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More pain/More meds?

RobinRRobin Posts: 1,652
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:30 AM in Chronic Pain
I don't often start threads,but my pain is getting worse.I have a PM appt. coming up this Tuesday and am debating how/what to discuss with him.I only see him every 3rd refill now since last Oct.or Nov.,and not going in every month makes it feel now like I have to be better prepared.

I've been taking the max of my pain meds (norco 10mg every 4hrs,or 6 a day) and lately it's just not as effective.I've never wanted to go to a higher dose,or change,but now I'm actually starting to get concerned.

At 48 yrs old,if I keep going UP in doses,or change to something stronger-what will kill my pain in 5 yrs.? I've only started taking narcotics in August 2007,and then it was lortab 5/500.I just never expected to-need to-exceed 10mg.

The other day sitting in the recliner I leaned over to pick up my cup on the table-which is lower than the chair,and when I did my back popped several times,in several places.It didn't hurt,and I often crack and pop-but not like this.For a few minutes it actually felt pretty good.Later the next day,Sat.,it started hurting.By the time I got into bed my pain was about a 9,and I NEVER say that.I woke up Sunday with terrible pain and haven't been able to get it below a 7/8.At times I find myself holding my breath...but don't know why.

I've been reading posts about the extended release meds,but I've never taken any,and don't even know if I want to.It's probably unrealistic for me to think that I can stay on these norcos forever-my PM Dr did smile at me when I told him I was never going higher.I wonder now what he was thinking.

Whenever I took my first 10mg norco I got sick to my stomach,but it went away and I had some euphoria.I don't mind saying that I miss that right now.Does that sound wrong-because I'm being honest.No,I'm not in search of that-but would accept it as a side effect right now-lol.

I wonder how others handle their pain as it worsens/changes over time.I don't think that I'm just more tolerant-because my pain feels worse,but it could be some of both?


  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,859
    pain medications sometimes are the best to go to.
    I went through a period when I needed to continue to increase the strength of the immediate relief pain medications. After a while, my pain management doctor just told me they wanted to switch me over to Extended Relief pain medication. For me it was Oxycontin. I continued with that for almost 2 years, before I was finally able to eliminate the ER and continue with the IR medication only.
    What helped me the most and I know others here have said the same, is that the ER medication provided a 'steady' release of pain medication throughout the day. So, there isn't that strong feeling of relief, its more gradual. Then in between the doses, one normally will take a breakthrough pain medication. In my case it was Oxycodone IR 5mg.
    I would discuss some of this with your doctor.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Hi Robin...
    I am new to this site and have not been on pain meds long. I waited until I just could not take it any longer before I even talked about my pain.
    Mt Doctor started me on Oxycodone 10mg twice a day and ultraset for break through pain. The Oxycodone has been a blessing to me although he has had to up it gradyally over the last few months. I am now on 40mg twice a day and do not have much break through pain at all.
    I was on 20mg twice a day and he had to up it b coz of a pinched nerve in my thigh. Yikes...the pain from that has been over the top.
    I am now going to a pain clinic and he wants to do a "stimulator" implant. Is a stimulator an option for you? I am hoping I can cut way back on my pain meds when and if i have the implant. He said the stimulator would take care of my feet and leg pain also the pinched nerve. Yippeeeee
    Good luck and i am sorry I am not a lot of help to you.
    Hugsssssssssss >:D<
    Patsy w
  • I know what you mean about needing to keep increasing our pain meds. I hate taking pain meds; I feel as if we are masking (although pretty minimally most of the time) instead of solving the problem. I was originally on Vicodin (pre-op) and went on Percocet 5/325 (post-op). My PM increased the Perc to 7.5/325 up to 4 times a day as needed. I've been taking all 4 and still have a lot of pain.

    Good luck with getting your pain relieved without more meds. I feel as if the pharmacy staff at Walmart know should know me personally (some do). Not to mention $$$$

  • I sit here in exactly the same position with pain meds as you are. 6 10/325 a day and it is no longer enough.

    I do have an SCS in the future, I hope, still waiting on the approval by the insurance company. I am reading to lose it here at work. The Norco just is not cutting it anymore. I don't even want anything stronger, just the SCS implant done and working. I suspect I will be at least two weeks in getting it. They originally told me next Monday, but still no word from insurance so I suspect that date is no longer viable.

