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Second Fall In a Week!!

patwhite101ppatwhite101 Posts: 1,213
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:35 AM in Chronic Pain
Hi Everyone.....Looong post....sorry
All of you know of my chronic pain issues in my feet and legs. Also my balance issues. You also know I am now in PT to build up my core and leg muscles. I still have a looong way to go yet.

Today I took my second fall in a week!!(nope I do not drink LOL)
A few days ago I fell and tumbled into a shallow ditch while walking behind my house. A neighbor saw me and quickly came to my aid. When I fall I can NOT raise myself up because of my weak legs and a bum knee. I am still scratched and bruised from that fall.

Today I fell again in front of my house. Cars whizzed by while i struggled to get up. I struggled so loong I was ready to give up and just lay and weep. I was tired and in pain. I FELT SO DARNED HELPLESS!!!

I am a stong woman and have no one except myself to depend on. I am divorced from a very abusive man. When I excaped from hem I had nothing except a few summer clothes, a small savings(less than $600.00)and a recipe for bath soap. I built up my own mail order business with my bath soap recipe. Helpless I am not....not untill I fall that is!!
I do not like being unable to help myself.

At last a pick up stopped and a gentleman came to my aid, helped me up and into my house. I can see I have a long way to go yet. My balance still sucks and my legs are very weak.
But I will not give up!! I WILL get my legs and balance back!! I may be back on crutches again for a while but that just a minor set back. This will not get me down!! It's just to easy to give up.
I fall down and I get up(with help) I will fall down and get back up on my own soon!!
Patsy W



  • that is terrible. I hope you are OK.

    What kind of soap do you make? what is the name of it?

    It is so great you could pick yourself up like that.

    good luck
  • And I know that this is something that upsets you, falling and feeling helpless. I have been there too. I was so afraid of falling I wouldn't move when I was left alone. Then I got mad! That's when I forced myself to fight even harder to get back on my own two feet.

    Stick with your PT get the strength up in your legs, and FIGHT and NEVER GIVE UP !!!

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Pat,
    I am so sorry you fell again, I should have known something was wrong when I had not heard from you. If there is one thing we spineys are it is survivors, and I know you will achieve this goal. You are a strong woman and when you set your goals you will conquer them. So be safe my dear sister, and take the cruthes just as a safety net till you are a little bit stronger.Sending you all my hugs Linda
  • Oh shoot - Pat - I have gotten into a habit of walking with a cane, and heavy one, so I can help myself get up after sitting down or falling over. For me - its my buddy. I drilled a hole through it and put a rope on it so it stays attached to me regardles of where I end up.

    Have you been able to get your upper strength to help with that? I know it has taken me a long time working at it too.
  • So sorry you had another fall. I hope you get the strength back in your legs soon.
    I was wondering about you, too today. Keep them crutches with you when you get out.
    Or instead of Patwhite we'll have to start calling you Patblackandblue...LOL!
    Take it easy and try to get some rest. We'll check in on you in the morning.
    Big hugs!
  • I'm glad to hear you're okay!!! Keep up that positive thinking!!!
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • Oh my ....I forgot to mention that I DO use a cain all the time while outside. My balance is to bad not to use one.
    It is when my injured knee goes out I fall. The cain is useless to me when my knee gives way all of a sudden.
    I tried to pull myself up with it but no matter how I struggled my legs would not lift me up. I also have a problem with my right shoulder and when I tried to push myself up IT would give out on me.
    I was 100% helpless.
    So sorry...should have added that to make it clear just how helpless I am when I fall.
    I am fine now....just bruised and sore.
    I am using my crutches for my own safety.
    Sending a hug to everyone coz i like to.
    Patsy W
  • I'm so sorry to hear of your fall. I know with your determination you will beat this thing.

    Can you walk with hiking poles? They provide just enough balance for me.

  • Gtrat ides....I had planned on ordering me a set. That would beat crutches.
    The pain and soreness is really setting in.
    Am off to bed....hope I can get out of bed in the morning.
    Thanks for the tip.
    Patsy W
  • Patsy,
    I too empathize completely! After my wife asking over and over if I was doing okay because my balance is for crap it took me falling at work and landing flat on my back to decide and get a cane.

    It is so hard because you do everything you can to be independent. Then the fall happens and you are forced to rely on others. Thank goodness you had a neighbor to help you out the first time. The second time, what the hell is wrong with people? It infuriates me that no one can take a few minutes to give a hand. I'm glad you ended up with nothing more serious than some bumps & bruises. Hang in there with the PT, core muscle and balance exercises did help me, I hope you can get some benefit too!
    Spiney hugs (cuz I can TOO!) >:D< >:D<
  • I hope you're feeling better after the fall. Can I ever relate to you... A few weeks ago I was caulking a pipe outside the house and felt myself going down off my crouched knees. I had no way to pull myself up from the ground. I started crawling towards the car to pull myself up and my neighbor ran out with a rake and I pulled myself up. I try to carry my cellphone everywhere I go now just in case. I understand that feeling of helplessness when you've been so independent for so long. I pray your legs and knee get stronger. Take care of You. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • i was away from computer today and missed this post...glad no serious damage...lots of good suggestions here. walking poles are great. plus you have support on both sides. also a rubber knee pad can give you a bit more strength so it doesnt collapse. dont feel embarrassed by all this equipment. for a while after one of my operations i wore a helmut. a cell of course is always a good insurance policy. hope those muscles continue to strengthen...pete
  • There are also "active" knee braces that will keep your knee from exceeding set ranges of motion and provide support for all types of injuries. This type of brace can help keep your knee from buckling out from under you.

