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Totally Lost and confused at this point... Please help!!

jsirabellajjsirabella Posts: 311
Hello All,

Let me tell you the story which seems like I have been telling now about 100 times.

I was a very active guy. I raced bikes and lifted weights. Would log over 100 miles per week and could bench close to 300 lbs. Well anyway in Feb I slipped getting into a van. Before I could fall someone caught me. So all my weight landed on my right leg. I felt this pain sensation go through my right leg from toe up to hip that was real bad. I thought I broke something or pulled a muscle. The person who caught me immediately put me back in the van in almost one motion. When we got to the warehouse I was able to get out of the van on my own strength and just felt slight discomfort. Thought I take it easy and do lighter workouts. My upper body felt great just my lower body was weak.

After 1 mos and half I noticed that I had lost half my power in my legs. I went to the doctor as at this time I really had no pain. She told me to go to an orthopedic doctor. I went they said that you are strong as heck and lets do an emg test on you just to make sure but you probably have pirformis syndrome. The emg found nothing wrong and no real pain. The doctor said just do PT. I went to PT for over 20 sessions and my PT person said you do not have pirformis syndrome but I think something on lower lumbar. I went back to doctor and she took xrays and said nothing wrong...more PT. My PT person said try this doctor instead in the same practice.

He went and gave me two steroid/cortizone injections in both pirformis muscles. He than said exercise and see how you feel. They last two weeks and back to the same. Also I explained that the pain and weakness are getting worse. He than says ok lets go for an MRI. I do the MRI and they find a very mild herniation in my L4-L5. And slight degeneration in my s1-s2. He than says ok...all you PT was wrong and all the stretching and stuff was kind of useless. You need now PT for this problem. At this point my insurance says no. He than says lets take an emg test. He takes the test and says now you have mild pain on your right side and your left side has gone into moderate pain.

I am at a point now that I can walk but I will occasionally get these big spasms in my left side and my start of day is usually fine but by end of day I may need a cane to get home especially if a spasm kicks in. Also any pressure on hips or thighs for two long will cause pain. The only thing that gives some comfort is soma. Also I have seen a chiropractor for 4 weeks now and he also has seem to made me worse.

My family freaks and my Dad sets me up with my cousin who is a surgeon in PA and he sets me up with appointments for a neurosurgeon and neurologist. The neurosurgeon takes a look at the MRI and he says this is nothing. Any man in his 40's would have this very slight bulge in the l4-l5 and your s1-s2 is perfect. He also showed me through a side view and says there is plenty of room for your nerve. Also with all the simple tests he said some inconsistencies but you seem plenty strong enough. I do not think a surgery here would be warranted but your symptoms do not match this issue. It may be something else causing it so I would like you to do a full MRI of the rest of your spine to rule out tethered spine or build up of fluid in spine and if all those are ruled out we can quickly remove the small bulge.

Since you came all the way to PA I would like you to see the neurologist. He than gives me the same thing that this is nothing on your MRI and I explain my story. He says there is nothing wrong with your nervous system and the rest of the MRI is not needed. What happen to you is that with the fall and the catching you gave your legs a huge trauma and all the PT, gym, chiropractor in this type of scenario has just made things much worse. He said you have had almost like a whiplash in your legs and you need to do nothing for 2-3 months. Just heat and very little walking of no more than 10-15 minutes. He asked me of do you feel better when you wake up and that is true and the meds seem to equal up as soma is a muscle relaxant.

Monday I am going to get an epidural as I need some relief as every step is a minefield for me. It seems a sudden wrong move in my hips or too much walking can cause sudden extreme pain. Lifting is also nothing now. I really do not have bad back pain but occasional pains in mid back. I am totally lost at this point and on the 31st I see a local spinal orthopedist...

Does anyone have any ideas or been through the same thing...I feel in the next few weeks I may end up in a wheel chair. It is such a mental strain as your mind all day and all night is just thinking about the pain and problem.



