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UPDATE--Left My PM Dr. Crying...what should I do???

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,670
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:27 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I went in for my EMG on my left arm Tuesday, due to severe pain, numb,weakness in my recovery from ACDF on 11/03/08. She ended up testing my left leg as well, due to lumbar issues/sciatica. She says those were normal...which she had to make me move my arm/leg in order to make a reading on the screen? I don't remember her having to do that 6 months ago...anyways. She came to the conclusion that along with everything else, I have fibromyalgia!!! I don't know much about that, but I know I don't want it. My first emotions are that she wants an easy answer, and is giving up on me! I am very upset. She put me on morphine sulfate er pills to take every 12 hours.(in addition to the Oxycontin I already take) She gave me a book about fibro to read. I have to find a therapist(which I need desperately). I am so confused. Some things in the book make me think maybe I have dealt with pain so long that it has turned in fibro...does anyone have info or insight??? Do I go to another doc? Is she going to blame pain on fibro when it's my lumbar discs acting up?? Plz help me!!

*****February 18,2009******
I saw my Surgeon yesterday, & he said that my EMG results showed significant nerve aggravation/damage and is suggesting my neuro & PM Dr. test for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He also mentions Anterior Scalene Compression. I am wondering why my PM Dr. told me that my EMG WAS NORMAL??? That's odd..These 3 docs had better get their info right!
I have an appointment on Friday to see my neuro dr. What kind of tests are done to diagnos? What kinds of therapy? (Second opinion is on the way...but not until April.)


  • Go get a second opinion is would I personally would do.
  • Get a second opinion quick. Go to a neurosurgeon if possible. Take care
  • I agree with everyone else. Go get a second opinion. I'm afraid too many doctors use fibro as a diagnosis when they run out of ideas. But the good news is that if you do get a second opinion and it is the same then there is a new medication on the way for sufferers of fibro made specifically from them. You'll be in my thoughts.
  • I agree you need to be examined by another physician and perhaps a good pain management doctor. You may also want to research reflex sympathetic dystrophy which sometimes occurs after nerve damage. I know as my NS believes this is what my intense burning pain is from. I hope that you have neither fibromylagia or RSD but if you do you need to have a fairly aggressive physical therapy program to prevent further complications. I hope your doc prescribed appropriate medication for the pain. The pain of RSD is nerve pain and responds to meds like neurontin, lyrica, cymbalta or Elavil. There are other treatments besides meds. Hopefully, your pain will subside in time. My best to you.
  • I don't remember having to move during my EMG, but maybe I did. I would get a second opinion for peace of mind.

    ( ( HUGS ) )

  • Thanks for your responses, I guess I need to find another doctor. I have a lot of the same symptoms as many of you spineys & neckies...and I checked..none you you guys have been diagnosed with fibro. I just have had this Dr. for 4 years it's hard to let go. I thought I trusted her. There are 18 trigger points that are supposed to be checked as a diagnosis, & she did not do this test for me. I feel cheated. I do not like the fact that she put me on so many narcotic drugs, eighter. I don't want to walk around like a zombie. By the way, I am on Cymbalta, Topamax, Imipramine, Imitrex, Oxycodine, and Morphine.
  • your post caught me big time! You most likely DO NOT Have Fibro. I went through the same exact thing. What you need to do is make an appt. with a Rheumatologist for a 2nd opinion on your Fibromyalgia. I'll try to find my story and tell you what happened to me in regard to 3 different diagnoses they found with me before they realized my spine was causing all my problems. PLEASE if you really feel you do not have FM (like I did) and feel strongly about it - don't accept the diagnosis - find a Dr. that diagnoses it, treats it and can tell you if you actually have it or not. I had myself believing (for about a week) I might have it - then I realized - FM is NOT ME!

    PM mne if you have any qeustions.
  • She should have done the trigger point test too. My first neuro - said NOPE don't have FM (did the test) - 2nd neuro said "YUP YOU HAVE FM" and did NOT do the trigger test. The Rheumy did NOT do the test and said "you don't have FM - what you have are mechanical issues in your entire spine causing these problems " THANK YOU!