  • Dear Patsy,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. And like Jay I too wonder "what the hell is wrong with people?" when no one would stop. Makes one wonder. I didn't realize that you too had knee problems. I have them also. My right knee will jst go right out from under me with no warning at all, very scary! I am especially scared at times in the shower, I've almost fallen so many times. I'm quite sure that would do some serious harm.
    I also walk with a cane, at least most of the time and at other times vanity takes over. Shame on me for caring I know. I want to look into the brace that HaglandC suggested. If it would help us to stay upright it would be so worth it. I have some pretty lousy lower body strength but I have awesome upper body strength. I could punch someones lights out pretty easy now. LOL! Hey, something good came out of this right?
    Tell us more about the soap that you sale. You may have more customers right here on SH. I realize you can't solicit but you could send those of us who asked a pm about it, when you feel better of course.
    Kudos to you for dumping that abusive husband. If you can do that and come out a survivor then you will certainly overcome this tiny little problem. I can't imagine having an abusive spouse! Whar horror! I was in a emotionally abusive relationship as a teen, my first boyfriend. Well, sometimes it crossed the line but I willl discuss that with you in private. Long story short he stalked me for years and wanted to kill me and my mother. He was always jealous of my mom, why I have no idea. Lousy SOB! Boy can we talk! I'll send a pm soon. It's our anniversary so I may not be on tomorrow as we will be celebrating but I will be in touch soon.
    Take care of yourself and keep up that "I can do it" attitude and you WILL! Sorry to hear your aching but as a recent fall survivor myself, that will pass.
    Big Hugs,
  • Thank you everyone for your good advice and kind words.
    "C" and Pete....
    I do have several knee braces that I have tried to wear on this pesky knee but I also have bursitis in this same knee and anything tight around it flares it up causing me even more pain. My bone and joint Doc tells me I need knee replacement surgery but I am putting it off as long as I can until I get my legs built back up again. How I wish I could wear a brace. That would be the answer for sure. I have been so tempted to put one on but I know better. It causes instant pain in that bursa(s?) sack right below the knee cap.
    Patsy W
  • Thank you for your lovely comments.
    I do not want to be rude in any way but I am not here to discuss my business but was using it as an example of what a person can do when you have absolutely nothing left BUT determination.
    And this hold true with our chronic pain issues. I have had set back after set back but they have only had me down for a short time. Now my knee injury laid me up for several months. Then falls where I cracked ribs caused still more set backs. Then the srimulator implant was very hard on me and recovery was slow.
    But by golly......I am in PT at long last and am so very determined to get back on my feet and stay on my feet!! That is my goal and I will not stop until I succeed.
    We can do anything if we set our minds to it, can't we?
    Sending huggs coz I like to...
    Patsy W
  • I too was gonna suggest the knee brace, but since you can't, never mind. But
    it may take that surgery before you can even start to rebuild the strength. Instead of crutches maybe a walker with a seat, I have one and only use when I'm way down, that way I can sit an rest when I need to. I also have a shower seat which is awesome especially to shave my legs. Know about that abuse crap, probly another reason for alot of my problems now, but we'll talk pm bout that.
    Hope your moving today, and not too black and blue. The man who did stop, kudos to him. There are some caring people still left and the world and it can take just one to make up for all the bad. If you don't have cell maybe one of those emergency alert necklaces would be good so you an press a button and say
    " I've fallen and I can't get up" LOL .... Not really funny,but seriously, you might want to consider one. Especially being alone.
    Pm later.
    Big hug, cuz I'm I hugger! And luv u girl!
  • Hi Pat,

    Can't remember if Lassie was a girl or a boy but that's the dog you need! Remember he was always going for help when Timmy got in trouble. He would carry a backpack with your cell phone, some water and your meds to make you comfy until help comes. I can just see it now, Lassie brings the rope which you put around your waist, then he wraps the rope around the nearest tree and PULLS until you can get up again. (LOL) :D

    OR, you could wear football attire (of course, in a fashion forward fall color) when you go out so if you fall it covers all the parts that could break and you've have a team medic on duty every time you stroll out of the house :))(

    Or, you could carry a flare (like on a lifeboat) and send it up when you fall @)

    How about an electric scooter or golf cart for getting around the yard? :)

    Just wanted to give you a laugh and cheer you up Patsy -- you're a sweetheart and sure want you to feel better real soon. Did you know bruises were in this fall? I sure hope so I got enough scratches and bruises and swellings (LOL)!

    Take care and let us know how you're feeling.

  • Dear Patsy,

    So sorry to hear about your falls this week. I hope you start feeling better real soon.

