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permanent back ache

strakerstraker Posts: 1,851
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:34 AM in Lower Back Pain
i know that we all have some degree of back ache but what i want to know is how many of us have low grade or even bad back ache even after pain killers on a daily basis,that last all day /night .surly it can't just be me ! the reason i ask this is .when i have talked to others on here they say that they are gardening and doing other active things and i know that there is no way that i could do anything as energetic as that .yes sometimes i was my car but it takes me 2 sometimes 3 days to do it {i do bits at a time like vac out the car one day then wash it on another day then polish it the next day} but i am full of pain killers and when i have finished i am a sweaty knackered wreck! .i cant do anything like a normal person does.my back ache goes from severe first thing in the morning to bad all day it never goes away completely ..does yours??


  • my back aches almost all the time. it seems to be a MOVEMENT THING. the slightest moving triggers the pain. the only way i can stop it is to find a good position and lock it in. i think its the facets like you have. i also have neural foreamin narrowing plus ddd. painkillers dont kill the pain. also the slightest movement sends pain to the legs. the leg pain hurts more than the back pain.
    hope you get some relief....pete
  • My leg/ back have hurt since April, 2004. Not 1 day has passed since then where I have not had some pain (24 hours a day). The pain ranges from 3-7 on a 10 scale, regardless of medication.

    I should say that I don't take pain meds, I just deal with it. I would love to know what it feels like to have 1 day where I don't feel pain.

    I hope you find relief,

  • I have had sciatica since 1984. Pain from it has never stopped. About 4 on my pain scale.[I should post what my scale means to me, I guess mine is kind of like a logrithimc scale. About 1994, I thought that I was lactose intolerant, used T1's to control diarehea. After years of using it to control that, I figured out that the issue was my bodies response to pain. My blood pressure was way up. After the Dr tried to figure out what was causing the issue and not finding it, we settled on just controlling the pain. Finally after a CT Scan - he found the Severe Stenosis and the reason for my pain.[No they cannot do surgery, I have the same thing up and down my spine.]

    I don't ever have pain-free days. For me- it rises and drops throughout the day. From about 4 to an 8 most everyday. At 8- I am stopping all activity, 9 I am about to head for the ER.

    I cannot vac - It raises heck for me, too much weight on my spine. A dust broom is about it for me. I don't wash the car, ever, never waxed them either.
    I do the best I can and do as much as I can, but some days, I worry about myself and future too.

    I am on meds every day, and they keep things just under control, although I have days that things are out of control too. It is at this point when I stop everything and try to rest and stretch things out. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

    Mornings are my worst time, I am stiff as a board, and need to take a few minutes and see if I can stretch it out, very slowly, cause If I am too fast it justs goes into a spasm and locks up like a steel rod.
  • but at the moment my TOS is in full swing and as Pete says my facet joints are really sore .i am just finding life {pain wise} very hard going .i am usually up beat even with 3 hours sleep and constant pain but at the moment it has me beat! thanks to everyone that contributes to my post
  • Straker - back in April of this year, I was in a 24/7 pain cycle at about an average of 7 or better, I should have been at ER to lower it. I had been in that state for 2 months. I still was working, I have no idea how I survived it. I held out hope that taking my amitriptylene would force me asleep. 8 hours later, I woke, got some water, had toast, and crashed again, my wife made sure that she woke me and got my ER meds into me, so I never woke without pain control. I kept this up for 4 days. By the 4th day, I felt like I had to stop the Ami, because I feel like crap when I am on it. And 2 days later, after the Amitrip- fog lifted, I found that the pain level had dropped across the board. I was down to using just over 50% of my daily narcotic dose.

    In the days after this, even though I felt better, I went through a period of wondering and worrying about the future? Is this the best that it gets? I spent the next number of weeks, starting to work this all through my head. I felt like the wind was out of my sails! But I kept thinking that there must be something I can do to help get better again, and this brought me back to just starting to walk again and going back to learning how to decrease the pain through any possible ways. with meds and through mind,body techniques.

    It has taken me weeks, to run my mind through all of this, but the wind has been coming back into my sails again, slowly, but it is there again.

    I hope you feeling better - david
  • My back pain is like death and taxes- I can always count on it to be there no matter what I'm doing. Movements make it worse. The pain meds take the edge off it and make it so I can bear it just enough to do minor chores. And of course there is also nerve pain to deal with. The more I'm on my feet the worse it feels. I'd get shooting pains, muscle spasms, and deep aching.
  • I love the way Meydey put it, that's its like death and taxes. I too am in constant pain 24hrs/day 7days/wk. The meds make it some what bearable to do some chores.