    My Chiro whomI trust for 26 years did the test on me and found I only had very few of the tigger points" and said Sandra, you do not have FM - find a good Dr. that can take that diagnosis away out of your medical records and do it FAST!

  • Be very weary of any doctor whom prescribes pain meds vs. finding the underlying issue. When I got sent to a pain specialist for my right leg sciatica I made it clear I wouldnt to find the issue and fix it rather then be given narcotics to help mask it.

  • Ditto on what Jak said. When that neuro diagnosed me with periph neuro - he put me on Gabapentin (for my burning feet) - I was allergic to it - mademe gain weight, my throat sweelled and did not fix the problem obviously cause it was my disk pressing on my spinal cord making my feet burn. The 2nd neuro who diagnosed FM put me on some anti-depressent- went off of that too - I am not on ANYTHING right now except my Tramadol when needed for post op pain and healing from my ACDF and I feel great (cept for those muscle spasms) LOL :)
  • That is exactly why I went to another doctor. My surgeon just kept throwing pain pills at me and never paid much attention to my nerve pain. It was only because I educated myself about nerve pain that I knew he was going down the wrong road. I was like you. I didn't want to walk around like a zombie I wanted the problem fixed.
    Please do lots of homework on FM because I don't know how this doctor came to that conclusion based on what you posted. From what I understand there are 19 trigger points that are tested before a confirmed diagnosis for FM so keep looking and don't give up.
  • Where do I start to find another dr? Do I go to see another pm doc or a neuro?
  • I would be VERY concerned about any MD that prescribes ER morphine AND oxycontin! Those shouldn't be prescribed together. (only 1 extended release at a time)For a 2nd opinion on the fibro--see a rheumatologist. Remember too that nerve pain and damage can cause myalgia-or muscle pain. It doesn't necessarily translate into fibromyalgia. I'm a nurse and see fibro used as a catch all....it happened to me too. You can also explain feeling crappy...muscle, joint and nerve type pain with a vitamin D deficiency. You should have that checked also. There have been some papers published suspecting that fibromyalgia is simply a vit. D deficiency.
    Good luck--feel better!
  • I have a prejudice against PM doctors - so take my comments with a grain of salt:

    I agree - you need another opinion, and hopefully not a pain managament dr.

    From experience (it was my husband) we found that listening to the PM doctors just lengthened the time he spent in pain AND got him addicted to Oxycontin. He also had close to 20 nerve/radio frequency thingy's done to the spine (that nerve burning thing they do to alleviate back pain) - all from the PM dr.

    When he finally went to the ER in severe pain and with foot drop the neurosurgeon told him he needed an emergency surgery, all the drugs & nerve burning just kept masking the pain while his spine was degenerating.

    After the surgery (about 9 months) he had to go into a rehab facility to get off the meds - it was not a fun battle (hence the prejudice)
  • Red Flag--I haven't taken the oxy yet, for that reason. I don't want to over dose. But I kinda think it IS ok, because my pharmacist filled both scripts together & would have said something...their good for double checking.
    It's been a week since my new diagnosis and new medication...sorry to say no major improvement. Dr. gave me a Fibro for Dummy's book. I'm half way through it...not convinced I have it. I've made an appointment with my reg Dr. to have a checkup/talk these issues through with him. Otherwise I see my ns on the 17th & the pm doc on the 3rd. I live in a small city, and the whole area is all the same medical affiliation...I'd probably have to go out of town for a 2nd opinion. I'll post as I know more....thanks & hope the best success in healing for everyone!
  • Hi Amybug! ;) This is VERY LONG! LOL ;)

    This is what I would do (as you've read my posts earlier?) I would go to your regular doc - your primary physician and ask for a referral to a RHEUMATOLOGIST - those are the Dr.'s who normally diagnose Fibromyalgia (or those are the Dr's that SHOULD diagnose it). Tell him you are not convinced you have FM and you just want a 2nd opinion. Tell him you don't want a diagnosis on your medical file that you believe you do not have without a 2nd opinion. They cannot turn you down. IF THEY DO for some stupid reason - make your own appt. if you can to a Rheumatologist. Do not go to a PM specialist. Make sure you type everything up first or write everything down in your medical records in a short timeline like I did like this and I'm happy to share with you. Yes, if all your medical tests and I mean bloodwork and nerve testing come out negative, FM is a possiblity - but so are so many other things - for example my MRI's were positive for herniations throughout my spine yet they dismissed it sayhing "that isn't my problem" when in fact IT WAS my problem! You need to be your own patient advocate and get to the bottom of this - if you do not believe you have FM and feel you were diagnosted improperly, you need a 2nd opnion to either reassure yourself or if maybe you DO have it - feel reassurred that IS what you have. Does that make sense ? LOL!