    Do you have a cell phone? It would sure come in handy, as you could call a neighbor for help... should this ever happen again. If you don't have a cell phone, they have these loud horns you can purchase to alert your neighbors. I can't remember what they are called, but they look like a miniature fire extinguisher and can be purchased at Walgreen's, etc. <:P

    Take good care and keep up the positive attitude.

    Tammy :)
  • Patsy,

    Sorry to hear about your fall this past week. I certainly can appreciate how terribly bad it feels. I am beginning to say at my age it is a long way down, anymore. I see they say you can use the knee braces for the bursa issue. You may want to look around you can find some on the net, much cheaper but the bands to hold them are on the calf and thigh with just the stablizer on the sides. Both my knee caps track out of the joints and in the right leg just behind the knee where the peroneal nerve starts is trapped down to the ankle. So no pressure can be put on that nerve as the leg swells something terrible. But we need to hold the knee caps in place and protect the mechanical structure of the legs. Since I also suffer from myelopathy and the beginnings of bi-lateral foot drop(somedays worse than others), the leg mechanics have to be protected. I will send you a pm with a web site that you can see the exact braces I am talking about. You could take these to your doctor or therapist and they should be able to tell you which one will stay away from the bursa. My doctor showed me which one is best for my conditions then I ordered over the net and was able to cut the price in half. Hope you can get a handle on that falling, so you don't get hurt to seriously.
  • Patsy, I'm sorry to hear about your fall too. I've taken a few tumbles myself in the last 6 weeks or so. They are definitely not fun at all! The first one - I was at a baseball park for my youngest son's baseball tournament... When I fell, an older gent (at least 25 years older than I) helped me up and walked in my general direction a bit to make sure I would not fall again...

    So, this guy in the pick up truck who helped you - was he at least cute? Because if he is, and single, that fall may have just been destiny waiting to happen! Not being disrespectful in the least - but you did mention you were "single"... Hopefully he was cute!

    At any rate, I'm glad you finally had assistance getting inside...

    Take care and BE CAREFUL!
  • Glad to hear someone finally stopped to help!

    Do you have cell phone service in your area? If you do, even if you don't want a "real" cell phone often you can get an old one to carry. Just keep it charged anad have it when moving around. If you press 911 on any cellphone and press send the towers are "supposed" to accept the signal and connect you to a 911 center.
    No contract or normal service needed. Maybe ask at Meals on wheels? I know you use their service, maybe they know how to get something like that setup for you?

    Glad to hear you are ok.
  • Pat i just want you to know you are in all my prayers,,i am so afraid to fall,as i am a big sissy any more. Glad your working in pt. for strength,my ins wont pay for pt. only sugery isnt that a hoot! again all my prayers and the best to you cheryl
  • Thank you for the laugh. I needed that!!
    Just back from PT and feel so much better. We were very careful with the knee and right shoulder. I am in a lot of pain with it right now. I have been having problems with it but wanted to tackle one problem at a time but looks I am gonna have to have it x rayed to see what is going on with it. Sheesh...it's just one thing after the other.
    Still chuckling
  • i hope that you are ok .i fell myself the other day getting out of the shower .take care
  • Thank you for the comment and thanks for asking about the man who came to my rescue. I just gotta tell you.
    First...I AM single and so is he.
    YES...he is very good looking.
    He was a knight in shining armour although he did not gallop up on a white steed he was driving a white pick up....close enough huh?
    Awwwwwwwwww Yes Jeaux....he ask if he could stop by this evening to see how I was doing!!
    Perhaps my fall was not such a bad thing after all. LOL

    You be careful too dear...
    Patsy W
  • Great to hear from you my hillbillie friend!!
    Wrambler...I had just walked outside to my basement door...a very short walk and did not even think I would need anything to call anyone on. That's what I get for thinking!!
    What hurt me more than the fall was the struggling to get up. I can't even get on my knees and pull myself up from that position!!
    Thanks for the comment and the very good information. I have gotten some great tips here that will be big help to me.
    I do appreciate ALL the comments.
    Thanks again and so good to hear from you. I enjoy reading all your comments.
    Patsy W
  • From reading your posts these last few months I can only say that you are a survivor and strong person, as are many on this site. I think a cell phone or "noise horn" would be a good idea to take with you when you go out as the others have suggested. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • I'm sorry that you fell down and I know from experience how it can set you back. I hope you're feeling better now. No little fall can stop someone as strong and persevering as you. I busted my tail at a Walmart parking lot months ago but thank goodness my husband was right here. No serious damage except my self esteem #:S I lived :D One day we can laugh about it? :? It will be a long, long time I guess ;) Be careful and stay safe, and I hope you'll be okay sweetie.. >:D<
  • Hi Pat :)

    what a strong woman you are !

    I use walking sticks/poles and LOVE them ! I got mine on ebay for a great price. Just make sure you buy the ones for your own height.

    Mine have "gloves" on them so even if I fall I can't lose them lol and usually can catch myself going down with the sticks.

    Mine also came with extra ends/tips for walking on roads, gravel and such.

    Did I tell you I LOVE MY WALKING STCKS!? lol ;)

    I am happy your OK and that you were sent help when you needed it :)

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