    I almost wish I had said no to the trial, the stim works, having the trial then losing it has made things harder to deal with.

    I hope you doctor is receptive to your needs and gets you on something more effective.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,859
    There is a lot to be said about this subject line. I was on Oxycodone IR 5mg for a little under three years. At my worst times, I was taking 10-12 pills a day (sandwiched between the Oxycontin ER)
    As time went on and I eventually eliminated the Oxycontin, I started to drop down to 6 pills a day. But I know even with
    The Blend I was still not getting the relief I was before.
    I discussed this with my pain management doctor and she switched me over to Opana, same strength. That made the difference. Even though both pills were the same strength, both narcotics ( I cant go into the chemical analysis of them, because I dont know), but just switching the medication made the difference. I am now on my fifth month with Opana 5mg and it is still doing what I expect it to do.

    Our bodies due build up a level of tolerance.... I dont know how much medical facts there are to back this up, but I know this from my own experiences and my doctor told me she does that often with her patients that stay on one medication for a while.

    So, Robin, this is another thought. Instead of increasing the dose, perhaps switching the type might help.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • The same thing happened to me while taking 6 10/325 Norco's daily. After 2 years they weren't doing squat and I was worrying about how to approach my PM doctor about this. I finally got the courage to bring it up, and my fentanyl was raised first to see if it'd do the trick. After a while it was apparent it wasn't helping much so I was finally switched over to Percocets.

    Papa Ron is right about us building up a tolerance; it happens all the time and that's why the doctors are armed with a vast arsenal of medications to try us out on. Sometimes you do need switch to something new, and I remember reading an article which said never to attach yourself to one particular medication and you have to stay open-minded to other drug therapies. If you do decide to try an extended release medication, I hope it works for you and gets the pain down and under control.

    PS Who wouldn't want synthetic euphoria in the midst of pain and suffering? ;)

  • Thank you all for taking the time to reply.I just posted a really long post,hit the wrong key,and lost it.THAT was painful!

    You know Ron,whenever you said,'some times more is not better',I sat here shaking my head in agreement.I realize my decorating rule of 'little is more' may not apply to meds,but nevertheless,it has kept me pretty safe all these years.I really believe that in my case,that I need to be extra cautious with this particular type of medication.

    My past meds were not narcotics,but a problem with one could lead to the same with another.While I don't believe that anyone should suffer in pain-this is an area where I have to be careful..and was one of the reasons I posted the thread really-so that I could be aware and hold myself accountable.

    I will talk to my PM Dr tomorrow about my pain these past few days,however,we know that tomorrow might only bring me a 4 or 5 pain..and that is what they write down.THE days pain level.I don't think I've ever been over a 6 on the day of an office visit.

    You know meydey you're right..and I never even saw it coming! I had never heard before not to attach yourself to one type of medication,but it makes perfect sense-common sense..I missed it though.To be fair,I only started the narcotics 8/07,then switched from the lortab to norco I think last Oct.,and because there was less aecetimetephen in it I counted it as a 'new' med.,but it's basically the same thing.Yes I have to say it grew on me fairly easily-because it helped so much.You should have seen me then..for months I woke up pretty happy even though in pain because I knew my meds were going to help.You have to understand that I had gone without pain medication since 4/02.To have that relief again,well it was and usually still is just something I won't ever take for granted.Because to be honest-even on my worst days I do get some relief.

    Wrambler-I am going to approach this subject with my Dr tomorrow..but I have to be careful because he's the type that would say 'ok-lets just get it set up'..he's a go-getter and doesn't seem to like waiting for me to 'think' long about procedures before I make the decision to do something.I would like to hear his thoughts on the SCS though-don't know know if I would ever actually get one.I heard that you can't get MRI's once you have the stim,and I've had to have several MRI's because of a disease I once had-which has nothing to do with now,other than cause me concerns for what the future could hold.I have kept up with your thread though,and I do hope that you hear something soon.Remember that a lot of those Drs are really busy..and the red tape is slow going.Maybe now that Easter is over,and you're back from Disney,they will get on the ball!