    Here's my timeline and it is VERY VERY LONG as you can see! But this is what I did and showed him and this Rheumy said "you have mechanical issues in your spine causing all of your symptoms". I've only included the medical info that pertains to my spine problems ;)


    November 6, 2008 - I had an ACDF (anterior cervical diskectomy with fusion). I have degenerative disk disease (osteoarthritis) and have had it for years and I'm only 39. I only had one level fixed but have two others above that disk that have small herniations, They found the disk when they got in there to be grossly degenerated. The NS also performed generous foraminotomies They picked bits and pieces of it out - was totally blown. My NS said if I had not had it done at that point, if I had fallen on the ice or fallen - I could have been paralyzed from the waist down (severing my spinal cord). The disk was impinging my spinal cord and my left nerve roots going down my arm. They replaced my disk with a PEEK Cage and filled it with my bone marrow they took from another vertebrae. My incision is in the front of my neck. They also gave me a bone growth stimular 24-7. First 6 weeks - fusion occurring - but very slow - wear the hard brace for ANOTHER 6 weeks. Second 6 weeks, fusion occurring - but again, very slow. Put me in soft brace for another 6 weeks (3 more weeks left to go right now). When I awoke from surgery my arm pain was gone, my burning feet have not returned and my headaches have went away along with my neck pain.

    September 2008 – referred to a Neurosurgeon. Need surgery at C6/C7 (ACDF) scheduled for 11/6/08.

    September 24th, 2008 – had 3rd injection. Dr. PM Doc) was pleased when I told him I had 4 days of relief from the last injection.

    September 19th, 2008 – Emailed Dr.Orthosurgeon and informed nothing was working “so far” and asked for a referral to a neurosurgeon which he made. Said he was more than happy to do that. I have a neurosurgeon appt. set for October 6th, 2008 with Dr. ****** at ******. Dr. ***** advised I should still have the 3rd injection just in case and to cover all bases.

    September 8, 2008 – had 2nd cervical injection – this one hurt more for some reason. I had relief from this injection for about 4 days, then all pain came back on left side down arm and finger. Little bit of pain came on right side. Noticed pinky on left side going numb off and on.

    August 27th, 2008 – had 1st cervical injection at C6/C7. Went well. Had no relief from it whatsoever.

    August 26, 2008 – Dr. Orthosurgeon did an exam and found no reflexes in my upper body. Found that I did indeed have cervical radiculapathy. Referred me for a round of cervical injections. Said if these do not work, he would refer me to a neurosurgeon for “cervical/spinal decompression”. Prescribed SOMA once again to help with neck spasms.

    August 20th, 2008 – Woke up once again with horrible pain (although not as bad as in March) This time on the left side. I went to urgent care this time. Diagnosed me with cervical radiculopathy. They gave me a shot of Tramadol and a script for Tramadol and SOMA. I made an appt. with Dr. *********************.

    May 23, 2008, SECOND OPINION ON FM: At some point somewhere in here I made an appt. with a RHEUMATOLOGIST at Marshfield Clinic. He said I DO NOT have FIBROMYALGIA. I have Mechanical things going on in my spine causing my symptoms.

    April 15, 2008 - My Chiropractor has treated me for 26 years and does not believe I have Fibromyalgia. He administered the tender point exam on me and it revealed only 6 tender points out of the 18 (11 of which are needed to have a diagnosis).

    March 10, 2008 – Woke up and could not get my head off my pillow. Once my husband helped me up from a lying position, I was in excruciating pain on the right side of my neck, shoulder and down my right arm. Got me dressed and took me to my chiropractor. VERY limited range of motion. Spurling test positive. All reflexes normal. Chiro could feel inflammation at C6/C7 and extremely tight and spasming muscles. He said I probably completely herniated the disk (that was already herniated). He fitted me with a neck collar which I wore for about one week and on during the acute phase. Also going through conservative care of cervical traction and electrical stimulation.