  • but just wanted to let you know i am thinking of you and wish you well on this horrible journey, let us know how things go and keep your spirits up mate ;)
  • Hi JS,

    First let me say welcome to spine-health. Have a look around and make yourself comfortable. I can certainly relate to having leg issues and the cause not being found. I thought when you came to the part of the surgeon saying a entire MRI of the spine, you were going to have write what it was. Is there anyway you can go back and get the MRI of the entire spine? Can you call that surgeon and explain that you really need answers and you like his/her ideas better. I think they need to know what it is they are actually treating. I have been in therapy and gotten worse from it. The reason is depending on the condition depends on the therapy as well. I am not sure I agree with do nothing and if it is causing you weakness that is something that needs to be addressed. Have you noticed any atrophy yet? I am confused a bit though. You said you had a second emg and they said you have pain. Not sure I understood that. However I could have read that wrong as well, if so sorry. If I didn't get the results of the emg test yourself. They are your records and you have the rights to them. I would further get the results of the MRI's you already have had done. It is very common after the age of 20 to see things in the spine on imaging, just goes with age so that is true. Did any doctors test the blood flow to your legs? Did they do the skin test and push and time how long it took to pop back in color?

    The only other thing I can think of is to write down exactly where the pain is and when it comes on and how it effects you. YOu can then look for patterns yourself, as well. Often if it is nerve pain it comes on later than the actual event that set off the pain. Can you draw a diagram of your legs and make it clear where the pain is starting at. This may help as well. I do hope they do that spine mri in your case. I have found that heat actually increases the nerve pain and ice tends to relieve it more, as well. Does either of those help you.

    Anyway just wanted to welcome you to spine-health. Take care and look forward to reading more of your post.
  • Thank you for the welcome.

    I am going to the spinal orthopedist on the 31st and thought would ask him for the rest of the MRI if he also feels that it can not be the L4-L5. The most frustrating part at this time is not knowing where the pain is really coming from. Too many opinions.

    At this point PT is obviously not making it better but actually making the symptoms come on more often. I am up to two soma pills a day and aleeve. The only two days I felt better was when I did no PT and no Chiro this week. So at this point not sure if I have anything to loose by not doing anything as it was not getting better. I will continue with accupuncture for now though.

    I am not sure that you would call it atrophy but from the constant pain it just wears you down. I know I have the energy just not the body. Sure I can go and try and get on my bike but it would be a suicide mission. My power though is much less but according to the docs I am a 5/5 out of strength which they must be comparing me to +80 year old ladies.

    I had the second emg test as he thought the first one was too close to the time of the accident. He wanted to see how much pain it was generating. I guess just telling a doc really is not enough as all people have different levels they can deal with. It said chronic pain on both sides with left being greater. Yet I fell on my right side and my left side was always stronger.

    I have all my records with me.

    No test of blood flow to legs or skin test. I believe hot baths make me feel the best. The pain radiates from the hips down but at times after sitting for long periods of time like a plane ride I can get spasms in buttocks.


    Is there any test they can do to see if my leg muscles are in such bad shape?

  • This may be a strange post but tomorrow I go for an epidural but something I noticed last night. While I was having my usual very restless sleep I noticed something.

    I tried my best to keep my back arc and head position correct. As soon as I did that I noticed that the tingling and spams went away and I usually wake up in the morning quite weak and sore. I am sore from trying to keep my posture correct but not the usual weakness and soreness.

    I thought the chiroprator was making things worse but is the following possible.

    1) The mri of my lumbar showed that there was little bulging and should cause not the pain I am feeling. Could it be that if I remember my MRI it was uncomfortable laying there so I kept my posture very rigid which means it is not pushing on the nerve as much or at all when in rigid posture.

    2) When I am in more sleeping on your side fetal position that it forces the bulge out and which pushes on the nerve.

