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back out from under the rock

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:34 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
it's been 1 week and I'm starting to get around a bit..what's with those agonizing leg cramps...they didn't list them on the colorful brochure.I have no idea what proceedure(s) they ended up performing but i will know more tomorrow when they take the staples out. I'm already weeening down off the pain meds(taking 1/2 doses most of the time)girlfriend has been a real godsend as my nurse rachett. already broke my storm trooper brace they fitted me with. appatite is good. had trouble getting the pooper going. and I was told by doc that my repairs were a real challange...I also walked the same day as surgery


  • who cares what they did as long as it helped :-C :-C :-C
  • great to hear from you, glad your doing well.DOnt forget to tell your girlfriend what a godsend she is, she'll appreciate it :) Keep us posted on your recovery.
  • I'm with Pete! Good to hear your sense of humour was left intact. Keep up the good work. I'm going away today, but will check up on you when I get back. ;)
  • Yep, walking from day one is a biggie - from what I understand they really like to get us up and moving asap.

    Let us know how the results of what they did to ya ;)

    Very cool that you can reduce meds already. And those leg cramps - mine did start to get better each day, but it still took a while.
  • So glad you finally posted. We went under the knife the same day and I've been hoping to hear some good news from your side! I'm glad you are up and moving around. Hopefully the leg cramps will go away soon! I'm sure they are a pain! I haven't had them yet but I woke up with no use of left leg and approximately 20% use of right leg and only in front of thigh. I ended up having a second surgery on Tuesday the 18th. They had to go major invasive with rods & pedicle screws and had to take care of an extremely large hematoma in spinal canal. Its going to be a very long road to recovery but I know I can do it. Don't know if I will ever get use of legs back. So you might have to do enough fishing for both of us! ;-)
    Good luck on your continued improvement! Please keep us updated!
    P.S. My doc is amazed that I still have my good attitude and sense of humor! But you and I both know they can't take that from us!
  • the first thing delta posted after her surgery was to ask how pondfisher made out. sticking together is all about us here at sh....
  • First I think I whined and complained cause they couldn't get my pain under control. Then I asked about Mr Fisher! Lol! And you are absolutely right sticking together is very important! And some days we may not be able to reach our own goal but if we can celebrate another spiney reaching theirs it does a whole lot of Good for us! I am so glad we have this place! And each other!
  • They're sucking the good attitude outta me.... last few nights they start around midnight and the darndest thing is I'll wake up, lay there and wait before they even come.then I battle them for 3-4 hours w/ hot -n- cold packs, garlic and holy water.
  • I am flattered that I was in your thoughts. I have to admitt,I too was wondering how you made out. It took me a while to feel comfortable enough to sit down at the puter desk and log in w/ you and everyone else.
  • Wishing you and delta speedy recoveries! I love this thread. So wonderful the humor and the support.

    Best wishes to you all,

  • I'm impressed that you are able to sit at the desk so soon! I can log in in my blackberry smartphone while laying in bed! Thank god otherwise I wouldn't be here! Awhile back I was having awful leg cramps, spasms and restless leg syndrome. I bought myself a twin size electric blanket and wrapped it completely around my back and legs! It did wonders!! And on the nights they bothered me anyway then I would get out of bed take 2 norco 10mgs, walk to the kitchen to eat a banana and drink a glass of orange juice with calcium,and sometimes a small glass of skim milk too. Then go back to bed and do a couple of gentle stretches with one leg outstretched on bed and one on floor. Then turn around and repeat. It didn't work everynight, but it did work many nights! Good luck!
  • I Had my surgery in neck area, But I do have issues in my lower spine and they seem to have gotten worse since my surgery way back in Feb.
    I have tried at least 10 maybe 15 different ways of sleeping and or different remedies.
    I wish I could give you a suggestion that might help, but about the time I think I have figured out a good way of sleeping boom bang its not such a good idea anymore.
    Before my cervical surgery I could get by with my lower problems. Now I'm not sure what bothers me more.