    February 27, 2008 - DIAGNOSOS: FIBROMYALGIA by ********** Neurologist. I went to him for a 2nd opinion on the Peripheral Neuropathy the 1st neurologist diagnosed me with. He said I do not have PN, but FM.

    January 28th – Called to make appt. for 2nd opinion at 2nd Neurologist’s office per 1st Neurologist: Received letter from neurologist. Agreed on discontinuing Neurotin. Have a lot of back pain and neck pain. Using heating pad and ice packs a lot. Using Naproxen to help relieve pain, but mostly is not helpful.

    Thursday, January 24th - Decided to stop taking Neurotonin (Gabapentin)

    January 2008. Neurologist increased dosage of Gabapentin to 1600 mg a day (2/2/2).

    January 11, 2008 – Wearing compression stockings and fake croc shoes (with holes in them). Left side of neck very painful and arm has shooting pains down it.

    January 4, 2008 – feet are so bad, I go buy a new pair of shoes. Does not help. I try my lumbar cushion on my chair at work again – doesn’t help. I try to raise my feet at my desk while in my chair on my lumbar cushion – does not help.


    08 – Diabetes (2 hr. Glucose Tolerance Test – A1C was 5.3-normal)
    08-Bloodwork Ceruloplasmin (copper test).
    08- Ruled out Fibromyalgia.
    08-Lumbar MRI – Compression right and left S1 exiting nerve roots. Dessicated L4/L5/S1.
    07-Thyroid (several times!)
    07-Brain MRI
    07-Cervical and Thoracic MRI - No lesions but a mess with bulges and herniations.
    07-Bloodwork: Lyme Titer, Lupus Panel, ANNA 1 and 2, VDRL, Immunoe/Extrophoresis, and B12
    07-Nerve Conduction Studies - Normal.
    07-SSEP (Somatosensory Evoked Potentials)
    07-VEP – (Visual Evoked Potentials)
    07-BAEP – (Brain and Auditory Evoked Potentials)
    04-Ankylosing Spondylitis
    99/04/07- Carpal Tunnel
    04-Rheumatoid Arthritis
    07-Low Blood Pressure
    04/07- Diabetes (perhaps glucose intolerance)
    96-HIV/AIDS (Insurance Co. required testing)
    07-Disorder of the ear - (by Chiro) on 10/11/07
    04-ESR Sedimentation Rate Normal in 2004.

    Treatment/Therapy Already Administered for pain:

    Chiropractic Therapy for 26 years.
    Cervical Neck Traction (2008)
    Soft Cervical Neck Collar (2008)
    Cervical Electrical/Nerve Stimulation (2008)
    Epidural Steroid Injections into Lumbar/SI Joints
    Physical Therapy
    TENS Unit for Lumbar Region
    SOMO - Indomethacin - Tylenol w/Codeine - Anti-inflammatories – Naproxen/ Tramadol
    Electrical Stimulation - Iontophoresis
    Soft Tissue Mobilization
    Home Exercise Program - Flexion/Extension/ROM Exercises/Muscle Strengthening
    Therapeutic Exercises

    December 31, 2007 – SSEP (Somato Sensory Evoked Potentials)/Normal

    Lumbar MRI @ Rice Med Center – December 31, 2007 - Results: Normal through L3/4 level. L4/L5 level: There are some mild deg facet changes w/out other significant degenerative osseous changes. The disk is narrowed and dessicated and does show a broad base disc bulge with a small central disc protrusion. There is also some increased signal in the posterior annulus which could be due to a small tear. These findings do cause mild canal stenosis and foraminal recess narrowing. The neural foramina themselves show minimal narrowing without affecting the exiting nerves. The spinal nerve roots are normal.

    L5/S1 level. Minimal facet arthropathy is present without other bony degenerative changes. The disc is narrowed and dessicated with a mild broad base disc bulge with a small to moderate central protrusion which appears to abut up against the proximal left S1 exiting nerve and possibly the right S1 exiting nerve. No significant canal stenosis is identified. The foramina bilaterally show no significant narrowing. The exiting L5 nerves are unaffected. The spinal nerve roots are normal.

