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Micheal Jackson and oxycontin {here we go again!!}

strakerstraker Posts: 1,851
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:32 AM in Chronic Pain
its sad the the self styled king of pop had gone {i remember him from the disco days in the 80s when i had a part time job as a bar man in a night club } anyway i digress as usual! .my point here we have what appears to be more abuse of oxycontin and i am sure that the authorities will make it even more harder for legitimate users like myself and others to obtain this very powerful and necessary drug .if used properly oxycontin is a superb pain killer but there will always be others that do abuse .what really pixxes me off is when you read in the papers or Internet reports they always say that oxycontin gives you a high blar blar blar..i have never gotten high from oxycontin because my brain is processing the pain signals and the oxycontin is busy destroying the pain ..my mum phoned me today after reading the report on oxycontin and MJ .and said do you know that stuff you take makes you high?? i had to tell her that given in the correct dose and to people in extreme pain it WILL NOT make you high and mt mum is an intelligent person but she was unable to understand why it will not make me high but would make others high ..so i had to explain the pain..V.. no pain subject .but most people reading about oxycontin and MJ will think that ALL the people that take oxycontin are junkies!! and we are not ..the papers should mention that the drug is safe when taken in the correct amounts and not mixed with any other strong pain killer or alcohol.and use for the purpose of controlling chronic pain...i am sad for Micheal family but not too happy that he has given a very important drug a bad name {again} ..


  • I haven't read the article or heard the news about it but here it comes.. Drs will probably be even more hesitant to prescribe it now..
  • This was my thoughts too, Straker.
    It's sad he is gone and left 3 children behind. So sad.
    And yes it is another strike against a very important pain medication. No they never mention how much good it does for chronic pain sufferers like us.
    I do not get high from it....just pain relief. What people do is crush it up and then take it or snort it and it gives them an instant high or rush a lot like Cocaine....as i understand it. It will also kill you doing it this way. They say you can become addicted to it but I have never had that problem. A Doctor told me that your pain absorbs the pain meds and you will not become addicted to it. I do believe that.
    Take it just as it is perscribed and it will not be a problem.
    I have tried other pain meds and can not take them or they do not work for me.
    I can't take Lyrica or anything like it. I had a very bad reaction to it. I really thought it was going to kill me. I wanted to call an Ambulance but my vision was so blurred I could not see the telephone. I couldn't even get out of the chair I was in!! I would try to rise and kept falling back down. I couldn't even talk!! OOps....sorry for the rambling.
    I am going to start e-mailimg or writing the news organization's and ask them to plezzzzz start letting prople know just how much good this med does people like us who would have to live in misery without it.
    Do any of you think that would do any good? How about if we all did this? I am sure people who think it should be taken off the market will do the same thing. We need to add our voice to all the bad press it is getting.
    Patsy W
  • my life would be hell .because like many on here its the only drug that works i too carnt tolerate lyrica or those type of drugs nor can i take some other narcotics but oxy is fine with me ..i dont know about not being addicted to it .?? i know that i need it ever day but only for pain control as the pain without it is unbelievable i would end up in hospital for emergency treatment ..i think that a good doctor can sport an drug chaser and knows when there patient is a genuine case .my doctor deals with addicts for a large part of his job {he is the main drugs concealer for this area } but he also deals with people like me that are on terminal type drugs .he told me that even thou you dont have a terminal disease you are experiencing the disabling effects and pain that a cancer patient experiences .not a nice thought ...
  • I too take oxycontin for chronic head and neck pain. I'm uncertain if there is actually that much difference between addiction and dependence. I read somewhere its like comparing porn to erotica. Currently I take about 1.5 tablets per day. So I take approximately .5 tablets 3 times per day. At this level I still have pain but its the way it is and the way its going to be. If I increase the amount -say take one tablet at once- I do get more relief but I also feel it and I don't like the feeling. Most of the time I'd prefer more pain than feeling spacey. In fact increasing the dosage doesn't help that much other than adding a bigger distraction. I've found its easy to pop a oxycontin when I feel symptoms of withdrawal. I hate that feeling so much where you have this powerful urge to increase the dosage simply to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms. So managing the withdrawal becomes bigger than managing the pain. I find in order to back down or simply stay 'dependent' and not deal with withdrawal I make myself aware of how many tablets I'm taking and I regulate when I take them. At whatever point I'm at if I want to decrease my 'dependence' I slowly decrease from where I'm at. This self awareness and acceptance of my own condition is super imporatant IMHO. So for me an addiction might mean the process of simply taking the pills without staying regulated but taking them whenever I get an increase in pain/withdrawal.