    I am so intrigued by this I am thinking of putting off the epidural as it is my first one.

    Have any of you experienced this type of thing? This is my first epidural just figured I should ask if anyone has experienced more pain after it. I heard that usually people who have their first one will feel better immediately but as you get to your third results are mixed and can make things worse.

    Thank you all for your input.

  • Hi, Welcome to S.H.
    Maybe you stretched or even tore some of your sciatic nerve..
    I knew someone that experienced some of what you say.
    Wishing you the best..
    Hugs to all... Patsy
  • Hi Patsy,

    May I ask did he recover and how?

    I wonder how he found out it was that....is there I can check?

  • you mention that when you make sure your posture is correct the tingling goes away. i have extensive spine damage but like you when i tighten stomach and adjust posture i do get improvement.
    you might ask about a discogram which can detect more inside the disc than an mri. this whole thing sure sounds like back/disc...keep looking...its your body and you dont want to loose it.
  • I don't know if any of the specialists would be willing to go further and order a discogram for you. It catches problems that MRI's can miss such as an annular tear in the disc. It can cause a lot of pain that can radiate down your leg. I've had all the imaging possible and one problem slipped by the MRI and another test called a ct myelogram- facet joint arthritis. My surgeon discovered it during my open back 2 level fusion and he had to clear out a bunch of debris. Nobody knew of this problem I had. I had the fusion for several problems (listed below).

    I hope they will come up with a diagnosis so that you can finally get the right treatment. Whatever happens, don't give up because it can take a long time to find the exact cause of your pain. Take care
  • I honestly do not have too much of the tingly just a pain which I just not sure if nerve or muscle. It is possible that I never gave it enough rest and pushed to much after the cortizone/steroid shots. I mean heat does help a bit especially hot baths with some epsom salts and heating pads. I was prescribed lyrica but did not notice a difference when taking it...only soma which is a muscle relaxant.

    Like I was just in the theater...my life has a become a series of DVDs and movies for fun. Thank god for the internet. But what I find funny is how the day starts out better and just get worse...shouldn't a nerve always have the same pain?

    Next if I go for the epi and it relieves the pain does that mean than it must be coming from there or is it still a crap shoot?

  • my nerve pain always got worse late in day especially if i was active
  • OK...please excuse my short rant and trust me there is an update here.

    Well 8 am, new doc and going to get the epidural. Very friendly very nice but I can tell she really does not want to hear my story. But anyway do the usual story and the usual walk on your toes, walk on your heels, try and do 1 legged squats which all aggravates my left side big time.

    If one more doc makes me do this stupid test I am going to kill them!

    Than she gives me the PT speech and how it will solve all. Than tells me how if I had these epi's earlier that maybe it would have cured it but more than likely you will need two now. Than the only 10% ever need surgery. Sidebar: I play card games and renamed my team 10%. I have now heard 10% from every doctor I have saw.

    Well now we go in for the epi and the one thing she was happy was that she got a chance to see my last emg which she said will be very helpful. At this point I could tell that it was not good doing those exercises. Lay down and I really did not even know she started but I figure this will be uncomfortable. I figure be a man and take it. She does her work and basically lights me up. In fact the one she did on the right side has been the first time since the fall that I felt the pain shoot straight down my leg to my ankle. As I am being jumpy, you have to tell me when you are in pain...o..k...maybe the faces and jumpy stuff is a good hint.

    Anyway it is over quickly but I could tell my left side is lit up...lit up bad. They put me in a room for 20 minutes to relax and read all the disclaimer of how you can be in more pain for the next couple days. o...k...maybe should have told me earlier.

    Anyway take 3 aleeve and a soma in the room cause I have to somehow get out,,,somehow made it through work till 4pm as I said I got to leave a bit earlier and now sitting with left side still lit up..

    Welll lets hope in the next few days I start to feel better and got a call from the neurosrugeon that my other MRIs are approved but need to make sure about one more of them. So that can rule out or rule in some areas.