    I do want to give you good wishes in your recovery...
    There is nothing like getting in a little fishing to get yourself in a different place, different world, and peace of mind.(that I'm positive of)
    Hugs to all.....Patsy

  • one big smiling family hoping for the best. heres wishing we all have a decent day. thinking of both of you....pete
  • What procedure dd you have again? I posted to you before you went in but don't remember...
  • had nurse ratchett take a pic of incision site so I could see it.....Holy Crap Batman....I hope the pic doesn't offend anyone (i'll remove it later today.)
    how's my girl delta dawn doing today? Me I'm doing better w/ leg cramps since doc put me on valiums ....but I have to tell you that the 1st night was like my old LSD days. So I cut dose in 1/2 and took it earlier. also looked at drug interactions w/my evening regieme and found that it's not a good mix w/ Trazadone.any how enough of medville...I went for 2 short walks yesterday and was doing well until the New York State bird (mosquito) decided to use me as the next hatching's blood doner....scary to think that millions of skeeters will look like me. LOL
  • when doc scissorhands went in he found multiple problems and had to change his origional plan of attack. he told my nurse rachett that the repairs were "very challanging" and I was a mess in there... He said something about bone graphs and hardware (deck screws) I thought that when I go back to have staples removed I would ask for some moire details and will be happy to share them.till then I'm just going to concentrate on trying to make myself comfortable
  • A little poem for you:

    I can see your hiney.
    Your staples sure are shiney.
    Take your meds and don't whiney.
    Don't you love being a spiney?

    Sorry I couldn't help myself. Your posts ceertainly are refreshing and I know I'm going to have a laugh everytime I see your name.

    Your incision is lovely :) I was suprised too at how long my incision was based on what I had been told would be done. I was really suprised when I got my surgical report back. They'd done quite a bit more work than originally planned. The doc's last statement before surgery was, "We're gonna make sure we do it right the first time." Hopefully everything got taken care of for both of us.
  • My thoughts and gentle hugs to you all.......

    Pond Fisher-seeing your back makes me see lower back surgery in a different light.(bless you)

    Jan- nice poem...

  • i've seen much better filet jobs done on fish...i'd ask for discount...
  • last year at this time I was standing over my kitchen sink w/ my buddy rich ..we just got back from deep sea fishing on a private charter off wells maine..we brought back between 6 guys 300 assorted pounds of cod,haddock,pollock and tusk.All filleted by 1st mate on boat but it needed to be Cleaned up. so he and I spent well over 5 hours cleaning our share
    Man what delicious fillets can't get any fresher than that unless you eat them on the boat.well it just so happens that I was supposed to fish same trip this past wed ....Doc said no!!! LOL
  • I'm sure you'll get back to deep sea fishing once you're totally healed. Besides, the fish are biting and someone's got to do the dirty work ;) My husband's been out on the Gulf of Mexico deep sea fishing and he can't wait to go at it again. Unfortunately we can't do anything like that because of my condition. It's like a 5 hour drive (doing 100mph) down to the coast :D . Hopefully once I get my pain pump I can handle the drive down there and just chill on the beach B)
  • ok removed it.I wasn't to sure it was appropiate. so I went w/ gut feeling it wasn't. did however get a few funny comments and 1 cervical patient now has a better understranding of what us guys down here in the cheap seats go thru.....any how I was shocked when I saw it for the first time and, new break in my story I made it thru the entire day yesterday w/ just 1 med which was midnight today none so far. this may all change when I start rehabin...
  • I didn't want to be rude and make cracks about it :D Yes, terrible pun...I know. Well, for what it's worth, the picture didn't bother me.
  • We must capitalize FISHER.
    I want to thank you for sharing your pix.
    I hope the day comes soon & you will be out sitting on your behind fishing and relaxing.
    I have my own kinda way of finding peace of mind from fishing or these days just sitting in the boat watching. I always wear my soft collar even after all this time when the boat is moving...trolling around is fine. & getting in the boat is much easier then getting out. And I cant enjoy the sun like i used to the heats knocks me for a loop(that's a Multiple sclerosis issue)
    It wasn't that long ago I was scuba diving watching the fish and turtles deep under water. even feeding the bass,blue gills,walleye and northern with cheese whiz in a can. or opening a shell and actually feeding fish right from my hands.Talk about being in a different world.(them where some good days..I will never forget..
    Oh I'm sorry how i just rambled on.. just typing it kinda put me in a different state of mind away from pain. I think (hope) you understand.
    Back to You...Do you have to tummy sleep or r u able to sleep on side ? did you get your staples out?
    hugs to all Patsy