    Beth-In my case,masking the pain is probably all that I can ask right now.No,that's wrong-it's all I choose to ask because any surgery to be had would be on a form where the words 'elective surgery' would be near a line awaiting my signature..and I'm not going to sign any such thing.I do understand what you mean,but I've been taking meds everyday of my life so that's a non-issue with me.It would be nice though if the meds were really super safe for us,like vitamins,but helped our pain.Geez-now look whose in disneyland-lol.
    I suppose if the pain ever gets bad enough there would come a time that I would have surgery-but that would be as a last resort.

    My pharmacist is owned and operated by a local,and just a small town store-whenever I walk in they say 'HI ROBIN' and I feel like NORM from cheers-lol,but it's nice I have to say.

    Hey Patsy W,that hug was a lotta help! I'm going to talk to my Dr tomorrow about the SCS,but I'm not actually ready for one at this point-whether I qualify or not..but I want to see what he thinks.We have a pretty good relationship so he won't beat around the bush about it-I feel sure he knows me and all of my conditions enough to tell me what he thinks of me as a candidate.

    My back is still making these odd movements,popping,and as much as I do want it to just quit.....it would be ok if the Dr could see and hear this tomorrow.

    I'm going to take it easy for awhile now.It was a long day and they did 5 x-rays (feet) at the hospital this afternoon :H

  • Well,my PCP ordered x-rays on my feet,and I also had a couple on my chest for a prolonged cough-my lungs are 'pristine' they said.My PM looked at the films on the hospital computer and saw a narrowing in the T-6,7 area.He ordered an MRI,but they couldn't fit me in right then-so I go in tomorrow for that.

    Next week-after the Dr has time to 'go over' my MRI I have another appt on the 23rd to decide how to manage this new pain.He already discussed an ESI in my T.Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about more ESI's in my spine,..but I've never had one in the T zone before,and this pain is pretty bad..so.Has ANYONE had any luck in that area?

    Also I'm being sent to a NEW OS because there is a new growth on my foot.I couldn't fit the whole x-rays onto my scanner,but below are a couple films of my left foot.They wouldn't give me the disc and I had to get my Dr to sign off so that I could have these-lol.
    The diagnostic radiology report says that: The proximal phalanges are angled away from each other with questionable soft tissue web in between for which clinical correlation is recommended.There is chronic appearing osteolytic lesion with a sclerotic rim in the distal aspect of the fifth metatarsal(sorry-they aren't on this because of space),which is chronic and may be related to chronic trauma.There is narrowing of the joints secondary to oseoarthritis.There is soft tissue swelling throughout the foot.
    Calcaneal screw with no acute abnormality.

    So...I guess the screw is not billing out as I had thought it might be,but other things are going on.My guess is simple calcium deposits.The radiologist that read this had nothing to compare it to and doesn't know my past,so would be flying blind with this,and playing it safe I think...because my PCP (nurse) called me later that day a bit rattled about the 'trauma' in my bones and wanting me into the OS ASAP.My appt is on the 21st-but it's a normal 2 month wait.I'm assuming the OS will want my old records for comparison-so I'll take that info with me to that appt.

    I never mentioned the SCS because this other stuff came up and took a lot of time with the PM.

  • I forgot to mention that the MRI is to check for nerve impingement in my thoracic spine.On the MRI request form the PM wrote:MRI Thoracic Spine-[some letters I can't read] 'nerve impingement'.

    thoracic spine pain___________?

    I can't read his writing
  • Robin,

    The balance between taking additional medication pre-empts the notion that this will be more effective than what we are using at he moment and relative to making the correct change, is always a challenging event and takes some time to acclimatise.

    Evidence here supports the notion that although we can consume accumulative and increasingly effective medications that are not necessarily the answer, as our overall function become proportionate diminished as a direct consequence, and that is not quality of life.

    Perhaps the key is not to look too far ahead and equate the intensity of the pain to continue on its upward trait over time, rather than it reaches higher order levels for greater and extended periods of time. We have learned over time to manage our break through pain it is that notion of pain continuing at a higher level constantly that is not easy, as we wait for that intensity to subside. Practitioners are as you say,here to help us and the pace of treatment does not always go smoothly, and the best we can hope is that we are doing this collectively with support and encouragement.

