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Does it ever get better after after surgey

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:32 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I wonder after hearing all the stories if it is
going to get better after my surgery on tuesday
I dont want to continue this pain any longer but
I dont want to go through the surgery with no results


  • Yes I hope so - 3 weeks after micro discectomy L5 s1 -I can walk and sit up again --I don’t even want to think about fusion --good luck—I have met 2 fusion survivors in docks office in the last 5 months they say they wood do it again
  • Well for me anyway. Everyone's different, but fusion surgery has come a long way in recent years. Anaesthetics are better, skills are better, hardware is better, drugs are better. I have high hopes for you Mark! All the best.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,859
    After surgery there is the recovery period which is critical to how you will feel later on.
    Probably the most important aspect is to follow ALL restrictions and limitations and continue to do all the exercises that have been approved and outlined for you.

    Doing of this, you should have a very high percentage in feeling good down the road.
    Those that do not follow the limitations, etc are the ones that generally have problems for a long time.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I think it also depends alot on the person and the issue at hand. I had a Laminecotomy and discetomy on the 18th of June and thought I'd be drooling on myself with pain meds or in horrible pain the first week after. Had everything prepared at home as if I couldn't do anything. I was up and out of bed at the hospital that night walking the halls and just got back from a 3/4 mile walk around the block a few minutes ago. I thought I would be stuck with the pain I had been experiencing for years for the rest of my life and now, even after surgery and with staples in my back, I feel better than I have in years. It won't all get better quick, you have to be careful afterwards...I haven't bent over or picked things up which can get frustrating but to me it's all worth it. I'm only 33 and have so much I want to do and a much better chance of being able to do it now. Hope all goes well for you, keep us up to date.

  • Hi Mark,

    Yes, it does. I think all you hear about online is the negative results, which occur for a host of reasons.

    A friend of mine had a fusion in Jan., and while it wasn't much fun for a while, is doing fine now, playing and coaching soccer! I asked him if he regretted it and he said "no way".

    In fact, on the local news here last night, they were covering a marathon run, one of the people they interviewed mentioned he had had spine surgery. I thought to myself, finally! it's gotten some GOOD press!

    I think the spine surgery specialty should hire a good PR firm! It seems the general public doesn't know much about it, as everyone thinks that every spine surgery is horrible. It isn't; and it helps lots and lots of people. You will be one of them!

    Take care and don't worry!

  • You must always remind yourself: For the most part, those with successful fusions have left the forums, and are out living their lives! Most of us are still here because we undoubtedly still need/want support!

    You must ALWAYS take what you read on forums/internet with a grain of salt. It's a place to come where you will find others like you, but we are still NOT YOU! You will always have a different outcome, no matter what, so use positive thinking, and make it a great outcome!

    If you've done your research, and know what's expected of you for a healthy recovery, you are all set. All we can do is be there for you, and help you get through the rough times, and laugh with you during the good times.

    Be well, keep us posted and GREAT luck on Tuesday!

  • Things are generally much better after surgery. Some of us still have issues. Some people don't heal well. But, some of us have to stop and remember just how much agony we were in before surgery. We experience pain afterwards and think, "why is this happening?", but we often forget just how bad the pain was that led us to the drastic surgery we had. I have pain every now and then that I am sure would not have me considering another spinal fusion. I know it was sheer agony before surgery. Now it's very manageable.


    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.

  • I too feel the same way as you, I have fusion surgery done on the 17th, L4-S1. I am still in intense pain, my back is bruised up. It hurts to wear my brace. I don't really know what I am suppose to be doing. Walking hurts, they say not to sit. I am spacey and dizzy from the drugs,and this makes me nervous about walking around the house without anyone here.

    I am having a lot of pain in my legs and the knee that I got my replacement in is swollen as is my right foot. I have IV bruises on my left arm that looks like I was in a bar fight.I worry about taking so many drugs, but if I don't I can't manage the pain. I have asked all over what I should be doing by now, and get no straight answers. My staples itch and they hurt when I am wearing my brace.