    The only releif I get is if I am laying down. This is not realistic for me cuz I have 2 kids to take care of. I'm so scared and upset that I've ruined my kids' childhood. I don't want them looking back at their childhood when they are adults and only remember their mother as this lazy slob who lays on the couch all day and doped up on meds or when I do get off the couch I'm complaining how much I hurt. My 13yr old daughter is very helpful. I feel I'm holding them back from just being kids cuz they are taking care of me.

    I do a lot with my kids and take them to a lot of places and sacrifice my pain for their happiness. I still feel there's more I should do.

    So to answer your question Tony, yes you are not alone. There are many of us who suffer from constant pain even after taking max doses of meds. The meds only make it some what tolerable for a brief moment.
  • I wondered if my writing this would come across as a big wimp, maybe I am? Mornings are the best time for me, although hunched over can manage to dress myself, make bed, coffee, personal care. On a good day try to wash a load of washing, can't reach up to line so dry clothes on airer in the lounge.Pain is now pretty horrible so start chomping pills, TENS, heat pack and recliner.Like others the more movement, more pain and spasms. Chomp more pills, foggy brain sets in. Tried most treatment apart from chiro. surgery was denied by insureres, going for review, usual battle with system. Injured myself at work Dec 07, locked up completely May 08, apart from brief respite with ESI's (hours). Have another surgeons appt. in september-hope he can help me. I miss being able to drive my car, bush-walking, power shopping because of pain. On a positive note my PM doc is awesome, helps try to get pain managable.Just started on slow release oxycontin plus the usual pills and got 4 hours sleep-such a gift.So for me if I want to stand/walk, roll over in bed, there will be pain. Sorry for going on, others like yourself are in pain 24/7 where at least mine fluctuates. Sorry to go on and on, feels kinda good to put it on paper. Hugs n' Loves to everyone and hope tomorrow is a better day - Paula
  • what frustrates me is the fact that in order to take pain meds i have to eat first or i feel really sick, thats just about bareable during the day but not in the middle of the night, when the pain is really bad the last thing i want to do is eat, i just want the pain to be numbed a little straight away.
    mornings and the night are my worst time, wake up so many times in the night in pain and unable to turn over without crying.
    i have put on so much weight as well due to eating all the time to be able to take meds, and being unable to do as much housework etc, gets me down looking at the mess but if i attempt to do it i suffer for it big time, wish i could a cleaner and a cook
  • Good thread here Straker. My pain is 24/7 as well. I tried to deny it, was angry about it, but now for the most part have accepted it as my "new" normal way of life. I can't do things the way I used to, that's all there is to it. I take my twice a day MS Contin and very rarely take the Vicodin for breakthrough. I try to pace myself. I know what used to take me a day to do will take 2 to 3 days. If I have to shop, the cane is my friend and I walk slowly. I'm going to a big antique fair next month and have bought myself a rollator walker so that hopefully I can enjoy that more than the last time I went with just my cane. If I do too much, I know there's a few days I won't be able to do much of anything. I don't sleep well anymore.

    These things I have accepted. I try hard not to concentrate on the things I can no longer do but more on the things I can do. I pray more. I wake up and thank God for the sun, the birds, etc.

    Dwelling on the negatives just makes you miserable. I have had enough of being miserable. Time to move on......

    Best wishes to you all,

  • its on a thread like this one that you can almost feel normal ..i will explain ..your sat at home watching the world go by thinking ..is this normal for a person with a bad back ? and because you cant ask your wife/husband etc you start to feel insecure but on a web site like SH you don't feel daft asking the question because you know that there are people that will have the same symptoms as yourself..i know when you ask a question at the doctors they often don't know ..the doctors mat know the science of bad backs but they don't live with it and they don't understand how pain 24/7 effect you ..whereas we on SH are professional patients and know more about our conditions than most doctors do! the thing with constant pain is no one can see it and like ming said she doesn't want her children to remember her sat on the couch like a slob .i spend most of my day and night on my chair and there are times when i feel like my life is just racing by .i am unable to join the human race as i can't keep up the pace!!i am only 43 and i feel that i should be able to do more but i am always in pain and tyred even the simplest thing makes me want to take to my chair .that's why i started this thread ..to see if there were many like me
  • Oh how I agree with all the comments-life is racing by-slowly and you are an unwilling bystander. At the ripe "old age" of 47 just the effort and the pain cost to achieve the simplest tasks is enough to send you straight to your recliner. Your comment about normal/abnormal can drive you crazy but when a post brings the subject up, there is a sense of belonging and a security of knowing that your issue is actually normal for a spiney. What a great issue you have raised. Know matter what age we can all relate in some aspect or another. What a wise man you are to raise the issue we all think of yet have been unable to openly discuss- Hugs n' Loves - Paula
  • Yes Straker, I'm 48, and life passing by is exactly the feeling I was dealing with in April 09. And keeping a relationship close with my sweetheart is still a goal, but I can have a moment of wondering about the future and put my mind into the garbage can. Thank heavens that I have a good relationship and can let my sweetheart know what is going on and have her answer my insecurities.

