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Seeing new Dr on Wed

dmoonchildddmoonchild Posts: 383
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:30 AM in Pain Management
This will be my 3rd PM Dr in the past year. The first Dr was too hard to get to and also was pushing Kadian on me ( very bad reaction) 2nd Dr was ok at first but our last appoitment went very bad and he referred me to a clinic. He literally told me I have to live with this pain and deal with it. I refuse. He never offered therapy or any other methods other than pills. So my new Dr is in a PM Clinic at a very respectable hospital in my area. They do everything tight there, conservative to SCS and pain pumps so I wont need to see another Dr for injections. Im reading wonderful things about it. Im hoping I will be able to have therapy included in my regime, Id love to do aqua aerobics too. I think it does wonders for Ron our Mod. I need to get out and move. Im glad to be having new eyes look at me too.


  • I really hope you wind up with a great doctor at the clinic; it sure makes a big difference and now they can do everything in-house for you and it's so convenient. My clinic is like that, and it's well run, professional, and has a pleasant environment. Let us know how it goes for you; take care
  • I started seeing another PM a few months ago because he is closer to my home. Kind of weird because my old PM did not do drug tests or pain contracts so this is all new to me. I do not regret making the change so far though. Good luck and I hope that you get better results. I know that you have really been through the ringer.
  • Approach this with an open mind. Write down everything that you can remember that has or has not worked and ask lots and lost of questions!

    I was so happy I got my second opinion, he was very informed and knew the answers to every question I asked. No hesitation on his part at all. Of course he steered me onto an SCS, a path I had not idea I was ready for, but like I said, he answered every question I asked.

    So, don't be surprised if they tell you something you never in a million years thought you would be hearing!
  • My husband said the same thing. Keep an opened mind and be willing to try all suggestions. Im so looking forward to it. I had to miss my water color class today because of the pain
  • Was Bedside Manner 101 taken off the curriculum for Pre-Med students? I saw my new PM Dr today. My husband ca,me with me thank God or I would have walked out. This Dr a very yound 33 yrs old, was so cocky and rude. Started out and met with the nurses. Very nice lady. I brought all my info and MRI's. Dr. Jerk then came in. I explained I was referred by my current Pm for a more all around attack on my pain. He examined me for ablout all of 1 min. His demeanor was just horrible. I asked him if he thinks I could gain a bit more independance and pain relief and he kinda just laughed and said I aint a miricle worker. I told him I was also still seeing a neorosurgeaon on Mon. He said I was crazy to even think about surgery because Im so screwed up thru my whole back. He said I have severe stenosis from my lumbar to cervicle. All of my symptoms are related to the nerved being pinched. He then asked me if I wanted to be on pain meds for the rest of my life. I dont know, is this a trick question? I answered I will do anything it takes to raise my children properly and be there for my husband. I asked him which med would he be prescribing for me, and his answer was well lets see, when ya wanna get hammered, do you want to drink shots or beer.....its all the same is what he told me. I just looked at my husband like "WHAT THE HELL"????? My previos Dr did not put the mg of meds I was currently on in my recors and so I gave the Dr my Pharmacy # to call. He called and they didnt have my last meds on file! This was just geetting worse! He said he would have written the scripts today but didnt know what I was on ( I did forget to bring my meds) So he said bring the bottles in to me anytime and ill write the same scritp for now and we will just tweek it as we go. ( the only reasonable ansswer I got all day). I then asked about SCS , he said no way it wont help. and then I asked about Physical therapy. He said Why do you want to do that? I replied It might help both physically and mentally. He actualluy said it wont help you at all. He did offer injections for my thoracis problems but once again I was told there is nothing I can to to fix anything, and I just have to live with it and with meds. Im at my wits ends. I sobbed the whole way home and my husband even stayed home with me today. He was very worried about me. I dont know what to do. There are 3 other Dr's in the practice. Should I request to see another Dr? or just give this jerk a chance? Or try to find another PM clinic. Im running out of places to go and I cant drive into Phila to the big hospitals because of my panic attacts ( from auto accident, I hardly drive anywhere). Im so lost and sad. Sad for my kids and husband. I keep asking God why did he give me this burdon? I did get 1 answer....he is showing me how much my husband loves me. Boy oh boy is he awesome. I love him more and more everyday.
  • This one doesn't seem like a keeper, judging from his tactless demeanor. But you know how these young hotshot docs are. I had one my age tell me that epidurals won't help much and only make me fatter. Gee, thanks a##hole X( Are you gonna give him a chance to redeem himself or move on? I know the pickings are getting slim so perhaps things will smooth out with the new PM. This is a difficult situation and I feel so bad for you. You deserve better and I am surprised your hubbie didn't stomp his you know what (mine would have liked to) ;) At least he will prescribe your current meds until your follow up appt (I'm trying to cheer you up and let you see the positives). O:)