    I am so sorry for going on and on about my own problems. I know what you are going through, it feels as if it is never going to heal. And the bending thing is driving me crazy, don't really know what I shouldn't be doing.

    But I am sure in time we will both heal and hopefully will forgot this point in our lives. Again it's been about me, but this is the first time I have been able to stay awake this long while on the computer, I try to read and post on here and I keep nodding off. Feels like I am falling off a bar stool...LOL!

    I don't know if I have helped you any, I've probable freaked you out. so, I am going to let you go, wishing you nothing but the best in healing.

    Thanks for reading this,I'm lost in my pain and recovery.
  • You only had your fusion a couple of weeks ago, give yourself a chance. I was 19 days in hospital, so you're at the same stage I was when I came home. Please don't expect too much from yourself for a few more weeks yet. The drugs alone will keep you sleepy and dopey, let alone the surgery you've just been through. Make the most of doing nothing, lying back and allowing yourself to be cared for and worrying about nothing, if you possibly can. I bet there haven't been many times in your adult life that you've had to worry about nothing and having others take care of everything. It may never happen again, so make the most of it!

    Sleep as much as you can, time passes faster and I believe you heal when you're asleep.

    You're on a lot of drugs, I see. I only had Oxycontin and Endone to worry about and I found I felt better and more clear-headed when I started to reduce them. Everyone's pain is different, but if you think you can space out your pain meds, do so and see what happens. If it hurts, try reducing it again in another 10-14 days. If it doesn't, reduce it a bit more in a week. You will feel more positive once you start thinking more clearly again.

    One thing I should mention. I came home on what the dr. described as a horse dose. I began reducing within three weeks of coming home. All went well as I went from 40mg to 20mg to 15mg to 10mg but when I hit 5mg I started having withdrawal symptoms which were nasty. So please, take it very slowly, this is no race.

  • Mark - I am +22 weeks post op ALIF L5-S1. I would actually say my life is "normal" (no pain, no meds, no physical activity restrictions). I followed my doctor's orders TO THE LETTER (no bending, lifting, twisting, reaching etc) and built up my walking each day.

    Surgery gave me my life back.

    Best of luck to you - there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and its not always an oncoming train :)))
  • Thanks JenG I really appreciate you saying that
    I am positive about my surgery but my wife keeps
    making comments that she doesnt really think I need it
    Sometimes it gets me upset & second quessing myself
  • that does make sense to me
    papa ron I never thought about it that way
    I appreciate you letting me see things in that way
    I always seem to tackle my surgeries as if I push
    myself I will come back quicker not thinking about
    the adverse problems
    Mark :H
  • Thanks Jennifer
    I hope you continue to do well
    I will concentrate on following my docs rules
  • every time I hear from you fellow spineys
    I become more & more confident every time
    thank you all so much for the replies & the words
    of encouragement I hope i ccan recipricate soon
    good luck to you to Maryanne
    I will let you know how i did
    surgery tommorrow at 2:00 :)))
  • :))) :))) :))) :))) :)))
    thanks Whyme I will let kn ow & thanks for helping
    me out
  • linda I hope I come back as possitive as you,especially
    with all you have gone through compared tome
    thanks & good luck to you
  • thanks Melissa that definetly gave a boost
    I hope I will be as good as you. I will definetly
    do as I am told
    I will let you know how it goes & again thanks so much
    Mark >:D<

  • Yes, these post do give us hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I will take it easy and try to do as I am suppose to. I hope things go well for you too mark. I know this is not a race and I will pray for your healing. I am sure this is going to help you, I can feel the difference in my back where they fixed it, and I'm sure I will get rid of some of this pain if I get off my butt and start walking more.

    I have heard so many others that have done so well after their surgery. I have hope that this will be the case for us as well. No more negative thoughts! We will overcome this!

    Again sorry for my post being so much about me, and it not being about me trying to help support you.


  • I have had 2x fusions and one revision.
    I believe attitude is everything. Spine surgery needs lots of patience and you need to make real time changes to your life. You'll never be quite the same again and so long as you are ready for that you'll do great.

