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Typing through the tears...

TTLCTTTLC Posts: 876
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Depression and Coping
I'm having a very hard time this afternoon and just needed to spill my guts.

Today is the one year anniversary of my surgery from my fall.

I was hoping to be in much better shape than I am right now, but unfortunately... that isn't the case.

It's been two weeks since I had the oral surgery done on my infected and impacted wisdom tooth, along with the abcessed molar right next to it. Most of the stitches have fallen out and my mouth truly feels much better. The only problem, is that being down from the mouth pain... has put my physical recovery back several weeks. I feel like I've gotten worse from being inactive.

I have swellings on both hands, both wrists, my ankles and my knees. I have had these for a couple of months... but it is getting worse. I need to schedule an appointment with a Rheumatologist and I fear what additional medications I might need. I honestly do need something other than Advil for my external and internal swelling, as it is progessively getting worse.

I don't feel like my family understands the constant pain I am in, as they are trying to motivate me to get back to the gym. Prior to my extractions, I was doing aqua therapy with Mike in the pool and sitting in the hot whirpool. I have the mental ambition to go to the gym, but my feet and knees are so swollen that it's hard for me to walk.

Thanks for listening... I don't know if I need a good kick in the butt, or if I need to hear that what I'm experiencing during my recovery is normal?



  • Hi Tammy,
    It's ok to cry a little when you need to. I know exactly how you feel. You imagined things would be different, much better by the year mark. Don't give up on that dream yet though because it takes 1-2 years(well, that is what my dr keeps trying to convince me!) so next year this time you will feel even better than this Thanksgiving. I know it! And remember, you are always giving advice and telling others they have been through alot and to have patience...well, that dental work was a big deal and the infection took a big toll on you so give yourself time to get your strength back from that, just like a pneumonia or any infection in your system!!! I do think you shouldn't push yourself to the gym yet because your body is telling you it's not ready.Call your dr to be sure you don't have any infection stll lurking around causing the swelling and keeping you down. Then call your RA specialist to get screend and good meds. in your sysytem if you need to.

    Also, remember, regardless how much you have to be thankful for and how much you have improved the holidays are hard fo you. Even healthy people get stressed and depressed at this time of year. We, here at SH miss the way we were and want to be able to do more for/with family and friends this time of year so sometimes it hurts more than we can bear and a good cry helps cleanse your soul to get you through! Take care, make yourself some hot chocolate or tea and rest your weary body. Then sit down with your family and tell them what you told us here, explain to your family how bad you feel and how much you need their support right now. I'll bet you are hiding how bad you really feel so they didn't get it! Moms tend to do that.

    Have a good Thanksgiving and I hope you are feeling much better soon! Get some r&r this holiday week end!


    p.s. I can give you advice what to say/do but I don't always heed my own advice...LOL! But you know I understand where you are coming from and all your SH friends are here for you.

  • It's okay, you have so much going on and I understand how overwhelming it can be. If it isn't this, then it's the other. Girl you need a vacation O:) Seriously, do you have an autoimmune disease and do you think it's flaring up? This time of year is hard because of cold weather too. Just try to take things one day at a time. I know you'd be down at the pool and the gym if you could, but right now your body needs to recuperate some. When you see a Rheumy, depending on what's going on of course, he might start you off with Prednisone if he believes that your disease is active. You'll be sent to have blood drawn and you'll have to fill like 10 vials. I know because I've been there too. I was diagnosed with lupus at one time and then it was changed to UCTD. My mom has Sjogren's so yes this runs in the family and I hope I don't pass this down to my kids.

    Try taking hot baths if you can, rub some non stinky arthritis creme on your joints (Zostrix is great or anything with capsaicin), take an NSAID like 30 minutes before getting out of bed in the AM, and see if you can move about a little. Stiffness is the enemy.

    I'm glad your doing better in the dental dept. I hope you get better soon. Remember that we can only deal with one problem at a time and I know you're doing the best you can. Take care >:D<
  • Hey, I wish I had all of this wonderful and helpful experience to pass on, but this is one area I don't (thankfully). It is very easy to get down and it can be very difficult to remotivate oneself, especially when not feeling good.