    I know how you felt when you were told that you'll need meds for life- my surgeon said my sciatic nerve in my leg is damaged permanently and nothing can be done for it.
    They don't want to surgically remove scar tissue that is pressing on the opposite S1 either because it'd make it worse. I do have the option of doing a morphine pump trial to help with those problems and the constant lower back pain . Maybe you can ask about it since the doctor won't try an SCS.

    Whatever happens, please don't give up. Something is out that is best for you and don't listen to anyone who says they can't help you. Hang in there sweetie; remember we're always here ready to lend support. Take care >:D<
  • I guess I will give him a chance. My husband said ya know, they all might have an act like that at the initial appointment to weed out the pill shoppers. We shall see. I have just been crying all day. My hubby just sent me to bed with a hot tea and my fav candle set up....heating pad on. He said he'll keep the kids with him and play Wii. Thanks for the help Meydey. Hey how is your fentanyl 100mcg working? Were you scared to put it on at first? I had the 75mcg and was terrified. Does it make you woozy? I did mention I would like to try the patch again becase now that Im back on the oxycontin, I think I miss the constant of the patch and the good sleeping I got from it. Oh he also mentioned topomax and cymbalta.
  • I'm so sorry, he probably thinks he is being cool, or something similar. Hmmmmm, my gut reaction is to kick him to the curb and ask to see someone else there, but a more realistic plan is to take your meds in and try and meet with him one more time. Everyone has a bad day...And as for bedside manner, they do teach it, they try to beat the students into submission, but some people can't be taught.

    Maybe he will be able to help you find the cocktail of meds that works for you. I'm not sure about anything as I don't like my PM much at all. I keep him because he is local, he is in network, my wife wanted me to not go outside network and make her travel. My second opinon PM was 2.5hrs through heavy traffic in downtown Pittsburgh, so I keep seeing this guy. We researched him and he is technically very good, doesn't make mistakes or get sued.

    Keep the faith, don't give up.
  • Girl - I am so sorry things went downhill for you at your appointment.

    My pain management doctor also told me that physical therapy would probably do more harm than good and I should try to stay active. I believe her too, because if I am inactive for a day, everytime I get up or try to do something, I hurt more than when I stay busy. Granted, being busy makes me hurt the next day, but being inactive makes me hurt immidately if I try doing anything. HOWEVER, she did not say it the way you described this new guy saying it. She was sympathetically matter-of-fact when she said it. She also told me that I would have to learn to live with it. But, her delivery was more like "you need to accept you will have limits and then work within them" type of speech.

    What dropped my jaw was the pharmacy's response. What do they mean they didn't have in on file?

    What a harrowing experience you had. You are very fortunate your husband cares so much about you to be there for you. But, for me - I like to suffer in private. THAT'S JUST ME and I am not criticizing anyone who would rather a hug - specially since I like being the one hugging people trying to show them SOMEONE cares. I just don't like to show people my weaknesses. That's only because my ex-husband used them against me.

    Good luck to you, hun. I will keep you on my mind and in my prayers. Keep us posted.

  • thanks so much Jeaux, Heres a hug for you >:D<
  • I went in today and had me pre scs "stuff".

    I got a new doc too! Did not know it for sure till I saw my name listed under his on all the paperwork. Great how they tell you stuff! huh? Anyway, he is in the same clinic and handles ALL the SCS patients once we are implanted, kind of like pod people I guess?!

    It's all good though, he is much nicer then the guy I was seeing. If you read my posts you can tell I did not care much for PM one. Two was the second opinon PM, I met PM three, at the end of my trial and kind of knew I would end up seeing him, but I forget...

    PM three speaks english as a second language so the first time it was hard to tell how/who/what he was? Now that I have seen him twice he is growing on me.

    PM one does lead placement.
    PM three does the battery and then the aftercare.