    December 28, 2007 – VEP (Visual Evoked Potentials)/BAEP (Brain and Auditory Evoked Potentials)/Normal.
    December 12, 2007? Nerve Conduction Studies/Normal
    December 11, 2007 – Started Gabapentin (Neurontin) – 9mg day (1/1/1).

    November 13, 2007 - MRI of Cervical/Thoracic Spine without Contrast

    **MRI Thoracic Spine without Contrast. T1, T2 and T2 fat saturation sagittal sequences, and T1 and T2 weighted axial images were obtained. The vertebrae are normally aligned. The stature of the vertebral bodies is maintained. Disk spaces appear to be preserved. The spinal cord is of normal signal and morphology. At T7-8 there is a small right paramedian protrusion of the nucleus polposus which effaces the ventral aspect of the thecal sac and appears to touch the cord. There is no foraminal stenosis seen. Impression: Small right paramedian protrusion of the nucleus pulposus at T7-8. This small protrusion appears to touch the ventral aspect of the spinal cord, but there is no evidence of spinal or foraminal stenosis. The spinal cord is unremarkable in appearance and signal.

    **MRI Cervical Spine without Contrast. The vertebrae are normally aligned. Stature of the vertebral bodies is maintained. Spinal cord is of normal morphology with exception of ventral impression on the cord in the left paramedian location at C6-7 secondary to moderate protrusion of the nucleus pulposus. There is no evidence of tonsillar herniation, and the foramen magnum is normal in appearance. There is mild/moderate broad-based bulging in the disk/endplate complex at C5-6, but this finding does not cause impression on the spinal cord, there is no spinal or foraminal stenosis at this level. Impression: Significant protrusion of the nucleus pulposus at C6-7, finding is positioned in the left paramedian location and causes mild ventral impression on the spinal cord. It is also possible that this finding may impinge the traversing left C8 root. Otherwise unremarkable MRI of the cervical spine.

    November 1, 2007 - Burning/tingling feet. Sometimes numbness. Sometimes tingling going all the way up to the groin. Right eyelid twitching along with various muscles throughout my body. Hands and arms falling asleep while sleeping. Seeing floaters/swirling images.

    October 22, 2007 - Chiro Re-Evaluation: Due to ongoing neck/back pain. Abnormal Cervical Flexion, Kemps Test Positive, Trapezius/Rhomboid and Cervical Paravertebral all reveal myofascial trigger points bilaterally. Joint Fixation at C1, C5 and C6 on the left.

    October 17, 2007 - MRI of Brain/Head with and without Contrast - T2 weighted imaging demonstrates punctate areas of high signal intensity within the centrum semiovale, possibly representing prominent Virchow-Robin spaces. There is no evidence of abnormal enhancing lesion. The periventricular white matter appears normal bilaterally. The corpus callosum appears normal in width and signal intensity. The foremen magnum and cerebellar tonsils appear normal. Impression: Essentially normal appearing MRI of the brain with and without contrast. Punctate areas of signal aberration within the centrum semiovale bilaterally, seen on axial T2 weighted imaging, may simply represent prominent perivascular spaces (Virchow-Robin Spaces), and are not seen as discrete abnormalities on other sequences.

    October 15, 2007 - Appt. with Regular Dr., PCP - Explained all that I've been feeling. Asked for MRI of cervical spine. He suggested MRI of brain to check for multiple sclerosis since he felt I showed a lot of the symptoms. He also suggested a follow-up with my urogynecologist because of the urinary incontinence.

    April 2007 - Found lump in left breast. Had lumpectomy. Came back as Sclerosing Adenosis Lesion (just a bit higher risk of BC for me). Follow up with breast surgeon in one year.

    December 5, 2005 - Follow-up with Dr. Orthosurgeon

    Completion of 3 ESI's and doing very well. No further leg pain but still notes some numbness into the right leg.

    November 28, 2005 - ESI @ L5/S1 Level - Leg pain is almost entirely gone. She has some numbness and tingling in her right foot yet.