  • on this i have no advice for you i just wanted to introduce myself good luck my friend
  • I went through a similar situation that started a little over 3yrs ago. First it was a pain in my buttock/hip area. I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome and prescribed PT. No improvement and my symptoms worsened. I returned to my GP because a few of my toes were numb and my leg/calf was burning. The GP referred my to an ortho doc. More PT and two MRI's later he tells me there's nothing he can do for me because my disc herniation is minimal. I was then referred to a rehab doc who prescribed more physical therapy. And a pain management doc who did seven series of injections (ESI's) on my back... facet joints, SI joints, epidural spaces, etc.

    I finally started referring myself to various docs and ultimately chose one for my surgery. The disc had completely herniated and fragmented. And I'ms still no where near pain free.

    So, yes... I agree. These situations can be a huge mental strain. In addition to dealing with the pain and everything else that life throws at you, you have to deal with wondering. Wondering what's the problem. Will I ever get an accurate diagnosis. And gee...it sure would be nice to know what the problem is so you can take the steps in order to correct it.

    ~X( @)
  • It has now been a few days and honestly a major improvement. While I am no where near my former self I would say I went back to about April which means I feel about 60% of former self and pain decreased from its high point atleast by 80%. I told my ortho though..no pt, no chiro and just accupuncture and if the accupuncture makes me feel even a little worse stop that. I just know based upon the experience of the last few months any form of exercises or movements involving hips and tighs are just stupid to do. I still will not try long walks till I do not feel anything. I got a parking space across the street from my office and I already have one across the street from my house. Canceled my vacation and nothing for atleast 3-6 mos.

    The accupuncture I feel was making a difference on my right side but my left was getting worse so I told him start to work the left as he told me he was not touching it and neither did I want him to as that was where most of my pain was. Yesterday he started the left and definitely generated some strange feelings but I believe it was the same I had on my right so I will give him atleast a few more sessions on the left and see what happens.

    Zoie I am sorry your experience was that way and I can say for sure I know how you feel with the frustration. I really believe that if I do not get better I will have someone do the surgery even though they feel it is too small. Too small or not it is ruining my life and I may just eventually go down the path as yourself where it will just get so bad that by the time they do the surgery, the effects both mental and physical are past the point of getting back a normal life. I am sorry but I do not believe in this 10% stuff! I feel more people get them than not!

    Too many opinions from the docs and the constant PT thing. I feel PT works best after you are on the comeback trail and the pain stopped. Otherwise you are just making things worse. Same I feel goes for chiro.

    After you had your injections though did you ever feel alot better? How much PT did you do after the injections and would you consider your job manual labor intensive that just made things much worse? Have you tried accupuncture?

    The mental strain is so under looked in addition to the quality of life.


    BTW, may I ask when did you have your surgery and I am surprised why you are still not pain free. Was it because you waited too long to have the surgery?

  • One thing you may not be aware of is that there is a particular order of treatments that are suggested before insurance companies will agree to pay for back surgery. So patients do not always have a choice as to when they have PT.
  • My insurance company is oxford and they are considered like the worst out there...even though my experience has not been too bad.

    In this case though even I would after 30 PT sessions and no improvement but instead getting worse I would have to agree that they no longer would cover my PT sessions. One of the last sessions I had before the epi, he decided to do a deep massage in my tigh as he is always trying to get my hips even. He lit up my right side so bad it was not funny.

    But other than the stopping of PT, oxford has just approved more MRIs if I want and covered the epi and so forth.

    While I am not rich but pretty good I would pay for the surgery myself even if they would not cause i have first not tried all the other stuff. I mean even if it cost me tens of thousands of dollars. I would go into debt for it to get my life back.

  • I know it may be a rant...I am just sick of that stupid test. In your case if you have a cane I mean come on. I have carried around a cane and do now to remind myself that do not over do it cause just last week you were in so much pain. Let time be your friend ... the body can heal it just needs the time.