    Part of my strategy is to pace more effectively and the suggestion is to do less, as we know everything increases our pain as we look for the one with the least impact. Finding that middle ground from manic activity to complete immobility is an individual challenge for everyone and the feasibility of competence while medicated in touching distance of that illusive threshold.

    A slow release aspect may proved of some benefit and taking more medication and it become less effective over time not a long term solution or option, what works for some may not works for others and be suitable for use, that flux of change need us to be one step ahead and monitor our strategy as time goes on.

    Good luck.


  • My back used to crack and pop alot before I've just had my 5th ESI and facet joint injections. I had up to 40% less pain after the injections. I hope you find some pain relief. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • for posting that question. I am in the same position, my appointment is next Wed and I need to speak up for myself and say how much pain I am in and how much impact it is having. I am on 7.5mg percocet every 6 hours and it just is not helping. From everything I have read here it seems like an ER medication would be a huge help. As background I had a SCS trial and it did not help me, so I have already been that route. Crossing my fingers that I approach this topic without getting emotional. Best of luck to you with your next appointment.
  • My neck and back popped a lot too,but this was different and the next day I had different pain.I will give the ESI ONE more try-but only because it's in a different area and not my cervical spine.

    I'm glad that you had some relief.Any little bit and I will be glad at this point.How long did it take after your last injections to notice-was it immediate-lmao.I go in on Thursday.
  • It can sometimes be hard not to get emotional at our appts.,especailly if we are in a lot of pain and we really don't like sharing that information.At least I don't.I'm a pretty strong person and it's a little demeaning having to tell my Dr how I feel whenever I don't even tell my BF,or anyone my deepest thoughts on the subject.Of course I share some-but most I keep to myself.Even starting this thread was pretty new for me.

    I think it may have been misread in some ways.While I am having more pain-I'm conflicted on the whole issues of changing meds and not knowing even if another/others would even be more helpful to me.I would be afraid to even try.

    I'm 'attached' it seems to this medicine and fearful of changing for a couple of reasons.One being that I simply don't want to become tolerant to a higher dose/type,and another reason is because I'm hoping this is simply a bad pain week,or flare,and it will pass.The longer I can stay on this dose would be best for me in the long term-I think.

    But I don't know anything for certain.I do hope that you have a successful appt on Wed.Please let me know.
  • I know how you feel.

    I'm very attached to my norco. I have tried a LOT of different meds and they either don't work as well or have side-effects I cannot live with.

    I am at the max dose of my norco (6 per day) I have been told they don't really like to go over that amount, but I have known other people to be given more.

    There is nothing over the counter (pain meds any way) that will help, so I try and do my best to feed my body well as much as I can. I try not to eat sugar. It has been my experience that sugar can and will make everything hurt. I eat tons of raw veggies and salads every day and some fruit. I eat healthy protein at each meal (lots of nuts, seeds, eggs and chicken). I take supplements (especially omega-3 and lots of vitamin c). My only downfall is my tea.. I have to have a cup or two of tea everyday (I switch from green to black). I also drink this health drink called Green Magma - it helps to reduce inflammation. Its done wonders for my varicose veins as well as the soft tissue swelling I have in my hands (due to ranauyds syndrome). Now that the sun is shining I try and go out for at least 10 minutes a day and get some fresh air.

    I really would like to start exercising. I do stretching and yoga as much as I can tolerate, but two of my doctors recently told me they felt some light aerobic exercise would really help.. I wonder if my pain meds doctor would allow for an increase in medication while I started a new exercise program? I'm too scared to ask.. lol.

    Robin.. I’ve found that it is very hard to get through the day when the main focus is pain. I just try and keep doing little things that will make my body in general feel better in the hopes that it will help my overall outlook on the whole situation. It’s hard to come to terms with chronic pain. If you can find anything to help switch your focus, sometimes it can help.

    Hope you’re feeling well today!
  • I don't know why the pain has been so bad that now I don't do anything but lay down. What else should I do while waiting for a pump trial? Is another medicine adjustment even worth it? I understand nothing will take all the pain away, but I would like something to allow me to function better.

