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Anybody doing the IDET thing?

sagehensagehen Posts: 221
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:29 PM in Pain Management
I am wondering if this method of pain relief would help me... I'm looking at a second 2 level fusion...trying to find some other way to deal with my issues.... Thanks for any and all input! Sagehen


  • I had an IDET last year. It seemed to fixed some issues, but I am worse then before. Doctors say it has nothing to do with the IDET. It not an approved treatment option anymore, but if you can get a doctor to do it, it is worth trying before major surgery. It was painful for a few days, but compared to a discography it was a cake walk. Hope this helps.
  • I am going in for a discogram on April 9th then my Dr. will then decide if the IDET will work for me. I think he is really leaning that way.

    WoahNelly - You said that this isn't an approved treatment option anymore. I hadn't heard that, nor come across that while researching the procedure. In fact I had never even heard of IDET until my Dr. mentioned it last week.
  • Insurance does not consider the IDET an approved treatment, so they don't pay for it. The most recent data says it's a 50/50 shot, well worth taking if you have a lot of pain. But insurance companies say it does not work so they won't pay. Check with your insurance before you do a ton of research.

    There are some newer versions of the IDET, but I don't know if those are covered by insurance. Workmans comp will usually pay for IDET's. My insurance refused to pay for the $15K procedure, but I was lucky that the company that makes the equipment covered the cost.

    I am happy to answer any questions about the procedure, I had anesthesia where they woke me up at one point to ask questions and then put me back out. It was about 1 hour and I had two treatment.
  • a couple of weeks after a discogram put me in the dirt. My discogram showed an annular tear in the L5-S1, so I had an ortho surgeon perform an IDET to correct that problem. With me, it was a short outpatient procedure where I was in a recovery room for a few hours afterwards and released wearing a brace. Now, I'm going on my memory here from a few years ago, but no BLT for 6 weeks. The way my surgeon explained it to me was that all of the "healing" is after the fact as the collagen changes composition over time to self-seal the tear...that's why you really need to be careful even up to 6 months afterwards as to not undo the process and put you back to square one as if nothing was ever done. It seems as though a lot of surgeons are not too keen on this particular procedure saying that they're only 50-60% successful, but for me it's a lot easier than the fusion I just had. For me, the pain during the week afterwards my IDET was LESS than the week after my discogram
  • I checked with my insurance and IDET is a procedure that they do NOT cover. Thanks so much for pointing that out to me. I guess I was so wrapped up in researching what the procedure was that checking whether or not it was covered by my insurance completely slipped my mind. I think I need to get a little notebook or something to keep notes and write down questions and concerns regarding my treatment. I have a call in to my Dr. right now as far as what we do now since this is not a covered procedure...am waiting for a call back Again thanks, you've been a great help! :)))
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