    November 21, 2005 - Follow-up with Dr. Orthosurgeon
    Re-check. Continues to have low back pain with right leg burning symptoms. Continues to be stiff all over.

    November 15, 2005 - ESI @ L5/S1 Level - Symptoms are the same. Sitting makes entire foot go numb. Some immediate temporary improvement with last injection.

    November 14, 2005 - MRI of Lumbar Spine without Contrast
    Signal intensity normal. L2/L3 - Normal. L3/L4 - Mild bilateral facet arthropathy. L4/L5 - Mild generalized bulging of the annulus fibrosis with small central disk herniation. This causes mild mass impression on the ventral aspect of the thecal sac without causing significant spinal or neural foraminal stenosis. L5/S1 - There is a small central disk herniation with transverse parameter of herniated disk measuring only approximately 5mm. This comes in contact with the ventral aspect of the thecal sac without causing spinal or neural foraminal stenosis. Impression: Small central disk herniation at the L4/L5 and L5/S1 levels without causing significant spinal or neural foraminal stenosis.

    November 7, 2005 - Follow-up with Dr. Orthosurgeon - Excellent "temporary" response with last L5 injection. Noted hypersensitivity extending right leg. Her muscle strength seems fine with the exception of external rotation of the hip, which is noted to by the therapist to be very weak.

    October 24, 2005 - Scheduled for another SI Joint injection. When anesthesiologist examined me, he saw differently. Notes: She comes in today with clear cut radicular symptoms, pain shooting down her posterior right leg all the way down to the foot. It has been present for about 3 months. Assessment: Right-sided L5 radiculopathy. Plan is a trial of epidural steroids, not Right SI Joint injection.

    October 17, 2005 - Therapy ordered by Dr. OrthosurgeonHome exercise program - cervical ROM and strengthening and lumbar flexion and extension.

    October 11, 2005 - Appt: Dr. Ortho Surgeon**Examination: Neck shows some limitation of extension. Para-cervical spasm extending into her trapezius. There is some tenderness to palpation over the lower cervical spine and some tenderness over the cervical roots but no radiculapathy down the arms. Point tenderness over the Right SI Joint and sciatic notch which does lead to symptoms down the right leg. Side bending is symmetrically limited. She is somewhat limited in flexion and extension as well. I was unable to obtain ankle jerks on either side but had symmetrical knee jerk reflexes. X-rays of neck show some straightening of the cervical spine. Diagnosis: 1) Recurrent right sacroilitis 2)Cervical spasm with right-sided radiculopathy 3)Lumbar Strain

    October 7, 2005 - Thyroid Tested - Normal
    August 11, July 21, May 19, 2005 – ESI’s @ Right SI Joint

    May, 2005 - Appt: Dr. Ortho Surgeon
    Diagnosis: Right Sacroilitis

    February 23, 2005 - MRI - C-Spine without Contrast - Slight loss of disk signals at C3, C4, C5, C6 interspaces but disks are well maintained. Very mild ventral extradural impressions are seen at C4-5 interspaces and C5-6 as well. Mild Concentric disk bulging is evident at C4-5 and C5-6. There is evidence of mild or moderate bony foraminal stenosis on the left at C4-5 and C5-6. Impression: Minimal discogenic degenerative changes are seen at C4-5 and C5-6 with no significant central stenosis. Mild or moderate bony left foraminal stenosis is seen at these levels.

    February 22, 2005 - ESI @ L4/L5 - Still have lancinating pains down the right leg.

    February 15, 2005 - D.O.. - Diagnosis: Cervical and thoracic myofascial pain.

    February 3, 2005 - ESI @ L4/L5 - Examination: Toe/heel walking normal. Extension is mildly painful. Deep tendon reflexes are +1 and symmetric at patella and +1 and symmetric at ankle. Motor strength though shows a little decrease in great toe dorseflexion on the right as compared to the left. Straight leg raise unremarkable bilaterally. ESI Administered.