    My daughter has never known her dad, without a back problem, Since she was 3 or 4, I have never been able to pick her up. Now that she is 16, I too wonder what she will take from this life experience. What lessons has she learned from me?
  • Traveling is heck, I have to agree with you on that. The April issue was also a 1600km trip and once I arrived, I felt that I could drop all of my responsiblities for a short period.get home!

    I have sole custody of my daughter, got my son outta the house a couple years ago. I know that if she had not been with me, or near enough for me to handle the traveling, I could not have kept things together.

    She was away for a month this summer and we kept in touch on facebook. It was a good way to keep sending notes back and forth and keep a conversation going.

  • I've also had constant lower back pain. I got shots last Thursday for my messed up facet joints at L4/5 and it was short lived. It started coming back a little until yesterday when I was in the shower and bent over to shave my legs. Straightening up was a whole new experience in pain. It's now back full force and constant again. My neck aches too.

    What's really strange is that the pain that I have at night when I'm sleeping causes nightmares and I sweat profusely. I'm constantly rolling over and when I wake up every few hours I have to turn my pillow around because it becomes so wet from my sweating.

    Just another joy in the life of chronic pain. Yippee.
  • I could relate so well to most of the responses. Since my back pain (and new neck pain)came back last year my life has become smaller and smaller due to the daily pain. I don't go out much anymore. Like Ming and others I feel horrible for my 4 and 7 year old. I try to "suck it up" and do the best I can for them, but they know there are problems with mom's back and we don't do things because of it. I worry that they will remember their childhood as always dealing with mom's pain. I also feel that my husband is being shortchanged. Thank God he has been understanding and an immense help. What also bothers me is that I know I will need 2 more fusions; a 2 level lumbar (below my existing 2 level fusion) and a 3 level cervical fusion after that. My family will have to endure helping me with 2 more recoveries, makes me feel like a damn burden. Thanks for listening.
  • FYI

    I tried to reply to your PM today but got an error message.

    This has really turned out to be an exellent discussion and I do feel a sense of "spiney" normalcy reading everyone else's challenges and how similar they are to mine.

    I agree with Straker, we should not excuse or apologize for being the way we are. I'm sure we would all trade it in an instant to be pain free. I'm sure none of you asked for this to happen to you.
  • to all of you who have responded to this thread. You all deserve it for your courage and bravery in dealing with adverse circumstances.

    It tugs at my heart strings to see how much you all worry about your children and how your suffering is affecting them. Sure, you want them to have fun memories of their childhood years but IT'S CLEAR how truly loved they are by each one of you and that's what they'll carry with them through life.

    I've always been a compassionate person to others but have learned through this experience how to have compassion for myself as you all should too.

    You are a pretty great group of people.

    That said,

    Group Hug!

  • You are an honorary member of the Spiney Purple Heart Club too O:) That was really sweet.

    I love this thread because it has touched my heart and is so genuine. It bothers me deeply to be seen by my husband and kids like this. I feel so bad for the ones who can't even pick up their children to give them a hug and a kiss. It would rip my heart out.

    I'm only 35 but I feel, like everybody else here, that I lived a lifetime already.
  • i'm in the boat right beside you, straker, rocking to the side to try to prevent the muscles from locking, now giving myself a massage in my lower back to try to ease the pain, now having a cry because nothing works & the pain is unrelenting.

    my life has become smaller, too, the number of activities i can do in a day or a week has become so reduced...& it just takes so much energy to even keep up with day to day maintenance.

    i remind myself a dozen times a day that it's an INJURY. I'M INJURED, & it's not punishment from the great spirit, or something i've done wrong, or not being pro-active enough or whatever. it's not something i had a whole lot of control or say over. it was an accident, & i'm injured, & i need to be even more gentle on myself & kind to myself.

    so i totally relate to what you're saying. my injury hurts every day & has had a huge impact on my life.