    Like you, I don't want my tolerance to go through the roof so that nothing works anymore- that would be a nightmare. It is so hard to think about what is the best thing to do when you're in a lot of pain. I'm glad you posted this question because many can learn from this and avoid the misconception that stronger meds will knock out the pain completely. If it worked that way, pain mgt would be called pain elimination.

    I hope that this increased pain is transitory and will soon subside, and there are no other problems. Hang in there, and please let us know how your appt goes on Thursday. Take care >:D<
  • I had to think about this for awhile,which is why it took me some time to respond.

    While I agree with what you said pertaining to balance-and that is an importantant part of my perdicament actually,I'm not certain if this is going to be ONgoing or if I'm having an episode.I can honestly say that if this is going to be continuous,that I will probably be looking at some type of change in medication,or more likely-treatment.

    This would not be a desire,but a need.Being a CP patient for 25 years has taught me well not to look to far ahead,or backwards for that matter,but to be aware of any differences in types and variences of pain and their levels..especailly if they are sudden and new.Normal CP I know and understand what/where/why/how/and even when.New and sudden pain that stays with me for days on end is scary..and quite frankly,this hasn't happened to me for a long time.This tells me something is different with my body.

    Any of us who have had CP for years know when something is wrong or different,and because I've chosen conservative treatments over surgery at all costs,I've chosen to word my question this way-thinking that I may need to be prepared if this pain continues as it has.

    I suppose I feel a bit defensive in my replies and the way that my post was taken-maybe the way I worded it was wrong,but I read over it and I meant every word-I felt everything I said.I feel that people think that I want more medication and infact the opposite is true.On the other hand I feel like a stubborn brat who wants my life/pain to not get worse.This past week of sitting around in pain,not able to do as I normally do around the house has made me feel useless.

    My patience is waning and I need to refocus on that.Deep breaths and one day at a time is always best while we all wait for our own answers and hope for the best.

    Well-there.....I got it out,now maybe I can move along ☺

    Peace-And Thank You!

  • You have some good habits there..but it's not likely that I'm going to give up my coffee-lol.I eat lot of nuts,veggies,and protien,but am lactose intolerant-so I'll skip the eggs.

    I try not to focus on pain.This is the first thread I have started on the subject,so I must be doing ok so far.This is a new pain and different than what I have experienced previously,which is concerning to me since I have been a CP patient for over 25 years.I've come to terms with being a CP patient years ago-but it can still be scary when something new crops up.

    I don't think that any Dr would prescribe more than 6-10 mg of the norco for you,that would be one every 4 hrs,but your Dr may change your meds if needed.The best you can do is discuss it with him.

    It's certainly true that I need to focus elsewhere this week though-it seems to be occupying my every waking moment-the little sleep I do get is interrupted when I move about trying to get comfortable.My BF says that I'm moaning in my sleep-keeping him awake I imagine,and this is with ambian and muscle relaxers.So-even in sleep I'm whining-lol.

    This is not like me at ALL.But I'm feeling slightly better today-after a VERY bad night.The way that I refocused before I simply cannot do right now-so I need to find new ways-and right now it's just the computer and tv,and to be honest...that's just not cuttin it.

    Have a good day!
  • Robin,
    Yesterday my PM doc changed me from Norco to MS-Contin, it's an extended release so I take one in the afternoon. I started yesterday and today is my first day; sometimes I think it's working, other times I'm not so sure. I'm to give it a couple weeks. I understand that the extended release helps keep blood serum levels more constant which results in less swing in pain levels. Oh, the PM doc told me it was OK to take one of the Vicodin 5/500 if absolutely necessary for BT pain but to stay away from the Norco.
  • Oh-but that sounds sweet!

    I bet I know how you feel laying around in pain-not able to do what you want or need to do.

    My mantra has always been-bathe daily-because at times in the past 25 years ..well at times I couldn't because of pins,rods,casts,w/e.Then other times I went through periods of 'the pain was just too bad',which it was bad,but I COULD have showered had I pushed myself.Then of course I went through periods of the blues,or low level depression,which I promply took myself to the Dr-mostly out of fear.

    Now,just Sunday I skipped my shower,which is against my rule,but tells me that I know my pain is bad.

    IF you are feeling ANYthing at all like me-and I think you might be-then I sure wish I had the answers..because I understand all the questions.