    But the last person before the epi made me do one legged squats...ARE YOU NUTS!! Ofcourse I do them almost dying in pain...I want to kill her.

    I was the jerk though that did them. Thank you all for listening to my ramblings...

  • It seems that it may already be making a return. It is very depressing. Ironically it is really not in my leg but for the first time really coming out of my s1 as when I went for accupuncture today he touched a spot and it was all coming out of there...he said that is your sacroliac. He put a needle in there that really seemed to help a bit.

    It is quite depressing though as really only 3 days of any significant release of pain and given that the 1st day was worse than when I started I just feel a bit pissed. While no where near its past pain a good part of the relief already gone.

    I will see when I wake up tomorrow...is there an area about how to sleep with a herniated disc. Called the doc and out but will be in Tuesday and than vacation for her so if I get the second epi as she thought I may need it.

    Also has anyone tried this strontium stuff and had any success? Any other supps you folks believe should help?

  • Hello All,

    The epi actually is going through these up and down phases where some days I almost forget I have pain and the others a new strange pain will appear like last night it seems to know shoot into my knee. Where in the past the worst was in the hips and yesterday the worst was in my knee. Also some tingling in the toes.

    Than at other times I feel nothing. I am so much better but feel I still need some meds like aleeve and soma or lyrica once in a while.

    Also one other strange thing is if I wear any kind of back pack I will get this terrible pain in my mid back. Never had it and wonder of an L5 herniation can cause that kind of pain? Have any of you had the same thing?

    Next I went to a new doctor much closer who is a spinal orthopedist. He seems smart as he is the only one who wants to MRI my hips and if no bursitis says I will need a mircodectomy (sp?). I told him that I have MRIs scheduled for thorasic and cervical as the neurosurgeon wanted to rule out everything before a procedure but he thinks they are a waster of time. I feel as the insurance company approved them that I should do them especially if I am going to have surgery.

    I do like that finally someone is looking at my hips. I figure with all these tests that at this point everything will be checked and I have a full picture. The neurosurgon says he rarely does disctology(sp?) anymore as have not found them useful.

    any thoughts?


    I can get more epi's as that was just my first but I worry that is really not a cure and just putting off the inevitable and it could be much worse if I wait too long.

    thought again?
  • I am so sorry to hear all that you have been through. I know how frustrating it is and I have said this in many of my responses to questions that concern the leg issues and I swear by the medicine Neurotin, I also had the spasms, numbness etc etc from my buttocks down into my feet. The medicine did not cure the situation but it has lessened the episodes I have to almost 50%. I started on 500mg and now I am up to 1800.
    If the herniation is the root to your pain then I do
    not understand why they do not do surgery. or perhaps I missed something.
    Also I would do whatever I had to in order NOT to have surgery, only because once you start it never seems to end, atleast with me.
    It could be your hip indeed and I would have them do the testing for that first.

    Good Luck and keep us posted.
  • Thank you for the advice on the meds. Actually the last two days I have experimented and decided no meds other than soma. The soma seems be it. While I have some discomfort and can not walk or stand much, all the other meds including aleeve, advil, lyrica, sodium dyclofenic seem to do nothing. Now I can say I was right. The other thing I did today was use this thigh support wrap and it really seems to help my left side a bit. Not to a big degree but enough to make a difference. I am finding heat to be more helpful than ice.

    Today I start my week long adventure of three MRIs. Today c-spine, tomorrow t-spine and Thursday hips both sides. If all come up as I hope of no issues than I will probablyt do another epi, wait and if still not much results go for the surgery.

    This first epi has really only lasted about two weeks and the doc said I would need another. I really do not want to continue to wait for the surgery cause I can be in a situation where I waited too long and be like one of the other posters here.