    If your hubby is motivated enough to want to take you to the pool, maybe even just getting in the water will help you feel better. I know it can be magical for me. You don't have to go with the intention of exercising, but just go to let the water give you some much needed relief from the effects of gravity.

    Hang in there and take it a moment at a time if you need to.

  • i truely feel your pain..i also am swelling alot of places..
    i got off my but finally and went back to heated pool
    i dont do laps yet but i walk slowly doing stretches or just move about i often just float and close my eyes and just meditate..
    i have not gone in a wk now due to some major lower back issues and prob like you we are getting worse for not movin about..
    i would love for you to share your thoughts on anti flamitory foods
    pls pm if ya like
    be strong
    neck,bone spurs pain started 04, back issues and fusion l4,l5 06~hardware removed.
    good few yrs. 09 pain sharp, numbness feet,legs, diagnosed fibro, neurop. legs.lung issues.
    daily goal do good thing for someone.
  • Time to bring out the guardian angels O:) O:) O:) to watch over you during the holiday season. I truly understand the "long haul" of healing. I haven't had surgery but have had a year of trying to get my health back (one thing after another).

    Your body just wants to do things at its own pace no matter what you set your mind to do. Don't beat yourself up if you're not living up to your family's expectations. Throw their expectations out the window -- I feel it too with my family but I've given myself a pass because until they truly walk in your shoes they can't understand that you can't be your normal self. We her on SH do understand so let us be your shoulder to lean on when you're feeling down -- this time will pass and you will feel better.

    May God's blessings be with you and your family today as you celebrate Thanksgiving -- we all have so much to be thankful for.

    Take care,

  • Sorry you are having a rough time. I think for most of us we have ideas of how we should be at certain times, but our bodies just don't get the message.

    Recovery is a long road and there are usually setbacks. As for family, some just don't get it until something similar happens to them then they have a big "Ah Ha" moment.

    Wishing you better days ahead, listen to your body and take care. Also, a good cry can help. Lisa
  • Tammy,

    This is all normal; pain does not come with a handbook or instructions.

    It is never easy wanting to improve while the condition we have in reality will not let us, bringing both those expectations together is harder than it sounds, as our capacity shrinks it is understandable that if we look far into the future all we can see is the continuance and deterioration of our plight, these are normal feeling.

    Half of the battle is you wanting to do what you did and having that belief that in some way this can be achieved, we all come to waypoints when the totality of our condition overwhelms us, in reality we can only change what we can, we all want to do more than just survive every day.

    Any anniversary is not easy as we look at the things we can no longer do, we kick our own butts, only you know the current pain you are in and trying to do those things of old or expecting to be able to do them now, needs to be reviewed in the light of your current status, we all have good and bad days weeks or months and waiting for any improvement is frustrating.

    Pain does not improve incrementally as we might expect and every morning is a new adventure or disappointment, having endured pain every day you already have those coping mechanisms and strategy to succeed in the future and we can all empathise in our own crying episodes, it is part of the journey.

    Set your objectives to what you can do and build back up if possible to what you would like to do, this may always have limitations and we may never be that person we once were, or our expectation.

    Find a person that does understand you, my own pm team did understand my plight and were very supportive even though they themselves had no pain, I know because you told me that you have pain, that is sufficient information for me to be supportive, we do not need to explain ourselves that may question our integrity.

    When was the last time you were feeling like this and what did you do then, be kind to yourself, we are all looking for some improvement, you are a survivor.


  • i hate to give anyone as sweet as you a kick in the behind so i will send you soft, fuzzy thoughts of good will for a day of quiet healing and peace within your heart. >:D< you sound down and you have been having some rough spots Tammy.. take good care of yourself. keep warm, stick close to Mike,and the forum! you know i care!!!! :X here are lots of soft, spiney hugssss, >:D< >:D< Jenny :)
  • I'm so sorry you were having such a bad day. I know that all of us can understand how you felt.

    How are you now? How was your Thanksgiving?

    Let us know how you're doing, please.