    Dmoonchild, I'm still hoping you get better treatment!
    Not fair, when we have to be hurting and not know who to go to for help!
  • When I first tried on the 100 mcg, I was a little scared but all this time I had tolerated it very well. Well, I had no wooziness, headaches, drowsiness. It was like I put on sugar water. I still have pain regardless. I was switched to percocet, and I may have my ER med changed over to something else if this continues. I'm on a 2 day schedule of the patches because it doesn't last as it's supposed to because I metabolize it quicker. If you stay with it, I hope it continues to be effective. Don't let what happened keep you down, it's nothing you did and it's just that doctor's personality. However, I think you should wait for him to suggest a new med so he doesn't get stupid on you again. He is certainly lacking in the sensitive, tactful department and he probably doesn't even know it. Think like Jay Z, pop your collar and brush it off your shoulder off ;)
  • As a specialty, they are the worst!!! Why that is I do not know. They treat their customers badly and, as far as I can tell often want to do treatments just for the money. At least your guy has said that x,y or z won't work instead of pursuing something that he knows won't work just to get the cash. This one sounds like a jer BUT I would give him a second chance. Before I got married, when I was dating, a girlfriend told me to always give the guy two dates in case he was just nervous on the first date and not acting himself. I sort of have applied that rule to docs but if after the second meeting your opinion is the same I would move on. I, myself, have been through a boatload of PM docs (by the way, this is not the case with other specialties) and have an appointment to see yet another new PM doc on Monday, this one being almost 2 hours ONE WAY from my house. I want to try to get down to a lower dose of pain medication now that I have my stim but I realize I likely will always have to take some pain meds. When I get the dosage figured out, I'm going to ask my primary to take over. These PM docs are just too wierd for my taste. Thank goodness we have each other. Susan.
  • Susan is very right about second chances.
    The guy I am assigned to now is much nicer then my first impression told me. My first impression was actually poorly based on the fact that english is his second language and leaves a poor first impression.

    Once we talked to him thouroughly yesterday he is much nicer than PM1 and honestly seemed to listen to me. He 100% told me the location of my battery is indeed my choice. Listened to my concerns, he countered with a few concerns he thought I should be aware of. I promptly ignored him and kept the location where I wanted it.

    That is neither here or there, I'm rambling...
    Sorry, I do that sometimes...
  • My husband was real nervous on our first date LOL but I gave him a second chance.....5yrs later and 2 kids.......I will certainly give this guy a second chance, it cant get any worse. Its very funny how the body reacts to stress and anxiety. Since my bad PM appointment ive had the worst 2 days ever. Ive been in bed for 2 days now. I think my body is giving up right now. I have an appointment with the neurosurgeon on Monday. Im not getting excited any more, Im expecting the worst. This is an aweful way to live.
  • Ok, well, the new Dr might not be so bad after all. I went in to get my refills today and make my appointment for next month. No problems with refills and he also put me on Topamax, which Ive been asking previos Dr's to do without success. Well, I looked on the prescriptions and on the bottom it states for Chronic Intractable Pain. I was floored. Ive been reading about Intractable pain for years and knew thats what I had and my pain has to be controlled. Ive been trying to tell my other Dr's this but most of them never even heard of the term. This has me thinking that my new Dr HAS got a clue on what pain really is.....the racing pulse rate, chest pains, hormone changes.....and he will be willing to prescribe the correct medicine and wont be scared off by me. Im keeping my fingers crossed.
  • I'm glad you had a better 2nd appt. with the PM Dr. I stayed with my 1st PM Dr for quite awhile even though I felt he was rude to talk about the weight gain but he was way too rough so I went to a 2nd PM Dr and he is nice. He doesn't control my meds but he told my Dr to prescribe me Cymbalta instead of lyrica. He also sat down with my husband and explained to my husband chronic pain and what it was like and not to say things like "Snap out of it" because once someone reaches the 6th month mark, we're dealing with chronic pain that does not usually go away at this point. It was hard to hear but most of the pain may resolve when the herniated disc is reabsorbed in my case and may take a long time. Anyways, I hope your experience with this Dr. gets better and if not go see one of the other Drs there. I used to see 1 optometrist but when she got a partner I liked her better and I'm sure it's not a problem to switch. Good luck and I hope you can get some pain relief. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I'm glad things are going smoothly with this new doctor after a rocky start. I appreciated it too when my PM doctor wrote my script for Fentanyl and added "for chronic pain". Yes, it does make you feel validated and hopefully you don't have to worry about proving it anymore.
  • The second visit went better. Good to know.

    Hope it continues to smooth out for you. I really hope that you find the right combinations soon! Or maybe you just did :)
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