    I am one of the very few who had unusual complications and I try to do the "can do" attitude and not the "can't do" - all just needs a re-think. Sure I have my low days but then I have more fighting days...I bloomin will....!!

    Stay really positive, be realistic, use your SH friends for ideas and listen to your docs and your body.

    Best of luck.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,859
    For basically a newcomer to Spine-Health, Kat always demonstrates a good working knowledge of spinal problems as well as many other issues the Spinal patients face.

    The Spine-Health member base has grown so much. Back in June of 2007, we had about 3,500 members, today we are up over
    11,000. That is a good sign that says things are being done correctly here.

    In the three years I have been here, I have seen so many members come and go. As Kat said, once they have improved and are no longer in alot of pain, they move on. I am so happy for those members. I've known a lot of them, and while they were here they had tons of problems. Its good news for those folks.

    Then we have folks like myself and so many others. Been through a lot, multiple surgeries, etc, but still are here.
    When you realize that you will live in chronic pain the rest of your life you have two choices:
    1- Give up, get depressed and not do much of anything
    2- Realize your shortcomings, make the most of them and push on.

    Many of our long time members here fit into category #2.
    They stay on because of a sense of loyalty and bonding to other members here and to try to help other members.

    As far as Internet and Forums.... Kat is right on about that also. Trust your sources. You can read just about anything and you can find articles or posts that back up what you feel no matter what. Forums are individuals without medical degrees out there trying to help. Personally, I make a lot of recommendations and suggestions, but I also let members know that I am not a doctor. What I am saying is based on my personal experiences. So take my words, digest them but please dont make them the gospel.

    Research is one of the golden rules. There are plenty of web sites for you to do some of that research. But I will
    send you over to the Spine-Health main site. There is a wealth of articles, videos, etc that cover in detail just about any spinal issue.

    Sorry to digress from the original post, but Kat's post made me what to post this
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Good Luck Tuesday! Just remember, the first time up is the hardest. After that it will get better. I know how it is, after having my fusion in Dec I still remember. But gauge you recovery from Dr visit to Dr visit. You will see more progress that way. You are on your way to recovery, after taking this first step. Will say prayer and keep you in my thoughts.
  • I had my surgery on November 17, 2008, and other than the immediate post operative complaints and soreness I am glad it was done. I had a laminectomy/discectomy dome from L3 through S1. :( My next step is a fusion if this does not work. And I want to avoid that like the plague.

    It was very difficult to not only listen to the Dr and PT guy, but to do what they said. But I am glad I did. Every day my back gets stronger and I feel better. Sure there is still some residual pain, but nowhere near what I had prior to the surgery.

    I went from not being able to pick up a cup of coffee, to being able to lift 50 pounds again. Only problem remaining is twisting. Tried to sweep the garage yesterday and my back complained by giving me spasms.

    Note to self: Do not sweep the garage, get the wife to do it. :)

    Yes there were low points after surgery, but as the days, weeks and months passed they were steadily replaced by high points. Now the only time there is a low point it is due to me doing something stupid. (refer to the sweeping the garage comment above)

    Exercise within limits and do as much walking as you reasonably can. Best of luck in your surgery, and hope you are as pain free as possible when you next post.

    View my history for all the gory details.
  • hello i had a fusion back in april of this year. yes i am having some problems with post op but as you have seen it is different for everyone. i cant say that i would go through it again. but i am still early in recover so it makes it hard for me to tell you if it works are not. i can tell you that you will have your good and bad days. sometimes it might seem you have more bad than good. it depends on your mind set and how you willing to deal with it. hope you have a good one and good luck with surgery. it is hard for me to do but i can say it easy keep you head up and be strong. let me know how it goes. hope to best for you theresa aka krazyangel
  • Thanks I will be in touch when i get home from my surgery
    I cant believe all of the wonderful support I have gotton'
    from all of you
    good luck to you also :H
  • So, today's the big day. I'll be thinking of you, and sending a prayer your way!

  • Came back to this thread to see if there was any news (sometimes family post). All the best for a smooth recovery and excellent result!
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