    Perhaps MJ was trying to get off the oxycontin b4 his tour and the doctor was available to help him through it.
  • What has never made sense to me, is these celebrities have NO problem getting these drugs, and most of the time they don't need them. It's almost as though all the doctors in Hollywood are star-struck.... @) And the sad fact is, OUR doctors and therefore, cp sufferers are the ones that end up paying for the other doctors idiocy image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> (can't think of the word I was looking for, but I guess idiocy works). It makes me so angry... X( I just cant talk about it...
  • i checked all news services on internet and all i could find was he was on demerol not oxy. not to worry it is still a narcotic which will make it harder for us to moon walk to our pain dr's and ask for narcotics. the insanity will never stop i am afraid.
    by by billy jean
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • Michael Jackson was a chronic pain patient, just like you and me. He broke his back after falling off the stage during one of his concerts and has suffered chronic pain since. We need to be careful labeling someone a "junkie" just because he or she has to take narcotic medications. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like that label on yourself.

    To be honest I'm not a big fan of MJ, not like I was when I was younger. However, I try to be careful when judging ANYONE who has to take medications for pain before I have all the facts. To do so is irresponsible and against all that we stand for as CP patients. No disrespect intended.

    The view from here,
  • and I thought I had it bad Im sorry you have all
    that pain and operations to go through
    I hope it gets better for you
  • yes he was taking pethidine but also he was taking oxycontin too {pethidine is Demerol} it looks like MJ was addicted to narcotics .there is now way he could have done 50 concerts if he were in the kind of pain that you or i am in on a daily basis sorry to say .Bridgie i am a little concerned that you say you are experiencing withdrawal whilst taking oxycontin ..have i got that correct?..this should not be happening unless you run out of medication ..by withdrawal do you mean your pain comes back before you are due your next tablet? if so talk to your doctor you may require BT
    {breakthrough medication } to have in between you medication } i take a 12 hour tablet but need to take an oxynorm tablet after about 6 hours to keep that pain away..i never have to take tablets because i am withdrawn .the only time i have experienced withdrawal was when i ran out of medication {because i forgot about a bank holiday and could not get my script from my doctors as he was closed }may i suggest that you talk to your doctor and as i have said in a recent post tell your doctor just how many tablets you need to take your pain away you may need to change meds or increase your dose
  • Though I do not live in Calf (I live in LA=Louisiana) my Dr seems to be freaked about DEA "audits" (?) that he so cautious about prescribing Lortab much less Oxy? How do the Calf Drs avoid those probelms during their audits?
    BTW a family friend knows on of my Docs nurses very well and asked her about the audit and she has said the Doc has never had any problems during his 15 yr practise?? So what's his probelm, his practise is Internist and Pain Management so I wonder what gives?
    C3-4-5 fusion 2005
    C-5-T-1 disk bulged
    L-4-5 bulge to the right, with Microdiscectomy, failed
    L5- Bi-Lateral bulge
    Pain in right foot -loss of feeling
    Left butt, hip and front thigh pain with bad shooting pain into inside ankle sometimes
  • My Doc has me taking 10 mg LorTab 3 X day for pain. Some reason I always seem to choke on any kind of oblong type pill??? Anyway is it OK to break the up in pieces by chewing and the swallowing them? Am I messing the dose up that way?

    My Doc has me taking 10 mg LorTab 3 X day for pain. Some reason I always seem to choke on any kind of oblong type pill??? Anyway is it OK to break the up in pieces by chewing and the swallowing them? Am I messing the dose up that way?


    2006 3 cervical disk fusion with hardware
    Lumbar Pain-- L3-L4 bulge L4-L5 Herniated Disk L5-S1 Bulge
    Pain in spine and left butt, left leg & numbness left calf and foot.
    C3-4-5 fusion 2005
    C-5-T-1 disk bulged
    L-4-5 bulge to the right, with Microdiscectomy, failed
    L5- Bi-Lateral bulge
    Pain in right foot -loss of feeling
    Left butt, hip and front thigh pain with bad shooting pain into inside ankle sometimes
  • I have a disk of my MRI pics but I am unable to open them in windows they are in a DIC or dsc format do you how to turn them into jpgs. I am asking you because of pic.