    I am a bit tossed about the surgery but honestly from what I read it seems to keep your spine in tack as they do not change structure. A 95% success rate and from what I read people who do not have the surgery and try to let it heal on its own have the same results in a 5-10 year period if they did have the surgery.

    I was a bit surprised this latest guy even mentioned doing it as one of the doctors basically gave me a good luck buddy to find any surgeon willing to touch it as the risk of legal lawsuits is too high. It seemed me mentioning my cousin was a surgeon and the long road I have traveled seem to lead him to surgery.

    I just wonder if many people here went in for one procedure like microdiscotmey that just led to many other surgeries long term. Why do you think it went that way also? They say 5% but I know from google that it can mean something else.

    It drives me crazy the internet as too much information I believe can be a bad thing.


  • I totally understand, there is so much info out there and it seems one site will lead you to another etc etc. After awhile it is all mind boggling.
    Most surgions will tell you that its up to you if you have it or not of course but you have to weigh the pain verses quality of life in order to determine if surgery is best for you.
    I have found this site to be the best so far and all the people are really nice even if you just need to talk to someone who understands. Lets face it, the people in our lives can only listen to us so much before they themselfs are at their wits end lol.

    It sounds like you have a full week agead of you and hopefully you wont have to wait too long for results. but please keep us updated on what you find out and your progression.

    Good luck and remember to take it *One day at a Time*
  • Well I had my 3 MRIs and had my follow ups with my spinal orthopedist and my neurosurgeon. While I understand them both it is still frustrating and the frustration comes from I believe the doctor's do not want to listen. Today I think I got about 1-2 incomplete sentences out.

    Anyway the MRI of the cervical showed nothing except a neck spasm and the Thoracic showed a small midline herniation in the T5-T6. So I guess now I know why sometimes I get a pain in the mid area but honestly rarely comes and never bothered me when i was an active person. The neurosurgeon said nothing there and if epi does not cure it we can talk about surgery.

    Now my spinal orthopedist asked for a hip MRI. I know that would show somethings as most pain was coming from there. It showed mild bursitis on right side and on left side showed some arthritic issues and maybe inpingment. Now he wants me to go for another shot of my left hip in the hip joint. (by this time between epidural and other shots will add up to I do not know how many) He just wants to rule out everything before going in.

    I understand the reason to be cautious but my issue started on right side and moved to left. I was an avid cyclist and did over a hundred miles a week, should I have not felt this issue already before the slip. Also thanks to this site and the exercises for a herniated disc I am almost off meds completely as if I do cobra type moves I can move the pain up my leg and into my back. It can stop the tingling and the pain. Why couldn't one PT person figure that one out?!?! Also the EMG showed evident of L5 giving the pain.

    I just feel all this confusion just means more time of the issue continuing and maybe the surgery being less effective or no surgery at all.


    But I continue on...I have to keep believing there will be a day I can get those tires filled with air again.
  • I found out today that the prescription the doctor gave me was for a left hip arthrogram (sp??) It does not look like fun as they will shoot steroid and cortizone in my hip capsule which means another 3-5 inch needle. The appointment though is not till October 6th which is pretty far away. The funny thing though is that I am really starting to get better. I do not feel it is my hip and those Mckenzie exercises have had some amazing results in the last couple of weeks. I am not sure what is working...if it is the strontium, the accupuncture or the epidural continuing to so some magic but I am seeing improvement. I am actually starting to wonder if I should go for this hip shot especially if I really start to feel that much better in the next two weeks.

    Would you folks still go for it? Have any of you heard of this shot or had it?

  • Well I went to do a follow up with the ortho who does the epi shots as she has the special florascope(unsure of spelling). Before the visit I have noticed a big improvement after the last epidural in terms of most of the numbing pain gone but I still have not really tried to do much in terms of activity. It was still quite curtailed to less than 10 minutes or so of walking and the only movements are the Mckenzie exercises. Well while I was there she said my lower abs are still quite weak and must work on them. She than gave me some literature but told me I was do with a PT. So I will try that route again next week but she said since your legs were stewing for over so many months lets do another epidural. I was thinking ok.

