not people and caring about others. Everyone seems to be in it for themselves. When a person becomes disabled, they are either looked down upon or they have to really really prove that they have problems. I think I could go on all day about our fallen system. The medical profession seems to be the worst at caring for anyone, and they are the ones we truly need.

    sad sad sad.

  • Right now, I'm just beginning the SSD process with the hoops you have to jump thru. I feel fortunate that after dealing with the back pain progression over the past 10 or more years, I was able to draw a full retirement with medical. I was not ready to stop working and had been building up to a woodworking business for the past 5 years or so. I'll be 53 on Monday and have worked and paid into social security since 1972. What concerns me is that I don't have a long treatment history for this most recent problem (fusion of C4-C7 with titanium hardware). When I look at the documented diagnosis's on my medical files, it is listed on the "medical conditions" in social security's blue book. Everything I read says that if you have this condition...... that they consider that you are eligible for benefits. Then I hear horror stories that even if you meet these conditions you are still forced to engage in the 2 year or so fight for approval. One of the things that I see is that the work that you did for the past 15 years is what they base if you are able to return to do. Since December 15, 1981 I have worked as a law enforcement officer. Over the years, I've done just about every aspect of the job, patrol, investigations, training, administrative and management. Biggest drawback with my experience and training is that most if not all agencies don't want to hire someone my age with medical problems (ie neck surgery). I could possibly do administrative work, but to get hired you have to go thru the physical agility tests to start at the bottom. I know my body enough and I think my NS agrees that I will not be able to do the tests. Just some of the things required in these tests are: run 200 yards, jump 6 hurdles, drag a 150 pound dummy, run 3 flights of stairs, climb an 8' wall and several others within 3 minutes and 45 seconds. I'm sorry for the rambling on, I just need to vent some, can't sleep. I've got a law firm that has accepted my case with SSA, even though I'm real early in the process, I'm going to have them fight with SSA instead of me.
  • i miss work so much ..i would love to be in employment but the back has put an end to that .i was employed an an electrician for many years .this job is a very energetic job and with sever back problems i had to give it up .i have tried for lighter duty jobs as the years have gone by but as soon as they find out that your back is knackered they dont want to know .i even tried for voluntary work and again due to insurance matters bad back no job .so i am on incapacity benefit 90 pounds a week .i am truing for DLA disabled living allowance {around 60 pounds extra a week but its a hard benefit to get in the UK as you need to be dead to qualify!!{or nearly dead}
    a very fed up STRAKER
  • are exactly why we don't want these people in charge of our health care!
  • Cant work , havent worked since 2005 worked in the health sector ha ha thats a laught due to get my pension in a month so too late to apply for disability allowence , do get Incapasity benifit that stops when im 60 how do they think you can live oh well thats England for you arter paying 38 years national insurence
  • i am still working part time, applyed for SSDI and SSI, denied on first level, alaska dosnt have a second level so in feb. was finally called for a AJL hearing.

    11 weeks later i still have not heard from anyone about my case.
    it does say in SS law that if you qualify for SSDI, medicare will be offered in 2 years from date of disability.

    i dont know if i will get both or none.... waiting to see

    sure hope i get help, no insurance and i have worked so hard in the healthcare field all my life taking care of people.

    our system is really in need of a overhall!
  • oh and by the way.... we are so backloged it has taken me almost 3 years to get to this point where i am. i first filed in october of 2006!!!!!!!!!

    how can you live without trying to work and keep your head above water, the 2 hours a day i work is not easy but it helps me stay sane and keep bills paid!
  • Last year I was on short-term disability through insurance benefits provided by my employer. For three months I was lounging around the house (in pain) and going to physical therapy 2-3 times a week. Filling out the forms for medical records release to the insurance company and ensuring that they were received seemed like a full-time job! The insurance company wanted medical records from every health care provider that I saw.

    I believe my disibility payments were 60% of my income and they DID take taxes out of the checks I received. And when I returned to work I had to catch up on my health insurance premiums since those weren't taken out of the disibility checks.

    I returned to work after those three months and have been struggling with my job duties since. I work in health care and directly deal with patients. I recently saw a neurosurgeon who told me that I need work restrictions. He said no lifting or pulling "you could blow that disc out".

    I suggested that I just "take it easy" at work since my employer will not allow me to return to work with ANY kind of restrictions. When I see my neuro doc next week I'll accept his work restriction and turn in my resignation at the workplace. Since I'll be loosing my job through through no fault of my own I SHOULD be eligible for unemployment benefits through my state.

    In two months I'll be moving cross county to live with my grandmother. She could benefit from a live in companion (me) and at this point I won't be able to financially take care of myself. I've been sending out resumes for the last 8 months and haven't gotten any job offers.

    My grandmother is very stable financially and is willing to help me with all my expenses...Cobra insurance and graduate school. So I'm very very lucky to have family that is able to help me out.

    And that is my disibility plan. I have yet to investigate my long-term disibility benefits that my employer provides. SSDI is probably not an option for me since the most recent social security statement that I received noted that I'm not eligible for disibility because I haven't paid in enough.

    I wish everyone the best of luck with their disibility plans.
  • I had a workplace accident in 2007 and after 1 1/2 years finally won my worker's compensation claim (which gives me 60% of my pay). I have filed for SSDI and after two denials and subsequent appeals, I am currently waiting for a hearing date. I obtained the services of a lawyer (after my former employer denied my claim of being injured on the job) and have used his services throughout this entire process. He will receive a fee for his services (as he did for my worker's comp case).

    It's frustrating that in my state (MA) in order to get SSDI you need to hire a lawyer to assist you. Most people are denied and have to go throught the appeals process which can take a few years to complete. In my circumstance, my husband is currently unemployed and I only worked part-time prior to my accident so we're struggling financially right now and could really use the extra money that SSDI would give us. The denials are also hard to accept, especially when you're in so much pain and cna no longer work. I lost my profession of 20+ years as an Orthodontic Dental Assistant due to my injury. I have a really hard time understanding how Social Security can say that I an work when some mornings I lay in bed, in tears, waiting for the pain to lessen just enough for me to be able to get out of it. Most nights I’m lucky if I get a 2 or 3 hour stretch of sleep as I usually wake every hour. I can’t sit for long, can’t stand for long, hurt all over, can’t get up at the same time every morning... but they say I can sit for most of the day and lift up to 10 pounds. They say that although there is evidence that shows that I have a history of back surgeries and chronic pain and tha t i may experience discomfort, I am still able to use my arms, hands and legs....no kidding!!!

    Sorry to ramble on...my advice would be to take advantage of any type of disability benefits that your employer offers if you need to..if you can't, then get a lawyer if your considering appying for any SSDI benefits. It will be far less confusing and save you some time and stress in the long run.
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