    De2006 3 cervical disk fusion with hardware
    Lumbar Pain-- L3-L4 bulge L4-L5 Herniated Disk L5-S1 Bulge
    Pain in spine and left butt, left leg & numbness left calf and foot.nnis
    C3-4-5 fusion 2005
    C-5-T-1 disk bulged
    L-4-5 bulge to the right, with Microdiscectomy, failed
    L5- Bi-Lateral bulge
    Pain in right foot -loss of feeling
    Left butt, hip and front thigh pain with bad shooting pain into inside ankle sometimes
  • as long as your tablets are not repeat NOT the sustained release type i would say OK BUT check with your doctor first
  • i have amended my post .in order to not cause offence to fans or anyone else ..but let me put it to you .i was to post on her that i am taking oxycontin and injecting pethidine and shopping around for drugs ..would you not think that i was a junkie?
    MJ s doctor should have given him the correct amount of medication to control his pain just like mine and your doctor dose {see my post on the importance of seeing you doctor on a regular basic in the medication section of SH} if MJ s pain was so bad he would have been bed/chair bound and not fit enough to do any concerts {i could not even stand for the length of time it would take to watch a concert¬!!}
    i am very sorry MJ have gone even though i was not a big fan but there is something very wrong with the way he died and my original point was the oxycontin is going to get bad press again and like many have said no one say anything positive about this drug .people like you and i need oxycontin and similar drugs to keep us from horrible pain .as usual the press focus in on the bad never the good .
  • I "pulled" mine from the window to my browser, then saved it. Try opening it with the cd/dvd they gave you, then click on the picture, drag it to your browser.

    Hope it works!

  • wow! If he did, (I never knew that) then no wonder he needed pain killers.

    sadly we have all been told about risks of mixing alcohol and pain killers and some other drugs too.

    In a way we all take the risks associated with regular use but Like straker says, I too believe my meds are truly metabolised due to all my pain chemicals rushing around. I have never been high.

    If I could dance like MJ, even with pain killers I'd be happy!
  • yes i remember when he fell and broke his leg and fracture his back, he was also burned during one of his concerts and if im not mistaken i think the burn came first and burns they say are very painful so if indeed he got hooked on pain killers i could understand why,nobody likes to be in pain, doesnt make it right but i do understand.But what really confuses me is why he had a cardiologist at his side????even though the autopsy came back neg. makes me wonder if there was a problem with his heart or something
  • I thought about that too why was his doctor a cardiologist? Makes you wonder if he had heart problems that no one knew about. Or I also heard that he was having chest pains the night before he died and maybe he has all different kinds of doctors at his disposal so that was the one that came that night because he was having chest pains.

    We'll see what the results show. It does seem like abuse of prescription drugs though. I agree how if he was in such pain how could he have been planning 50 concerts. Also if he had that much pain there is just no way he'd be able to dance around like he was in preparing for these concerts. That part just makes it look suspicious. I know during my worst pain days I could not stand for 10 minutes even and dancing was out of the question.

    I wonder if he was being pressured to do these concerts maybe just an idea since he was five hundred million dollars in debt.

  • Straker I appreciate your concern. Ideally I would also be on a long acting or breakthrough medication--- but I'm not. The numerous breakthrough meds I've tried have created disabling and costly problems in of themselves. I'm complicated.

    When I'm talking about 'withdrawal' I beleive I'm saying when I miss or lower a dose the absence of the medication itself can cause additional pain, one can yawn a lot, feel fidgity, irritable etc. It can also mean I have a physical dependence and I need increasing dosage to get the same effect. I like staying on a lower dosage because I do not like the stronger dissociative effect when I take more meds.

    Respectfully, the notion the oxycontin sort of gobbles up the bad pain juices and therefore we can't get addicted seems more like magical thinking to me and perhaps not based on science but wishfulness. Narcotics really don't take my pain away at any dosage and even with breakthrough meds. It simply helps me not care about it as much.
  • I suspect that what you're experiencing is a physical dependence, and NOT an addiction. If I were to miss a dose or run out of my MS Contin I would feel the withdrawal symptoms. It doesn't mean that I am addicted, it's just that my body has become accustomed to me taking in these medication on a regular basis.