  • I feel so bad that I didnt see this sooner. You are always the one that tells me to take it slow and let my body heal, and that i have been through so much that it takes time. Well, you and I are alot alike. We both have been through so much, and have had our set backs and stuff. It is hard to go by a date that we feel we should have been much better. But I keep telling myself that I need to give it more time because of all I have been through. You have also been through it and need to give it more time. My year anniversary is Dec 11. I know I am not going to be where I imagined I would be.
    We cant give up hope though!. We will get there. I also get stiff if I dont keep moving. Get your appt with rheumatologist and see what that brings. I know that after a major surgery, you can develop problems just because your body is down and stressed.
    I hope you are having a better day, and know that I am here thinking of you and wishing the best for you! Love, Robin
  • HEY TTLC. Does that stand for Tender loving care? Anyway I am sorry to hear of your pain. None of want to be in it and for those that are its hard to get loved ones and friends to understand. I know for me that staying inactive is almost worse... is worse then staying active. By active I dont mean running and playing football and stuff like that. I mean getting out and walking, carrying groceries to the house even if they are small loads at a time. My arthritis seems to flare up when I am inactive for a while. I dont have an answer for you but I suggest speaking to your doctor about the activities you can and or should be doing. I wish you the very best!
  • My post under Susan's pain Psychologist thread I made today. What my shrink said was simple yet makes complete sense.

    Not that it makes anything hurt less.
  • Seasons greetings everyone... :H

    I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and your pains are at the tolerable levels.

    Thank you, so very much, for your replies. It's been a few weeks since I have posted and reading through your posts during that time, really helped me put my troubles in perspective. I was having a rough time, emotionally, when I posted this thread and I'm glad to report that I am pretty much back to my silly self. I had a couple of medication adjustments (switched from Lyrica to Neurontin and upped my Lexapro dose) and these changes seem to be working very well. I've been having a lot of tailbone pain over the past few weeks and have been doing my best to keep that pain under control. It's amazing how that tailbone area can bring on such sharp pain, when it is aggravated. I'm not certain if it is the weather creating this tailbone pain (arthritis in that area, perhaps?), but fortunately when I lay down... it seems to subside rather quickly. I've tried sitting on my heating pad when I need to sit, but the best remedy seems to be the lovely circular pillow for the "roids".

    The emotional stressors I was dealing with a few weeks ago, hit me really hard. The first stressor was going through the ropes of filing for SSD. I knew the time would come to where I would need to file, but I had been kind of pushing it aside in my mind. I am still on LTD through work and the people there have been so kind and helpful. After I completed the paperwork for SSD, my LTD plan sent me a letter indicating they are going to waive all of my premium payments for my life insurance until the year 2031. That is good news to hear, right? Well, for some reason, it through me into a negative "reality" check. The year 2031 is a long ways off and I took the letter as meaning I have been declared disabled until 2031. Kind of like they anticipate me to spiral down versus up? I didn't like that idea at all and I needed to turn it around to being a positive. Then, the topper to everything was the letter I received from work... indicating my last day of employment was August 21, 2009. I knew this letter would be coming, but that particular "reality" check was a tough one to digest. I am in close contact with my supervisor and she reassures me that I will always be welcomed back, which is nice to hear.

    I've been keeping busy with making and ordering Christmas gifts and decorating the house. I've lost some weight over the past few weeks (a huge positive) and I'll find out Wednesday just how many pounds I've dropped over the past month.

    I still have the bad weather days with intense swelling and stiffness (which most of us battle with), but they are getting less challenging. Advil helps during the bad weather days, but it is really tearing my stomach up. I have prescription anti-nausea medication I take and also cimetidine tablets, but I'm hoping there is something else I can take that won't devour my stomach lining. I take the Advil with two Activia probiotic drinks and will also eat saltines.

    Once again, I thank you all for your support and advice. I hope to catch up with everyone real soon.

    Take good care (no slips or falls on the ice) and best wishes to each of you, for a very nice December!

    Wishing you all peace and comfort,

    Tammy :)
  • It's great to hear from you. Glad to know you are feeling better and moving forward with a bit more confidence in your stride. It is hard to know how any of this will effect us and when. It's one of those things where it happens when it happens and usually without much warning. Glad to know you are on the other side of it now!

    Welcome Back.

  • No one needs a kick in the butt if they're hurting! Nobody's feeling it but you, so have your venting time....and let 'er rip on tihs forum. We're a good place to vent.

    I hope you feel better.
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