    Well it made me jump off the table again like last time and my symptoms like last time got a bit worse. I am hoping like last time there will be the sudden turn around. But one thing that happen is this constant vibration right under my right knee. It just will not stop...no lyrica, no soma no aleeve will do anything for it.

    Next I tried to walk back and forth to my accupuncture session so I tried to walk about 7 city blocks round trip being 15 blocks. I could sense afterwards my left leg was starting up again. I wonder now if it is also a loss in strength but my doc says I am still plenty strong in my legs...

    It can be a bit too much mentally...from a guy who could walk for hours to I can not walk for more than 10 minutes at a time and that is as an improvement.

    I wonder how long to say that this is not working...and just go into the surgery. I mean the symptoms of weakness started back in March. I worry that all this time and constant nerve pressure is just too much for a body to ever really recover from.

    This is really bothering me more now as my family is really having to deal with my lack of being able to really do much. I feel I am letting them down as I am also letting down the people who count on me at my company. I am lucky in that I own my company so I can go to so many of these appointments but it does not seem to be enuf.

  • I would take it easy after the epidural for about 72 hours afterwards to help the anti-inflammatory effect take place. I noticed some improvement after the 2nd epidural and the 5th. Good luck. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • The 5th ... I imagine than you have been suffering with this for more than 2 years now. I am sorry to hear that and see you lost 17 months of work. I wish you luck with your 3rd opinion.

    Mentally I am really starting to fall apart as it just seems to be an endless ordeal or suffering and hardship as I sit her typing at 3:30am this response.

  • Did you go ahead with the Arthrogram? It isn't steroids and cortizone that they inject, but contrast die. It's a diagnostic series of x-rays to highlight whatever joint is suspected.

    Hope you get some relief soon.

  • For some reason the nurse said an arthrogram but when I spoke with the people who are going to perform it they said it was a shot of steroid/cortizone in my left hip. One of the problems for reasons I do not understand but I will not have it till October 4th. So it is about a month after I have seen the doctor? He wants me to go to Mt. Sinai and get it done by this doctor.

    As for epidural #2 I have downed in total 5 aleeve today which may be a new record. It still hurts. If the scitica does not cost me my company and family. All these medicines will probably destroy the rest. I was actually feeling pretty good before the epidural on Thursday. I thought I had turned the corner. That was taken away pretty quickly as the left hip pain has come back with a vegenance as I feel like I did before the first epi. I do hope the effects of this epidural makes a turn around.


    For a herniated disc that is too small to have surgery on. It seems based upon the stories here that the doctors basically wait till you get as close to rock bottom as possible before correcting the problem with surgery.

  • Last night as the spasms were going on and the pain was pretty much still there, I decided to try something that kind of worked before and see the result.

    I put myself on my side as always but pretty much arch whole body back into as close to a half moon as I could get. As time passed after about 5-10 minutes, the spasms, the pains, the everything I was feeling just stopped. It was like dead silence! My body was perfectly still and my legs felt fine. It did bother my lower back a bit and when I feel asleep I woke up not in the same position but suddenly my left leg was normal. I mean like before the accident normal! My right side which was in great shape yesterday was a bit cranky but it was all above the legs and close to the waist.

    I never really tried to sleep like this nor try to just contnually have good posture and bend at hips and such but it seems to be working. What all the medicines and epis could not do, this seems to be working.

    Is this ok and could this hurt you eventually? The doc told me to not do full cobras but I notice they make me feel the best. I understand it must be pushing it off just enough to not aggravate the nerve but will this allow me to heal?

    I am now just starting to figure out how to always contracts abs while moving and such and how to never bend over and always bend at waist and not twist, Can this eventually heal me? Does it ever really heal on its own?

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