    You have a way of understanding I think-because you do hit it with your thought of medication adjustments being worth it-I think some people just understand maybe because they are in the same place at the same time.Pain wise or something-or maybe just knowing?

    Regardless-today is a slightly better day-I stress slightly-not better enough,but I DO have a load of laundry going-and I couldn't do that yesterday..so I am thankful for that.Thursday if the Dr wants to do the ESI(he mentioned it-so I KNOW he will-I think he loves doing them)I'll give it a shot-lol.But if this one doesn't work,I'm done with ESI's in my spine!

    I hope you are feeling better today ☺
  • Do you take the MS Contin only once a day then? I know others mentioning it and I thought it was a 12 hr med? Can you tell any difference in you pain levels at all?

    See-this is what concerns me about changing meds.I'm just concerned that I might be better off where I am right now,because later on I might have worse pain,or more problems,and I should maintain now because things could get worse.I'd rather save the other meds for later in life-incase TSHTF,you know-lol.

    I would be interested to know if the MS Contin helps,or is different,and in what ways.Why did your Dr change your meds(if you don't mind me asking)?
    I hope the change helps ☺
  • I thought I was the only one bypassing showers due to pain. I hate doing that, but I do feel much better after taking one. I don't even think about taking baths- showering is hard enough as it is. Well, I still feel like crap and I couldn't go to my kids' school function..again. My hubbie tells me not to browbeat myself over these things, but I still can't help feeling like %*@#. All I ask is to get well enough so I won't miss out on everything, is it too much? This really sucks (I find it so funny when my 58 year old mother says this)

    You know what? As I'm listening to internet radio, I now remember how much I miss dancing. I love to dance (and it burns calories) Oh well. What sucks also is that I see people my age living it up and having fun. I'm only in my thirties but it feels like I'm 90 and am living life vicariously through others (I watch too much reality shows). You do what you gotta do, huh?
  • Robin,
    I had no relief from the hydro products (Vicodin & Norco) for some reason they put me to sleep before I could even know if there was any pain relief (obviously I'd take those before bed). Tramadol did take the edge off and caused insomnia so it was perfect during the day.

    Then came the discogram on April 1st. Oh, how appropriate because the joke was on me: discs that looked fine under the xray and no re-creation of my pain. However, I spiked to an 8 in recovery and it never went down. Nothing touched it. Yesterday, I saw the doc and he gave me the MS-contin 30mg & an oral steroid. Today I think it may have worked and didn't put me to sleep. I was kinda groggy but not passing out. I had my TENS running all day and that masked the effects. Tomorrow I'll bring the TENS to work but not turn it on unless I have to.

    My MS-contin is once a day, it definitely felt like the effects were very constant. Sure beats the ups & downs of IR type meds. The doc said to wait until my days off but I said no way. I'll know better tomorrow how it does, but initially I think it did help although I'm hurting tonight. I decided to take it in the afternoon so I see how it would affect me and am optimistic. If you read my earlier post I've been anything but optimistic for 3 weeks. I'm not sure about long term use of MS but tonight I think there is some hope.
  • I took Elavil for pain (in addition to MS contin) the Elavil did help me sleep and did reduce my pain level.

    But at a terrible price, my teeth were destroyed!!!

    You see Elavil and other medicines that cause dry mouth destroy teeth.
    Our Salivary glands keep our mouth and teeth wet, washing away the bacteria that damage and destroy teeth.
    If any medicine causes dry mouth, bacteria are free to destroy your teeth.
    My dentist asked me about my medicines and eating habits, and when I mentioned Elavil, he said "that's it" meaning that is what destroyed my teeth.
    so don't take Elavil or any similar type medicines

  • I was having really horrible dry mouth. My PM said that it was the meds that were causing it. She told me about two brands of toothpaste, mouthwash, and spray that can be found in Walmart, etc that helps with the dry mouth. It's over the counter just a little pricey for toothpaste.

    I got Biotene (toothpaste and spray) and it really works. The spray is always in my purse in case I need it. Using the toothpaste twice a day has really helped too. I don't wake up with that horrible dry mouth feeling that I had before.

    Thought I'd share.
  • Hey-My Dr (PM) told me that I am too hard on myself~~lol!