    Hi Straker, I had no idea that MJ had chronic pain issues with his back. But I did hear that his family planned an intervention in New York because of his pain pill addiction. He also was known for his drinking binges. Was he self medicating? Possibly.

    It's so true that celebrities can get pain scripts too easily and that they are not put through the all the hoops that we jump through in order to get pain meds. It's the super easy access to legal and illicit drugs that leads to their downfall while the rest of us who are legitimate CP patients get the ass end of the deal.

    I do feel sorry for Micheal but I have a feeling that no doctor stepped in to monitor his prescribed pain medication. There was one doctor who told Micheal NO when he hit him up for a script; he told him to try physical therapy, massage, NSAIDS, etc but no narcotics. I understand the enormous pressure MJ was up against, and it seems to me it played a role in his demise. We won't know for sure what all transpired until the final autopsy reports a few weeks down the road.

    Whatever goes down, it will be one more justification for the DEA.
  • Hi Meydey. I'm not worried that I have an addiction or dependence. I think its a semantics thing. The one seems less shaming and negative in this culture and gets less bad press--- hence all the effort to distinguish the two. Its like calling it 'dependence' is an act of mercy when it comes to chronic pain.

    One of the issues I brought up is tolerance and the building a tolerance and the body craving more meds. Plus there's the symptoms of withdrawal that happen when you don't keep up. I'm saying there gets to be two things we come to battle. The pain AND the medication issues. Perhaps its fair to say if we are 'dependent' we're dealing w/pain AND medication tolerance. But if we're addicted one would only be dealing with medication tolerance w/ dependence. Its not a matter of the oxycontin drug miraculously making a distinction within our bodies (vs someone who does not have pain) and little oxycontin pacman gobbling up pain synopsis or whatever and rendering the whole addiction thing void in our particular 'pain filled' case.

    If we're trying to explain the whole thing to friends and family perhaps they need to know how important it is to manage pain so our bodies and lives don't deteriorate in other ways. And of course we see responsible type doctors and continuely seek alternatives.
  • Straker - I started a thread last Friday in the Water Cooler section on this very topic. Great minds and all that, eh?

    I wonder, though - if the grueling rehearsals for this concert tour maybe had him in more pain than usual, and since celebrities are able to do what they want and in fact have a support system that in essence is enabling the celebrities to feel this way, maybe he took extra doses (not to get the "high" but the "relief") and as a result, took too many and passed away due to respiratory distress/suppression?

    Just a new twist on things...

    Either way, I KNOW this is going to be bad for CP/IP suffererers like us. I'm just waiting for my husband to ask "isn't that what you take?" and then make me stop taking them...

    Truth be told, these days, even the OC/MSContin/Zanaflex combos aren't relieving that much for that long...



    What would REALLY be a cr@ppy thing is if it came out that Billy Mays was a CP/IP sufferer and had a thing for pain meds...
  • I was surprised to hear about MJ's death, but sadly I wasn't really shocked. He hasn't had the appearance of being in good health for quite some time. (The recent death of David Carradine... that one kind of shocked me).

    I wonder if the upcoming tour he was planning, was more than his body could physically take. Especially if he was on a several large doses of various medications for pain, depression and anxiety. There was one article that stated he was taking 250mg of Xanax a day? That is a HUGE amount of Xanax. I can't help thinking he was self medicating, from what I've read so far. I mean, what doctor in their right mind would allow MJ to perform the way he did, while taking all of those medications? The preparation for any tour, involves months of strenuous activity. The combination of MJ's medication, the dancing, the singing and the many hours of rehearsals... could very well have affected his heart. That would explain why there was a cardiologist around. (Just my thoughts, of course).

    Whatever the autopsy results reveal, I'm glad he didn't have to suffer long.

    I absolutely dread listening to the news and hearing another bad rap about our prescribed pain medications, which work so well for us. I take Oxycontin and Percocet too, Straker. The press is mentioning Demerol a lot with MJ, but I know darn well it's going to wind up being a general consensus of narcotics with the media. It's just not fair to those of us that take our medications AS prescribed, have regular visits to the doctors who monitor our medications and we follow all of the rules.