    on the other hand, i get the sense there are people on this forum i'm going to get to know, & that even though my life has taken this turn, i'm not alone. you know what i mean?

    thanks for starting this thread. there are lots of us in the boat with you.
  • i am sorry and a little upset to read your post because it is so similar to my own on a light note maybe we need a bigger boat!
  • went for a swim /walked the dog and cleaned the car .IN MEGA PAIN .but i am sick of being stuck in the house .boy do i regret it now i ache like mad!! serves me right ..i suppose i will keep trying even now and again to be normal for a day if you know what i mean ..i even knew that i should not be doing what i was doing but the sun was shining and i have a determined streak running through my veins .it was good whilst it lasted!!
  • with me as my girl is 13 and she has never known her dad with out back problems ..and to make matters worse she lives with her mum and i don't get to see her very often as she lives in the isle of man and traveling to me is more than hard work ..the last time i visited her was 4 weeks ago ..and i spent most of the time lay on my ex wife's settee as i was too ill to do anything and since i have returned home my TOS have flared up and i have been sat on my recliner in pain ..so i wont be traveling again ..its just not worth it to me
  • I too have pain everyday with even taking the meds I take. I've found the Cymbalta 120mg/day and lyrica help alot with the leg tingling and pain but not completely. I asked for the brand name MS Contin as I feel the generic wasn't working as well. But I still have pain and I take a percocet 1 a day now. It's awful to walk with a cane but most of the time I can't even get dressed as I feel so tired with the increase in meds. Has the swimming helped at all decrease your pain? Just wondering if it's helped as I may give it a try. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • there is a high pressure jet {like a fire hose} and it feels good to get under it and let the water power on your back ..it hurts at first but its worth it..the trouble is i wake in pain then find it very hard to get motivated to go out to the pool sometimes its not even motivation i just feel too ill.but on the odd occasions that i do go i enjoy it but a few hours later the pain come roaring back and last for days {this is extra pain as i am in pain all the time } and yes i have tried going when in pain but swimming is impossible .SO to answer your question yes i like swimming and no its does not help with the pain!
  • I am right there with you ming. I hate being in pain all the time and trying not to burden the kids. I have a 14 yr old daughter and a very lazy 18 yr old son. I would rather just lay in bed all day where the pain is minimized but, like you, I have kids to think about. I do things with my kids too and deal with the pain. Being a mom with chronic pain is almost too hard at times. :) nice to hear someone in the same shoes.

    And Tony, yes we all deal with pain. You are never alone in it. We are all here for you and talking does help. This forum keeps me somewhat sane.
  • We all deal with the pain. Some have higher tolerances to it than others. I used to have a very high pain tolerance but this has truly beaten me down. And yes, talking helps loads. It helps to talk with others who truly understand so talk away :) Thats why we all are here. To help each other.

    I hear you on the sleep. I cant remember when I was last able to sleep through the night. I hope you can get some help. I am so sick of going between doctors and everyone trying to get relief. Hang in there.
  • I get this when a disc is out of alignment. Low level ache that just persists.
    Main cause for me is twisting the back, as with raking, sweeping, cleaning etc.
    The only cure for me is to get the spine realigned, putting the disc back in place, by a chiropractor.
    Immediate relief. Have to be careful for a few days while it settles down, then I can start doing the wrong things again.
    I have had this treatment countless times, occasionally within a few days, and my chiro will now see me immediately.
    It's an easy fix.
  • I have the same problem, Straker. My back is constantly hurting from arthritic pain and stenosis, along with all the peculiar sensations I get from the neuropathic pain. Even with my medication it hurts a lot. If I take my pills and do nothing except alternate between sitting/lying down and moving about slowly all day I am only in moderate pain (around 3-5, say), but if I try to do anything even slightly strenuous that involves sustained movement, like walking for more than 10-15 minutes, bending, lifting and so on, my pain very quickly increases to the point that I just end up collapsing on a chair or bed, unable to do anything for the rest of the day (and quite likely the next day as well). The isolation chronic pain brings is as bad as the pain, in its own way. I haven't been able to do many of the normal things that people do (get married, have a real career, etc.) because of this situation. Very few people really understand what you're going through (how can they unless they've been through it themselves?), although my family have been very supportive. I often think the only other people who can truly empathize are people here on Spine-Health and similar groups.
  • thanks for your post i have just noticed that you are on temgesic ..this is a VERY out of date pain killer .there are much better available .are they the sub lingual? [Under the tongue} maybe you should go to the doctors and get an upgrade on your pain meds? just a thought {many on here take Oxycontin}it has a lot less side effect then temgesic
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