    I almost never skip my showers anymore,but it was pretty common for me in the past.It got to where I just decided to shower every other day-lmao..and I told myself that I was doing it to save electricity,because our hot water heater was/is still,electric.The truth is,I was skipping because I was ..well,too lazy(omg)to shower-but I felt guilty,so I used the whole saving electric as an excuse.A good excuse,but a lie! I still only shave once a week :|

    Oh man...I used to dance too!All the time.I would pop in a CD and dance to every song.I was in good shape then.Sometimes I sit in my recliner and remember those times as if I'm reliving them.I try not to do this too often-I don't want to be one of those old people who tell those old stories to my kids while they and their families(that they don't have yet)are standing right out of my view rolling their eyes..and me,with a cat on my lap..oh please!

    But ..better to live in the moment,or slight past,than that far ahead.

    Michael is going to walk with me.We are starting on Monday evening-lmao.Well-he's working all weekend and won't be off until Mon morning at 7am.,so we are going to start then.I don't know how long or how far I'll make it,but well-it's a start.
  • We're so much alike; I shave once a week too (not perfectly and I know a miss some spots too) :B
  • Sorry to admit that I'm laughing about the shaving thing. I was grateful that my surgery was in January. Nobody would see my legs. lol I finally told my husband that if I didn't shave my legs soon I would have to braid the hair or use a weed eater on them. He had to help me them. Our shower is a nice stall but I can't stand on one leg and definitely can't bend down to do it. He said he'd be glad to help me with that any time. :))(

    I'm getting an electric/rechargeable razor/epilator. My tub is a garden one. If I get in that, he may not be able to get me out of it since it's deep. Stepping up and out would be almost impossible.
  • It's taken me 2 weeks to get relief from the ESI's and I've had 5 total. The 5th one really helped. But I still take 60mg of Ms Contin 2x day as well as lyrica 300mg, flexeril, lasix 20mg,Multivitamin, Amitriptyline and oxazepam to help me sleep. I will be switching over to Cymbalta in a few weeks and getting off the lyrica. I have feeling in my feet now and the swelling is gone. I really thought I would have the swelling forever instead it's still the backpain. Anyways it seems now I'm 48 also I don't have to shave so much which is great for moi. Good luck with your treatment/ Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Meydey,Yeah,we are alike in some ways...and I miss a lot of spots too.I'm always telling Michael that I need to get the hedgeclippers out..lol.

    Don't even get me started on toenails (eww).After awhile,I say that it's either the clippers or new shoes in a bigger size... ;))

    Charry~I just advised a new member out in the forum about ESI's,and I said that if after the first one it doesn't work-that I wouldn't recommend it,personally,getting anymore,because of the risks that can be involved in steroid injections.Now you are telling me that you finally are getting relief after your 5th injection(ESI) :S !

    Don't get me wrong..I'm glad that you are getting some relief,but that means I should probably go edit my post,or just wait it out until someone comes along to correct me-lol.Gawd,that's a little embarrassing too whenever that happens.When I was new I used to do that-omg.

    Oh Beth I would be MORTIFIED if Michael had to help me shave.I have a problem with body image-always did-even when I was thin,but now it's worse.If I ever need taken care of I'll probably just keel over from fear or heart failure.I LIKE and accept myself just fine ...with clothes on.Get me naked and I'm a panic attack waiting to happen.

    It's as if that robinson123 who posted above is taunting me.I almost flagged her as offensive =))

    BTW~My MRI was good,nothing new showed up on it.I told the Dr that I was glad nothing showed..I said that's good,but it would also be good to have this 'new' pain validated.He told me that I shouldn't,and he doesn't,need to see anything to have my pain validated.He told me that he knew I was in pain and understood why with all of my problems.It was nice the way he said it.I mean,I know what/how I feel,and it's not really that I need to prove it,but that day I felt kind of like I needed reassurances or something.It was nice to hear him say that he knew and understood my pain.

    Oh,I also asked him about my pain tolerance.I said,"Tell the truth,I can take it..what do you think my level of tolerance is to pain.Would you say that I have a high,medium,low level-just your opinion,based on all of the patients you treat."He said that he thought I had a medium level of tolerance(lol).I was a little miffed.I told him that I thought I had a high level.

    Kinda makes me think.
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