    January 28, 2005 - Referral to ***********Clinic, , D.O. - Musculoskeletal Review - Mid low back pain with lumbar flexion, palpation of the back reveals tenderness over the low lumbar paraspinal musculature, tenderness in the mid thoracic paraspinal and rhomboids and sacroiliac joints. Neurological Review - Sensation to pinprick is intact in lower extremities. Muscle stretch reflexes are +1/4 at bilateral patella, +1/4 at bilateral achilles. Plan: Back pain is discogenic in nature. Right sided radiculapathy. Sending for ESI's at L4/L5.

    January 12, 2005 - MRI L-Spine without Contrast - L3/L4 - Loss of disk signal and minimal loss of disk height at L4/L5 with ventral extradural impression. Facets are mildly hypertrophic. L4/L5 - Mild/Moderate concentric disk bulging with a superimposed midline posterial disk protrusion associated with focal subannular signal compatible with partial annular tear. This bulge does indent the ventral thecal sac slightly. Facets are mildly hypertrophic. L5/S1 - Moderate hypertrophic facet arthropathy. Sacroiliac Joints essentially normal. Small lipoma in right sacral ala.

    Impression: Degenerative concentric disk bulging and probably posterial partial annular tear demonstrated at L4/5. No neural encroachment is seen, but this could well be a source of low back pain. The sacroiliac joints are essentially normal in appearance. Placed on one month of PT to help range of motion and flexion - no change in symptoms.

    October 2004? - Went to PCP and explained all of my symptoms and also filled out a detailed questionnaire about every aspect of my body. I remember checking that I was having problems with memory, getting my words backwards/in wrong order, extreme fatigue, general overall unwell feeling, other symptoms as well. He said I had depression and gave me script for anti-depressent.

    September 30, 2004 - HLA-B27 negative results for RA/AS.

    September 2004 - Chiro Re-evaluation due to lumbar/neck pain and R leg sciatica.
    Hypokyphosis thoracic spine; Hypolordosis lumbar spine; Achilles reflex 1.5 sluggish on left.
    Kemps test positive w/pain on left SI Joint; Abnormal muscle contractions on hips in extension bilaterally. Lumbar erector muscles revealed hypertonicity bilaterally; Hamstring muscles revealed tightness bilaterally. Trapezius muscles revealed a myofascial trigger point tightness bilaterally; Medial Joint line tender on left. Joint fixation T6, T7, the right and left SI Joints; Tenderness to palpation at T6, T7, L5, right and left SI Joints.
    Xrays reveal levorotatory curvature of lumbar spine of 7 degrees between T12 and L4, Facet Tropism on the right at L4/L5, mild internal rotation of left pelvis, mild degenerative changes to inferior sacroiliac joints bilaterally, a slight hyperlordosis and a slight retrolithsesis of L4 on L5.

    June 2004 - Tested again for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome @ Marshfield - negative. Same results as 1994/5 testing. "Median nerves are normal, there is no evidence of meridian or peripheral neuropathy".

  • Sandra
    Thanks for your input..I have seen a Rheumatologist and in her report to my pm dr. she is the one who told her my problem is disc/spine related and there is a possibility of fibro. I am going to talk to my regular doctor about all of this.
    We have a lot of similar problems & our surgeries were 3 days apart. Mine was on C5/6. I didn't wear any collar or use a bone stimulator, though. I remember you saying you recently quit smoking, and so did I. (3 wks ago). I did cheat a couple of times recently..oops. Anyways, I don't have a copy of my records, but I have kept a pain journal on & off. I can easily sign a waiver or get the records myself. I think a new perspective is what I need. Seriously, all of my pain comes from my head, at the base of my skull. (occipital neuralgia). I can feel it causing pain down into my neck, shoulders, left arm, upper back. Complete head is in pain, numb, etc.. If they can fix that, I think I can heal properly. (not including my lumbar discs). Thanks again...I'll let u know how everything goes...
  • I get so sick of doctors who brand you with the Fibro label just because they don't know what is wrong. I was told i had fibro when I had carpal tunnel years ago. I actually don't think I even had carpal tunnel, even though I had the surgery -- I was just way over-stressed at work. Don't believe the diagnosis. Fight for yourself. There is NO definitive test for fibromyalgia. Sometimes I wonder if it even exists.


    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • i usually stay out of any talk about fibro but I totally agree 100% with cindylou.........Patsy
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