  • I had been looking for posts to see how you were doing and I somehow totally missed this. Too late to see your butt! Well, that's okay, I get to see the double incision on my own. I have one on each side of the spine in back and one from the center of my public bone up to the bottom of my ribcage on the front. That one is just lovely.

    I'm so glad to see that you still have your sense of humor. I found that Lyrica did wonders for the nasty leg cramps/restless leg syndrome sort of thing. I still have to take it every now and then for about a week at a time when my legs flare up. Thankfully, it's less and less now.

    I hope you continue to recover well.


    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • I was prescribed valium for the leg cramping and within 2 days was doing much better I also have beeen completely off of all pain meds for 4 days now and have only taken 1 valium in those 4 days....I am assuming that my doc did an awesome job back there and I have a lot of hope that my recovery will be a lot less traumatic than I had anticipated. thank you for checking up on me...I haven't heard from anybody else in a few days.....although I did have a bill collector call me ....LOL
  • that is a very interesting scooby snack for fish I'll have to try it sometime on my lures....Maybe i'll catch a few cracker fish....LOL Thanks for checkin in on me My sleeping position is usually side either one...reading is done on my back...I have a big tummy(getting smaller) so lying face down puts too much pressure on spine. I had my staples out 2 days ago...I got to say OUCH! 17x and while there doc gave me a surgical report...I have beeen going on line looking up all the technical jargon to try to get a better understanding of it. WOW it's both fascinating and amazing
    when I can detirmine the laymans version I'lll post it till then I'll be hanging on to my cane...bruce
  • Hey good to hear your doing a bit better..

    I take a valium once in awhile and for me it can help with several different things and just one pill seems to work a couple days,(Strange but that's me)

    I'm glad to hear you say that your doc did a awesome job and your feeling better .

    Talking about bill collectors.. Get this my daughter had E-Coli back in 2001 and was in hospital for 10 days and we are blessed she got through it because most don't with this type e-coli. They say we where lucky I say It was a miracle and a blessing from above. She was 17 at the time. As of today she is fine and has given me 3 wonderful grandchildren... okay out of the blue I get a bill from collector for part of this. I was shocked I had never gotten a bill for this and never even thought about it and boom I get this bill with added charges for attorney and collector stuff.. I was shocked....This was 8 years ago..
    I called and they say I have to pay.. all the extra charges..that's what gets me. well crap I don't want no judgement against us..But I really had no clue about this bill.If I did I would of paid or made payment arrangements way back when..
    Okay enough Patsy... I will ramble on and on if I don't stop myself.

    Wishing you the best...Patsy
  • I didn't know that Michigan and New York have the same state bird!lol!!
    i am so glad to see that you are doing so well! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been dealing with alot of setbacks. FINALLY I feel like I've stopped slipping downhill and can start to heal! Rumor has it they are going to ship me out of here today and put me in a rehab in our hometown (3 1/2 hours from here).
  • I'm glad to hear you are doing better. Good luck at the rehab facility, hopefully they will be very helpful to you and you can focus on your recovery. BTW, how is your 2 year old doing with the separation (and you)? I'm sure it isn't easy, my first daughter was 1 at the time of my fusion and pretty clueless. The toughest part was not being able to pick her up and do some other simple things we moms do. However, we got past that, as you will too. Good luck and take care,
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