    I'll be praying that we get some well-respected doctors, who will go to bat for us during this uproar. My main concern is that the media will push them aside and will go for what sells... which is all of the negatives. I want to believe that the doctors will win this controversy with the media. Even if it's a silent one.

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,842
    include all the software on the CD to go along with your
    MRI images. There are different software packages that different facilities do you.
    The one I have also support an Import/Export function. So I can selectively take any of the images on the CD and export them to a gif or jpg file.
    When you put your CD in does anything start up automatically?
    There should be an autorun.inf on the CD which identifies what gets started automatically
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • And instead of going to the hospital 6 minutes away they called in a Dr. He could've been having chestpain for all we know the night before and instead of calling ER he called in a private Dr. Not a very good idea. But I too don't have all the facts. I heard he had fractured his thoracic spine when he fell and hurt his leg and back. It's too bad he didn't find Spine Health. He was probably very isolated in his pain. It's still sad the way the media brings up oxycontin or the "pain pills" I would've been gone long ago if my Dr. didn't increase the pain meds I'm on and even so still have pain. It's sad if PM Drs get audited so much but it only takes one person to bring an audit on one Dr. I have a dry mouth mostly from the pills and have never experienced any high from meds. I'm still stuck in the 80's as alot of good music was around then and MTV was born. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Well the most recent information was Michael Jackson's lawyer saying that Dr Murray the doctor with Michael at the house trying to revive him said he never prescribed oxycontin or demerol. Then they interview Lou Ferrigno who was Michaels personal trainer in preparing him for the concerts said Michael did not seem like he was on anything and he worked out on an exercise ball and bands with him for 4 hours a day and that he seemed like he was doing fine.

    Could all of these rumors about the drugs be lies or are those people lying. I guess we'll find out when the results come out. Or maybe we will it seems with all of these different stories it's hard to know what to believe and it makes me wonder if they are going to continue lying even after all of the results come back.
  • Everything we are hearing right now are rumors.The media are having a field day and using Michaels' unfortunate demise to their own advantage.Everyone(myself included)is listening to everything that everyone is saying as if it is,or might well be-true.

    Truth is,we won't know-just like a few others have mentioned-until the toxicology reports come back.That can take 4-6 weeks they said in the news.Even then,we should all know by now that we can't believe everything we hear in the media.Stories miraculously change with the blink of an eye or the flick of a palm.

    I listen to the stories and have been just as caught up as anyone else out there....but I refuse to judge anyone.Just like the other crap,and believe me,I'm not a fan of child molestors or child abuse of any kind..I lived it for years,and castration as punishment would be no problem for me to witness-nay-perform even...but again,I refuse to judge anyone.Not my place.If he's guilty I believe he will be dealt with,on the other hand I think it's terrible the injustice that he must have felt if he were innocent of any wrongdoings.
    May he rest in peace.
  • Lou Ferigno (for those of you way too young to remember - he was the original HULK) "said Michael did not seem like he was on anything and he worked out on an exercise ball and bands with him for 4 hours a day and that he seemed like he was doing fine."

    The reason he was fine? Because he was taking his medication as prescribed.

    Only, the last night of his life, he was feeling a little bit more pain than usual, and decided to double up on something, maybe more than one thing, and made a fatal mistake.

    That's what I am thinking. It was not his intent to deliberately abuse medication. He was just looking for some relief. His dance routines are grueling for anyone, let alone someone with a history of broken back!

  • Billy Mays died or is thought to have died from heart failure, forget the exact term they used.

    Why would MJ be any different? Maybe more likely due to his added activity level on a strained, possibly anorexic heart. I had a close friend who died at 52, even after having a thorough workup and exam within the last year. They were looking for heart problems and found nothing, yet he dropped dead one morning while no one was around. They found him 3 hours later.

    Just because they are celebrities does not save them from being human. MJ may have done nothing any different that day. It was just time to go.

    In 4-6 weeks maybe they'll have a better idea of what really happened, maybe not...
  • R.I.P MJ...Im still sad...

    Pain meds will always be abused in this country..Its just real easy to get when your a star/celeb or person with (extra) money..sucks for people with CP

    Some people who live on the street and are dirt poor will spend the last $10 they got on pills to ease their pain..Its all how you look at it... different perspectives...
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