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Symptoms of C3-C4 herniation?

LcashLcash Posts: 24
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:43 PM in Neck Pain: Cervical
In my MRI it revealed a herniation at the C3-C4 of 4mm with encroachment into the right neural foramen. What would be the symptoms to look for with that. It also shows a bilateral postlateral disc herniation of 3mm at the C4-C5 level. I already had the C5-C6 and C6-C7 level fused in November but still have hard neck pain that also is causing headaches.



  • If you run a search for a "dermatome map" you will be able to see the specific areas that are enervated by a particular spinal nerve. Of course, we are not all so neatly divided into segments as the charts or maps suggest...but it is where the doctor will begin, and they are accurate with some overlapping.

    Unfortunately, headaches are one of those symptoms that can come from 100s of different causes. But the dermatome map should help you get going.

    And here is a link to specific information, such as you are seeking: http://www.spine-health.com/conditions/herniated-disc/cervical-herniated-disc-symptoms-and-treatment

    I hope you do not need more work on your cervical discs.

  • Hello I live with chronic pain every day. I was injured at work 16 years ago. I have had 5 surgeries.#1 tos surgery where they ttook out my top left rib.#2 they did a laminectomy. #3 I had a double fusion at levels c5-6 6-7. I had surgery on my right elbow for over compenciating with the right arm.#5 I had a second part of the tos surgery where they go into the front of the neck and they cut muscles in the back of the neck. As of last week I was Informed thet the disk above and below my fusion are now bulging. my c4 is going up into my jaw all the way up to my temples. my headaches are terrible.my neck hurts so bad I just cant stand it anymore.please be careful what you let them do to you.good luck god bless you
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